Homeland Swahili Lodge - Nungwi Backpacker Apartments
77 street, Nungwi, Tanzania
Homeland Swahili Lodge - Nungwi Backpacker Apartments
Review №1

The hostel and food and price it’s ok , but the boss is very rude rude rude , and racism , I think he is very poor don’t have chance to go other countries, and even can’t get the visa , but still racism , he only like white people. Every day make some boring joke and laughing like a monkey , let guest feel not comfortable and embarrassing

Review №2

Very nice place to stay, but there is no air conditioning and water 💧 is a little bit salt.But the owner was eeeextremely nice and the breakfast - good.

Review №3

To start with the good things:Breakfast was great and the workers there were really nice.Unluckily there were some downsides to our stay:A/C didnt work when we arrived (it only worked from arround 1 AM until the morning?) And when we asked, if there was another room or something we could do, we had to discuss with the manager for about 1.5 hours through Whatsapp (he wasnt around). Instead of being straight up with us (I mean its a budget stay and things sometimes dont work - I wouldnt mind) he first accused us of being incapable of turning the A/C on and after this didnt work, then he mostly argued, that we hadnt the right to complain, since it was a budget stay.And the WiFi didnt work during our whole stay, but I was just too tired to complain about this.All in all, I wouldnt recommend this place.

Review №4

I enjoyed staying at that hotel, it has everything a hotel should have. The owner Mr Crazy and his son Mo are very good guys, they can take you out and have fun with you.

Review №5

My friends and I found this place on hostel world and ended up staying for 3 nights before heading to Paje.The property was very welcoming: awesome host, paintings, bright colors on the walls, plants all around, hammocks, nice furniture, it had a very DIY touch to it making you feel more comfortable there. It also had free a fast wifi all over the premises.We stayed in the dorms, which were very nice for African dorm standards. The hostel even had running hot water which was the first and last time we had that on our trip in Tanzania.The hostel is located about 15 minutes by foot from the beach, but Crazy Man (the owner) always offered to drive us there and back free of charge.Breakfast was included in the hostel price and was honestly the best we had during our entire journey through Tanzania. He also offered to buy beers for us at a local price, and made a huge feast for us one night for only 10k TSh.In sum, we had an excellent stay here. Crazy Man is an amazing host, he really enjoys what he’s doing and his generosity and kindness is what made this a very special place for us.

Review №6

Had a great stay at this backpacker. The owner is friendly and helpful. Theres a kitchen and laundry service (owner did it for free).There are local stores down the road where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, street food etc. Its about a 15 min walk to the beach but the owner will drop you there or you can take a motorbike taxi on the road thats very cheap.The place is very affordable and I enjoyed my stay here.

Review №7

Most beautiful hotel in nungwi I love it .

Review №8

The best boss in the world. Go definitely to this place when you are in nungwi. Boss will drive you on the beach and back. Amazing big rooms and great breakfast. Also you can enjoy in delicios dinner for only 4 dolars. Crazy men we love you💞💞💞

Review №9

The owner Crazy man is a great host.. hard working friendly and very jolly man with beautiful family does his best to accomodate every guests request. Lovely budget hotel and delicious breakfast included 😋 highly recommended 👌

Review №10

Very friendly staff, clean room. Family atmosphere ! If you can long stay for good price ? No problem. An,thing no problem ! Free taxi to beach and back ! Perfect ! Crazy man is man with big heart👏

Review №11

Cool vibes place for backpackers, cheap, the owner is ok and kind and funny, if you are a girl you will probably hear some unappropriated things from his mouth. Far from the beach, and i got some money stollen there and he didnt belived me... the welcoming is really nice you get some fruits, and the owner can help you to do snorkeling in manimba island for a really cheap price. Breakfast is also really good: bread, butter, pinut butter, sometimes Nutella, eggs, fruits really really good, you get a lot for the amount that you paying, just keep the money with you all the time...

Review №12

Nungwi was a really nice location to visit but I would have picked a better place to stay. Price was cheap but the owners mannerisms were quite strange, even towards the staff prepping our rooms and meals. I was very uncomfortable and actually changed to a nearby hotel. I should have paid attention to some of the concerns raised in some of the negative reviews (lots of red flags). The owners responses to the negative reviews is also quite odd.

Review №13

The host is amazing everybody calls him crazy and thats right. He will help you with anything, take you by car to the beach, restaurants or anywhere you want. Outside is a nice place to sit and relax in the evening, eat or drink. You can buy everything for prices like in the shops in the village. The place is safe, its locked with high fence. The staff cleans your clothes if you need, irons them and they all are so nice :) The only thing I think could be better are little hard beds.

Review №14

Best place in Nungwi.If you surch for a familiar atmosphere and a real hostel you are right. Everybodies welcome. Absolutely top!!!

