Terminal 2
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review №1

The terminal sucks. The internatioonal departures are kept in a different lounge with no access to the shops except for a questionable canteen. No AC or fans working either. I dont recommend booking a flight to Nairobi from Dar on Precision Air. Keep it for domestic, so at least you can access the domestic lounge.

Review №2

All our personal products were confiscated when boarding a domestic flight due to them being flammable only to come through to the arrivals hall and we can purchase all the exact same products.Such a shameful experience perhaps your Swissport regulations should be updated or the staff need to think beyond being given instructions and not applying any logic.

Review №3

Improved from the previous experience. Toilets are clean and the maintenance is good

Review №4

The terminal is simple and easy to navigate. The outdoor waiting lobby is beautiful covered by tree-like concrete ceiling. Very ideal design for a warm humid Dar es Salaam.

Review №5

Need improvents to reduce queue on printing tickets also wearing shoes during scanning it need to be reviewed for applying modern moderate technologies

Review №6

Its very beautiful and safe Airport

Review №7

Older terminal, but clean and transit thru it went smoothly. I just didnt get double security checks, but better safe than sorry. Shame they not as strike on Mask wearing rules!

Review №8

Its a very convenient airport if you want to finish all the formalities quickly. However, if you try and fly during the rush hour of the afternoon, it is just horrendous. The Security check wastes a lot of your time!

Review №9

Domestic security could be better in terms of customer service. There is still a lot of contempt on how nationals are treated in comparison to locals. For the most part, the staff at Precision Air do their job well with a smile yet other staff have a problem.

Review №10

It is ran down, much renovation needs to be put in place to bring it to international standard. The toilets in the international side not working at all.

Review №11

Small and clean terminal, with less of passengers during this covid time... Friendly staff.. The air Cafe price also reasonable..

Review №12

A very wonderful place to experience the wings of Kilimanjaro

Review №13

The reason of 2 stars is that earlier before terminal 3 this was given importance but now its no longer like before and infact its not making sense why to keep multiple terminals? If the plan is that terminal 3 is for International flights only then why going to Zambia they keep terminal 2 as arrival and departure why not terminal 3 because Zambia is already international so its not making sense or they meant that Terminal 2 is for Travelling within Africa then u have to board n drop through terminal 2 and going to countries like India or China or USA terminal 3 is preferred? The concept is not yet known

Review №14

Clean and spacious, currently two restaurants. The current seating arrangement is very beautiful.

Review №15

Overall it is a clean airport and easy to navigate yourself through. However the services are very limited. Air Cafe not friendly at all.

Review №16

Its a good and fine place I was there to pick my friend there a lot of beuro de change nice shops and good services around its a nice place

Review №17

Terminal 2 has improved recently. But there is still some potential for improvement. Good thing that it has been made to be a domestic terminal which greatly reduced congestion and parking problems experienced previously.

Review №18

Amazing place with lots of services within the terminal building.

Review №19

Terminal 2 has upgraded and functions and looks much better as a regional airport as opposed to when it was an international portal. More shops are needed in the shopping segment and a prayer room as well

Review №20

Its good even for the first time Borders is easy to reach where they are intended

Review №21

The modern airport in Tanzania. Shining from day to night time. Makes Dar es Salaam to be among the fastest growing economic city in Africa.

Review №22

Great Customer care

Review №23

Modern and organize airport very quiet and beautiful compare to other African airports. Spacious parking and taxi services, Uber available.ATTENTION: AIRPORT TAXI ARE VERY EXPENSIVE USD 45 TO THE CITY. Try Uber or arrange your own transportation if you dont like to pay more. However double check Uber by calling. Due to heavy traffic they might not respond and wait for you to cancel.Seperate prayers room and chicken pay rooms also available.Food coffee: Pizza hut, KFC available in near departure Gates. Air cafe has coffee options, tea and something to eat. But prices are higher. I think its normal in any airport.Clean toilet hope they will maintain properly. Kind staff and manage the place nicely.

Review №24

The former best terminal before terminal 3

Review №25

Excellent service and Im proud to be a Tanzanian 🙏 keep it up

Review №26

Good to see they have aircon here now, since the building of terminal 3 it is not as crouded here which is plesent

Review №27

I just arrived at Dar es Salam Airport and its clean, big and cool.

Review №28

It has been a great experience being at terminal 2

Review №29

Great experience. supportive staff and things well organised

Review №30

Very bad experience, problem is nobody guides you properly here, including the enquiry counter guys, so pl be alert here and cross check few times. Otherwise like me you need to go thru security check for 4 times, removing belt removing shoes....hell !!! At entrance security says precision air from terminal 3 but actually its terminal 2 and then begins your morning walk

Review №31

Terminal 2 was by that time for internal and international flights. It was crowded. Now every thing is smooth.

Review №32

Terminal 2 has been recently renovated, to take care of most domestic operation of the airport. And its in cute position.

Review №33

Good but more food should be added on flight

Review №34

Ease of access to collect the luggage and also to reach the Parking lot.

Review №35

In toilets I expect items with white colour should bear it colour as usual. All electric socket should work perfect. I mean maintain regular inspection to facilies available!

Review №36

This airport doesnt have a place where by people can seat and wait for arrival passengers.

Review №37

This is an old airport. Very small airport. But very strict. While entering you have to remove all your belongings except dress and also during security check in the 1st floor you have to do the same.These people try to grab money. So be careful. They tried with me also by saying my visa got expired. As I went through a local company for 15days work they left me. So officials are always try to grab money.Even while entering they tried grabbing money but as Indian customs seal was there, they left us. But they have good respect for people who come from India with proper documents.One draw back this terminal doesnt have smoking zone. No food court. Only one restaurant. No duty free shops.

