Julius Nyerere International Airport
Julius K. Nyerere Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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The JNIA is now fully been upgraded with the addition of terminal 3. It now has a more modern look with increased capacity to handle more passengers. The facilities are comfortable and convenient for the benefit of passengers. Terminal 2 is now mostly used for local flights with the exception of Air Tanzania which still uses it for most of its flights

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Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) is one of 58 government-owned airports operated and maintained by the Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA). It is the largest and the busiest International Airport in Tanzania with approximately 6millions passengers annually.Julius Nyerere international airport terminal 3 is a newly formed terminal. This terminal is mainly used for international flights.Health Services, Bar and Restaurant, wifi, devices recharge, SIM cards, Car parking, currency exchange, and ATM are provided by the airport authority.The airport building and premises are well maintained. It is very spacious.

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Beautiful International Airport.Oprations & Immigration People was very nice guys. And Custom department also very helpful.Overall new built International airport is good. Flight traffic not too much. Just one flight come and all passengers are pass out of airport just like I feel it... Front of airport beautiful location..........I travel first time India to Tanzania trip its was amazing..........Love it & love you Tanzania

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The new terminal 3 is for international flights only, capable of accommodating more passengers, much needed relief from the old terminal 2.It can get abit chilly inside, this coming from someone who lived in dar and its hot and humid,so totally personal opinion.There is Ample parking space now available, the parking toll system is now quicker.

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A modern and spacious airport. The immigration officers are very friendly. Plenty of forex bureaus and banks!

Review №6

I’ve only been to the domestic side, but it’s nice! Good good, good shops, good people. Reasonable prices considering its an airport.

Review №7

I ruin as flight operator and dispatched and later on piloting for as good three years. I love JNIA for making my skill updates

Review №8

Terminal 3 unexpectedly surprised me. Perfect purity, large space, fresh air and pleasant relaxing music in the halls. Very nice space outside the terminal. Despite the long- term waiting for my flight✈️, I spent time here with pleasure.

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Using the new terminal 3 to depart was nice. They now have check-in before security. Staff was very friendly. Lots of smiles. They have two food and drink sales areas. One is near gate 4 right after security and the other smaller one is farther down the terminal. Nice long area to walk before the flights. UPDATE : 26 October 2021 We brought friends for their flight out. Very impressed with the friendly professional staff. I enjoyed being here. Makes checking in so much less stressful.

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MAKE SURE customs that stamps your passport and that you keep a copy of your payment for the visa entry (and definitely take a photo of it). Upon exiting Tanzania, you need to have a stamp or proof of payment of your entry visa. However, customs takes your paperwork upon entry while also sometimes “forgetting” to stamp your passport. As a result, you won’t be able to leave at the end of your vacation without paying a second time. I had proof of payment on my credit card, but even that was insufficient…. Be careful because not only are the police and customs corrupt, they are a bit creepy toward woman.

Review №11

The new terminal has established as one of the top airports in Africa. The friendliness of employees is overall nice to have. Taxi drivers a bit pushy. The older Terminals are a bit.... Complicated. Tip wear socks as you will have to take of the shoes and walk on the blank floor.

Review №12

Very clean and spacious airport, just arrive a few hours early for departure if getting rapid antigen test ($10) to avoid crowd. we arrived 4 hours before and everything was smoothed.

Review №13

Worst airport experience of my entire life. I have travelled extensively and will go out of my way to avoid this airport in the future. Rude, unhelpful staff at Ethiopian Airlines desks and no organization at all. Nearly missed our flight for absolutely no reason after arriving 6 hours early when the airport was not busy at all.

Review №14

JNIA is a beautiful & safety airport with busy of flights. It is a home of hospitality. Remembering One of my brother forgot his documents & we managed to get them after a day.

Review №15

One of the best airports you can find in Africa of international standards. Excellent and courteous staff, clean, ample food joints and duty free shops. Prayer hall is also cleanly maintained. Spacious, good waiting area and lounge facilities.

Review №16

I like the system of terminals very much. There are three terminals. The first is for private flights, the second for domestic flights and the third for international flights. So the process in the terminals is very relaxed.

