B4 Beach Club
Paje Beach, Paje, Tanzania
Review №1

We had a very pleasant stay :) the rooms were very clean with a really nice outdoor bathroom ...a small crab was living under the palm tree in the bathroom :D ecological shower gel is available! The staff was friendly and people were always in a good mood ... the breakfast and burgers were really tasty and on Tuesday and Saturday are very nice beach parties with techno sounds and dinner. There is also a very good kite school that we can really recommend. We loved to stay at b4!

Review №2

Super accommodating— brought my dog also and he ran along the beach. Water is so warm and sand is so white. Also AMAZING American style BURGERS at their restaurant!!! Really good food.We came on a Tuesday so it was a DJ/party night. Music was on until 12am so it was a little noisy but the vibe was good. I think Tuesday and Friday is a live DJ night so if you want quite on those days it might be best to stay elsewhere. Highly recommended!

Review №3

Good burgers (had the fish) and very reasonable price (for Paje).Perhaps not for everyone: apresSki music + very slow food delivery (for what was essentially great fast food).4* because I think some people are okay with this - and the burgers were great!

Review №4

WHATS a Great experience. I did 6h courses with Manuel, and I really enjoyed it. Hes really positive, pedadogue and he knows exactly how to motivate you. 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼😎😎😎I cant wait to come back to B4. The spot is just amazing, clean and chill. All the team was kind and easygoing. Its The place to be in Paje.Xoxo

Review №5

Beautiful place on the beach, great music and food. Ate the coconut curry vegetable plate and it was so yummy.

Review №6

If you want to party all night and don’t need your sleep, if you enjoy being under influence or surrounded by those who are, do go there. Food is not fresh nor tasteful, but this place is not about food anyway.

Review №7

We had an amazing stay at B4, the room is in a nice lush tropical garden with a great swimming pool, the restaurant is just by beautiful Paje beach, where you can eat the best burgers in Zanzibar. Although we had a little misunderstanding about the room type booked, Tina the owner gave us different solutions to accommodate our needs and made us feel at home. Excellent service and hospitality. We will come back again for sure and recommend to everyone visiting Zanzibar.

Review №8

Its been years since weve not been treated this well, eaten this well and felt this good in a place as B4 beach club ! The staff is just super friendly, great team , excellent chef and a variety of breakfast and lunch meals that will always leave me satisfied :) Thanks to all the team!

Review №9

Way too overpriced for what you get and horrible service even when there weren’t that many customers. I had ordered a burger only for them to tell me half an hour later that they did not have it. Ordered the veggie burrito, which did not have the ingredients listed in the menu. It cost 20,000 TZS (8 Euro) for one mini burrito with white rice, a few slices of tomatoes, and a tiny dollop of guac and hummus. The person at the payment counter was also incredibly rude and impatient. If not for the excellent sangria I would have given 1 star.Edit: in response to the owner’s comment, see photo. It’s called tortilla wrap and not burrito but the crux of the problem lies with the service.

Review №10

Scammers and thief. If you want to pay with a visa card tfrom they have a terminal only for dollars. Then they count $ 1 for 20,000 sheliings. Official price 23,000 ... at the end, add 5% for using the terminal ... Overpriced....

Review №11

Good and pleasant place to stay. The bungalows are clean and quite comfortable, location at the beach is just perfect.What you need to be aware of is quite loud music at night from a nearby place (first night we were there the party lasted till the morning and we couldn’t sleep well, it was Wednesday and not even weekend).Food and drinks were good and staff was friendly.

Review №12

Amazing place :Hôtel : Staff very kind / Always happy to help youRoom : Very Nice - Good décoration - very confortableB4 Restaurant : Burger amazing and good fresh salad / Nice chill music during the day !Kite Spot : unbelievably lagoon / regular wind / big up to all the team of kite School ! 6 hours and I can almost jump 😅

Review №13

Very loud and disrespectful place!Very arrogant behavior from the people! Impossible to speak or to talk to each other ! Would not recommend this place! Food is not fresh!

Review №14

Best Burgers we ate on our 2 weeks trip. Chocolate Chip Millshake good too. Super european (expensive for Zanzibar) prices

Review №15

Food was good. But service is very bad. Why? Dirty chair (ketchup). Slow to provide the menu and especially to get the order. Asked for nachos to be as a starter (server did confirm that it will be a starter. Also during the wait I asked again if it will be a starter). But nachos were brought at the same time as the main dish. Also I saw that the nachos were laying there at the pickup window waiting around 5 mins until the main dish is ready. Which tells me that there is no different pipelines for the appetizer because the nachos is 30 seconds to cook? Or server failed to communicate about it. Food was good though. After food we needed to pay but apparently we need to pay at the cashier. Please note this is not a problem for me to pay at the cashier. The actual problem is that I didn’t know about it and was told only after asking for a bill. So servers need to be more proactive about it. And then paying money also took around 5-10 mins because there were Spanish people asking for the change in euros (lol). Also they didn’t reply to Facebook message I wrong them. So I had a high expectations about this place but honestly it was very bad. Glad I didn’t book the Airbnb apartment that I saw there. I recommend you to work better on service and teaching people.

Review №16

Nice club on the beach. Drinks are excellent and the location looks really nice. Try their signature cocktails, they are very good.

Review №17

Nice place to relax in between kitesurfing at the magnificent Paje beach. Coffee isn’t the best and service is a little slow. Views are amazing though and there’s onsite free parking. Happy hours are between 4 to 8 pm so that’s the best time for drinks here.

