Marafiki Bungalows
Kumba Urembo, Kiwengwa, Tanzania
Review №1

I had such an incredible experience staying at this resort. It was a pleasure to relax by the pool and enjoy the ocean view. I also enjoyed using the kayaks to paddle out to sea and catch a few small waves. The food was delicious and the staff are very helpful and friendly. The hotel helped me organise tours at good prices and I only had to pay the hotel during check out. The pool was refreshing and the sea boasts a variety of marine life to snorkel with. The hotel accepts cash and card payment which was very helpful. You can even have a massage and enjoy the ocean view. It was breathtaking to watch the moon rise over the ocean at night . There is a free shuttle service to Kiwengwa Beach where you can swim in the sea, eat a restaurant, take kite surfing lessons and have boat rides. The hotel lets you hire a bicycle free of charge to ride to the beach front or into town. The hotel is very close to an ATM , about a 15 minute walk or 5 minute drive . YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY IN DOLLARS for everything you can withdraw in Tanzanian Shillings and pay with the local currency , but you will need a bag to contain all the cash notes because one dollar is worth 23 000 Tanzanian Shillings, so don’t be surprised if a taxi drive cost 20 000 shillings. It’s better to pay things with local currency because when I tried to pay in dollars they often did not have enough change. But I would recommend this lovely hotel resort on a private beach for family, couples and solo travellers

Review №2

Had a fantastic stay during New Years Eve.Wonderful hotel with beutiful bungalows.Bush babies live around, was exciting to look for them every day.Very relaxing vibes in the hotel, thanks to the caring crew. Felt like home during the whole stay.NY Eves party was so much fun, with delicious food and dancing.Loved the menu and service!Speacial Thanks to Esther & Michael for for such unforgettable memories in Marafiki! 💙💙💙Marafiki all the way

Review №3

We spent 7 days and we really enjoyed our stay from day 1 till the endVery nice and quiet placeThe management is doing an amazing job and all team is really taking care of youThe food is a amazing probably the best we got since several yearsNot forget to mention fabulous cocktailsWe strongly recommend this place

Review №4

A lovely way to wind down our visit to Zanzibar. The bungalows are spacious and comfortable. The staff were friendly and and the service was great. Rustic, relaxing and peaceful.

Review №5

Gorgeous boutique hotel with honestly the best service, cocktails and food on the island. The staff are so friendly and helpful. Stay here!

Review №6

Marafiki is placed in a beautiful garden. There are variety of different kind of plants. Very good cusine, delicious fishes-king Fish, tuna, so good chiken skewers and other sea food. Nice rooms with a/c.

Review №7

Its very good for families and for people who need silence and rest. Stuff was excellent, mainly the waiter with the figure of Buddha (I apologize for not knowing his name) . He is number one there 💪

Review №8

Beautiful bungalows with lots of greenery around. Beautiful view on the sea. Excellent location. But dont expect a nice beach there. We were disappointed not to have one as this is not clear when you book. You can only eat at the hotel with limited choice. Bungalows are twins and you can here anything from your neighbours. Transportation is also through the hotel as nothing around. Bicycles are free to ride to get the nice white sand beaches few KMs away. But overall very relaxing place and great experience.

Review №9

The staff member are so nice and kind. The room is very clean, and the resort is close to the sea, on the east side of Zanzibar.The chef menu in the Marafiki Resort is excellent, especially the soup at the African evening, the best soup I tasted ever. And the hole evening was very unique and special.I will be happy to come beck here again for vacation.Anat

Review №10

Its a very peaceful hotel with lot of places to visit around. They offer bikes and kayaks to move around the island and you can also contract the taxi service.The rooms were very very nice with direct views to the ocean.The hotel is full of beautiful flowers and trees which makes it more cozy.

Review №11

What an amazing peaceful place to spend the week!The view is spectacular with the most awesome friendly staff and to top it of the food is also delicious. The Swahili dinner is an absolute must!Island activities are definitely recommended ... snorkeling and a visit to Stone Town!

Review №12

My stay at #marafikibungalows was amazing from the day I arrived till the last day. Staff is really helpful and friendly and the place is magical. The food at the restaurant is always fresh and delicious..the whole resort is very clean and welcoming. I will definitely come back here. Highly recommend for everyone.. is perfect place for either families with kids or couples.

Review №13

We have stayed at the ocean view bungalows, The acoustic in the room is so bad , we could hear every word of bungalow next to us.The food was not good as well , one day we were served a rotten fish .Management seems to not care .

