Julius Nyerere International Airport - Terminal 3
Unnamed Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review β„–1

Modern architectural designs with incredible interior finishing. It has a larger space for free locomotion. You can also locate a foreign bureau and other mini supermarkets in the premises. 😊

Review β„–2

So nice airport for so little flights.Service is good and efficient

Review β„–3

Very clean, efficient process. The staff are helpful and polite. Twiga lounge is large and spacious! Enjoyed the entire experience.

Review β„–4

Ok airport with quite efficient processes for landing .Leaving is quite a different story: it feels like there are 5 check points for your documents, before you can even check in (and your documents get checked again.After that there are another row of check points before you even get to security. And there is always only one guy checking and 90% of the travelers are unable to cooperate speedily...Taxis are ridiculously overpriced, just get yourself a sim card from a nearby shop (between international and domestic terminal) and order an ΓΌber for a fraction of the price.

Review β„–5

The airport was empty and cold and not much available to passengers, so it wasnt the best experience.

Review β„–6

Terminal three is nice. Easy procedires to check in and fewer unnecessary barriers.

Review β„–7

Terminal 3 at Julius Nyerere International Airport is quite an improvement to the old Terminal. My favourite part is that family and friends can see you off even while you undertake your verification processes and get your boarding pass and the inside waiting area is accommodative enough and has seating and a supermarket you can get snacks etc. There is ample parking, wheelchair accessible parking and entrances are available too. The lounge areas after obtaining a boarding pass and passing through security are also quite comfortable with various eateries and duty free shops.

Review β„–8

Spacious and calm, loved the hospitality and everything

Review β„–9

Nice and clean airport. Seems to be very proper. Wifi is pathetic though.Transfer is pretty much empty. More and more shops and restaurants are popping up for each time Im there, but as it is now its extremely boring. But I guess theyre working on that.

Review β„–10

One of the most efficient airports in Africa.Nice. Clean and people are friendly.

Review β„–11

Very smart well planned nice interesting place

Review β„–12

Love to see how the 3rd terminal has been working out so far: hopefully the management will keep the good work up

Review β„–13

No information of where to go and what to fill out. Was stopped at passport control and the woman said I needed a return ticket home even though Im travelling for 6 months in Africa. The woman looked annoyed that I woke her up to do her job. Possibly the worst airport that Ive been to. It took 3 hours to get 40 meters.

Review β„–14

The airport is still in good condition and the service is good but they need to put more shops and cheap food venders, banks and ATM machines

Review β„–15

Very spacious! Dont think there is any beverage you can get under 2000 shillings. Stationery, Money exchange and ATM are available here. Also you are required to have a mask for covid before you enter if you dont have one, you can buy one near the departure door for 2000.

Review β„–16

Airport is nice and very well maintained, good seating places a shops if u need anything

Review β„–17

Awesome airport but very hot!!

Review β„–18

Here they have good customer care. The attendants are charming and very fast in doing their duties. Its a morden International Airport. A very attractive view.

Review β„–19

Perfect Place Smells Good With Kind People

Review β„–20

New Airport & nice place

Review β„–21

Nice new airport terminal. hope it can be utilized to its full capacity and give all travellers a pleasant memory of traveling to and from the haven of peace.

Review β„–22

The AC is very good.

Review β„–23

Its a new terminal (T3) which are very good but not enough shops and screen display are not all around especially when you are inside the departure lounge.

Review β„–24

Very nice airport

Review β„–25

Good facility good people helping environment

Review β„–26

Terminal 3 is very fantastic.An ultra modern Terminal with all modern travellers will need.

Review β„–27

Its a great airport very clean new and nice and cool friendly staff and a lot of amenities, way to go Tanzania.πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ

Review β„–28

Incompetent personnel, employees do not know the rules and require documents that the country to which we travel does not require. They treat you with contempt if you are not vaccinated. Refusal to accept passport because it was not issued in the country to which we travel, as if it had any meaning.

Review β„–29

It was a very seamless check in process to boarding a plane. Improvement across all areas of the airport including on ground staff. Well done to all involved.

Review β„–30

We was really disappointed with Ethiopian airline and the office of Fcm skylink customer service is really poor they told us to pay 20,000 shillings for helping us to fill the forms from the link they provided at the Airport when we reached the link does not work if you try yourself to use your mobile phone when you reach to click register it doesnt work but for them it works its really unfair why dont the passenger be informed before reaching regarding those forms.we were almost left by the airplane then we had no option except to pay the money tshs 20, 000 for assistance.please follow up the matter if its the airline or the agent the passenger be infomed before reaching there.

Review β„–31

The best international airport in Tanzania with most modern facilities and services in the country. Great work done in this facility.

Review β„–32

Cooperative immigration, prompt security, great airport.

Review β„–33

Great airport. Smart with a soft civilized PA messages. Nairobi and Johannesburg can learn something on this aspect

Review β„–34

A very modern and clean airport. Less hectic than most with fewer duty free shops and options for food.

Review β„–35

Its a beautiful airport in Tanzania. But this place has a lot of open space with designer trees it get some how cold in dawn so try to have something to cover you and warm you. Inside they have these Ac too strong makes it colder than outside.

Review β„–36

It is a very nice place

Review β„–37

The airport is modern and very convenient to navigate through!

Review β„–38

This is an International airport. I would just advise that you go about 4 hours before your flight for the documents check. This took take over two hours if there are any issues. It doesnt matter if you have a visa. It needs to be verified again at the airport.

Review β„–39

Very impressive new terminal for international arrival and departure, with efficient service too.