Review №17

I got an unbelievable experience here. There were 2 controllers agents for documents check, the male one was completely incompetent and he didn’t know the requirements to enter in Cambodia. We had all the documents ready 100% checked. But he made us wait until the flight was starting, then he started saying false things, like we needed a return flight ticket to leave tanzania. So he FORCED us to BUY A TICKET FOR 150$ more, with no reason. Without them, he COMPLETELY REFUSED TO MAKE US TAKE THE AIRPLANE. 2000$ airplane almost lost for his incompetence! I passed other 3 airports, and NOBODY ASKED US THE RETURN TICKET he forced us to buy. We don’t need this ticket. Is crazy that documents controllers agents are ignorants. Also ethiopian airlines agent there, a lady, present at that hour, was incopentent! They both said false informations! I asked to agents here in Cambodia. NOBODY REQUESTED THE RETURN FLIGHT. I’m here in Cambodia and this is the screenshot of the official requirements. No return flight ticket AT ALL.

Review №18

Nice, spacious, covid fears

Review №19

It is one of the best airport ports in Tanzania.It has three terminals also other services such as health services,currency exxhange and ATMs ,bar and restaurants etc

Review №20

Modern infrastructure to rival most of the airports on the continent.

Review №21

Newly build airport is completed at amazing speed in very short time .This airport is designed for international and domestic travellers in mind with all amenities at your disposal.With this new development Tanzania is ready to welcome additional millions of travellers every year to showcase its wildlife ,clean beautiful beaches , genuine people and breathtaking landscape...

Review №22

International Airport Ever, Please welcome.. Gateway to Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tarangire national Park,Ngorongoro National Park, Highest Volcanic Mountain in Africa and World, Serengeti national Park and Moving Sand.Good services and flights are on time.

Review №23

First of everything this air port is really clean, nice and modern. You can feel the peace ✌️, secure.And there no rush. No stressSo enjoy your trip and journey...

Review №24

I spend a long layover overnight at Airport, the staff and workers are really helpful. They have 3 lounges inside the airport, they charge 35 to 50 dollars (depends on the lounge) and typically all lounge offer for 3 hours of stay with quite fresh food and drinks. Beside this the airport offers free wifi in the area with earties like kfc, pizza hut and few other shops which offer fresh breakfast and lunch at a very reasonable price (kfc and pizza hut closes from to 5am); duty free liquor and perfume stores also available.If you are unable to afford a lounge you can still comfortably lay down on the chairs which are mostly empty, clean and tidy, washrooms are well maintained with a shower area beside the lounge 2 area. You can find charging points randomly along the seating area.I never felt insecure and uncomfortable during my long layover. Overall its a good experience at this Airport.

Review №25

Covid test process is not good .no guide or no one assisting. Need to arrange properly. Service is there but not guided properly. It takes toomuch time .counters should be in sequence and at one place.

Review №26

The 1st amd Major International Airport in Tanzania, operating with international airlines from all over the world. They have amazing services, three major Terminals, and other state of the art Airport facilities. Welcome to Tanzania, via the Dar es Salaam JNIA Airport 💥💥

Review №27

Good Place, people they follow precaution to protect themselves with COVD 19. You will never enter there if you werent ware a mask. You can change the Money there, you can take a tax cab to take you whatever you want. The place is highly protected to make sure passengers are safe

Review №28

Small airport with necessary shops and decent cafes. Very clean I must say. Appreciated!!

Review №29

Chaotic at old terminal 2 airport where there are more staff than passengers. No water in all toilets.Hopefully the new terminal 3 will be much better. Soft opened in July 2019

Review №30

There are no water outlets for passengers in the airport.When the gates for departure changed, it was not announced. And the display screens kept on showing the old gates!! The screens were also less in number.A hard copy of Covid-19 PCR report is required mandatorily at the airport. Soft copy is not allowed at all. This requirement of a hard copy was not informed beforehand, leading to problems later.

Review №31

The new airport is quite lovely. Services are on par with other international airports. It is not huge so you wont get lost. It is also very clean.