Review №14

Isolated location.. Good for just relaxing. Everything here is spoken in US $, neither the hotel is in US nor all visitors are Americans...Everything is expensive, in comparison to other hotels of the same type elsewhere.The pool is pretty smallSea view is really look like lake view..

Review №15

It is a very nice place, away from any kind of rush, very peaceful ideal for a relax vacation.Ideal for family vacation, kids really enjoy the pool, beach, taking a walk in the beach to explore and discover new sea animals. Kayaks are available for a ride deeper in the sea, you will need a kilometer rowing before the coral reef.Room has all bungalow experience well desing and always clean.Personnel try to make you feel at home, very friendly and really helpful.Food is very good, they offer a daily specialities apart from the regular menu.

Review №16

Absolutely fabulous, the best place in Zanzibar!If you want a romantic retreat, a place that offers serenity and friendly atmosphere, youve come to the right place.Bungalows are spacious and beautifully landscaped - new and clean, decorated simply but beautifully. The pool is located perfectly, you can have a stunning view of the ocean when swimming in sweet water.The beach is great, just a wide expanse of sand and stunning views. There is nothing disturbing the peace, but a great little restaurant & bar and comfortable sunbeds in two levels of sand (towels for beach and room are provided). I recommend sailing trip on the reef with a local wooden sailboat “ngalawa”.The hotel is pretty cut off and isolated so it’s big advantage is the restaurant: delightful food served on a terrace with, once again, lovely view.Delicious breakfast is included in price: choice of eggs, fruits, cereals, daily fresh home-made rolls and croissants – YUMMY!!!The staff are incredibly friendly and nothing is too much trouble, particularly charming owners and manager.I would highly recommend this holiday destination and I really hope Ill be back!!

Review №17

We have been first ever guests in this hotel. Owners still finishing details but there are Two big advantages of this place: out of the main beach where you are hunted by local beach salesman of trips, local craft, alcohol, things to smoke or whatever you wish. Second advantage, and the most important for me, is cuisine. It is run by polish cook, together with his Philippine wife. Both charming, lots of stories but most of all they are cooking with love

Review №18

Our 8 days at the Marafiki Bungalows was perfect! Sun and solitude. The most lovely honeymoon bungalow you could want. Swim pool - excellent. Indian Ocean waters at your toes at high tide, and a relaxing wade at low tide. Staff? Marvelous! Food? Awesome!! Some may say the location is too far from town and night life. Those are not what the Marafiki Bungalows is about. We would stay again and again if we had the chance. (Nice for families too.)

Review №19

MUCH BETTER OPTIONSHonestly I dont know how this hotel is still accepting guests under the current management.In any country this hotel would be closed .There are no isolation between rooms - You can hear the nearby room conversation very clear.Food is rotten , and there is no place nearby to buy food.Animals in the room .Very bad management , who dont even listen to your concerns.

Review №20

Pros: great value for Zanzibar, staff especially managers super lovely and helpful.Cons: walls are *paper* thin, you can hear a bed creak, you can hear average conversations of the next villa along.

Review №21

Very far away from the city and from the North. Hotel is too small with only swimming pool, no other facility. No AC in all hotel, theyvare depending on the natural air from the sea. No reception afer 10 pm, it is totally closing. BB is alacart no buffet. Their beach is not good for swimming compare the north beach which is having white sand

Review №22

Fabulously exotic and beautiful venue. Hosts Joanna and Piotr exceptionally hospitable and generous and extremely hard working. A glorious bit of paradise. Highlight was snorkelling off Mnemba Atoll

Review №23

Stunning, amazing value. Unique bungalow experience, beautiful garden, stunning seaview. Staff super friendly, warm and welcoming

Review №24

We just went to have lunch and the food was good and the price reasonable! We enjoy so much the views and the staff was very nice ans friendly, it is always a pleasure to cope up with a nice crew!

Review №25

Very recommended.Natural-stylish design, nice view and workers are super friendly and active

Review №26

Very good food. Perfect ocean view. Beautilful garden.

Review №27

This place is soo green its a garden rich inviroment, so if you like nature and the beautiful sound of birds than this place is suitable for you

Review №28

Down to earth and well priced drinks and food. The staff was the best.

Review №29

It is a good place. Quiet and friendly people.A bit pricy but ok.

Review №30

Perfect place, local people, local food, catch of the day just excellent, the best place in Zanzibar

Review №31

Wonderful place. Delicious food. Friendly owners. I fully recommend!!!!

