Blu Marlin Zanzibar
kumba urembo, Kiwengwa, Tanzania
Blu Marlin Zanzibar
Review №1

The new managers changed the vibe of the Resort at 180 degrees. The atmosphere is amazing, you feel like home.. but on the beach!! The food is absolutely delicious, come discover the NEW Blu Marlin by EHFAR and get the best Zanzibar experiences!!!

Review №2

On check-in you are welcomed with a beverage which is mango juice, lovely and refreshing.Staff is very friendly, Eddie, Addullah and Tatu made the stay very pleasant.Cleaning is done every day, hotel is very clean.Amazing ViewFood can be monotonous if you take the full package, breakfast standard, only chocolate croissant, only toasted bread...if you do ask for plain bread some days you get some days you dont.Mango juice for breakfast, tea and coffee availableLunch and dinner consists of an appetizer, main meal and fruits for dessert, which is filling, you never go hungry.In Zanzibar they love octopus, so on a daily we had octopus... octopus everything.Bare in mind drinks for dinner/lunch are charged separately from the package whether its alcoholic or non-alcoholic.No water in the rooms, so you need to purchase from the hotel which is 2dollars a bottle of buy water at local market before.A board game is available at the bar sitting area where there is a TV and some couches to relax and enjoyHotel offers some travel packages, totally convenient.Its an Italian family owned hotel, they stay there and have lunch and dinner with you(at their own set table), they dont interact much with thier clients just a hello very day, maybe its the language barrier.. dont know.Not too much noise around... its relaxing and calming. If you like a peaceful retreat this is the place for you.

Review №3

Located at the east coast of Zanzibar with the best beaches and sea facing the indian ocean...swimming there is like getting a massage by the sea hitting your body relieving it from pain.

Review №4

We stayed in Blu Marlin for 6 nights. Although the hotel isnt all that fancy but it was an AMAZING stay. The staff are unbelievably friendly they radiate positivity every morning. Especially EDY and ABDULLA. Very chilled and relaxing atmosphere. Also the hotel is in a nice area and the local bar (the bridge) next to it is awesome has parties on Sundays & Wednesdays.

Review №5

Nice relaxing vibe. Very chilled environment. Only ring exciting about this place is Pontile, the house environment the ocean.

Review №6

Friendly hosts, comfortable rooms, clean and beautiful area. staff working at height!

Review №7

Loved every minute of this stay! When we came to Blu Marlin it appeared that it will be only us 2 and staff. I have to say that I was positively shocked as not many hotels would open for business for only two people for 2 weeks! Well that’s called great customer service. We had beautiful room with sea view access to pool and 10km long beach for walks, runs and sunbathing. Staff was very helpful and exceptionally nice. 2 chefs were cooking delicious meals and desserts. Place was super clean and we had everything what we needed even though it was only 2 of us. Eddie - manager helped us book many trips so we were able to see the beautiful Zanzibar in and out. We had great talks with Abdulla and Eddie they have told us a lot about the local culture and traditions what we are really grateful for. Overall I will say that I will be back and I would recommend this hotel to all: singles, couples, families, older and younger ppl! Superb time!

Review №8

Accommodation was very pleasant at first glance on the booking pages. The situation on the spot was completely different. It was impossible to swim on the beaches because it was very dirty. The cleanliness of the hotel was shocking. See. Attached photo. Although the dinners were mostly good, the breakfasts were shocking. The worst, however, was the behavior of the hotel owner. A very arrogant Italian, who also minded the fact that we were accommodated there at all. Over the course of a day, one felt the file there as a forced stay rather than a vacation. Nothing was allowed, own drink, food. For every thing a person brought to the hotel he had to pay a 50% fine: D. I havent seen that anywhere else. So when we had a glass of wine on the balcony with my friends in the evening, the next day we were told that we had to pay a $ 100 fine or the owner would call the police and we would pay twice as much. We absolutely did not understand and wanted to move. It was not only our impression, but when we asked the hosts, they confirmed that this hotel is really very marked by the behavior of the owner. So never again!

