Nungwi Mnarani Aquarium
Mnarani, Nungwi 0000, Tanzania
Nungwi Mnarani Aquarium
Review №1

Feeding and swimming with the turtles was a memorable moment. There is also an onsite hatchery where you see 1 week old turtles.

Review №2

Very nice work they are doing helping the turtles. You get a little tour and feed some of the turtles. Well worth it

Review №3

Nice experience to see the big green turtles. The property is not too big but you can still see some interesting things (baby and adult turtles, dolphin and whale sculls). The entry fee is 20.000 TZS or 10$ in what is included the guide who tells you some informations of the turtles.

Review №4

Small pond with some turtles that you can feed, touch and swim with. 10 dollars entrance

Review №5

I like and I learned Marine animal on how to feed,clasify from differents speaces and family of sea turtles and theirs life cicle as well as to the place of their Eggs harched

Review №6

Whilst in Zanzibar in Nov2020, we visited the Nungwi Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Pond which was formed by a local fisherman in the early 90s with the intention of educating the Zanzibar people to stop the exploitation of these beautiful creatures and teach people to rather be conscientious of their conservation. All turtles brought to the sanctuary are either as a result of being caught in fishing nets and/or injured, and they are fed & cared for in natural tidal ponds and tiled nursery areas until the annual release date of 20th February, when those that are healthy and strong again, are set free and returned to turquoise ocean waters ... a very emotional and special day on their calendar. The sanctuary relies solely on donations and charges a minimal fee to visit, all of which goes toward the upkeep of this wonderful initiative. Although the Sanctuary is fairly rudimentary, when one considers globally how much damage is being done to our planet, their efforts really are are highly commendable; their guides are well spoken, informative and intensely passionate about their mission. For insight into the lifecycle of these gentle giants and to do your part in helping stop the vicious cycle of hunting and destroying these beautiful creatures, we highly recommend you take the time to visit this special place.

Review №7

The aquarium was nice. However, do not go to the outside area surrounding the aquarium like the beach, ESPECIALLY near the lighthouse. The area is isolated and military police try to shakedown tourists by falsely accusing them of some local crime and then extorting them for money in exchange for for their freedom. They did this to us and some poor elderly couple that was nearby. They tried to pocket $200 from me and refused to let me contact my embassy. STAY AWAYYYY!!!!!

Review №8

The turtle sanctuary adopts turtles as young as the egg stage and up and also wounded, sick turtles. They monitor their health, raise them and return them to the Ocean when they are ready. They really care about the turtles and their habitat. The tour guides give adequate information about sea turtles.

Review №9

When I first considered visiting the turtle exhibit here, I was concerned that the turtles were being exploited purely for commercial gain. Once here we realised that it was better to see them like this than to have large numbers of visitors harassing them in the wild. They are well taken care of here and no animals appeared to be distressed in any way. The genuinely appear to enjoy the interaction with people and come and nudge you to be petted. The environment is clean. Well worth a visit.

Review №10

Wow!!! Amazing place!From the outside it doesnt look like much but the guide is very knowledgeable about all the turtles. This place rescue the turtles from being eaten by fisherman, they take really good care of them, and after couple of months they release them to the sea.5$ per person to get in, you get a personal guide and to feed the turtles :)

Review №11

Great place to visit. Entry is 20000. You Can swim and feed the turtles. Place is not crowded around noon. Unfortunately before noon it was full of russian tourists who cant behave and lifted up the turtles out of the water. Girl from the staff try to explain them to not to do it, but....Worth to visit but respect the turtles, they are not toy.

Review №12

Nice place to learn everything about sea turtles. It seems like they really care about the animals! 👍🏼 it’s a rescue center for the turtles, so you can’t swim with them, what I didn’t really miss!We had a really nice guide who explained us a lot and was happy about a small tip.

Review №13

Turtle conservation, turtles are released every year.Plan to spend a good 45 minutes there, it is a guided tour.Entry fee is 10 USD.You cannot (and frankly should not try to) swim wir the turtles, however you can feed them and pet them.

