Emerson Spice
1494, Tharia Street TZ, 1497 Kiponda, Zanzibar 4044, Tanzania
Review №1

We had a fantastic stay. The staff was helpful and friendly. Zanzibar can be tricky and they helped us navigate everything. The room was really pretty and the little details- like local soaps, linen towels, laundry service, and toiletries made us feel quite pampered. When we had an issue with a middleman, the hotel was supportive and understanding.The upstairs restaurant is awesome. Delightful breakfast, fantastic dinners, spectacular views.Also, the adjacent Secret Garden is an oasis. Great food and drinks along with fantastic Friday night entertainment. It was a local dance and music group from a performing arts academy- so much better than the garbage performances designed for tourists.While Stone Town isnt my favorite place, Emerson Spice is a fantastic oasis and Id happily come back to this hotel.

Review №2

I’m obsessed with this hotel! All the rooms are unique and I tried to look in as many of them as were open. The outdoor bath in the turandot room was a huge selling feature for me. The seafood dinner is excellent and the view from the top is amazing. I loved the secret garden and could spend hours there!

Review №3

Wow! What a wonderful experience! I met here the most wonderful, helpful and friendly staff ever. The rooms are magical and each one of them have a story to tell. I particularly appreciated the free laundry service they offered. However I found the breakfast to be pretty plain and simple for a vegan.

Review №4

Great views with a great variety of tasty seafood dishes, friendly staff. Not the cheapest but you pay for quality. And you do need to book in advance & confirm with a deposit...

Review №5

A little overpriced. The rooms are ornate and spectacular. The food served in the restaurant on the food was good.Service could have been a little better but overall a nice experience.

Review №6

Its so nice place and comfortable, i was here with my guests , lailat and her husband were so happy and excited 😊

Review №7

Nice place for good quick lunch in old town.From upper terrace you can see all around the rooftops and ocean. Maybe youll be surprised with.The food was good.

Review №8

The view is beautiful, especially for sunset. The drinks are exquisite and the service is unrivalled.This feels exclusive as there are only a few sitting spaces so be sure to book.I was very happy with the drinks and the food was delicious. They have a set menu which you can choose from. I would say this is very expensive but this is the exclusiveness of the place. Food was delicious but I would say anything overly special.My main delight was the service from the staff. He was attentive, well spoken and described the menu well.I enjoyed it but it is a splurge treat.

Review №9

Food is delicious, view is amazing, staff are very friendly (and English is excellent if you need it)! We went for lunch - $25/person for a fixed platter. Seafood platter is a great deal with a variety of dishes. Veg platter is not as great a value for money - very good, but simple grilled vegetables. Generous side portions. Can pay by card. Rooftop is great for shade and breeze, especially after being pretty hot in the streets below.

Review №10

Nice old hotel and his very good restaurant, the Secret Garden

Review №11

I had the most marvelous time and felt so very welcome. I spent over a week at Emerson Spice and cannot wait to return. I highly recommend basing yourself in Stone Town at this magnificent hotel while exploring the island.

Review №12

I didnt stay here but the rooms looked amazing. I love the way they left the doors open when the rooms werent occupied so it sort of inspired and called out to you even if you were just a restaurant guest.The rooftop provided lovely views of stonetown and I am glad I had my first drink in Zanzibar on this rooftop and beautiful property. The service was good.

Review №13

My favourite experience in Zanzibar. Lodged in three unique rooms during my stay: L’Amour, Siti and Kate. Make sure to have dinner on the rooftop and visit the Secret Garden for lunch. I can’t wait to return!

Review №14

We all loved our 5 course meal at Emerson Spice. I wish there was just a little more food.