Review №32

Currently have terminal 3 the best terminal in Tanzania. The terminal serves international airlines, have equipped modern services such as currency exchange services, cafes (Pepsi), inspection desk, scanning services, camera e.t.cThis place serves several airlines including Fly Emirates, Qatar air, Kenya airways, Air Tanzania, SABS, KLM, Oman air, Turkish air e.t.c

Review №33

The new Julius Nyerere International Airport is more comfortable and more bigger than the old one I have a great experience here

Review №34

Tanzania is with many cultures and ethnicityDar as Salaam is huge and has educated and polished people they are kind and good. The first impression of a city comes from how people are at the airportAnd here they are kind and always have q smile. Keep it up TANZANIA

Review №35

For the first time ever it looks like people travelling within Africa have no dignity? Do they think that removing all duty free shops from terminal 2 will bring and good image ? My todays experience was horrible place looked so dull if they wanted terminal for International then within Africa out of Tanzania is also International but they kept terminal 3 perfectly with all duty free shops and canteen where as terminal 2 if you are going to Zambia then you have to go through terminal 2 and the place became dull ghostly place now there was no reason of closing down those shops what if someone wanted to buy something? What would we do? I am not happy either make all flight out of Tanzania in terminal 3 or revive terminal 2 you are just bringing bad impression of our Nation.

Review №36

Good airport, neat and clean 👍

Review №37

Its big one 3 terminal beautiful

Review №38

Typical airport of an African country. Check in is a little bit missed up but it is ok as part of the adventure. There are shops with good range of souvenirs if you forgot to get them. Restaurant and prayer room after immigration are available.

Review №39

The new airport in Dar es salaam is amazing and way better than the old one. Its for international flights and its a modern airport. Staff was friendly and services were quick. Toilets were also clean. After checking in, you can buy food from KFC and Pizza Hut.

Review №40

The are very disrespectful toward interacial couples. I told Air Tanzania rep i was going to Arusja...She said there was not a fligh..Made me show my ticket than proceede to saying it was called Killamanjaro airport....i will speak yo her boss upon my return

Review №41

New terminal, terminal three is on standards level and very good in most aspects, very clean and friendly staff..making your journey comfortable.

Review №42

Clean and efficiently set up comparing to Airports around Africa. The immigrations process was swift maybe Covid times had something to do with. Luggage and arrival hall welcoming with the safari mural

Review №43

The distance between Terminal 1 (domestic) and Terminal 3 (International) is 2km, and taxis are asking 20,000 schilling! We had only 11,000 remaining and they accepted it without question. Probably still much above the local rate.

Review №44

Incompetent staff of Ethiopian airlines, especially the documents checkers are very incompetent, have created misunderstandings without reasons.

Review №45

Terminal 3 is the newest part of the airport...much bigger and they even have pizza hut and KFC at the waiting area.

Review №46

Had problem getting bolt application driver , called and he didnt pick, later on he called to inquire where Im going only to tell me get another driver guess he decided the ride was uneconomical.

Review №47

With full departure and arrival services!! New and equiped terminal 3

Review №48

Little crowded than before because of Corona test/more tourists. But I was well prepared ahead of time. Please be prepared all the forms that required at the airport if you dont want to waste your time. Everything was so smooth until I reached baggage area. It took 1hour half this time to get my bags.This little too long, I think but it happens

Review №49

Clean - yes. Efficient - ABSOLUTELY NOT. Everything they do is just super slow - so give yourself plenty of time. The security check that you need to stop at before check-in didn’t know I was allowed to travel to Germany on a USA passport and it took forever for them to look it up online. I have some works for the CIP lounge - but I’ll do that separately.

Review №50

The first Terminal of Julius Nyerere International Airport, officially opened in 1954 ,then form a part of the Dar es salaam international Airport (DIA) before renamed to JNIA in 2006.Currently serves for chartered flights and small aircrafts.

Review №51

Originally Dar es salaam international airport now Julius Nyerere. It is the international airport as it accommodates all flights in and out of the country, gift shops all around and also restaurants, we are now seeing the expansion that will make it bigger than what we have right now so I think in the Future when we call it international it will truely be.

Review №52

This airport not by European standards. There is no space for travelers to spend long night waiting for ur flight. Fast food restaurant next to entrance same us upstairs just pretend to be modern, its extrimelly expensive, coffee is bad. Taxi drivers try to cheat, they ask 10 dollars for 3 min drive. But you can negotiate price ap to 3 times. Shops and duty free are expensive. If you have TZ shillings exchange it before go inside.