Review №14

Lovely experience swimming with the tortoises!USD$10 to swim and feed or USD$7 just to feedExtra USD$5 if you need to borrow their googles(two sets). Luckily we brought our own gear along. We went in a group of 5 so the staff gave us a brief talk and left us a bucket of seaweed to feed and attract the tortoises over. Kind reminder: make sure you have a good wash after😉

Review №15

Nice little trip to feed the turtles and learn more about them. Do not pay the advertised $10, that price is a massive rip off (we probably spent 10 minutes in there). We paid 20,000 tzs for 2, plus tip and thought that was a fair price.Didnt swim with the turtles as not sure how ethical that is.

Review №16

This deserves all the support and attention it can get, these people do hard work to protect local marine life of sea turtles in hard conditions. Very informative small tour and quite a unique experience feeding the turtles, make sure to check the “release day” calendar, unfortunately we won’t be here but would have loved to see the baby turtles swim back to the sea

Review №17

The price should be less than 5 usdI think the water is not good for swimmingThe guide was good but in general is not worth

Review №18

The experience at this natural laguna is great. The swimming with the turtles is also nice, it is possible to feed them with sea grass and so you have to possibility to observe them from very close... the turtles are in a good condition..they have very beautiful colors... the negative side - I think they are too much turtles in the laguna.. I think it is totaly enough to feed them and it should be forbidden to swimm with them...becouse they get realy stressed and try to avoid the swimmers who want to tuch them in the water. So if you care realy for the walefare of animals - dont swimm with them. The people who works there provide you just with very basic information and dont look like realy passiinate about the animals - they are just a way to earn money.

Review №19

This was quite an experience. swimming with turtles and other fish, feeding them, truly unforgettable. Turtles are distant travelers out in the open ocean, so its not everyday that you come across them when you go swimming in the ocean. here you get to swim up close, admire what gentle and beautiful creatures they are and the importance of conservation.

Review №20

If you want to see turtles, you will see turtles in a small lagoon.We paid 10 USD per person with no discount for kids. The money suposably goes to healing and taking care of the turtles, so even though it was a steep price we paid it.The turtles in the sanctuary gets released into the wild once a year. If they are healthy and ready to be released.The baby turtles come from eggs found on the beaches of zanzibar. They are raised till they are ready to be released.The bigger turtles are brought in by local fisherman who accidentally caught them or found them injured.Dont expect too much for you money. You get to hear abit about the turtles, the types and where they come from. You also get a chance to feed them, which was quite nice.

Review №21

I was very disappointed , I visited thinking it was a good animal walfare program but they allow to swim with turtle that is harmful for the species conservationAt this point I wonder if the big turtles will ever be released or are just a toy for touristsThey should review their regulations and values

Review №22

The turtles are caught - on purpose - from the ocean and taken here. They’re not rescued. Sometimes they are “released” and tourists pay to see this, only for the turtles to be captured again. Avoid.

Review №23

The place seems nice. The turtles seems to be alright and it looks like a good informative project for the local community.It was what I expected.

Review №24

It was nice to see and feed the sea turtles and understand their life cycle. It seems expensive but it was ok to considering that its donation for them.

Review №25

Good place. The turtles are cute. Nice work of conversation of nature and endangered species.

Review №26

It is a lovely and beautiful place. They have different species of turtle, 3 to be exact. The guiders over there are very friendly

Review №27

This is a constructive post. The idea behind this place is great, but the execution right now makes this place look like a scam. Filled with trash, grounds and water. Sign//info boards mouldy and damaged. All facilities and displays in general bad state of repair.They have about 100 visitors per day (figure provided by the manager) at $10 per person thats 1000 USD each day, $30k roughly each month. This is not reflected in the quality of the environment the turtles stay in or the experience we as paying visitors see.When speaking with the staff we got many excuses for various issues raised, and some of it felt like BS, but in the end I hope we made it clear to them that they need to step up their game.If they dont, word will get out and people will stop coming. We didnt have phones with us to take pictures, but its bad.

Review №28

The picture are explan itself how amazing place 😍

Review №29

Nice place to learn about turtles and support good work. You can see many turtles anf also feed them.

Review №30

They bite so be careful about it, its a good experience but not worth the 10 bucks.The staff is friendly and very professional.Wear full clothes into the water and carry some antiseptic incase the staff doesnt have any.