Review №9

The staff here are AMAZING. They really made our stay. Our guide and the hotel manager (Eddie) was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating and took us to all the best spots. It was also a joy to be greeted every morning by Abdullah (baba chibu). Those guys really embody the spirit of hakuna matata, Which is what Zanzibar is all about. To be fair, the hotel is not that fancy and the rooms could do with an upgrade (they were very humid and WiFi did not reach them). The food was not the best and there was some renovation work going on while we were there too which wasn’t that great. But the place just emanates a chilled out and laid back vibe and walking on the beach in kiwengwa was lovely. We also found a great restaurant called il pontillo just a five minute walk down the beach. Would definitely recommend for the traveler who is on a budget and will be spending most of their time on excursions (the location is fairly central).

Review №10

Unfortunately, the rooms are NOT as described in various Internet portals or agencies on photos.Mold in the air conditioning and in the room.Beds with worn and no longer well washed covers.The fittings in the bathrooms are extremely worn and partly moldy and broken.The walls in the bathrooms are not really clean.Toilets are not fixed to the floor, so you almost fill up from the toilet and the water flows onto the floor.The condition of the rooms is generally dusty, especially the floors are not swept or wiped during the daily cleaning.The dishes are not as advertised in internet portals or agencies.Food prices are far too high for this poor quality.For the fact that the kitchen should be Italian, what is on offer is a disaster. Taste and preparation of the food is absolutely last class and a cheek. Explanation of the food offered in the networks is not true!Photos of the rooms or the tables set in the restaurant in social networks have long ceased to be true!Eddie the hotel manager and some employees are interested in good service.The behavior of the owners is aggressive and arrogant.Before we HAD to leave the room, as we didnt want to downgrade, my wife and then I was yelled at.The owner including your sons is not acceptable as a restaurateur and a shame for the hotel and catering industry. They are unfriendly, arrogant towards all guests, except towards guests from their home country Italy.Ive been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and have been to many places on this planet. However, Ive never experienced anything like this.I will definitely not recommend this hotel to anyone.

Review №11

The hotel is small and quiet. The service there and behavior of the italian owner is un acceptable. He believe that for the money that we are paying we recieved quiet enogh. The hotel is not cheep for the standard in Zanzibar. The staff working there are trying to be polite with the tourists but he distroy everithing. Every day in this hotel was connected with the stupid rules and limits. You are feeling not like you are on holiday. The owner and his wife never told us even good morning.

Review №12

Honestly it is an amazing location but with great potential. If you are the family that wants tranquility, this is your place. But if you like the bustling of the busy city life And want to be in the center of everything, this is not your place. The rooms are very local (which I enjoyed) and the facility is clean. But it’s very basic and if you want anything additional, there is a charge. Considering the tranquility and the family atmosphere, it would be nice if the owners kept some board games for the guests to play in the night, since there is not much to do. There are no TVs in the room (which I like too) but the WiFi is terrible (took me few hours to get a few pics on Facebook), so you don’t have much for entertainment. Food is very basic, so I suggest to bring your own snacks, especially if you have kids!!

Review №13

Mixed service. We had one really awesome server for two days, went the extra mile but on the 3rd days we meet the owner and he was down right offensive so we left and walked to II Pointe the restaurant on the Pier. I recommend that place as I can no longer recommend this one.

Review №14

Blu Marlin Zanzibar is located right on the beach of Kiwengwa, perfectly integrated in the marvelous scenario by all sides. The 12 rooms and 2 superior rooms are beautifully furnished and with all amenities: air conditioning, bath with shower, spacious balconies overlooking the ocean.The structure also has a beautiful depandance, equipped with all the comforts.

Review №15

Very nice family hotel, great part of the beach, calm and clean. Rooms are dated, perhaps upper floor is better, but the rest of hotel in nice and decent. Nice place to spend your vacation with family!

Review №16

Rude owner not Karibu at all. Stopped for a drink was considering lunch asked a member of staff for the WiFi password, owner spoke in Italian to the staff that the WiFi was only for customers - I pointed out that I was a customer but again he only responded in Italian to his staff who relayed the message to me that he couldnt give it to me.Unessecary

Review №17

Quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Owners and staff are very friendly. Excellent food and excursion availability. Nice pool and lounging options.

Review №18

Very friendly Romanian owners

Review №19

Stayed here 3 Nights March 2017 . Staff are rude , AC in the room dont work , wifi did not work , full board option taken for food not to bad but have seen much beter at cheaper places.