Review №32

I suggest to try the honeymoon room, awesome view with a private pool.

Review №33

Very nice place to spend your holiday family rooms also available

Review №34

I think the time spent here was one of the best ever!! Can`t wait to be back!!

Review №35

A bit expensive cause the communications to the other places are bad. But the place its like heaven

Review №36

Fantastic helpful staff and superb accommodation.

Review №37

We truly enjoyed our stay.

Review №38

We had a bat in our roomWoke us up in the middle of the night .

Review №39

Lovely staff and relaxed athmosfere

Review №40

Great hotel. Wanderfull crew!!!

Review №41

Excellent atmosphere, great services!

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Review №43

Tranquility.... Peace... Lovely

Review №44

Nice place to stay

Review №45

Super, I recommend

Review №46

Best place in paradise!

Review №47

Bed bug suspicion and refusal to investigate the issueHello! I stayed at Marafiki from Nov 14 until Nov 25 with my 1yo son and my Mom. We had to leave early because we suspected bed bugs. My son was badly bitten after the fist night we spent at the hotel. The bites look like bed bugs, the mattress and pillows are covered in dark brown-red spot - which bed bugs can leave (their feces).I checked the bedding only on the night of Nov 24, when I run out of ideas what can possibly cause these type of bites. Before coming to Zanzibar we lived in Mwanza (Tanzania, by Lake Victoria) and travelled a lot, but we never experienced anything like this. We also used anti-mosquito spray and plug-in all the time.I was not sure if these are bed bugs, thats why I suggested the pest control to investigate further. The hotel owner, Joanna Frenkiel, refused and said that it is impossible to identify any type of bugs in the room.Joanna and her staff insisted on me paying the full amount for the accommodation. Ive already paid 30% and was happy to pay for food, and taxi - because I liked these services. I suggested to leave my credit card info to Joanna and postpone the payment of the rest of the amount until the investigating is complete. I though that the hotel will be interested in providing safe and health environment for their guests. Joanna refused. I payed the whole amount because I was tired of 2,5h of conversation, accusations, and wanted to take my son to a safe place.In addition Joanna and the hotel manage Tausi accused me that I use my sons condition to get a free vacation, and just dont want to pay for the room. it was very offensive and of course not true. Because Ive already payed 30% - $490, and was ready to pay for food and taxi - $664; and I was just asking to postpone the rest of the amount for accommodation- $890 - until we figure out whats going on with the bedding. I was ready to leave my cc info - so Joanna couldve charged my card anytime.In my communication with the hotel I never blamed them that they had bed bugs. I am just a concerned client and a parent, and I had to move to Zanzibar city, pay doctor bills, pay for another hotel. I really didnt know how much more extra money I would have to spend because I left Marafiki.Hotel refused to cooperate with me and I know that they still accept new guests. I think Joanna could have handled the situation differently - with more care and respect to my family.Joanna said that they would follow my recommendation to fumigate to hotel. But I am not sure when it would be done. They are accepting new guests now...I posted some pictures of the hotel on Google. As you can see - there are a lot of great things about the place, but also a bed covered in spots and my child covered in bites (other parts of his body looked worse, nothing under his diapers - only open areas are affected).After two nights in another hotel my son did not have any new bites and his skin looks much-much better! Of course I am concerned that if the hotel has bed bugs - there is a high chance that well bring the home with us. I would be only very happy if the hotel will investigate and show that there are not bed bugs but it does not look like that they want to do anything with the concern I raised.

Review №48

Wonderful place!

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Review №50

Simply superb

Review №51

Nice place

Review №52

Hotel of its kind

Review №53

Good service

Review №54

Very nice hotel, the staff is very smiling and welcoming. The food is excellent. the infinity pool is beautiful with a beautiful view of the beach.

Review №55

Rooms: very nice view facing the seaRestaurant: what a pleasure to eat with the sound of the sea 20 meters away! The dishes are very good! like breakfastThe team is great, the boss is incredibly kind and we feel that this affects her entire team.

Review №56

Excellent stay! The staff is very attentive to you by answering all your requests (bringing dinner to the apartment or making boxes for breakfast when you go out on an excursion). The place is very clean, beautiful and well maintained (the maids do an exceptional job!). We feel like at home!Marafiki thinks of everything (even the basin which allows you to clean the feet so as not to bring sand home).Special mention for Chichi who ensured the comfort of our stay.