Review №31

Get to know about turtles

Review №32

Nice place with turlte, but it is small place. Entrance is 10 dolars per person.

Review №33

No frills aquarium, the team here do great work, even if it is just to raise awareness about recycling to the local community. Really impressed with how they protect the sea turtles. Lovely way to spend an hour.

Review №34

Great time swimming with turtles in this spring-like cave which they call the aquarium.We actually found ourselves stuck there in the rain and requested if they have food. We are please that they were able to work with a local chef/hotel to bring us lunch as we waited out the rain to swim with the turtles in the spring/cave.

Review №35

The only inhabitants of this aquarium are turtles. The tour was at max 15 minutes. The guide tells you some basic info about turtles and you get to feed them and thats it. If you love turtles its worth a visit if you dont you just saved 4€.

Review №36

Basic venue with informative guides and signage. If you want to get up close to green turtles and to feed them, this place is for you. Entry fee goes towards conservation project to keep it running and doing a fantastic job! 👌

Review №37

We absolutely loved visiting the turtle sanctuary, baba seemed to be very knowledgable. He spoke perfect English and was very kind and friendly.You get to feed the turtles seaweed which was my favourite part.

Review №38

Beautiful place where u can swim with the turtles

Review №39

Very natural conservation aquarium, a place that deserves your visit

Review №40

What a nice experience. Friendly people and we learnt a-lot about turtles and the history of Zanzibar. Also how the water remain fresh with high-low tide. Wish we could have been there when they release the little turtles(It happens once a year)

Review №41

Small but very cozy. Staff very helpfull, they have 3 pythons in a cage and 20 turtles in small lake. You can swimm with turtles for 10$ / 20,000TZS or just take photos for 7$ / 15,000TZS. Definitely recommend to swimm! Take a GoPro camera with you.

Review №42

The aquarium is more a sanctuary for turtles. They rescue turtles that are endangered and ensure that the species live on. They have volunteers from around the world that help out. When you visit, youll have a guide that will walk you through the facility and gives explanations about what the do and the different types of turtles that they have there. Its very informative and a good way to spend 30 to 45 mins learning about the turtles of Zanzibar

Review №43

Thank you to every person putting in all the hard work and effort to make this project work. So much assistance and money is required to keep this going. International help is needed here. Local Volunteers are given their best, but they need funding. Well done to all involved.

Review №44

Small place where they care for the sick turtles and release the strong ones every february. Entrance 10.000tzs or 5$. Tour take 20mins and you feed the turtles. Worth a short visit

Review №45

Was great to see turtles up close, my 2 year old loved it.

Review №46

Lovely place to swim with the turtles and interact. They are super friendly. My 5 year old daughter loved her swim with them as well

Review №47

5 stars for their work! Little aquarium mostly with turtles. It was established by local people to save turtles, because before Nungwi became tourist beach, turtles came to this beach to do nesting. Then after tourist came, turtles changed nesting place to Tumbatu island. This aquarium is saving small turtles, also fishermen bring turtles from their nets here. Then, if they are fit one in a year, 20th of february they have Release day-celebration and releasing turtles back to nature (thumbs up), one person entrance 10$, no swimming just feeding. They also try to pick up garbage from beaches and teach people to be more eco... much more better then other aquarium in Nungwi, recommend this place!

Review №48

Natural aquarium of marine turtles, a must for a tourist to zanzibar, amazing feeling while swimming and touching turtles!

Review №49

Thera are two turtles 🐢 places.This one is not for swimming with them but they feed them and buy injured ones from fishermen. I like what they do. I the tour was OK and feeding the water turtles was fun.

Review №50

Helping the turtles. And the deserve our support

Review №51

Haji was the best tour guide he showed me around the aquarium and the local people. Very safe, very happy and I got to explore all the best parts of Nugwi

Review №52

Dont go to the aquarium, go to Mnarani, where the locals save the turtles and work for their conservation. You cant swim with them here, but you can feed them

Review №53

It was nice with a wonderful view, the people were nice you can not swim with the turtles at this area but you can do so at another place which is 5 minute away.