Review №20

Is good

Review №21

Fish not fresh food oily. I am sick. Shrimp is green. I do not advise

Review №22

Good place with variety of dishes. Perhaps the best pizza in town!

Review №23

Nice place on the beach, good food with amazing view

Review №24

Cozy family nice hotel.

Review №25

Nice ocean view their is even seaweed farming nearby

Review №26

Ok ....A bit remote and not so great beach

Review №27

Cold beer in a bar! Nice food. 🍻

Review №28

It make me feel comfortable

Review №29

Nice view

Review №30

Nice, clean and managed

Review №31

Not nice place

Review №32

We dont offer it anybody!

Review №33

Because of good view

Review №34


Review №35

Is good place

Review №36

Good place

Review №37

Mambo powa

Review №38

Forget the past experiences, Blu Marlin by EHFAR is new and full of life. Discover our NEW resort and also the new google page. Everything is changed, Hakuna Matata.

Review №39

We rested in this hotel from March 20 to March 31, 2021, settling here for the entire period of the tour due to overbooking, which is nothing new in Zanzibar. The hotel itself is not bad, but its owners, who live next to you on the territory of the hotel, neutralize all the advantages. These are very disgusting people. They dont greet, they dont smile. When checking in here, be aware that you cannot bring anything from food or drinks into the hotel territory, including water for children. The owner of the hotel forbade us to bring bottles of water, having put us out of the gate, demands to buy everything from them at exorbitant prices. In the dining room, he has his own table, which you cannot sit at, even when he is not. You cannot park at the gate in a rented car, because his friends park there, with whom he plays poker in the dining room in the evenings, forbidding him to go there. In the evening on the beach at the sun loungers his wife will meet you and ask you to leave in a boorish way, because she wants to sleep. Staff scared, behave like slaves.Near the bar, a TV with Italian serials or football is constantly screaming, which the owner watches and turns up the volume if suddenly someone bothers him.It seems that you owe them something, as if you are visiting, without taking into account the huge money for the tour. Dont buy this hotel for anything !!! Yes, there really are no tourists. Apparently, the same poor fellows as we live there, finding themselves due to overbooking))I would like to pay special attention to the tour operator Anextours, who did not solve our problem with relocation to our initially selected hotel (initially they talked about 1 day of check-in, but it turned out to be for the entire period). There is no support for tourists, they shrug their shoulders, they ask themselves to contact the host by phone.In spite of everything, our vacation was not spoiled, we traveled the whole island by car. The main thing is a positive attitude and company)) But the boorish attitude of the hotel owners cannot be left alone, therefore I am writing a review, warning everyone that everyone will face.If I were you, I would bypass this hotel !!!

Review №40

Family atmosphere and very good treatment. Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the beach ...To repeat!!!

Review №41

I stayed in this hotel the first two weeks of August!Perfect structure for those who are really looking for a bit of tranquility away from everything, also because there is no entertainment and the beach is private.The structure is very nice and the rooms have been recently renovated, the only flaw I can find but not the fault of the hotel is that the sheets were always a little damp and salt water sometimes came out of the shower.The waiters are always smiling, kind and helpful, the food varies enough even if it is repeated during the weeks ... but all in all I ate quite well!I think the real pearl of this place is Eddy, he is a guy who makes you discover the wonderful sides of this island, making you know and live! I highly recommend him to visit everything!

Review №42

Stayed for 15 days, fantastic place!Stra recommended for those who want to spend a nice vacation in Zanzibar directly on the beach about an hours drive from the plane. Upon arrival they welcomed us with so much sympathy and cordiality and accompanied us to our room, very clean and fragrant. The rooms are cleaned daily with changes of sheets and towels.The restaurant, one directly on the beach for lunch and one next to the pool for breakfast and dinner.Mainly Italian cuisine with local and really fresh ingredients.Saturday evening with dinner based on typical local dishes.The bar, the main common place is full of comfortable and well-stocked sofas. The only flaw that also applies to the poorly lit restaurant.Great beach and pool!The tidal phenomenon is noticeable in this area but nothing that creates discomfort indeed.Speaking of the staff and the family that runs this place, they are simply fantastic !! From the cleaning ladies to the very nice and helpful waiters.Excellent hosts who have fulfilled our every request, it seemed to us to have always been friends.The Eddy village guide is well prepared on any subject. Certainly compared to those who offer excursions along the beach is a little bit more expensive but it is certainly worth it.In conclusion, excellent structure to spend a peaceful and quiet holiday feeling part of a big family.

