Paje Palms - Zanzibar
Paje 791- Paje Zanzibar, Paje, Tanzania
Paje Palms - Zanzibar
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Beautiful place right by the Beach. Rooms are nice, but it does get loud in the evenings

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Amazing! is the least I can say for this place. Great rooms, service and location. Very friendly staff. Ana and Luca very just the very best. They made my birthday so special without even asking. Thank you so much.I stayed at 3 different places around zanibar but nothing and I mean nothing came in comparison to this hotel and this place.If I ever do come back, it will only be for Paje and VRclub Paje Palm Hotel.Thank you once again for making out stay wonderful. 10/10

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Very nice hotel... Very clean... Amazing beach... Very delicious food... The best in paje area.

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AmazingThe hotel has a very large area and the rooms are like private houses. They are big and designed well. We have two swimming pools (one with a bar and music and the other is quiet) and of course the Indian ocean.All the employees are really friendly and they try to be also helpful. The philosophy in Zanzibar is first Pole Pole (slowly slowly) and then Hakuna Matata (don’t worry / no problem).Zanzibar is perfect for relaxation(beaches), but not the place if you want to see new things and live new experiences.The food in the restaurant is pretty good, but they definitely should work on the desserts.

Review №5

Very Nice hotel With great restaurant and friendly People ! The beach is beautiful and calm! Strong recomend to really relax

Review №6

I also met someone called Joseph at this place he got good customer service very humble and polite..

Review №7

Absolutely amazing place!!!!The food at the beach restaurant was great!!!Very friendly staff and good service!!Thank you so much!!!!We will be back.Now its our favourite place!

Review №8

Wonderful place. It is very beautiful. We had an unforgettable vacation. Incredibly delicious food, kind and cordial staff. I recommend this heavenly place ...

Review №9

Large property, poor facilities. Not worth half the price.

Review №10

I recently stayed for over a week at Paje Palms resort with a large group of friends and we booked around 6-7 villas. Upon arrival the staff were quite friendly and the atmosphere seemed nice, the villas are large and spacious. That’s where the good feedback ends.The bathrooms are very run down and not well maintained, the linen on the bed is poor quality and it can get quite cold at night and the bed sheet / quilt cover is more like a thin layer of tissue as opposed to a nice duvet or warm cover for sleeping. Often the tv had no reception and was not working. Further there was no complimentary water in the room so when we flagged this on behalf of the group they said because we are a large group they would provide 2 bottles per day free of charge (small 500ml bottles). There was no phone in the room and our villa was quite far away from reception/lobby - so imagine how difficult it is if we needed something like more water or toilet paper, for example, or in case of emergencies like medical - no one can be reached. Also there is no WiFi in the room, only at the lobby - and the WiFi is also terribly poor and slow when in the reception. Not something I would expect from a “4 star” resort. At least if there is no WiFi in the room for communications purposes there should be a phone.Also the staff were very slow. Not attentive at the buffet breakfast at all. Also the staff were very annoying when coming to clean the room daily or deliver fruit or water to the room or turn down the room for the evening. They were constantly banging on the door trying to get in. I got sick with food poisoning and the staff kept disrupting my sleep/rest knocking on the door to deliver water or makeup the room when I said to come back later as I was resting. This is unacceptable. There should be a “do not disturb” or “please make up room” sign for the door.Additionally, when I requested more water when I was ill with severe food poisoning, the staff would not give me more water saying they already gave me the two free bottles per day. I expressly said I was sick with food poisoning and need water and did not have the energy to walk almost 1km to reception to get water from the bar or request more bottles (as remember there is no WiFi in the room). Water is a basic human right and necessity. I am happy to pay for it, however as a gesture of care and concern from the resort, they should have provided it free of charge and not told me to walk to reception or the pool bar to get water - especially since I was in no condition to walk as I could barely walk to the bathroom due to nausea and fatigue and dizziness and stomach and gastrointestinal upset.The buffet breakfast was Very poor. Lack of variety, cheap condiments, lacked healthy options, fruit was not replenished and food was not replenished well when consumed by guests and there were flies all over the fruit. When the group and I complained about the poor variety and lack of healthy options, the manager kindly offered to help and get the staff to go to town to buy extra ingredients and food items for breakfast. This was a nice gesture. So after this the food improved... marginally. As we were a group who stayed for a week - once the food items ran out they did not replace. Simple foods such as oats, peanut butter... were not replaced and we were left with meagre options. The reason given was that Zanzibar does not have easy access to such foods or it’s too expensive to have at the buffet. I have literally never been to a buffet that doesn’t have an assortment of fresh clean fruit, oats and peanut butter. It got so bad I even had to offer to the staff that I would cook myself my eggs / breakfast / grill my vegetables as the service was literally so slow.The manager was helpful and trying his best, which we appreciate. But the poor service of the other staff and lack of care when it came to my food poisoning (which occurred offsite) was quite disappointing.Would not recommend.