Review №54

Admission fee is very high, you should just consider it as a contribution to the cause, otherwise, it doesnt make sense to pay 17 euros for THE LOUVRE and 10 USD for this small aquarium

Review №55

Nungwi Mnarani is a great place where you can have a good time

Review №56

In case you saw turtles in your life just dont bother.They charging 10USD for bringing you to the pond where they will let you feed the turtles, already when leaving I felt what joke this was..They didnt gave me receipt, than from the guide residing in hotel I was informed it supposed to be 5USD.When going back and raising this issue, I get answer that they changed the prices from July and guides doesnt know..(like really if the hotels are on the same beach in same village)..And starting to ask me who the person was who went with me from their guides..Interestingly same guy said I can write you receipt if you like so clearly as I remembered him, he did me..and remembered not giving out the receipt without me mentioning it..

Review №57

Amazing interaction with green sea turtles. Definitely worth it.

Review №58

Limited experience for 10 bucks. Not too much to see, poor place indeed yet awesome people doing an humanitarian work with the animals.

Review №59

Ther place have alot if interesting activities like looking the turtle from their young stage also how different fishes are being feeded and more and more

Review №60

So dissapointed with the place, im a local and i rarely right negetive reviews but this place really turned me off, they charge way too much just to see the turtles plus the staff are super rude, the receptionist called Ali ( if thts his real name) charged us 10,000 tsh per head as local rate and additional 10,000 tsh for swimming with the turtles....we changed our plans of swimming with the turtles but he refused to refund us our money after alot of arguing he gave us back the money.......i hated the place because of the staffs and if they dont rectify this they will be losing alot of thing i found abt this place is that they dont give out receipts, plz demand reciept after paying for the service

Review №61

Very beautiful place to be

Review №62

Its a good place to visit, like everything else in Nungwi, not sure enough of the money charged goes to the workers or the turtles.....

Review №63

Nice place with a lot of tourtles. When we were there, there was around 30-40 tourtles. Entrance fee is 10 000 TZS/per person. There will be guide telling you information about this place.

Review №64

Really good , staff very friendly and knowledgeable ,

Review №65

Great that we pretty much stumbled upon by accident!

Review №66

.....Absolute Noble work done here in aid of Conservation of the Turtle Population! Who would have thought that this is to be found here on the Island of Zanzibar!! A must visit for all!!....

Review №67

Beautiful turtles that you can touch and feed, no swimming allowed when I was there though.

Review №68

Had a blast. The staff is very knowledgeable

Review №69

These guys do a fair bit of conservation. It is quite a seemingly small operation, but one that is really important. Best view of the lighthouse too.

Review №70

Very interesting place in Nungwi where u can See the care for abandoned turtles and the recycling programme of PET.

Review №71

Beautiful. Thinking of volunteering next summer

Review №72

Nice place and for a good cause

Review №73

Tourist trap with filthy water!! Rather avoid!

Review №74

Incredible experience to feed and swim with these magnificent large turtles.

Review №75

They have bigger tortoises, good for tourism

Review №76

Very nice and fun place

Review №77

Swim with turtles and feed them, once in lifetime experience.

Review №78

Friendly and informative guides. So much fun to feed all the turtles!

Review №79

Nice place. Also you can find fresh fish. Affordable.

Review №80

Not exactly bad but is not an aquari by world standards they just have turtles and a few fish

Review №81

Amazing place. The turtle sanctuary is beautiful

Review №82

Notting to see, only good as a donation to nature and locals but not as a tourist destination

Review №83

Interesting for kids. You may feed big sea turtles

Review №84

Interesting you can swim here with tortoise

Review №85

Very nice experience feeding the sea turtles

Review №86

Once in a lifetime experience - a must for all visitors.

Review №87

Great experience

Review №88

Very nice place.

Review №89

A fun, educational experience. Loved interacting with the turtles.

Review №90

You can swim with the turtles and fish as well as feed them.

Review №91

The kids loved it.Make sure to come during high tide

Review №92


Review №93

Feeding the turtels. Relasing them on 20.february. every year..

Review №94


Review №95

Not worth the price (10 USD), nothing to do there for more than 10 minutes.

Review №96

Good zoo

Review №97

Super cool place to learn about Turtles

Review №98

Turtles everywhere 😊

Review №99


Review №100

Release day is a a poorly organized money trap.

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