Review №43

As soon as we arrived, the bosss son welcomed us and gave us the room key. In the swimming pool there were some insects and you could dive because one part was 3m high, the latter was open until 10pm.The staff are always cheerful and ready to meet needs. Lunch is served on the beach and dinner in the restaurant. On the second day we asked the chiefs son if we could go fishing for a day in the coral reef and they kindly accompanied us.A magnificent holiday. The best

Review №44

I stayed 9 days in this structure .. I have been back for a few days. The location is good the resort overall would be okay for both food and cleanliness. The only real flaw is the .. courtesy of the owners who do not consider you at all, on the contrary it seems that you are probably annoying for the fact that having made the excursions with the locals and not with the village clerk feel betrayed ... I am from Romagna and I know well what hospitality means and therefore I can say without any doubt that in this village it does not exist ... recommended for pensioners who like to play cards in silence and with little desire to socialize .. PS. there is no need for this to go to zanzibar just the bar downstairs .. greetings and good luck

Review №45

Great location away from the chaos.Simple but good cuisine with catch of the day and local products.Nice and friendly managers.The local guide for excursions Edi does a great job advising the most beautiful excursions .... talking very well in Italian.In conclusion, a great holiday to be repeated ..... at this point, right down to the blue Marlin.Thanks to all the managers and staff of the report.

Review №46

Beautiful place, incredible sea.Family-run resort of Italian origin. Owners and children very kind and very warm people. It is practically on the beach in a part of the island with a crystal clear sea, often subject to pleasant tides. My compliments, besides Marco, Elio and Riccardo, I would like to make them to Cire. All always very available. Great!

Review №47

Just come back from a week of total relaxation in this splendid place. Yes, it is true that the rooms would need a makeover but they are still clean and the linen is replaced every day. Great food (not much choice - therefore less waste though - but lots of fresh fish cooked very well today). The owners are nice and helpful. But the really unique thing is that in this little corner of paradise you can breathe the African atmosphere, not like in many other beaches with large structures crowded and crowded with tourists. I hope to be able to return one day and regain the same wonderful feeling. Greetings and a hug from Monica and Raffa.

Review №48

Unfortunately we are back in Italy ... returning from this special Blu MARLIN resort ..Yes special because people like Tony, Carla, Elio is Riccardo, without forgetting our guide Eddy, truly exceptional we will have a hard time forgetting them. All the staff in the kitchen and the pool bar are fantastic .. wonderful ..We already miss you ...The food is great, I have nothing to say about this because we found it really great. (The fish strabuono)The rooms lack nothing.Excellent cleaning with daily change of towels and sheets.A place to listen to the sea, to relax in the sun under the coconut trees ... to enjoy a wonderful tropical landscape ... where you can feel at home.A boutique curated by Carla where you can find beautiful items. Its the excursions with our friend Eddy ... what to say ... fantastic person. Thanks again to all of you, we will have a hard time forgetting you ... I think we will see you again soon ... Mario, Ilenia, its Daniele.

Review №49

Accommodation was very pleasant at first glance on the booking pages. The situation on the spot was completely different. The cleanliness of the hotel was shocking. See. Attached photo. Although the dinners were mostly good, the breakfasts were shocking. The worst, however, was the behavior of the hotel owner. A very arrogant Italian, who also minded the fact that we were accommodated there at all. Over the course of a day, one felt the file there as a forced stay rather than a vacation. Nothing was allowed, own drink, food. For every thing a person brought to the hotel he had to pay a 50% fine: D. I havent seen that anywhere else. So when we had a glass of wine on the balcony with my friends in the evening, the next day we were told that we had to pay a $ 100 fine or the owner would call the police and we would pay twice as much. We absolutely did not understand and wanted to move. It was not only our impression, but when we asked the hosts, they confirmed that this hotel is really very marked by the behavior of the owner. So never again!

Review №50

Rudeness and indifference on the part of the owners who do not greet, do not speak, do not ask you how your stay is going. They look like tourists like you. You find them for breakfast, lunch and dinner ... without a kind word or a question about how your vacation is going at their facility. Hallucinatory management.