Review №15

We stayed here 3 nights during our honeymoon, after 5 days on Safari. It is a stunning hotel, with extremely uniquely designed rooms. Ours was the Violetta and beautiful and a large balcony to sit out on and take in the sights and sounds of Stone Town.The rooms have an old world and traditional feel, and you feel like you have stepped back in time to when the Sultans rules Zanzibar.The hotel has two great restaurants....two of the best in the city! The rooftop Tea House restaurant has amazing views of the city with delicious breakfasts. We did dinner one night, and it is well worth it. It is a set menu, but if you have dietary restrictions they are very accommodating. Outstanding meal! The Secret Garden restaurant is also very cool and unique with great meals.We highly recommend the Emerson Spice for anyone visiting Stone Town!

Review №16

Amazing views from the rooftop terraces. I highly recommend.

Review №17

This is an absolutely exceptional hotel with wonderful staff and a restaurant with a great menu. I wish we stayed here during out visit because it would have made the entire stay that much better. It’s close to shopping, transportation, and in a walkable area of the island. The nearby beach leave a lot to be desired but you can head over to an island for cleaner waters and beach. Tourists need to clean up after themselves and stop polluting!I don’t recommend Zanzibar overall but if you go, stay here. It will be worth your trip to the island.

Review №18

The photos do not do this property justice. It is a fabulous hotel! Incredibly unique, pristinely decorated, in a fantastic location, with very attentive and accommodating service. I, undoubtedly, will stay here on my next visit to Stone Town! It would be a missed opportunity to not stay here, I highly recommend it!

Review №19

Lovely Hotel. Enjoyed every single moment. Staff wonderful and helpful. Breakfast great and the rooms.... Missing already.The only complication was the arrival. Aware that you need to walk through Stone Town and that was not the problem more that the driver and no proper information.... But all forgotten once in the Hotel.Spacious, lovely decorated rooms. All individually shaped and decorated, not your lifeless standard mold room. Breakfast on the roof with view over Zanzibar. Amenities good. Clean. Old historical house. Very spacious. Can only recommend.

Review №20

Best restaurant experience in Zamzibar! 5 course menu for 40$, very authentic and such a nice view from the city! Reservations required.Amazing drinks

Review №21

Really enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Food was unique, delicious, and filling. The restaurant and building it’s in are beautiful. Nice views over The area.

Review №22

We went there for sunset and for the 40US dinner. It was such a nice experience, the view of the city is amazing even more when the Islamic call to prayer start all around the town. Truly beautiful. Service was excellent. As for the food, it was good but not exceptional. I guess you also pay for the experience. Considering the other meals we had on Zanzibar islands, it was amongst the better ones. Cocktails are pricey, but the Long Island ice tea equals about 3 cocktails. Their sister hotel also offer a rooftop experience with less courses and less pricey. Depending on your budget, you can decide which one you’d like to try, but it’s worth going at least for a sunset cocktail.

Review №23

Its the staff. Maybe its a Zanzibarian thing. But every hotel staff feels like some uncle or aunty of yours. The arabic aesthetic can be overwhelming but its worth the experience of sleeping in an elite ruler of the Zanzibari sultanate regime.

Review №24

The Idea of restoring an old merchant house into a boutique hotel, keeping the textures and authenticity is phenomenal. This hotel transports you into the past with its aesthtical architecture. It is beautiful to say the least. Its walls, high ceiling roofs and doors all tells a tale of their time and as a guest in the hotel, it feels like you have become a part of that story. I stayed in Belle room with my husband and we spent two nights there. The staff were very friendly and helpful. This was one of the most romantic hotel. The roof top restaurant for sunset and breakfast and secret garden restaurant for lunch and dinner.I just loved the interior design of the hotel, Its inspiring, it takes you away from the loudness of the world and captivates your thoughts and mind. It will be one of the most memorable stay for me.

Review №25

I am living in Zanzibar and I am a tour operator.The place is good for Solo travelers, couples and families. The rooms are stylish and containing the existing history of the Stone town.At the Secret Garden restaurant and the rooftop Tea House is where you can lay your heart with different test of local and International cuisines.

Review №26

Best hotel nice rooms with 2 rooftop tea house restaurant it a nice place with a nice view u can even enjoy the sunset while u enjoy drinking and wait for the dinner they serve a set menu with 5 courses.2. Secret Garden it is downstairs but it a nice place u enjoy looking at the old building with many flowers and trees a place which u can have peace of mind they serve a la carte menu.Both restaurants serve well their customers.

