Baraka Natural Aquarium - Nungwi
Near Mnarani Cottages, Nungwi, Tanzania
Baraka Natural Aquarium - Nungwi
Review №1

It was amazing place and experience just to feed and swim with the turtles.. Scary but adventure.. You can take very beautiful photos

Review №2

Little bit better than the other turtle sanctusry which is just few meters away. Visited both and even this place is more crowded with tourists, there are two entrances to the water. You can swim or feed the turtles. Nice experience.

Review №3

As people saidEntrance fees is 10$ or 20000 shillings per personThey ask for extra fees if you need dive masks but no one need it because you can see turtles on water surface when you give them foodAlso they ask money for turtle food around 5 000 shillings

Review №4

The visit was on our to visit list as a family when in Zanzibar and we were excited to go visit though it didnt live up to our expectations.Seeing the turtles in the water and feeding them was a good experience especially for the kids but the water and general environment had a neglected look and with kids there wasnt anything much to do or see beyond that. Wish they cleaned more and the aquarium guides had time to explain and show around but most were seated in groups on the side deep in conversation.In all, it wasnt a bad experience but wish that it was more.

Review №5

Great experience feeding and swimming with turtles. Inexpensive fun for the whole family. My kids didn’t want to leave.

Review №6

Baraka Natural Aquarium where you can Play, swim cuddle with tortoise 🐢 very good place to visit. Best place i ever visit in Zanzibar. It is nice swim with these cute tortoise. Entry fee cost around 10$ per person.

Review №7

Swimming with turtles is something everyone should experience at least once in lifetime.Attention, theres one aggressive turtle almost bite my face.

Review №8

This place is just amazing, I just can assure you that you are going to have a beautiful, good and new experience in swimming and playing with turtles.The water level is not too deep, you just need the basics of standing in water, even for those who dont swim at all there are few rocks that you can stand or sit on and enjoy your new experience.The aquarium gives you two options in entry tickets; one is just to feed and watch turtles and the other is to go swimming with them. I really recommend you go swimming with them.An important notice for those going to swim with turtles not to put on green colored swimming suits/shorts as turtles may misunderstood that its just clothes not herbs when you are feeding them 😅.You may find the place is crowded, so I suggest you go early to get the full entertainment of the place before it gets crowded.At the beginning it may seem awkward and you might be afraid of turtles but dont worry they dont bite (mostly).Staff working in the place are so helpful and friendly, especially Omar who helped me and my wife a lot, took a lot of pictures for us there when we went together.

Review №9

Experience great but guide could be more helpfull. We never got to hear the story. Ensure you keep their mouths away from you as they di bite

Review №10

Very nice place you can get chance to swim and take pictures with the Turtle in the natural aquarium.Its an experience to visit green Turtle 😌😉 🐢🐢

Review №11

If you want have funny time to swim with turtles so you are in the right place , here you will find around 50 turtles and you can feed them and swim also with them for one hour and more ) really you will like it

Review №12

My experience at the natural aquarium was enjoyable. I have reservations about how they run a rehabilitation centre, but allow tourists in the water with the turtles.The turtles were beautiful and gentle. They do get excited when their food is thrown in the water. I was caught between the feeding and turtles and got bitten by one unfortunately. The bite is small though, just be sure to pack an anti septic.

Review №13

It was an amazing experience first of all it looks easy from the pictures that people take , well , well , well I was so scared especially when the turtles rub you they don’t bite or anything it’s just general fear I guess . The water is really salty just putting that out your eyes itch if you put you head in so keep your head up and don’t step at the bottom of the cave cause it’s really slimy and has a lot of stone you could get hurt but all in all it’s a good experience paid $10/ per person and it was 10 mins from our hotel in Nungwi (Nungwi dreams )

Review №14

I would definitely give this place 5 stars and its totally worth 20,000 shillings. The turtles are so cute and the place is very refreshing, the water is about 25°C. The staff is friendly and they even took care of our 8-month old. We had a great experience, I recommend this place!