Review №18

Its a nice and charming place to stay, super close to the beach side and with an amazing luxuriant garden. Some of the people from the staff were super nice and friendly, and some of them a little disrespectful. There is a problem with the water in the toilet, everyday we had moments when we were not able to flush the toilet because it didnt have any water. I totally recommend the fish skewers, are suuuper tasty, I had double portion 😅. And the pancakes with honey and nuts are also super nice. Many thanks to Neibo (hope Im correctly writing his name), he was the most friendly and helpful person from the staff. Super smart and kind. Overall, nice experience there and thank you for welcoming us!

Review №19

Beautiful place, burgers are very good

Review №20

Great place to stay when you in Paje. Young vibes, with good food and music. Has all the amenities needed and can arrange any activity for you within the island.Stayed for 5 days and really enjoyed it, recommended!

Review №21

Excellent food, great room and fun place! Kids had a great time playing mini golf, swimming in the pool and the beach. Amazing place for a weekend getaway!!

Review №22

Brand new apartments offering comfortable and clean accomodation in Jambiani

Review №23

Beautiful place with super nice staff and good food :)

Review №24

Club is very discriminatory to the Maasai. Its terrible.If you can, I would go elsewhere. Definitely not recommended!

Review №25

If you want to spend an amazing time on Zanzibar this is the place to stay! Staff and Food are next level and so is the kite surfing school ! Coming back !!!

Review №26

Nice place for a few nights ! Good service et beautify beach right in front of the bungalows, we loved it !

Review №27

Best place- with such an awesome vibe and immaculately clean rooms- staff are top form - we loved spending our honeymoon at B4

Review №28

Nice vibe and Musik

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Review №30

Good vibe all around.Burger is Fantastic 🔥

Review №31

20k cover charge .. what a joke!!

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Review №33

Nice parties:)

Review №34

Brilliant stay!

Review №35

Cant sleep

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Review №37

Had to cancel the trip, but the owners didnt react to any inquiryUpdate: No message via, i think just took the money. No money for me, no money for the hotel i guess.

Review №38

Great location, feeling of life and movement.Cool beach parties.There are several kitesurf schools nearby.Rooms without ocean views, so feel free to book regular rooms.On the downside - food - everything was tasteless except for the seafood platter, which was not on the menu.But this is a hotel to which I would love to return.

Review №39

Cool place to party.By far the most expensive party Ive been to.Electronic music and a good setting. But shortly before 3:00 a.m. its over.... at a party with electro music?!Interesting people at the party, but you should also be aware that there are a lot of Druffis (people under the influence of various substances) here.I cant rate the food and accommodation that probably exist, as I was only here for the party.Anyone who celebrates electronic (when I was there not so hard) music is definitely in the right place here, everyone else probably not.

Review №40

We went to this establishment because my husband wanted to smoke a shisha. As soon as we arrive, no one calculates us, the staff and the manager (or owner) do not even say a hello to us despite having passed by several times. They were putting the chairs and tables back in place. We had to call the waiter to order. Once the shisha received, it was terrible! You could only smell the charcoal. My husband smoked 5-10 minutes and left it. When we told the person at the counter, who was actually very haughty and contemptuous, he didnt make any commercial gestures! We paid and left. First and last time, I advise against!

Review №41

We stayed at the B4 Boutique for a week with my husband. The place is ideal to access the beach (literally at our feet), the rooms are nice, huge bathroom and above all the staff are brilliant! Nice atmosphere in general, evening from time to time on the beach, delicious food and really great manager! The spot is crazy because you have everything nearby, the best restaurants, kite lessons, masai ... and the beach is a living postcard.We will be back with our friends next year 👍🏼

Review №42

Delicious burgers, beautiful territory, good prices, there is even a hookah (the only place where he was met on Paj).One of three places where you can eat deliciously and have fun.

Review №43

Maybe we were not lucky this day with the staff, but after the first visit we did not want to give a second chance to this place. We stopped for a snack, sat down at the table, the waiter brought us a menu. We chose the dishes, we want to make an order, what the waiter says. Now you can order only burgers from the menu and some part of breakfast. Ok, they asked 5 minutes to decide. We are trying to make an order for the second time, to which the waiter refuses, saying that this dish is not there right now. How to evaluate the approach? Really it is impossible to immediately stipulate what is on the menu now and what can we order? In general, somehow we decided on the order, I decided to drink fresh (because from the dishes on the menu, again according to the waiter, I did not find anything suitable for myself), and my husband ordered breakfast for himself, which turned out to be a burger with egg, but thank goodness delicious.The next step 😂 asked for an invoice for payment. We waited about 10 minutes, no one bears the bill, although all the waiters stand idly by at the counter serving dishes. Ok, we went to our waiter, asked for the second time, he, as he first heard, begins to count how much we owe.That was our visit. Waiters in the fog 😉😁 The place itself is atmospheric, located on the ocean, where you can watch kiters, cool music plays, but the service leaves much to be desired.

Review №44

The bungalows are great and the detail of the bathroom outside seemed sublime, paradoxically I think it wins in privacy. The swings at the door, at the bar I love ... the food is very rich but a little lacking in variety. The beach at 10 steps (if the tide is high haha) having spent 5 days barefoot has been a great gift. Very nice and totally safe staff, it is not necessary or close when you leave, great. It has a pool and theme nights

Review №45

Constant loud music at night, it is impossible to sleep, the price tag is higher than the mountains, coffee was brought for the first time normal, for the second instant, for the same price!

Review №46

An excellent hotel for those who love colorful bungalows. Direct access to the beach, good breakfasts are included in the price.

Review №47

B4-Party: Nice Location. Service underground. Burger horrible.

Review №48

Great location, great staff

Review №49

Delicious burgers with good atmosphere

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