Review №15

Me and my sister spent few days at Homeland Swahili Lodge. We appreciated a lot the environment which dominates here. Easy going people, basic and simple life and willingness of everybody.Crazy man is a really good person always ready try to menage different situations.I definetely reccomend this place.

Review №16

Friendly and laid back place.Mansour( in charge when the boss is away!!) always helpful and willing to take you anywhere.Stayed in a new room with bathroom.....clean and comfortable.Would stay again.

Review №17

If you happen to be black you cant get accommodation at this place. The owner racial profiles clients. We had to leave minutes after checking-in because the owner didnt know we would be black guests. Since I made the booking using my contact details from US he probably didnt realize until we showed-up. Per the owner black guests will most likely steal and are also corrupt. Shame on you Mzushi. Also treat your staff with respect as they are also human beings. For guests staying there you might now have a clue whats going on especially since you may not understand Swahili.

Review №18

The guy is racist. He would let us stay because we are black. It stinks, wifi doesnt work , there are no free bikes and he owns a gun. He called us stupid and corrupt. Avoid at all cost!

Review №19

Cheap and cheerful. Local staff means getting good local knowledge. Also the courtesy bus that takes you to nungwi beach is a win

Review №20

Msusgi is a great host. He is very honest to everybody and a bot crasy everybody calls him just crasyman. He drives you to the beach and back again. Sometimes he has to go to stonetown in the morning, so maybe he will give you a free lift.

Review №21

It’s an amazing hostel and I enjoyed my stay there a lot. They also give a very nice breakfast and beach is also not far from the place.

Review №22

This place is managed by a mentally unstable guy who owns a gun. Stayed for 2 days but threatened me to pay for 3 days. Cheap price, but avoid at all cost.

Review №23

Be careful with Crazy Man! His personality made me very uncomfortable. I dont think hes ok. In brief, I didnt have a great experience but yours may differ.

Review №24

Spend a great stay at Swahili Lodge with crazy man! Really warm and funny host.We will remember our trip!

Review №25

The guys running this place (Mzushi) racial profiles and discriminates against black people. Its a shame that in 2017 a black man can tell another black man face to face that he cant offer him services because hes black.

Review №26

Its great place, the owner is very nice and crazy man and his son is really sweet. We really enjoy time here and the dinner was the best :-)

Review №27

The best

Review №28

I cannot believe that the hotels association in which this disgrace of a so called establishment exists has not acted even with all these comments, using the name swahili and has the audacity to be racist and armed, #takingaction

Review №29

Crazy owner. =) He really tries to do everything for his guests. Cozy place. Full of Backpackers

Review №30

We enjoyed our stay at Swahili lodge, very friendly staff.

Review №31

Wonderful hotel one of the coolest place in the North if the islands

Review №32

Is da great place northen UNGUJA, island, place to invest, business, etc

Review №33

I jus book that and cant wait to be there x

Review №34

Really not good place Hes oner is crease mzushi he bet with Hes staff

Review №35

Owner is very mean to his employees.

Review №36

Nice place quiet beautiful environment

Review №37

Naturaly beautiful 😍

Review №38

It is good plase

Review №39

Crazy owner.

Review №40


Review №41

Super staff

Review №42

Friendly environment

Review №43

RACISM AGAINST FELLOW BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №44

Nungwi beach

Review №45

Good place

Review №46

I love the crazy man. No Rules! War pasta! 🤪

Review №47

Least expensive hostel in the area, ideal for backpackers. Very welcoming the crazy man who runs the hostel is very welcoming, always smiling. And above all he will not hesitate to give you good plans for activities. Possibility of cooking on site.

Review №48

Horrible! Not to go there!The owner came to wake me up at 1am to ask me to write my name on the notebook and to pay now at 1am. I explained that it was inconceivable to wake up a customer at 1am in a hotel to make this complaint and I refused to write my name and pay now, telling him that I will do this tomorrow so he called the. Police lol! The police did not even understand why he had called him and kindly advised me to stay because it was dangerous to leave in the middle of the night. I decided to leave the hotel because it was out of the question for me to pay a man who was disrespectful of these customers like that. I must have walked down the street and found another hotel alone in the middle of the night. This man is racist, drunk and disrespectful. I understand better why I was the only one in the hotel when I arrived, no one wants to stay !!!

Review №49

The hostel owner is very helpful and the place is very cozy! Very good breakfast made by him on the spot! A few minutes walking to the beach.Negative point is the internet that doesnt work all day! But nothing to disturb the stay!

Review №50

The best of all was the host makes you feel at home and offers you the best of himself. It is not just resting, it is an experience to be there, we would repeat. One Kiss to crazy man and others

Review №51

Very dirty environment

Review №52

I accept you

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