Review №15

Very nice experience. My kids enjoyed so much.But i had to pay 15000 TSH just to watch as they did not allow me to go close with my kids if i will not swim

Review №16

My favorite to visit In nungwi 🥰 I was so scared at first but the staff reassured me that I’m safe and I was able to enter the water. Would 100% recommend. Will definitely be back, even though one of the turtles gently but my right big toe🤣 those guys are hungry

Review №17

It was awesome to swim with the 🐢 turtles. But dont use suncreme before swimming with them or take a shower at the place.

Review №18

Unbelievable remarkable experience, you can swim and feed turtles and enjoy an experience in thier own habitat

Review №19

Very good and we made very nice pictures but I will give them only 3 stars because of the staff, you paid 20000 tsg but the guide from there trying to charge us another 10000 for snorkeling mask which are included in the entry fee anyway.This review is for the staff not for the place, swimming with turtles is amazing, be careful my wife get bite very badly from one turtle

Review №20

The experience of feeding and swimming with the turtles is definitely amazing. However no much explanation about it as a sanctuary and rehab, what can make you question if they are not just making money our of it.

Review №21

Wonderful natural rehabilitation sanctuary where wild turtles are rehabilitated after being injured by fishing nets etc.

Review №22

WIFI only in bar and reception. In the room the TV and ceiling fan does not work. Have to ask for toilet paper just about every day. Room is big and comfortable. Everything is tydy and clean. Staff is friendly. Things is what you would expect in an underdeveloped country. I am from South Africa and I would not go there again. I have been to Zanzibar 3 times.

Review №23

You can swim with turtles 😍🐢! And feed em!

Review №24

The place is nice but filled with the tour guides that want to sell you stuff. Would do better without them but all in all its a nice place to visit

Review №25

Nice place to swim with turtles.But be carefull - they can bite if your swimsuit looks like a lettuce;) Or they can bite long loose hair.Nice place to swim with turtles.But be carefull - they can bite if your swimsuit looks like a lettuce;) Or they can bite long loose hair.

Review №26

Loved it. Affordable and a great experience for the kids and the whole family.One can spend up to 2 hours comfortably there. The entrance fee depends on your negotiating fee! But includes bucket of seaweed. Go during HIGH tide and you will get amazing water as it seems to deep up through the porous bedrock. There are jack fish in the pool as well.

Review №27

Great place to enjoy nature and have fun with family and friends especially for the animal lovers

Review №28

Amazingly beautiful… the feel in the water with the turtles was just mind blowing and so relaxing... highly recommended

Review №29

A truly incredible experience of spending time with sea turtles. 15tsh for watching and feeding the turtles and 20tsh if you want to get into the lagoon. However. I am inclined to agree with the previous poster, there is nothing natural about this ‘sanctuary’ and it was extremely disturbing to see tourists man handle the turtles. I would encourage the owners to be more hands on with tourists to ensure the sea turtles are respected and to minimise the number of people in the lagoon at one time. If you can respect those boundaries, then I do think the experience is worth it.

Review №30

It was a breathtaking experience when you take a dive to swim with the turtle and take a chance to feed the.

Review №31

Not as pleasant as we were told by the tour operators. Dirty water, the team working there not to friendly. Someone got bitten and the only thing the staff did was to say it not to bad.

Review №32

Fairly priced. The turtles are rehabed and an amazing experience to spend time in the water with them. Try to go when its low tide.

Review №33

Nice place to play with turtle 🐢 you will not regret to visit fantastic aquarium like this. Theyre very friendly and not bite. Also you will be surprised by very long white sand beach🤿

Review №34

The best experience in Zanzibar ♥️ You can feed turtles, cudle them, swim with them, but please dont take them from water 🤬🤦🏼‍♀️

Review №35

$10 for an unforgettable experience!! We were so lucky to be the only ones there for almost an hour—the perks of going during low season!! (march-april)

Review №36

The aquarium is nice and its open for visitors who wish to visit the place where by they can be able to swimm with the tortoise in their natural cave pool and you can take pictures with them as well

Review №37

Beautiful experience. It looks like they really care about the turtles. They said they let the turtles go every now and then. We hope its true and they return to the sea.

Review №38

Clean water, well looked after tortoises. Absolutely beautiful. We went twice on our holiday.

