Zanzibar Kite Paradise - Kitesurf Center
Paje beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Review №1

Its my first time in Zanzibar. Great wind season, mostly use kites .10 -13 meterAmazing team at kite school that is very dedicated and funHave a great time and I will definitely come back!!Thanks to all members of kite paradise team!

Review №2

Best kite center in Paje.Great team, relaxed atmosphere, not too crowded, perfect gear and nice staff that prepares kites for you, give you tips etc…Highly recommend it!!!

Review №3

Great place to learn and rent. Myself and my wife were guests of White Sands hotel and at the first day we were shown this school. We had two kite lessons 3 years before but never managed to even stand on the board. With Kite Paradise we did it! I recommend to take lessons with school’s instructor Bakki, who is in fact a local star and booking ahead is highly recommended. It’s better to come in person, because they’re always busy and not answering phone calls and also slow in Whatsapp. But once you’re onboarded with Bakki you’re in the proper hands. Listen to his instructions attentively, mix it with watching some youtube lessons and you’ll be amazed with your progress and growing confidence. There’s quite a lot to learn, but generally kite surfing is not a rocket science, many things are based on muscle memory. Bakki makes sure to point to every small detail, watches you carefully even from big distance, provides instant feedback on what you did wrong or right.Your progress is building up every day, once you get over with one thing, you can do next one. My estimation that going from noob to a surfer who can do water launch, do simple transitions, self-rescue and renting is 7 days, 2 hours per day, 14 hours total.Regarding rental, I’m not an experienced surfer and can’t say much, but seems that there’s large variety of wings, boards, etc.

Review №4

Really lovely and nice kite spot. I enjoyed it a lot to be there, everyone was really friendly, the staff is helping with everything and my backroll transition got much better after some lessons. I will definitely come back. 🤙

Review №5

Great equipment and excellent instructors. Everyone super friendly and helpful.

Review №6

Super competent and very friendly team! White sandy beach without any obstacles and not crowded! I was ten days at Zanzibar Kite Paradise and will definitely come back soon.

Review №7

The kite school is very professional. Great teachers (alex didnt give up on me), great equipment, they also have big kites for light winds and the location is perfect. Highly recommended.

Review №8

Unfortunately I was not able to kite surf because you need about 3 days to actually take the course and get in the water, but Jerry was able to organize jet ski for me and then we rented the transparent kayak which was really fun and great for pictures. Jerry knows about about the island and the people and was able to help us out with some other things around a paje!!!

Review №9

Got my first kite lessons there. Great experience. Very patient teachers :-)

Review №10

Very nice school, but with 90 $ per hour double the price of other schools.

Review №11

The school is ideally located in Paje: away from the crowd for what is almost a private beach. They have plenty of equipment and kites in every size.

Review №12

A lot of equipement, from kitesurf to blokart through windsurf and SUPs, great instructors and generally chill atmosphere - I really recommend!

Review №13

Excellent kite school, good equipment and great instructors!

Review №14

Amazing teachers! Patient and so knowledgeable!

Review №15

Great spot, super atmospher, Amazing team !

Review №16

The best kiteboarding school in Zanzibar!

Review №17

An excellent kite school, and Katya Kornienko is the best instructor with a systematic approach and at the same time, gives the material easily and with humor.The school has a large selection of equipment (I was engaged on 7, 9, 12 and 17 kites) and it is in good condition, they think about safety - they give life jackets and helmets, there are walkie-talkies that most schools on the coast do not have.Thanks to the ebbs and flows, you can practice both in shallow water and in depth, and the right instructor will prepare you for different conditions, so you can then kite anywhere in the world.Definitely recommend!

Review №18

Great Kite school! The team is really cool and serious, the equipment is really good compared to the others, 3 people prepare the equipment for you so that you never wait and to top it off you even have a private spot far from other schools, which makes you more relaxed to learn or rent! Again a big thank you to Marcel, and his team for these good times!

Review №19

The team stands out from the regional standard with its relaxed competence, a very attentive and open atmosphere, very good language skills and high motivation. I was so enthusiastic about the vibe and the know-how that I wanted to leave this assessment as an experienced kiter with my own equipment :)

Review №20

Perfect kite school on the perfect kite spot.Ive been searching for the perfect kite spot in many places around the world, which is simply ideal with a family. And here on Zanzibar I found him.We spent with our children (8, 12 and 14 years) a perfect week here - arrived 2.5 kiter - left are 5 kiters. The kite instructors are very nice and really good - again I have some comparisons of the last years. And the area is almost unreal good. Here you can really kite as under laboratory conditions. Shallow water and space without end, always wind and super material.My 12-year-old was able to kite independently at the end of the week and even my 8-year-old drove his first meters.Nice is also that there is space without end and really few people.We will definitely come back .....

Review №21

Great kitesurfing school! very professional and relaxing. Thank you Albéric, Gauthier, Daniel

Review №22

Kiting in paradise: well-run kite school (also material to borrow). All brand new stuff. Great manager (Marcel) and nice teachers. Great service (inflation, take-off, landing, ...). Really recommend.

Review №23

Well-run kit school. Brand new material -> GA Kites 2017. Super nice teacher. Optimal conditions for easier learning.

Review №24

Great kite school! Super organized with English and German speaking teachers and latest equipment. We will be back!!

Review №25

Very good but overpriced coffee! $ 5 l espresso

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4.9 Rating
  • Address:Paje beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 772 769 304
  • Windsurfing store
  • Bar
  • Sports school
  • Kite shop
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6PM
  • Thursday:9AM–6PM
  • Friday:9AM–6PM
  • Saturday:9AM–6PM
  • Sunday:9AM–6PM
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:No
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