Review №53

Found the security personnel to be fairly rude, and many workers at the airport are not wearing masks properly. Get serious about the pandemic already - one of our party contracted covid on our trip because the citizens are too lazy to take the appropriate safety measures like wearing masks PROPERLY.

Review №54

This is an international airport so, international and domestic flights, starting here, the airport has good scenery and ample space, the airport has terminal one to terminal three. terminal three is used by aircraft making international trips.

Review №55

Airports are no longer geared for travel relaxation, and this airport is no exception. There are a few seats available, but not many. Most hotels require a noon-ish check-out, and most euro flights leave 10-12 hours later. The Tanzanian immigration bureaucracy is pretty bad, and I have heard some travelers will opt to enter country at Killimanjaro or Zanibar.

Review №56

Flew from the new terminal 3 which is quite good! Sure they need to get some things sorted out like announcement boards, airco temperature, shops and staff training as customer service knows very little but its a fresh new building with nice staff. New CIP lounge for sky priority is also stellar especially compared to Tanzanite in terminal 2.

Review №57

Eat at The Coffee House!! Terminal 3, your tastebuds will thank you! P.s. I had the grilled chicken sandwich minus the butter ;) trust me. So delicious!!

Review №58

A dated airport but convenient and well staffed. We applied for the visa on arrival, after paying $50 for a single entry visa, we just needed to wait. With visa stamp, no need to go through the immigration counter, just go straight out to the baggage claim area.The mobile phone (for SIM card) shops, taxi stands and money exchange booths are just outside.The departure area (for check in) is quite small, there are not many seats for passengers. I guess when the new terminal is finished, it will be quite relief.

Review №59

Feeling a bit weird when u had to go through security check at the departure gate. The airport is just like Africa condition, a bit mess. For me the security after passport control was kinda rude to check everything in my bag including my wallet. In the end we were boarding gate 5 when the display showing 2 for the flight. Anyway the airport is not too bad with pretty good facilities besides a bit messy management.

Review №60

Politely and kindly but security wise totally not good at all. Machine zote zimekufa.

Review №61

Big airport, make sure you at the correct terminal for your flight

Review №62

Its very clean and neat to see in dar es salaam .and all staff of airport was doing very well.happy to visit such a good place.

Review №63

Great experience here. Have to make sure you have a yellow fever vaccination card. This is where you first encounter the Dar Es Salaam hot and humid weather!

Review №64

It has everything that desired by the travellers

Review №65

The transfer/ waiting area is semi-outdoor. Better prepare anti-mosquito spray!

Review №66

Reasonable airport but small, few shops, and nothing to kill the long waits you could have if transferring to a domestic flight. Bring a book and a charger!

Review №67

Beautiful 😍 Julius Nyerere New Airport.100% Better than the original Airport. Everything is New.

Review №68

It is a very nice airport

Review №69

The airport is awesome. Checkins are fast!! A beautiful modern airport.

Review №70

New airport is good but flight going to nairobi goes from old airport building, not good

Review №71

Terminal 3 is wonderful and nice. But be aware that before check-in you need to get your PCR test certified at the separate desk. Nobody tells you this when you arrive and the signage for the desk is quite bad. Terminal 2 for domestic flights is absolutely terrible and you should be prepared for chaos, confusion if youre not a local and multiple security screenings.

Review №72

Beautiful airport

Review №73

Terminal 2 is a great place for domestic flights, good services, fast moving ques, and mostly on time flight departures

Review №74

This is what I call excellent work. Between my last visit to Tanzania and now, Terminal 3 is newness to recon with.

Review №75

One of the best airport in Africa. Well organised, quality services and friendly environment

Review №76

Dar Es Salaam (DAR) International Airport is also known as Julius Nyerere International Airport. It serves the Dar Es Salaam City which is the Tanzania’s central hub for economic reason and physical location. It is also the Tanzania’s largest city. The airport is one of the busiest in all over Tanzania and features direct routes to cities destinations across African continent and to major cities of Europe. Also, the aiport links with the destinations in Middle East. DAR Airport serves as a base for Air Tanzania and Precisionair.