Review №39

Excellent place, kind turtles and great service from the staff

Review №40

This is great place where you can really SWIM with sea tortoises! But be careful and dont wear anything green or youll be bited instead 😜

Review №41

So nice space for swimming with natural turtles

Review №42

Swim with many turtles - a must do activity in Nungwi area. Also not very expensive. Dont waste money on the mask and snorkel though - the water is not clear enough to use it.

Review №43

I was there 29/09/2021 about 15:30 hoursBE CAREFUL, specially if you go alone, can be a SWINDLE, A CHEAT, would be better to visit another farms tortles in Nungwi.This day in the entry, in the reception had a bald young man.When I asked to the price of the entry he said me 20 $, so I gave him 20, and when I requested the ticket he said me tath It was not necessary, after 7 minuts argued he gave me the ticket and I can read in the ticket(tath I attach) 10 $, so I requested than returned 10$ and he replied tath I had paid 10$ I realized tath this man was a swindler...after he said tath he had gave me the change and other contradictions...we were another ten minuts arguing and discussing, I realized and said him tath in the reception has security cameras and finally he gave me 10 $.I went to relax and swimming with the tortles, and after 30 minuts a sidekick of the bald swindler reception worker said me tath I must go to the reception, I responsed tath I had my ticket, but he insisted and insisted and finally I come back to the reception.They use the 30 minuts to copy and paste to change the record, so they showed me the record and they changed the record... in the record couldnt see all the time that we were discussing until he gave me 10 $, instead of tath they copy and paste all followed and innthe record seem tath bald swindler gave me the change in the momento I paid 20 $... and he demanded I returned 10$ .So they tried to cheat 10$ to his boss because they did not validate the ticket and in addition cheat another 10$ to the customer...

Review №44

Its a quaint little place, would necessarily call it an aquarium but swimming with the turtles is fun, it can get a bit crowded depending on the time you go, entrance is about $4.

Review №45

A natural aquarium where you can see sea turtle, fead them and swim with them.

Review №46

It amazing 🤩 swimming with turtle 🐢

Review №47

Great place to see and touch turtles. Watch out if you feed them.

Review №48

Very free place with full access to turtles. What an exciting experience

Review №49

I really liked this place, The turtles are so cute, its amazing opportunity to communicate with them so close! This is fantastic experience! I was a bit frightened at first to swim so close to the turtles, but in a few minutes I enjoyed it so much! They can bite you, but only if the food is close to your body, and it is not dangerous. Thanks a lot, 😄!

Review №50

The staff is quite cold and bored with what they are doing. The ticket costs 10$ or 20000 shillings. Cash only. You get a bucket of seaweed for feeding the turtles. The turtles are really nice and they come in all sizes. You get to touch them and play with them. You can even swim with them, but the water is quite dirty. If you are in the area, it definitely worth a visit.

Review №51

Amazing turtle sanctuary. So absorbing and intriguing. Loved it to bits

Review №52

Had A Great Time Feeding And Swimming With The Turtles..👌🏾

Review №53

Very nice swimming with the turtles and feeding them, friendly staff 😊

Review №54

Very cool place to visit. You dont really swim with the turtles but you get to be in the water with them and they give you seaweed to feed them A must if you have kids.

Review №55

A day to remember. Turtles was magical! ❤️

Review №56

Nature and sea lovers. Its a great place to discover how adorable the sea turtles are.

Review №57

It was just great to swim with them. I am happy that they get released back into the wild after feeling better (at least this way the info according to them)

Review №58

For the sake of the animals, to rince before entering the aquarium should be mandatory to remove any oils from the skins.

Review №59

The place is really nice, sometimes it has a funky smell. Best time to visit this place is from 9am

Review №60

Small but Perfect to get some pictures with the turtles.. theres really nothing else to do there but the photos

Review №61

Was awesome feeding the turtles

Review №62

Amazing experience with tortoises. First time to feel interacted with animals. I’m glad that they shelter those injured tortoises until they’re good enough to go back to nature. Please don’t shout at turtles and be gentle. I saw many tourists (won’t mention the nationality) treated tortoises the way that they shouldn’t be treated. Don’t stress them just try to interact with them

Review №63

Amazing!!!!! Just to see turtles swimming free, touching them, feeding… and to know that it’s for a good cause! Love it! Totally worth the money! Not just to see, but to help the rescues

Review №64

Very nice experience, I have good photos from this place - me and the turtles :)

Review №65

A beautiful experience

Review №66

Staff are utterly rude and do not provide information on turtle interaction. Did not live up to my expectation at all. 0 rating from me!