Review №11

Defentily the best hotel in paje!

Review №12

This place is very beautiful to stay

Review №13

Very nice place to visit !

Review №14

Place is beautiful and very quiet for chilling and relaxing

Review №15

A good beach to be.

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Review №17

Many questions if you want go in side not good security

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Review №19

Nice 👍☺️

Review №20

Very beautiful beach

Review №21

Aslice of paradise.. Combination of comfort home away from home

Review №22

Simply Amazing!

Review №23

Nice place nice view

Review №24

Nice place

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Review №26

A great Paradise whitesands

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Review №28

So great place

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Review №31

Nice place..

Review №32

Zanzibar... Good place

Review №33

The place to be in Zanzibar!

Review №34

Very nice hotel, very well maintained, bungalow rooms, advice, sea view, the best. Good catering, but lack of desserts, indeed even if the fruits are excellent, it is possible to highlight these products by working on them a little more.Jordan and Justin are great at animation. The acrobats and dancers for the evenings are worth seeing. I do not forget the spa, top and not expensive. All the staff very smiling and kind.The beach is beautiful... do not hesitate

Review №35

Quiet, relaxing establishment, superb swimming pool, very kind and welcoming staff, very clean room. Very good and inexpensive massage. Very good meal but lacks a bit of choice especially over 11 nights. A very big thank you to Jordan and Justin, animators at top, offer you a very nice animation during the day.Very nice excursions with French-speaking guide Adji, a big thank you to him!! The gardeners and security guards on the beach very polite, kind and operational.I wanted to thank the gentleman who did all the decorations for the evenings and meals outside, it was magnificent!!Only small problem give free drinking water in the rooms for dental brushing!!!A little advice to customers, protect yourself well the sun is very hot.We were 4 and are delighted with our stay !!

Review №36

+: Very beautiful setting. We took a room with a sea view. The rooms are spacious and air conditioned.The breakfast is good and plentiful.Small local shops and restaurants nearby.-: Big problem with wifi which is unavailable in the rooms and in some parts of the hotel.The juices are really bad, too bad.Thank you to Mariam and the rest of the team for their professionalism and availability.

Review №37

The beauty of the resort, where I am currently staying, is not comparable to what you see in the photos. Privacy, professionalism, kindness, hospitality, wide and private beach, enchanting corners. A place to escape and start dreaming.

Review №38

A wonderful hotel, for 9 days we lived in this fabulous, kind, sincere place! Russian administrators, no language discomfort. Diverse and tasty cuisine with smiling staff. Huge territory, luxurious rooms on the first line overlooking the ocean from the bed. Beautiful sunrises, big beach, good security. My heart was won💚

Review №39

Very nice establishment, has 2 swimming pools. Big crush for the staff 👌

Review №40

Establishment on a human scale. Caring staff. Beautiful beach, in short, happiness

Review №41

Wonderful stay, very satisfied.Thanks to Lois for her professionalism. I recommend !

Review №42

4 star hotel, not a 4 star hotel.To begin with, the restaurant is anything but edible, the fruit juices cut in water have no taste, nothing to do with the local fruit juices full of flavors, their pizza full of oil with pieces of cheese that fall, ingredients forgotten and all at expensive prices.Their self service breakfasts have very little choice.WiFi is not everywhere in the common areas, and he could have invested in putting transmitters in rooms that do not have WiFi.Only positive point, the staff who are very nice and who welcomed us with a welcome committee and fruit juices, had the villa with private pool by the sea.

Review №43

Comfortable resort, friendly and helpful staff .... a wonderful vacation

Review №44

Quiet and peaceful. A serious alternative for Nungvi.Zanzibar is also a good option for peace and quiet. I would definitely recommend.

Review №45

Peace and relaxation in a wonderful setting. Some accommodations face directly onto the ocean, the view fills the soul ... Cleanliness, courtesy and availability. Little coordination between tour operators and hotel staff. Buffet food is complete and varied, however it has room for improvement. I would definitely go back. Absolutely recommended.

