As salaam Air Zanzibar
Mlandege Road, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Poor servicePoor managementPoor supportI booked a ticket for my mom from ZNZ to PBA. Unfortunately we had to change our ticket and we went directly to their head office at Mlandege.I met with the Operation manager I dont know his name but his contact is +255 626 771 771 and we agreed with him to change the ticket to one week later.By the time my mum arrived at the airport for check in, she wasnt allowed to check for boarding, operation said there was no ticket booked for her name. My mum called me immediately as i was the one I booked the ticket. I called the operation manger directly but he didnt answer my call and he wrote to me a text that I had to send sms. I sent almost 10 sms with no reply till today.My mum was shocked because there was only 20 mins before departure, hopefully my mum was accompanied by one of the government official and thus allowed to board for departure.

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Best flights in Zanzibar, with reasonable price

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Nice service even good customer care.

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Yesterday morning my friend and I were scheduled to fly from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam with one of your planes at 08:45. From Dar Es Salaam we would transfer on a flight to Lusaka. 26 hours later however, I am currently writing an email from Johannesburg International Airport of all places, which as you probably can guess is not in Zambia.The problems started yesterday morning at 07:15 when we asked one of your collegues what the possibilities were concerning transport of us and our luggage to the other terminal to our connecting flight. We were looked upon as if we were crazy and with that, a response came that no such thing was remotely possible and if we could go away. We were simply sent away.After this we were quitely drinking a cup of coffee when another of your collegues came and stated that we must go now. This was quite a weird statement and when we asked about it, he just stated that we went earlier. This again is weird as it had completely no further explaination. After this we continued to the terminal, here we were told to sit down and once again there was no further explaination. After 30 minutes we went to the desk to ask about the situation. At the desk two colleagues looked at us and simply said, yes the flight is delayed. Upon that I asked why he didn’t tell us that earlier instead of me having to come up to the desk and ask about it. He then simply stated, “but I am telling you now”. He then became irritated and acted as if the situation was our fault.After an hour delay we finally left, and due to the course of your companies mismanagement, we missed our connecting flight.The result of this, is that we had to book new flights to Zambia. First we waited 8 hours at the airport to leave, we then flew to Rwanda at 18:20 to wait another 3,5 hours. We then flew to Johannesburg to wait an additional 9 hours and spend the night in the transit terminal. And just now as I am typing, we are finally boarding a flight to Zambia. This all, for 279 Euros per person.Now that a flight can be delayed is nothing new and of course can happen. But the way that your company caused this delay, did nothing at all to improve the situation and accompanied with the rudeness of it all is absolutely absurd and barbaric.What should have been a nice experiece has been transformed by your company into a living hell for a total of 28 hours. I imagine that you would not want to be in such a similiar situation?In most cases, such situations would be made easier if there would be someone, at least one person who would say sorry, or ask how they could help. However in the case of your company, this would seem not even remotely part of the equation.

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Zanzibar airlines

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The airline that transported us from Zanzibar directly to Selous National Park. Which is great, because then you get on the jeeps straight away and go to the park to get to know the local animals. The flight is generally good, only the machine is probably done. Snack butter biscuit and water. Stewardess very nice.

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The company of hell! Hours late and waiting without any explanation! And when we ask questions the answer is always the same yes in 10 minutes or be patient.

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Swahili affairs. They exchange tareh, time and flight. They dont give you information and they dont give you information

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I had to wait 2 hours for a 15 minute flight. Never again!

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