Review №51

Small and comfortable family run resort. Ideal for those looking for a peaceful holiday. The owners are very nice, friendly and always available. Equally good and nice eddy, who organizes the excursions. good food Ill be back for sureThanks

Review №52

Very nice hotel, by the sea, ideal for those who want to enjoy a holiday in total relaxation. Excellent cuisine, very kind staff. Edy guided us around Stone town and Nungwi. From him we learned many aspects of Zanzibari life in the present and in the past.They had the superior room, I think it is the most beautiful and with a spectacular view. Waking up and looking out on the terrace and looking at the sea is priceless. The photos speak for themselves.I give 4 stars only because I think that perfection does not exist, even if I dont find any negative notes.

Review №53

Valentines Day 02/14/2018 My mother and my friend Tizy have given ourselves a holiday, we decided to go to Zanzibar at the Blue Marlin located in Kiwengwa, recommended by a friend,. It is a family run establishment, there we found it very well was what we wanted ... PEACE! sea ​​water food.the structure offers few rooms but I have to say super clean, important also the super comfortable Antonio and Carla mattress the owners available and very nice made us feel at home actually the feeling is just that, to enter a villa from friends.There is Edy our excursion guide prepared and always present with everyone, his motion is HAKUNA MATATA! THERE IS NO PROBLEMAlessia the receptionist and all the polite and friendly smiling staff, in short, those who want to take a relaxing holiday without too many pretensions but surrounded by colors, scents, panoramas and silences, this is the ideal place, we have been satisfied, we cant wait to go back !!! Thanks friends for making us feel good was what we wanted, see you soon !!!!!!!! Nadia Tizy and mamy Dina)))))A memory for Edi !!! beautiful NAKUPENDA island !!!!!!!!! ) Baciiiiiiii)

Review №54

From your arrival the tone is given, the reception is cold, We enumerate the rules of the hotel dryly, telling you that for a beach towel will require a deposit of 10 dollars. The room is very dark and super humid and basic but on the other hand it is clean, the housekeeping and the bed are done every day. The hotel itself is quite nice, although it is not the best place to swim. By cons, the atmosphere! So at the bar, if you like to have a television that broadcasts Italian football games permanently for the owner and his sons you are in the right place. If you like to pay for your expensive cocktails or espressos, you are in the right place. At 7 oclock in the morning, the big family of the owners is standing with their children, do not intend to sleep at that moment since they act as if they were alone thank you discretion! At the same time it is better not to arrive too late at breakfast otherwise ... bin there is not much left. Jams and industrial juices and its little variety its a shame. We were half board ... the mistake !! At 7pm the buffet opens, people are bored so much that it is stormed. We wonder why so much food is bad, little varied, Italian pro, do not expect to discover local dishes and especially do not expect to feast. At 20:30 all customers are on their cell phones trying to settle in qq places with wifi. Boredom hovers until 22h, when people go to bed. Deadly. If you are not Italian you will be ignored. The father and the sons are pretty unfriendly and do not speak English it limits the exchanges. If you want to spend a day, have a nice evening you have the Kiwi resort not far away. Luckily, we rented a car to visit the island, which allowed us to escape from this place as often as possible. My advice, go your way.

Review №55

It was me and my wife at Blu from 19 to 26 February 2018.Nice place even if the sea is suffering from the presence of algae.Accommodation and average meals.Alessia, receptionist and beyond, fantastic.Always present, available and cheerful.Alberto Zaccherotti

Review №56

I do not recommend this hotel for a very specific but relevant reason. to decide with whom to perform. Ina time I realized that I did not carry out the excursion directly with the village, their behavior changed from not greeting us even they came to not let us enter a place that plays one evening a week the reason why we did not organize with lotus ....Nice villageGood power supplybut lack of fairness towards customers who do not carry out all the activities in the village

Review №57

Clean, beautiful, quiet. Strategic location for excursions. Friendly owners, delicious cuisine. I loved it so much 😍 p.s. Eddy is great 🙂

Review №58

I was at the blue marlin last week. Village of great potential but let go! The new management is absent and cold. Because being small and informal it is very cute! The positive points are: eddy the Zanzibar boy who organizes the excursions that is a pillar in that village! The chef, great chef! And the owners who still live in that complex that in their small way try to animate the days! The waiter Abdul who it is a silhouette! The negative points are in general the decay of things! All very worn, it stinks in the bathrooms so much that you cant sleep at night from the smell, dirty pool! Beds with perforated mattresses and broken worn out towels. maintenance would be a good combination of carefree and informal vacation! To the new management that will take over in June I suggest you concentrate on these shortcomings!