Review №46

My husband and I stayed at this resort for three weeks in February. We were looking for relaxation and we found it. All the bungalows are scattered in a huge tropical garden, in front of which there is the beach. We lived in a very large executive villa, furnished with perfect oriental style furniture. We also had a private garden and swimming pool. The cleanliness was perfect, the accommodation really beautiful.The ocean at this point is gorgeous, with a thousand colors that change according to the tides. The beach is very large, all of white sand, and is kept constantly clean and tidy especially by two boys, Kijeshi and Ezekiery, who also have the task of moving the beds, quite heavy, of the guests. They literally run towards you, with an infinite smile, and arrange the cot as you want. They are also learning to speak Italian, to please the guests even more.The animator Settemari, Alessandra, is always present and available, but her presence is only pleasant, NEVER pressing. She is worried that someone might get bored, and offers activities gracefully and tactfully. If the guests dont care about these activities, she asks them if they would prefer to do something else, and she is always willing to accept their suggestions, to do something with them.The food is very fresh and varied in the buffet. But if someone wants something different, the Italian chef, Severino, gets to make dishes on demand every day. The Settemari organization for excursions is perfect.We also want to thank Fabio, a very good singer, Bianconero, the local entertainer, who speaks Italian perfectly, Gharib, an expert local guide who speaks Italian as if he were Italian, Alessia, Vincenzo. Thanks also to all the men of Security, who do not stand out, but are everywhere, and see everything, especially what is wrong. Among them, a special thanks to Daima, who took particular care of the safety of our bungalow. Sometimes, staff members make a difference. This is one of those cases. We have been spoiled in an embarrassing way by everyone, they are people who remain in your heart, and, at the moment of departure (which you wish would never arrive), a tear cannot escape ... Asante sana and see you again ...

Review №47

Beautiful, peaceful and very relaxing! Infinite white beach where to walk with a fantastic landscape ...The comfortable resort, the local staff available and very kind, always smiling and discreet ...Animation, very soft demand, proved invaluable, fun and likeable never intrusive !!!Very good cuisine, fresh fish freshly prepared and fresh fruit always ready served on the beach too ...Extraordinary all-inclusive bar service!To try 👍

Review №48

We arrived at dawn and were immediately enraptured by the colors of the sun as it was rising and illuminating the sea. ..we had been given a room right on the beach ... large and spotless. .above our expectations ... From then on everything was perfect! Small village with few guests, a touching kindness and availability! Excellent food even for demanding palates, Settemari animators always present and an exceptional guide who made us enter into real life ..A holiday in a place that remains in your heart! Thanks alessandra, Alessia, Fabio, garib, bianconero and Adam !!!!!

Review №49

Nice place with great service, the beds are very comfortable and the rooms are very fresh, you sleep like hell.Good and helpful service, organization team as well.The animation is smart and nice, Alessandra from the animation team even served me an orange vodka while I was taking a bath in the tub. :-DThat said, the coral reef is very far away and there is only one time a day where you can swim in a dignified way without algae and with water at an acceptable temperature, however the trips are very beautiful and well organized and compensate for this. lack. (absolutely recommend the Blue Safari)The food is not bad but it can be improved absolutely, the fish and the grilled meat do not know how to do it, the pasta is good all in all. (and in any case we have never been bad for food which is not to be underestimated)Wifi is not available in all rooms as it is centralized, but it is not bad, just go to the reception or the restaurant and you can use the internet without problems, the connection has a very high quality considering it is centralized.In any case I recommend the experience and the place, see you next time!

Review №50

Very nice resort distributed horizontally, 1 floor rooms with spectacular sea view, excellent cleanliness, friendly and helpful staff, restaurant ..... dont ask for more! Fresh fish every day, various cooking on the grill made in front of you, delicious fruit, in short, to come back!

Review №51

A single problem is the cultivation of algae overlooking the beach which prevent bathing, at high tide without accidents with the wooden braces capable of injuring.It would be enough to create corridors free from plants where you can swim safely without running the risk of ruining the plantations or getting hurt.For the rest of the best structures and places frequented.Excellent Italian cuisine and soft animation for lovers of the carmic, culinary and cool disciplines

Review №52

A very nice cozy hotel, great coastline, clean white sand. The staff is friendly and helpful, the chef cooks everything deliciously.

Review №53

Availability, kindness and joy. Everything is wonderful, clean rooms, excellent and varied cuisine, the staff are always smiling and helpful. Entertainment present but not pressing. Well organized excursions. Rooms would have to be adapted, very spacious but affected by the weather

Review №54

Very nice and quiet structure ideal for relaxing.Very spacious clean rooms with good comfortable beds.Manicured gardensVery kind and helpful staff.Good bars and cocteleria.Sore point the restaurant:In a coast rich in fish, I expected a very different assortment (which I had in another structure in the previous stay always in Zanzibar such as lobsters and cicadas as well as grilled chicken and shrimp.)The fact of both red (closer to vinegar) and white (Marsala) wine of next quality is unacceptable.Part of the staff completely inexperienced in restaurant serviceAnd what about the carbonated for PAID !!! ???Please accept these criticisms as an opportunity to improve yourself.