Review №38

Easy access, easy check in

Review №39

So good view even service, I love it

Review №40

Its new terminal 3 and nice place

Review №41

Spacious , in very good condition, accesible,with needs, shops

Review №42

Very comfortable.Staff friendly. No harsh words.Service Excellent.The elderly n kids rendered special care.Keep it up.

Review №43

Beautiful new terminal, modern architecture, well designed.

Review №44

No sitting arrangement for us to much harrasment by taxi drivers no food or drinks available after 11 pm

Review №45

There are many improvements made on terminal two especially in the arrivals section

Review №46

Very little shopping places around

Review №47

Highly improved no queue at peak time

Review №48

Went really fast and good service !!

Review №49

Impressed seeing after 27 years

Review №50

I love it

Review №51

Good service and its very beautiful

Review №52

Great emerging Airport... welcoming and professional staff

Review №53

Efficient— couldn’t waste time.

Review №54

Very nice, safely, clean with very good customer cares

Review №55

Amazing airport at Tanzania,,as Tanzania are a beautiful country we have a beautiful Julius Nyerere international airport a place to welcome foreigners to Tanzania

Review №56

Good and clean yet not fancy

Review №57

Good care

Review №58

Now that terminal 3 is open.Parking is no longer a problem.Less traffic so its easier to get to your transport.Some flights from Nairobi come to terminal 2.The fly over has made traffic at tarzara a breeze.Toll machines are new and they use tokens so its a lot simpler to pay and drive away into beautiful DAR ES SALAAM

Review №59

It would be a waste of words to coment this disasterous and chaotic place.

Review №60

Nice. Super clean, not too clouded.

Review №61

Domestic departure side improved the food court.As well as the small duty free shop was improved.Good job.

Review №62

Quite impressed with the improvements and renovations made recently, new pax bridges, increased space and desks at the immigration and passport control area to accomodate international arrivals and reduce congestion, increased space at the domestic arrivals area. The Terminal 2 is mostly dedicated for demestic flights and few international flights operated by local careers Air Tanzania and Precision Air, while all other international flights do operate from Terminal 3. This means less congestion at the Terminal 2 especially at check-in counters, security points, departure lounges etc. Covid-19 protocols are as well being observed at the terminal with staff putting on face masks and sanitizing points in various places at the terminal building

Review №63

Its a good airport terminal, mostly one of the oldest airport terminal in Tanzania. Carries alot of passengers out side the country and inside. Well built with all neccessary facilities and services (international level) for travelers who enters the country and who also departs.

Review №64

Not congested since terminal 3 started operation. Good

Review №65

Wonderful and professional airport attendants. Very easy boarding routes

Review №66

Small but affective. You can get food and buy small trinkets.

Review №67

It was so funny

Review №68

Is good place for travel

Review №69

Very good terminal clean and friendly staff. Although in evenings late international arrivals can take some time as there is usually only one person at the passport control desk

Review №70

Very welcoming people and humble.

Review №71

Apart from being an old airport terminal, the management strives to maintain it. It is clean, organized, safety and security is at their optimum levels. Its safer to travel through here.

Review №72

Fine place to visit

Review №73

A nice airport terminal in Dar es salaam for local and internatonal flights. Of recent, an extra terminal has been added, terminal 3. I note this has led to even less congestion at the old terminal 2.

Review №74

We were charged for checking by Mr Daudi S at the checking and misinformation about the flight for air tanzania. Lack of courtesy by the gentleman and professionalism.

Review №75

The ppl at the security checks needs to take care of ppl laptops from damaging

Review №76

This is no. 1 international city in this East Africa region. It must be more better and atleast few international standard facilities must be here which are missing now such as a good lounge

Review №77

Small but nice airport

Review №78

Its a good place

Review №79

The service is good. For more improvement please add the staffs at ID and passport inspection point.

Review №80

Simple... quick exit for domestic flights

Review №81

Compare to other terminals in Tanzania . I dont like much .. not maintained well

Review №82

Amazing experience. Wonderful hospitality. Calm and relaxing place. Kind people who help u in need are everywhere around

Review №83

Terminal 2 is the best terminal for domestic flights in Tanzania. A one stop center with shops, restaurants and more. Transport is also available to anywhere you would like to go. In due time the terminal needs to be upgraded to go with the technological advancements.

Review №84

The best Airport in East and Western Africa so far . We are proud as a country of have such amazing structure of JNIA

Review №85

Great services set to International standards

Review №86

Very well rehabilitated buildings with a smart and amazing new look.Felt nice being there

Review №87

Its good but they need to repair some screens (TVs) at the boarding waiting space.Thanks

Review №88

Few activities during early hours in the morning. Improved parking fees system and reduced crowd as the international travellers now uses terminal three

Review №89

Because it is the best in hard working people and also customer care is very nice

Review №90

Terminal two at jnia is quite impressive place to visit and fly...well organized...well coordinatedI LIKE THE PLACE AND I LOVE TANZANIA

Review №91

Was very nice. I go there for my personal issuewent well

Review №92

Spacious parking space

Review №93

Great port, good services

Review №94

Nice place. Less congested. Free flowing systems

Review №95

Good and safe for worldwide travel destinations. Terminal 3 extension increases the reliability of the Airport.

Review №96

Easy to access.. best for domestic flights. But the weighing machines are old mechanical ones. Hard to read too.

Review №97

Quite amazing and full of tranquility

Review №98

Its quite alright, it serves the internal flights only nothing fancy just simple and ready to serve

Review №99

I went to collect my daughter who was arriving from Mwanza in a late night flight. All shops were closed and the place looked almost ghostly.

Review №100


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