Review №59

Nice hotel in Kiwengwa village. 2nd floor bar with great ocean views. European cuisine for Italians. In the evening I recommend ordering a pizza and a glass of beer.

Review №60

If you are looking for a place for vacation for relaxation, you will find it here, among other things being a place managed by an Italian family you can only feel at home, with the only difference that you are revered and served

Review №61

Good location and good food. Excellent Eddie guide. Managed by the resort to be reviewed. Little attention to the customer.

Review №62

We spent 10 days from 11/8/18 to 11/18/18 at this resort guests of Toni and Carla and their nice children, I must say that we found a really warm welcome, the rooms very clean and welcoming, the food excellent and always fresh every day, the person in charge of the excursions Edy a really capable and prepared person who knows how to make you appreciate zanzibar and its inhabitants. if you have a little time let Edy take you to visit the inland villages where you will discover the true life of zanzibarini.Oriana / Elvio

Review №63

The beach never sprinkled from the grass, the bungalow was dirty, smelly and disheveled. The hotel owner does not want to be there either because he has a vibrant vibe, so all staff walked in and did not even feel the peace and excitement. All happiness so we booked only 3 days and spent a whole day out on the trip. This is where I would never go back to vacation anymore.

Review №64

It was supposed to be a nice end to Zanzibar holidays. Specialy we chose a hotel with a swimming pool and food to relax. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The room did not work air conditioning in the bathroom smelled terribly sewage and bedding mushroom. The food very average made for tourists from Italy. The cook can not fry pancakes that were burned on coal will not mention the seafood which more resembled greaves. For a meal you have to come perfectly in time to be what else to eat then remain remains. To relax in the center you need to walk in headphones with music turned on otherwise we will listen screams of children who run and go crazy in the pool service does nothing with it. Only on the beach is a little better. We paid an additional $ 30 for the fact that we can stay 4 hours longer in the hotel.When handing over the keys we still have to pay for two additional meals that were not included in this amount. Hotel converts the euro into dollars at an unprofitable rate for the client. In general, if someone is looking for a hotel where he wants to relax and feel free, I will DISCOVER IT!

Review №65

I was here over the Christmas holidays and New Years Eve room cleanliness perfect every dayshe cleaned the personal staff and explained everything as I didnt know any words they were patient and solved everything so that I would be satisfied

Review №66

If you love the sea and tranquility this is the ideal place, hotel on the beach with a few simple but very clean rooms. Delicious is the restaurant for lunch, it would be nice to use it also in the evening. Good food, excellent bread and fragrant focaccia, they cook well even spaghetti! Extremely helpful and polite staff, nice excursions with a local guide who speaks perfect Italian.

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Review №68

- The food could have been better!+ Home environment, family friendly

Review №69

It is a beautiful environment for those who want a relaxing holiday.

Review №70

Welcoming and familiar environment, far from the confusion of large structures, the right choice in Zanzibar to relax in a splendid natural setting

Review №71

Great food, pampered by Antonio and his family and taken to wonderful places by the wonderful Eddy

Review №72

Very nice and quiet village, very kind and helpful staff, great food, wonderful sea

Review №73

Wonderful place freshly caught fish every day and above all excellent owner and staff. I will definitely come back.

Review №74

A corner of paradise in the beautiful kiwengwa beach. Courtesy of the staff and good food

Review №75

One of the most beautiful places Ive been in. In the morning the dolphins are watching from the bungalow ... swimming with them in the afternoon

Review №76

The owner is persistent and unlucky .. treats staff and guests excruciatingly..najgore vacation spot where I was

Review №77

Normally, very tasty Italian cuisine, pizza pasta, etc.

Review №78

Small family run resort ..... From back

Review №79

A great place with unique people! Linda & Paolo

Review №80


Review №81

Great place, family!

Review №82

Nice beaches, great food

Review №83


Review №84

An unpleasant owner.

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  • Address:kumba urembo, Kiwengwa, Tanzania
  • Phone:+255 777 438 043
  • Pizza restaurant
  • Italian restaurant
  • Hotel
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