Review №55

Wild atmosphere in a classy placePaje Palm beach resort manages to perfectly reconcile the wild atmosphere of true Africa, without neglecting the comforts and services of a first-class hotel.The view of the ocean on which the location overlooks is enchanting, among the most suggestive that can be expected.The cuisine is varied and of excellent quality: every day, both for lunch and dinner, they change dishes so that in less than a week you can taste typical dishes of local cuisine and as many of Italian and European origin. The Italian chef has a lot of experience and is a guarantee.The rooms are fantastic: spacious, fresh and with handmade wooden furnishings that characterize them.The staff is kind, attentive to customer needs, never intrusive; almost all speak multiple languages ​​(English, Italian, French).I recommend it to young couples, families and groups of friends because it easily adapts to the different needs of the tourist.The excursion to Nakupenda is well worth it, combining Prison island and the strip of sand.

Review №56

Beautiful place, very nice rooms. We had ocean views and lounge chairs in front of the room and direct access to the beach.The breakfast was ok.For lunch or dinner it is better to go elsewhere, from the reception they can call a taxi. Surely there is no problem.

Review №57

Vacation with a friend from 31 December 2019 to 7 January 2020.Unfortunately disappointed by the behavior of the company SETTEMARI.After an endless journey between 8 hours of flight and chaos in Zanzibar airport where the tour operator was not helpful in facilitating our arrival and filling out the visa. (in my opinion you should fill in the plane before getting off to facilitate the queues at a later time).Finally you arrive at the 4-star superior hotel resort ... you go to your room for a nice refreshing shower and you find that you dont have water. After the first request of why we were told: we are in Africa ​​... it does not seem correct. After the fourth day of complaining they moved us from room and encountered the same problem at peak times.The deck chairs on the beach indecent, a mattress would be enough to embellish the deckchair.In the round pool the pads on the deck chairs are all broken ...The only positive thing is the restaurant, I thank Serafino the Sardinian Italian chef and the guys from the restaurant and the bar.I thank nature that shines without the hand of man ...I believe it is not a superior 4 star resort. I hope they do a good renovation soon.

Review №58

Heavenly place. We were pampered. Professional, kind and always smiling staff. Bravissimo Gabriele !! The rooms are very nice and are well furnished. Beautiful swimming pool, beautiful beach and the view of the ocean.

Review №59

Beautiful beach. The resort itself is quite large and in the allinclusive formula, poor quality products. The guests are mostly Italians and what surprised me was not good coffee from capsules.Object needs refreshing. If you dont have allinclusive its very expensive.

Review №60

Perfect vacation, spectacular location, wonderful room, superlative food ... everything in the right place. This island is still a relatively touristy area. If you try to relax, this is the place for you. Discreet and professional staff. Everything is taken care of in detail ... as I like it.To recommend !!!

Review №61

Traveled through Condor as a tour operator. Very nice and well kept village friendly and helpful staff.Excellent restaurant service and on-site assistance.Well organized excursions.If you are looking for relaxation this structure is the one for you.

Review №62

Fantastic resort, with immense spaces and plenty of tranquility, great food and lots of attention from the operators. Located within walking distance from Paje, from which you can enjoy the spectacular phenomenon of the tides, it is convenient to the various locations of the island.

Review №63

Very nice village, very kind staff and very good food. Spacious rooms, beautiful and always clean. If you are looking for tranquility and good service I recommend this all inclusive resort.

Review №64

I am currently in this fantastic place, and I already know that my heart will cry when I have to go home next week ... the beach is of fine white sand, a wonderful and well served village, the staff is friendly and very kind, the rooms they are independent and equipped with every comfort, the cleanliness is impeccable everywhere, the food and drinks are delicious, soft animation, the settemari staff is kind and present with advice on how to make the most of the various services or excursions, and also the staff ( local people are always available and do their utmost, in fact they really go out of their way to satisfy customers, there is also a 24-hour security and safety service on top of the village ... the top, Im really experiencing a real unforgettable vacation .... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review №65

Just returned to Italy from Zanzibar..I spent two weeks, together with my husband at the Paje Palms Beach Resort..what can I say?!? We are already missing, we had a great time, very nice structure, always clean rooms, great food and staff exceptional! Very beautiful to see the phenomenon of the tides and nice to see the women engaged in the collection of algae! Patience if it was not easy to take a bath on the beach, we did it also elsewhere! We must know how to appreciate everything, Zanzibar gives so many emotions! The local people gave us so many smiles and laughter .. we all miss you and who knows, maybe one day well come back! Congratulations for everything! Asante Sana, Lucia and Andrea!