Review №27

We went to eat both at the rooftop and garden. Both are really cool places. Garden is really cosy and you get a feeling Bering indoors when you are not. Great view from rooftop.When it comes to the food....its good, but not worth the price. Has eaten better food at other places in stone town for less money.

Review №28

Beautiful terrace, but $4/9000tsh for a soda was ridiculous, would definitely rather go elsewhere as there are plenty of beautiful rooftops in Stone Town!

Review №29

We went to the secret garden for dinner. The service was exceptional. They were very nice, spoke English well, gave us plenty of time to relax and finish our bottle of wine, and took credit card. The setting is beautiful and the food was flavorful.

Review №30

Amazing hotel! The rooms in the historical wing are big with high ceilings and charming interior. The staff is friendly and will offer special tours, but we booked everything through the front desk. The location is also great in the middle of stone town. This hotel is the nicer of the two Emersons hotels.

Review №31

Stunning hotel with a fantastic open air restaurant that looks over Stone town. Beautiful bar on the bottom floor. Fantastic experience.

Review №32

Really welcoming staff and lovely interior design. The food was so yummy and it was in the middle of Stone town so perfect for our needs. The bed was very comfy and we slept very well.There were great cocktails to watch the sunset as well.

Review №33

Love Emerson’s. Fabulous large rooms with incredibly high ceilings & open air bathrooms. Perfect taste in everything. I could move in permanent. Incredible central stairwell steps. Totally unique & a must stay. Resturant on the terrace is magical offering far flinch views over Zanzibar’s old town. Another little piece of paradise.

Review №34

Great food and service at the rooftop restaurant, definitely would recommend having sundowner drinks and dinner there

Review №35

We ate in the Secret Garden, one of the two restaurants of the Emerson Spice hotel.The food was delicious, correct quantity and correctly priced, the service was fast and the open-roof garden with a vintage touch Habana-ish is really charming: an decadent structure taken by exuberant vegetation.Really nice!

Review №36

Maybe the best hotel we ever stayed in: Best because the room Kate we had is simply amazing: The views are stunning, there are balconies on both sides with an amazing view, theres plenty of space, a huge bathroom and everything is set up in a wonderful style. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, with lots of good hints and recommendations for things to do in Stone Town. The food in the courtyard was really good and the whole place is simply mind blowing. Definitely an excellent choice and you should do your best to get the room Kate - absolute unique experience.

Review №37

Food was not up to the hype. Reservations were required combined with a $10/pp deposit paid in advance.The cuisine was not creative, it was mostly local ingredients prepared for Western tastes and plated nicely in small portions. The taste was mostly mediocre -- and in the case of the attempt at Hisbiscus sorbet/granita, it was horrible. The best course was the appetizer, which was a pomelo salad and a crispy deep fried spinach leaf.The rooftop setting was idyllic but at this price point youre better off enjoying dinner somewhere proper and reliable, like the Park Hyatt and so forth.

Review №38

Very Authentic and romantic rooms, wonderful experience in an ancient building rebuilt and renovated. The view is wonderful and the many balconies are really lovely. The welcoming nice staff make the experience enjoyable. Definitely recommended

Review №39

I must say it was one of the most special places we have been to at also a great rate. Everybody was very helpful and lovely and was the highlight of our time in Stone Town.We would return purely just to stay in this place as we loved our room (room name Camile) so much. Breakfast and dinner was excellent as well. The only slight issue was the WiFI which unfortunately did not work well on our floor/room but I guess this was sort of an issue all around Tanzania.

Review №40

Beautiful boutique hotel where every room has its own personality and character. Each room is so thoughtfully decorated. As a solo traveler, I stayed in Turandot, which was one of the smaller rooms but had the BEST outdoor area, including an outdoor shower (there was also one in the room) and a swing. The restaurant on the roof is also excellent.