Review №57

Very nice hotel with impeccable staff. They have a wide variety of food and they are good. A lot of plants, a large swimming pool, the rooms smell good, frankly Im happy the only small problems are about the Wifi connection which often bugs but hey nothing serious and the beach which is not often practicable compared to the first hotelwhere we were but nothing alarming.

Review №58

The place literally knocks you on your knees. Very elegantly arranged greenery creates a unique atmosphere. The hotel is so intimate that with full occupancy there is no question of taking up places by the pool or any inconvenience. The wonderful staff, always smiling and willing to help or advise, create the atmosphere of paradise at the same time giving you the feeling that you are at your home.The place is outstanding .. The graden is developed to perfection, creating unique sensation. Hotel is private with wonderful crew, which is ready for help or advise and smiles all the time. All in all 11/10

Review №59

We spent 6 days here with the whole family in very comfortable conditions, with delicious food, an extra pool and great service! 100% recommend

Review №60

Marafiki Bungalows has a spectacular location, in addition to a unique service where every detail is adapted to each guest.The food is top quality and the facilities are unbeatable.Five stars, we will definitely be back.

Review №61

A beautiful, atmospheric boutique hotel with a great restaurant. A very nice staff and management team. Very nice location and beautiful ocean view from the pool. I highly recommend!

Review №62

Beautiful place, very nice service ...

Review №63

Beautiful place, wonderful views, friendly service, great food ....

Review №64

Beautiful ... cordial atmosphere ... delicious food ... recommend

Review №65

I was only there for dinner so I dont judge the hotel itself. Food very good and nicely presented, but unfortunately, as it befits Poles (because the owner / manager is a Polish woman), the price is knocking down. In addition, the price has changed 3 times since ordering. It was supposed to be 25 USD per person, then when we ordered it was an old menu and it is 35 USD, and at the end, after eating it turned out that despite the fact that we did not take dessert (and it was supposed to be included in the price: starter, main course and dessert ) that we paid $ 40 per person. It is the most expensive here, it has never been so expensive anywhere.

Review №66

A beautiful intimate place with a wonderful garden. Delicious food. The only reservation is to the beach, but every day you can use the free shuttle bus to Kiwengwa Beach nearby.

Review №67

Heaven on earth. It is not worth looking any further - you just have to come here. A very intimate hotel located in a garden next to the ocean. Traditional style houses - wonderful, clean, tastefully decorated. The presence of other guests is not felt. It is quiet and peaceful. Great amenities: a swimming pool with ocean views, deck chairs by the pool (you dont have to fight for it :). And a great restaurant - located next to the ocean, which gives you the opportunity to admire the ocean while eating and listen to its sounds. The food is excellent. The hotel organizes transport from the airport / ferry and trips around Zanzibar, so you dont have to worry about anything. The hotel manager cares about his guests and is open to all their wishes / requests. Let the best recommendation be the fact that we gave up the trip to the next hotel we had booked and stayed here for the whole time of our stay in Zanzibar. Have fun!

Review №68

Ecological hotel in a very quiet location. There is hardly anything around here. Direct location to the sea.Big room. Animals can also appear here in the living area.Green well-kept area.Very friendly staff.Clear breakfast.Small portions of food and prices that are too high.Low water pressure in the open bathroom, little warm water available.Nice pool with enough loungers.Hardly any beach at high tide. Stony beach. Bathing shoes are recommended.

Review №69

Revelation. Delicious food. Great service. Nice atmosphere. Wonderful nature. Brilliant accommodation. And with a rented car, freedom of sightseeing. Lovely. One of the most beautiful places we have visited. Great rest.

Review №70

Beautiful rooms and an estate with friendly staff and delicious food! in addition, once a week Swahili dinner gives you the opportunity to taste the cuisine of East Africa, truly delicious. A great place for families, couples or solo travelers.And whats important: the hotel staff is from Poland and will help you organize trips, massages, talk about local attractions, i.e. care from A to Z. We recommend! Diana and Adam

Review №71

Nice hotel in a quiet corner by the sea. Fun activities nearby. The staff is very welcoming, and the owner too. Bicycles are available to visit the nearby village.The place itself is a little out of the way but its really seaside so its worth it.I also greatly respect the work done by the landscaper who took care of the various plants throughout the hotel. There are often butterflies that also seem to appreciate as well as some simple animals that climb trees.Finally, the Honeymoon suite is beautiful and at night we are rocked by the sound of waves at our feet. A very appreciable experience.