Review №66

Quiet resort. Excellent Italian cuisine and local dishes. well-maintained facilities and thorough cleaning of rooms. Friendly, friendly staff.

Review №67

I returned yesterday from the Paje Beach Resort in Zanzibar I must say that except for some very very positive things such as the absolutely fantastic rooms, the excellent cleanliness, the kindness of the staff and the entertainment, especially Giulia who has always made herself available and nice, for the rest this Resort has many gaps, somewhat spartan, the cultivation of algae on the stretch of sea in front of the hotel practically absolutely impossible bathing, insects in the morning at breakfast that prevented you from eating, assistance Settemari at the airport absolutely absent not to mention the food, good but lacking in variety the same things ...... for what concerns us, there were six of us, our unanimous experience is only near enough.

Review №68

Great vacation spot ... A room with sea view, a beautiful white sand beach, the swimming pool .... Picturesque charm of Zanzibar.

Review №69

Superb hotelVery clean with a wonderful sea viewRooms are spacious, clean and the beds are decorated with petals and leavesThe staff is very caringBravo to Stephanie and Dimitri for their kindness and availabilityDaytime and evening Fram entertainment is sufficientPleasant without being intrusiveThe food is of good quality and variedA few deckchairs are missing on the beachThere are great excursions to do especially if you like sea trips and snorkelingVisiting Stone Town is a mustTo do with the visit to SpicesAKBAR which has its shop on the beach is serious and friendlyHis excursions are very well organized and cheaperHe takes you back to the hotelYou have to ask him for a French guideIf you are looking for a change of scenery and exoticismAfrica must be made

Review №70

Good malt excellent food cooked by the chef Severino Sailis who made us spend wonderful moments managing to link the magic of Africa with the culture of Italian food. .the place is gorgeous and very enveloping.

Review №71

An excellent hotel, clean and comfortable. Very polite staff. Great stay.

Review №72

Small and quiet tourist village, with discreet services. Always check the tides, so as not to stay on the beach with the sea at two kilometers.

Review №73

Beautiful area. Hotel on a human scale with feet in the water. Friendly staff and small care.

Review №74

Very friendly hotel. Spacious rooms and top-notch catering. And walk to the beach in translucent water

Review №75

Earthly paradise, a quiet place ideal for relaxation, gentle and unobtrusive entertainers. The villa with private pool is a fairy tale ....... recommended

Review №76

Resort in excellent position, kind and always very helpful staff, in particular Bianconero, an excellent boy and a great friend.

Review №77

Resort of small dimensions, animation present but not nagging. Beautiful place and great food.

Review №78

The resort is nice .. beaches to avoid .. full of algae where you can not swim

Review №79

Lovely hotel. Quiet and calm. 10 minutes walk on the beach to central Paje. The guests are almost all Italians, the staff is charming and welcoming, everyone also speaks Italian. A pleasant family atmosphere. Recommended for those who do not want all-inclusive carnival and sane price compared to luxury hotels on the island.

Review №80

Hotel in a beautiful setting where all the staff is friendly and kind.

Review №81

A calm sandy beach, clean and comfortable. Sea kale does not create much convenience when entering the water.

Review №82

We came to dinner and its spectacular, the delicious dinner and the best attention, affordable for all, we enjoyed a lot since we were looking for some sushi and Thai restaurant, fantastic

Review №83

Recently built it has excellent potential and good location. Good and vast cuisine.

Review №84

Excellent location, rooms, kitchen and staff. If you plan to go to Zanzibar .... Paje is the destination!

Review №85

I walked right through to the sea. The territory is well-groomed, the staff is polite.

Review №86

Beautiful location ... small quiet treasure nestled in nature ... great to rest

Review №87

I liked it very much !!!, great stay)))

Review №88

Really nice village, very nice. Recommended

Review №89

Beautiful sea view room we loved

Review №90

Very nice hotel !!!

Review №91

Zanzibar fantastic, the beach boys Jovanotti and Fabrizio numbers 1

Review №92

Place for those who love tranquility

Review №93

For your excursions ask for moussa

Review №94

We are like roosters in dough!

Review №95

It is very beautiful in here

Review №96

The best place on earth)

Review №97

Experience to do .... believe me

Review №98

All really top

Review №99


Review №100

Thats already hotel

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