Review №41

What a great place to stay. Lots of character with lots of characters. Air conditioning was good. Thank goodness, humidity was so high. Very helpful when we needed to know shops location. A great vibe about the place. Delicious food on top too with views.

Review №42

A must do and see. 👀Great rooftop restaurant 👍Friendly Service 👍Fine food 😋Just do it ❗

Review №43

We had the most amazing stay. We loved our room Violetta and really enjoyed our perfect dinner on the rooftop.The sunset views are perfect and service top notch.> Make sure you book early

Review №44

While I wouldnt recommend anyone necessarily visit Stone Town, I think I would make a separate trip just to come and stay at Emerson Spice again!This place is one of the most beautiful, unique, and cool places Ive ever stayed in my life (and Ive done a lot of traveling). The architecture and design is just unbelievable, and you can tell that Emerson truly cared about giving guests a wonderful experience.Each room is designed differently, and ours (Lamour) was beautiful. They also encourage you to look into the other rooms by leaving doors open when theyre vacant, and so we got to check out almost all the rooms. Theyre all so unique and beautiful that you cant go wrong.Our room had a cool outdoor shower, and the stone tubs looking fantastic. The bathrooms themselves are quite nice with great sinks and toilets.Each morning we went upstairs for breakfast and took in the view from the rooftop. The food was pretty good, though the service had a hard time with English sometimes. They give you a fruit plate every morning with a lot of exotic fruit, but I was a bit tired of it after three straight days.The employees are all super friendly and everyone remembers who you are and what room youre staying in. We even ran into porters from the hotel around Stone Town and they would greet us.We ate at the rooftop for their special 5 course dinner, which I would say is worth it for the experience. I wasnt blown away by the food, but my mom loved the food and for 40 dollars a person its not crazy expensive.We also ate in the Secret Garden downstairs and that was really delicious. Try the goat, its amazing!This place is also very centrally located, we had no problem walking around and getting back. Stone Town is actually quite small once you start walking around, but Emerson was perfectly located for anywhere we wanted to go.My favorite part about this place might actually be the fact that they do FREE laundry. Thats right, free. After having traveled 3 weeks in Africa, I was so happy to be able to get almost all my stuff cleaned before heading back to the states.Lastly they did a great job with turn down service, setting up the mosquito net, turning the AC on, and getting our beds set up.All around 5 star place including food, service, and the property itself. I wouldnt stay anywhere else in Stone Town!

Review №45

Great rooftop restaurant with great lunch platters. We had the seafood platter. Great hotel with period feel.

Review №46

We just had dinner as it was highly recommend by various friends. The food was very interesting, tasty, beautifully presented and definitely a filling portion after all 5 courses. The service was charming and the location is very unique.

Review №47

I have been here 25 weeks apart.First time was for dinner, my partner and I were disappointed. Food was mediocre.This weekend we just came for drinks with friends. The staff is super helpful which is great.

Review №48

Excellent service, beautiful decor, perfect location. Such a treat to stay here while in Zanzibar. The one night I stayed the rooftop was closed but I dined at the sister hotel down the street - similar set up. A must stay/visit when in Stone Town.

Review №49

We had an amazing dinner at Emerson Spice Secret Garden today. The chef served us with a smile and the food 😋 my tourist Erynada and her family really appreciated me taking them here. Thanks once again team Emerson for not letting me down 😉

Review №50

Delicious local food with a beautiful view. Arrive before sunset for some drinks before dinner! Reservations need a deposit not only a call so dont forget to come before and pay your deposit or you will regret if you miss the opportunity to have great sowali food as a true local. Shoes off space.

Review №51

We visited the restaurant for a drink on the rooftop at sunset. If you want the best view during sunset, you should visit the other Emerson restaurant. You should also make a reservation, because when we arrived they didnt have a free spot available. The restaurant is quite expensive and because there are a lot of people that visit this place you are just another tourist. Also; bring cash, because I didnt buy enough to use my card.

Review №52

Incredible lunch at Emersons rooftop tea house. Fabulous food, beautiful view, very good value. If youre in Zanzibar, dont miss this!