Review №77

Need to have facilities for documentation, telephone, ATM, setting arrangements etc

Review №78

I am loving the new Airport terminal in Dar Es Salaam. The facilities are good, the ambiance very attractive, evennthe services are good. They even have a strong and stable wi-fi throughout the Airport.

Review №79

Not bad. Needs upgrades which a new terminal is being built as we speak. Have your $100 USD VISA fee ready. Friendly staff, semi aggressive porters, Taxi 40,000TZS to hotel within 9km is fair.

Review №80

Excellent service and very fast check in good service around very clean keep it up

Review №81

Folks be aware of the compulsory covid-19 test that has to be done on arrival. It took us the better of 3.5 hours standing in the heat, surrounded by hundreds of fellow testis! Oh, and have 25 bugs for the test - American mind you. Horrible, they say avoid crowds - oh well !!

Review №82

The newly established (terminal 3) have international standards indeed.. the security has also been improved compared to the old terminal. Theres private transport for hire (Cab/TAX) just outside the terminal (try to bargain as much as possible), you can still request for an uber or bolt as well and the prices depends to where you are heading. For those who prefers to go even more local, you can find public transport just outside the airport (daladala, bajaji or bodaboda) although its easly available and much safer during day time compared night time (i wouldnt recommend it to everyone although its a great experience too. You can also chill and enjoy the free WiFi at the airport 😉.. theres plenty of cheap hotels too in Dar es Salaam

Review №83

Impressive newly build terminal!👍Spacious, modern with quick pass a-gate technology (though didnt see anyone using it yet... maybe caught it in between the flight ir maybe bot yet in usage).Currency exchange, travel shops, souvenir shops are there now, though, I believe, still a lot of free space for various shops to be open.

Review №84

Nice place to be, there is various slots of wheel chair parking, and entrance,Remember to wear mask, use of sanitizer and washing your hands, together we can fight covid 19,

Review №85

Excellent new Terminal 3 airport, presently underused like all airports globally. Friendly and welcoming staff👍 In times of the current pandemic, would suggest that the Airport provide some on site testing or a facility nearby. An opportunity for more travel and revenue for all concerned.

Review №86

It is an east african country but they make resident of other countries pay for visa. And their procedure obtaining visa at the gate is ridiculous. First you see someone checj your passport then he pass you someone else to print you a receipt then you go someone else to pay then wait for half an hour to get your passport and you are free to go pick your luggage which they are already on the ground

Review №87

Very proud to have airport with latest facility and polite immigration staff

Review №88

Julius Nyerere International Airport is the largest and the busiest International Airport in Tanzania, located in Dar es Salaam, somehow disorganized and checkpoints have some problems.

Review №89

Very friendly people good airport staff

Review №90

Facilities and amenities are basic to moderate. While I was there on my outbound leg, there was a large bird and a fruit bat flying around inside the terminal.

Review №91

Julius Nyerere international airport terminal 3 is modern airport capable of landing big aeroplane. There is a vast parking space.

Review №92

Excellent new terminal with great facilities. Was impressed.

Review №93

The best international airport in East Africa 😁 non-biased Kilimanjaro boy opinion 🤞🏾

Review №94

Loved it, just a nice airport and wonderful people of Tanzania

Review №95

As my first visit to Tanzania was through the old Julius Nyerere Int. Airport, Im kind of said to see the old airport go to rest. But the new airport is unbelievably beuatiful. Bringing new life to Dar Es Salaam Tanzania, Bongoland.....

Review №96

The most unpleasant airport in Sub-Saharan Africa. Empty shops, no cafés, no air conditioning, bad WiFi, no idea whats theyre doing. In a land with the best coffee in the world, no idea how to make a proper coffee either. Embarrassing.

Review №97

Waiting area is outside,so prepare mosquito spray and good book + 10&( for 2 min. ride ) if you need to take taxi to domestic aiport.

Review №98

Tanzania is a beautiful country..people r welcoming jolly and d hospitality is awesome..I njoyed my stay..Asante

Review №99

Amazing services.. great charisma..beautiful town

Review №100

Well planned Airport keeping in mind customer conveniences

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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