Review №67

Unique experience of turtles you can finally swim with turtles which are rare people say the water is dirty and thats normal just like sea water

Review №68

Yoooow!! Loved it!!😅 swimming withe turtles😂 tho it was freaking at first

Review №69

Nice place to visit and play with some animals🐵

Review №70

I was turned off watching people in the water pushing them like they were toys.

Review №71

What an experience to swim with Turtles. The people are friendly and have plenty of seaweed to feed them.

Review №72

Fun place to mingle with turtles.. The small natural lagoon was amazing. Be careful while feeding..if you are hesitant they will grab the seaweed from you 😁

Review №73

Amazing experience!

Review №74

The water is not clear because the turtles live there...the experience with them is a nice one

Review №75

This is awesome! It centainly is one of my top 5 experiece. Firstly because I like animals. Secondly, the water is ok (I had some comcerns befor le I came), quite clean and the turtles were completely amazing, so cute. I had swim and feed them and even touch them. They are so cute. Bring a swimming mask to see better fish and the underwater activity.

Review №76

Nice place but they shouldnlt be charging what they are charging just so that someone can see the turtles _and_ a different charge for swimming with them! I understand tourism, but thats how local tourism is killed!

Review №77

Not what I was expecting, but the amazing turtles did not disapoint.

Review №78

Beautiful place to swim with sea turtles!

Review №79

Magical place go early there a lot tourists around 11h

Review №80

Good place to sweem with turtles

Review №81

A good place to see turtles and swimming with them

Review №82

Should improve the environment and educate more on protection of turtoes.

Review №83

The swimming with the turtles experience was absolutely magical! They even love it when you pet their heads. They are magestix creatures that should be treated with extreme love. I cant wait to visit it again!

Review №84

Turtle,so beautiful

Review №85

We visited in the afternoon when it was quiet . Were able to feed the turtles with sea weed and wade in the pond with them. 30 turtles oldest is 23 years old. Quite an amazing experience. Its supposed to be a turtle sanctuary where turtles who are rescued are brought in to convalese...but they only release them once a year which leaves me wondering if its really what they say it is. 10 USD to enter, very few overheads as the feed is free, natural sea water pond,really hope they use the money to save the turtles and that its not just a money spinner. Worth a visit though

Review №86

You will swim with friendly turtles, such amazing.

Review №87

Amazing experience swimming with turtles and feeding them.

Review №88

Really nice place for turtle encounter. Lot of turtles, you can swim with and feed them. If anybody scare is, no problem to see and feed them from the bank. Parking place inside. Moreover restaurant inside either.

Review №89

Amazing experience

Review №90

But they want do something for the water, water is not that much clear !

Review №91

A gorgeous experience, swimming with turtles. A surreal experience.

Review №92

Loved playing with turtles and feeding them but mind you, this water isnt clean. Can get you sick.

Review №93

It is a very nice place

Review №94

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Review №95

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Review №96

Im a. Tour guide, I have experience for all tour in Zanzibar.

Review №97


Review №98

It was great experience to visit the saved sea turtles, staff are very friendly and helpful

Review №99

Great place for families, children were happy :-) They could feed the turtles and swim with them. They also have a restaurant with good pizza. Not overcrowded, clean, staff is polite.

Review №100

Breathtaking. Absolutely worth the visit.

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  • Address:Near Mnarani Cottages, Nungwi, Tanzania
  • Phone:+255 773 204 323
  • Aquarium
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–6:45PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–6:45PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–6:45PM
  • Thursday:8AM–6:45PM
  • Friday:8AM–6:45PM
  • Saturday:8AM–6:45PM
  • Sunday:8AM–6:45PM
  • Good for kids:Yes
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