Review №53

Rooftop overlooking Zanzibar, in a 20ish seater restaurant, with a set menu, which is USD and relatively expensive, for Zanzibar, but still as bargain at $25 USD pp for food at lunchtime.We were referred by the chef of Tabaar, above the Doubletree (also good), who said only good restaurant doing pure Zanzibar food. Good recommendation.We had a seafood platter, with lovely accompaniments, a desert my GF LOVED ... called Zanzibar delight. Short but acceptable wine list.Outstanding and personal service.Loved it. Definitely going back for dinner ($40 USD from memory) before we go.The space is amazing, as is the hotel, but beware ... no elevator, so 8ish flights of elegant wooden stairs.

Review №54

I dream of returning! The services is outstanding. The breakfast on the roof top is a beautiful way to start your day. The rooms are elegant. The location amazing!

Review №55

The rooftop restaurant was magnificent, overlooking the Indian ocean and perfect for the sunset. The 5 course meal was tasty and beautifully plated. Make a reservation because there are only 10 tables.

Review №56

Beautiful hotel, respecting the local architecture. I had a delicious lunch in the Secret Garden and it was a really special and unique restaurant. One of the many hidden gems in Stone town.

Review №57

The most amazing hospitality, friendly and welcoming personnel, beautiful architecture and interior. Dinner served on the rooftop is of Michelin level with gorgeous view of sunset and the city. Its a must in Stone Town.

Review №58

Lovely sunset 5-course meal (US$40) from their rooftop restaurant overlooking Stonetown. A modern and innovative take on local food.

Review №59

Beautiful hotel right in the middle of the Stone Town. We only stayed for a night en route to Nungwi but the room (Camille) was stunning and the service was great. We ate at the sister restaurant (Emerson on Hurumzi) for dinner which was excellent, would highly recommend either. Thank you for a lovely stay!

Review №60

Great spot to stop for a drink after a long walk around Stonetown. Great place out back they call secret garden one of the few places for a beer in the area. Constructed from an original stone building which was home to the last Swahili ruler of Zanzibar.

Review №61

The rooftop is amazing, the food is great! (Take the prawn and mango salade) happy hour between 4pm and 7pm. Friendly staff and atmosphere is really nice! Recommendation!

Review №62

What a FABULOUS hotel! Emerson Spice Hotel is an absolute MUST for visitors to Stone Town, set in the heart of Stone Town, replete with the magical and evocative sounds of the local mosques, and the charm of a friendly, bustling area of the town.A glamorous, exotic boutique hotel hosted by a wonderfully hospitable manager and an excellent, award winning staff team comprised of friendly,hard working, knowledgeable Zanzibar people.The Tea House evening menu is most highly acclaimed having taken number 1 on Trip Adviser on many occasions for Stone Town restaurants and is the most memorable taste safari. Also, not to be missed is the Secret Garden restaurant offering a unique venue with a renowned creative and interesting menu.Emerson Spice Hotel has an internationally renowned reputation and offers the most enjoyable relaxing experience to delight the senses!!

Review №63

Charming and quaint. You wont be disappointed.

Review №64

Lovely setting with great views over town and excellent 5 course tasting menu. Perfect way to spend our last night in Stonetown Zanzibar.

Review №65

Warm welcoming in an amazingly beautiful place. Nice people, nice food, maybe the coolest place in Stonetown !!!

Review №66

Amazing 5 course meal while we watched the sun rise 😄 would recommend - amazing night. We had to travel in an hour to get to the restaurant so they gave us a room to get ready in ahead of dinner which was really thoughtful

Review №67

Food and the restaurant is nice and has an attentive feeling. However, the accommodation needs a slight update, especially the AC units.

Review №68

Had dinner in their Secret Garden. The location is stunning. The food choice is limited, but every dish was extremely tasty and the service is excellent.

Review №69

Great food, great Service, can definitely recommend. Fresh fish, great seasonings and sauces.