Review №72

We visited the whole east coast and we did not find an equally beautiful place. Super-finished houses, pool overlooking the ocean. Food very good. Free rental of canoes and bicycles. Close to the algae plantation and various spices. A safe place full of Poles as the owners are also Poles. I would recommend!

Review №73

The honeymoon suite is top thanks to its small private pool and its direct view of the ocean. The bathroom and the bedroom are very pretty too. At night the sound of the waves rock us, its very pleasant. The dishes of the restaurant were tops however small disappointment on the breakfast that I did not find for my taste.

Review №74

A beautiful garden with hidden bungalows. Peace and quiet hotel for people who love intimacy and peace. You can go on a trip to a nearby town or to the countryside.I can confidently recommend itI will try to come back here.

Review №75

Intimate African-style hotel on the outskirts of Kiwengwa. Away from large buildings and beach boys. Bungalows made of local materials, beautiful makuti or palm leaf roofs. All the furniture is handcrafted by local craftsmen. The houses are scattered in a colorful, lush garden, some overlooking the ocean.The Infiniti Pool with an amazing view of the turquoise and emerald ocean.Delicious food. In addition to the regular menu, daily specials and a Swahili buffet on Sunday. A great place to rest, also for families with children (duplex family rooms).

Review №76

Very warm welcome, smiling staff at your care and restaurant with refined dishes. If you want a quiet place to shelter from the hordes of Italian tourists that abound on Zanzibar, this place is for you. Just missing a breakfast service in the room.

Review №77

The reviews for the hotel are mostly positiveI liked the hotel garden, restaurant, swimming pool, first class hotel service. The hotel was designed very nicely.I was most irritated by the humidity inside the cottage, uncomfortable chairs on the terrace and small portions of food in the restaurantBreakfast is à la carteI recommend it for 1 to 3 nights, not longerAfter sunset, nothing happens, one big boredom

Review №78

Fantastic place. Wonderful service of both local employees and Manager Magda who is a wonderful fantastic person. Owners Ms. Joanna and Mr. Paweł available and helpful 24 hours a day. They help in every situation. Delicious food, drinks, juices. Thank you very much for a wonderful holiday. Your Marafiki

Review №79

Great place, calm and joyful atmosphere, quiet and safe. Very good kitchen

Review №80

Quiet ECO settlement with several bongals no tv no Air-conditioning which creates mild difficulty in sleeping unfortunately there is no and the ebb beach is huge 300 m at least so it was g but even on the northern part of the island there is still the same ebb though here at high tide does not carry the ocean so much trash

Review №81

You can really relax here, a beautiful garden and delicious food. Wonderful service and very contact. I will definitely come back!

Review №82

Stay again, great hospitality, friendliness of staff, new bungalows and very clean, the restaurant (breakfast and dinner) excellent, the pool seen on the beach. Thank you to the team and the manager, manager and their daughter.

Review №83

An intimate hotel. Run by Poland. Unique atmosphere. Great food. RECOMMEND.

Review №84

Pool very good. Swimming in the sea is not so nice: algig, flat and rocky. Bathing shoes required. But to relax dreamlike.

Review №85

Johanna and her family are very careful to make our stay a dream! Idyllic setting with breathtaking Indian ocean views

Review №86

I did not eat better food like here :)How Milena will make food is to lick your fingers and until today drool flies as a thought about him. In the picture, Milena in the shopping spree at dinner;)

Review №87

A very good and great atmosphere. Delicious food, I recommend the tuna tartare and avocado.

Review №88

Perfect to finish the stay 2 3 days enough quiet boss very nice ancestral music swali with meals and dance propose botanic garden

Review №89

Great ambience with hearty multilingual hostess. There was nothing missing and a dream vacation was here to experience in perfection. If Zanzibar again then here. Thank you

Review №90

MARAFIKI is a beautiful place. Friendly atmosphere. Great owners and manager. Delicious food. Friendly service. We are your marafiki.😊

Review №91

Excellent boutique hotel in ecostyle! A good restaurant, great staff, but the ocean near the hotel is very dirty and completely unsuitable for a beach holiday!

Review №92

Beautifully situated. Excellent cuisine. The perfect place to rest and relax!

Review №93


Review №94

I saw only from afar - the neighboring bungalow, not ours ...

Review №95

Very nice but very difficult access to the beach.

Review №96

Fantastic service and delicious food.

Review №97

Fantastic place, quiet and peaceful place.

Review №98

We had a great time.

Review №99

Only small slider. The bar closes at. 23:00

Review №100

A wonderful place and delicious food.

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