Review β„–40

Fantastic 😍😍 well trained personnel and welcoming

Review β„–41

It is nice airport

Review β„–42

Amazing experience, I hope they keep up the good work

Review β„–43

One of the Best Airports in Tanzania. All COVD 19 rules must be followed.. Wearing a mask, COVD test and Vaccination

Review β„–44

Very beautifull airport with the best technology

Review β„–45

Really very good airport, very well disciplined and good services.

Review β„–46

The airport was well organised and hospitality was bloody lovely. Awesome, great Country and May God bless Tanzania.

Review β„–47

Nice airport good and clean and new

Review β„–48

Love the structural design of the place. And passport control dont waste time. Love it

Review β„–49

Baaaad service, staff sleeping on benches, you have to wake them to help. most staff dont wear masks

Review β„–50

Very fast service at PCR tests and immigration.For children however, Immigration procedures were slow.Bags took sometime to arrive.

Review β„–51

Poor arrangements for covid 19

Review β„–52

Very clean..... Good hospitality and one of the best in africaGreat security

Review β„–53

JNIA International airport is good but Airport customs staff is very very corrupt, They will ask money openly , 90% Customs are corruption

Review β„–54

Awesome tz

Review β„–55

Very spacious and good facilities, shops still not yet full opened. But neat and clean. A jewel for Tz to showcase to International travellers

Review β„–56

Decent size Airport. Clean and modern. You might face issues with the immigration authorities. They will try to get money out of you for no reason. #corruptionWe had to go through a rapid covid test despite the CPR result we were required to submit before checking in but thats a good thing.Rapid test will cost you 25 dollars and you will require to fill an online form before landing in Tanzania or before going for rapid test.Some elderly were struggling with the new process but whilst the assistance was slow, there were few staff members who were really helpful.

Review β„–57

Departure:Clean new terminal 3.. the real neatness after immigration.CIP Lounge, best so far in africa!! Halal food and attended personals.Arrival:If you are arriving, then use Airport free wifi, get Uber/Bolt.. dont buy Sim card here, if your only option taxi, it will cost $20 to downtown.

Review β„–58

The new terminal 3 is for international flights only, capable of accommodating more passengers, much needed relief from the old terminal 2. It can get abit chilly inside, this coming from someone who lived in dar and its hot and humid,so totally personal opinion. There is Ample parking space now available, the parking toll system is now quicker.

Review β„–59

Delays in the line, staff a little not courteous but all the same, was a nice experience. Improve

Review β„–60

Nice service by food restaurants, easy boarding, good airport staff, fast emigration process.

Review β„–61

Quite new so it is not finished yet. They need more shops at the departure area. On the whole it is shaping up to be a lovely airport to be in. Free wifi available too and it is generally quick.

Review β„–62

Helpful people at every point at the airport

Review β„–63

Clean and plenty open spaces

Review β„–64

Its good and clean and nice airport for traveling 😊

Review β„–65

Actually its very nice to reach and use the place I have enjoyed much here thanks giving to God just

Review β„–66

Its such great experience, the airport is very clean the staff are welcoming.

Review β„–67

Beautiful airport, super friendly staff, good service

Review β„–68

Its not good at all due to the guards wanting a lot of money in case we missed the parking part of the car.

Review β„–69

Well equipped and standard services for an international airport

Review β„–70

One love we Tanzanian people

Review β„–71

Nice place and high secured they provide excellent service

Review β„–72

A very nice and really bears international status

Review β„–73

Looks good πŸ‘

Review β„–74

This is really a big changed compared to the ol terminal. Clean. Spacious.

Review β„–75

For arrival...keep usd 25 handy if u havent filled the online forms for covid test...for departure...carry hard copy of covid certificate...for physical verification before departure. Duty free still under construction.

Review β„–76

Beautiful new terminal, modern architecture, well designed.

Review β„–77

Come up very well.... yet to set more outlets ... friendly airport

Review β„–78

This is one of my favorite airports in Sub-Saharan Africa

Review β„–79

Well maintained, excellent service with smile with Air Tanzania

Review β„–80

Good airport

Review β„–81

The people running the document control are a complete crapshow. Where do they find these people? The guy that was supposed to certify my COVID test just stamped it and signed it.

Review β„–82

Very modern and efficient international airport. Dont expect any last minute shopping options though. Also, KFC is currently the only eating option.

Review β„–83

Beautiful airport..Friendly staffs.

Review β„–84

Very good

Review β„–85

Ultra modern and spacious. Very friendly staff. The Wi-Fi was great too. Most shops were not open by noon on the day I was there.

Review β„–86

Excellent airport

Review β„–87

Very Clean. Professional staff and all S.O.Ps observed!

Review β„–88

Terminal 3 is nice, clean and very modern

Review β„–89

Good place and customer service was great.

Review β„–90

Been there two times now and I love the place

Review β„–91

Modern airport. People are friendly. No queues

Review β„–92

Its really good airport with nice services

Review β„–93

Better place in africa

Review β„–94

It is a beautiful and new airport.

Review β„–95

The terminal was established at 2018. Its brand new, clean and comfortable. There are two shops in its public area, foreign exchange machine, restaurant, toilets etc. There is not some many benches here so its tricky sometimes to find a place to sit. Anyway comparing to old international terminal things went much better.

Review β„–96

I am an European living in Tanzania for the last 11 years, I was not departing from Dar es Salam for long time. The new terminal 3 is really very nice, spacious, clean and well organized.Great job!

Review β„–97

Domestic check in still needs some upgrading. But nothing beats the experience at JNIA, an experience as always

Review β„–98

Horrendous wait, delays without even informing clients. Furious

Review β„–99

One of the best Airport in Africa

Review β„–100

Very friendly staff,

4.5 Rating
  • Address:Unnamed Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Airport
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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