Review №70

Stayed two nights in that lovely an memorable hotel. The rooms and the food was like the service extraordinary. Definitely the best hotel weve been in Zanzibar.

Review №71

Very good lunch. Was the only one there around 12:30. The squid and habiscus dessert were great. Ambiance very good. Service exceptional.

Review №72

True hospitality is delivered at this bastion of old school elegance and Zanzibari heritage. The rooms - some of them vast enough for a waltz - are beautifully appointed with silks and antiques, and the feeling is of stepping into a lost world. Sunset and dinner in the rooftop teahouse makes the experience complete.

Review №73

Amazing boutique hotel and in a great location. The staff could not have been more helpful! Definitely go for the 5 course meal on the rooftop!

Review №74

Air Tanzania cancelled flights from Johannesburg to Dar es Salem meaning we were unable to get to Zanzibar. We have tried multiple channels to get in touch with this hotel for a refund however they have been non-responsive and have scammed us. Avoid!!!

Review №75

The Secret Garden restaurant its amazing. Food is great. A very nice place to have your morning cofee or lunch.

Review №76

Definitely the best hotel and restaurant in town, and its not cheap but so its worth itAnd here is the best ruff top restaurant

Review №77

Very nice hotel and restaurant in Zanzibar. Dinner on the rooftop was great. 5 course menu was lovely and personnel friendly.

Review №78

Not bad but there is alot of con men playing around , this one guy called Hamis is the biggest Con man there watch out !!

Review №79

This butique hotel, is in centre of Stone Town.Its old style historical building and you have the feeling, it takes you some 100 years back in time.Beautifully decorated rooms with the wiews on those little streets of Stone Town.Their Secret Garden Restaurant is truly hidden gem.The old castle set up, the delicious food and attentive staff.If coming to Zanzibar, this would hotel would be on my top recommendation list.

Review №80

It was beautiful. Stone city is a beautiful town. The hotel itself is cozy with rustic beauty rarely seen.

Review №81

Great rustic experience. You eat what they cook on the day. Roof top restaurant with great views.

Review №82

Good food

Review №83

The best boutique hotel for tourists. I had a great time here and had their famous Kuku Wa Kupaka meal. Very friendly staff and wonderful antiques

Review №84

Beautiful 200 year old hotel. Large balcony overlooking a busy narrow street of foot traffic in the heart of Stone Town.

Review №85

Excellent staff. The best place to eat great food in Zanzibar. Secret garden is like the name secretly awesome.

Review №86

A hidden restaurant in the small streets of Stonetown. Specialised in seafood. If you want use the rooftop restaurant you need a reservation

Review №87

The food at this place is bombshell. Its a waste if you do not try slow roast tamarind goat at secret garden restaurant. The best in Zanzibar.

Review №88

A* service and fantastic FRESH food. A decent view is only a bonus. Would recommend

Review №89

One of the prettiest hotels I have seen. Lovely food too. Great staff. Highly recommended.

Review №90

Only had a nightcap and dessert in the garden restaurant, but it was incredibly beautiful, like a hidden sanctuary inside an ancient building.

Review №91

This place has a ton of history... Do ask for a tour..

Review №92

One of the stand out places in Zanzibar

Review №93

Best food I had in Zanzibar. High quality, clean and delicious. Great cocktails. A must!

Review №94

Great view out over the rooftops of Stone Town. Maybe a bit overdone on the food front. $40 a head for five courses of local fare.

Review №95

Marvellous exotic hotel in the heart of Stone Town. Great rooftop dining for breakfast and dinner. Lots of stairs however so be warned.

Review №96

Hands down best restaurant in Stone Town. If you havent come for dinner or lunch yet, what are you doing with your life? Get your behind over to this place ASAP :)

Review №97

Went to the roof top restaurant for food and it is highly recommended. Greta views of Stone Town. Worth a visit

Review №98

Best place to visit in stone town😘

Review №99

Beauty f

Review №100

The best restaurant in stone town, the food was delicious and the staff very nice, we had a great time and enjoyed the atmosphere

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