Migombani Campsite
JRPQ+M74, Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania
Review №1

I cannot recommend this place enough. Quiet. Clean facilities. Hot showers. Guest kitchen. Infinity pool overlooking Lake Manyana. Full bar and lounge area. Friendly staff. Best in Tanzania!

Review №2

HORRIBLE!! The first night we were stolen. Someone cut our tent and he/she stolen my wallet. The owner did not answer, nor compensate the issue. Incredible!! I dont recommend it at all!! I am very disappointed about how the situation was managed by the Campsite. The lack of security is very high if someone can stole and cut your tent in the camping when you are sleeping there.

Review №3

AWFUL. I was in one of the three tents that were stolen the previous month. The lack of security in the camping is incredible. We were stolen when we were sleeping! In addition, the camping does not colaborate at all. Please, discard this place if you can!!

Review №4

This Campsite is the best!+ very clean+ very spacious+ great swimming pool with an amazing view+ great views on the lake+ good restaurant.+ green grass, also in dry season (September 21)The staff was very friendly to, however they sometimes didnt understand English as good as you would expect them to.Highly recommended!

Review №5

Nothing to add to the previous reviews, you can’t get better than this really. Perfect grass, no thorns, fresh water and clean ablutions. Charges were 13 USD pppn for overlanders for camping. You can rent a fire pit or a grill for 5 USD per night. They both come with firewood/charcoal.FYI, you cant park on the grass unless you have a RTT. If you have a ground tent, your car has to be parked on gravel, then move your tent. A bit inconveniencing. Can get quite busy especially on weekends with tour operators.There are safari tents on site that can be booked directly from the lodge, not sure of the price. Vodacom 4g network.

Review №6

Best place in Tansania, clean, friendly, the food is perfect. The pool and View are out of Africa . I am coming back!

Review №7

The place is very nice and clean. However the dinner was very bad and quite expensive. I recommend to cook your own food in the camping kitchen that also is included in the installations

Review №8

Even though the facilities are nice and clean, the bar is rediculously overpriced. Im giving one star for the following experience: 6 twenty year old girls were just having drinks at eight PM and got kicked out (had to leave with their tent) because they were causing trouble. They were not. They were just laughing and enjoying themselves. Apparently their crew was too mouthy against the staff and so they had to leave, but the girls had nothing to do with it. I talked with the owner but he would not listen to reason. Shame of this experience, and shame to kick young girls out on the street which were not causing trouble.

Review №9

Beautiful unique place ever. Super picturesque from up there.. been there with TAZAMA AFRICA.. every body is happy. Amazing food from our COMPANY CHEF (TAZAMA AFRICA SAFARIS LIMITED)... EVER LASTING MEMORY

Review №10

Great campsite to stay and relax in peace after walking through the Ngorongoro for 14 days. Nothing is better than being able to enjoy the luxury present at Migonbani.

Review №11

Best camping amenities #glamping pool has an amazing view of lake manyara, tents are well set apart with great quiet scenery also... grass is always green, bathrooms are sparkling clean with warm water showers.It’s a very secure place with great service from the staff (Thank you Nancy & Gertrude) restaurant food is also delicious.

Review №12

Great place for camping. Nice view on the lake, camping site is 4 stars with clean toilets, bathrooms and a common kitchen. Nice swimming pool. Unfortunately the restaurant food and drinks are overpriced. The food menu and quality is not recommended in my opinion. You better cook your own on the $5 barbecue. The barbecue grill is also a bit too wide for small pieces of chicken or sausages.

Review №13

Amazing place to relax and kick back for a weekend. A place to visit . Tranquility within chaos

Review №14

Wonderful campsite with amazing view and swimming pool. Friendly staff.

Review №15

This place is a legitimate gem. I could go on endlessly about how impressed we were with our stay, but to avoid writing an entire novel, I will stick to the things that stood out to us the most:- the staff team is probably one of the best in Tanzania, service is quick, they are precise, mindful, and attentive, also very friendly and very clearly love interacting with the guests in a way that makes you feel very welcomed-the views from the campsite and the infinity pool are out of this world, staring out into the escarpment where the Great Rift Valley meets the Savanna Plains from the vantage point at Migombani feels like a total dream- facilities are pristine. the hot-water showers are solar powered and work better than any regular electricity-heated hot-water shower Ive ever had before in Tanzania. bathrooms and shower areas are kept meticulously clean at all times- the entire property is covered in a soft green grass, it feels so nice to walk barefoot around the property. Id imagine its perfect for pitching a tent as well. We slept in one of the furnished safari tents, and the beds were super comfortable.- perfect for a quiet, peaceful getaway close to nature. we slept so well and felt so relaxed and refreshed after our stay here!- wifi works very wellI give this place a 10/10 rating.Thanks Migombani team!!

Review №16

A beautiful, well manicured camp site. Glamping safari tents with solar lights and beds available There is an infinity pool overlooking Lake Manyara. Cooking facilities, bathroom, shower, full bar and restaurant. A fire was built at night to enjoy the outdoors. The service staff was very friendly and spoke English.

Review №17

Very beautiful and comfortable place for camping!

Review №18

Very nice camping, excellent view over the valley from most of the sites, the bar and the swimming pool. Very good ablutions. 15$pp with own tent.

Review №19

My name is Emanuel or a k a Hemedy migombani camp is Amazing place to stay. Beautiful camp with amazing energy,amazing view of Lake Manyara all the crew is lovely and make you feel comfortable and welcomed.(Nancy , mwasiti and other stuff) Every week the place is improving and getting best class I love the place . Thanks for all the love. Ill come back!

Review №20

Great place for families. Amazing views. Food is not the best. Customer support not very.

Review №21

We spend a very nice few days here. Perfect place to relax and close to some great nature. Nice staff, too!

Review №22

Migumbani camp siteThe most beautiful campsite we have been to ever. Super clean, not crowed, very stylish, with infinity pool and amazing view over Lake Manyara National park. Clean mordern bathrooms.

Review №23

Beautiful setting and great facilities. Friendly and helpful staff, food from the restaurant is good, but can take a while.

Review №24

Nice view, nice people, nice place

Review №25

Great location and facilities!

Review №26

An amazing place have a nice rooms, swimming pool and others

Review №27

Because when your Migomba you will enjoy all your day for nice view of lake manyara,nice service,and nice garden its incredible place in manyara

Review №28

Beautiful and amazing place to camp, swim on springs outside the camp.

Review №29

Brilliant spot to camp and recharge before visiting Tarangire and Manyara

Review №30

Very cool and silent place for holiday is the one to choose

Review №31

We loved it, stayed 6 nights and it was amazing

Review №32

The nice place to relax after a long safari.

Review №33

Cool place!!

Review №34

Very peaceful and beautiful place!!

Review №35

It is cool and have attractive carvings at the sides.

Review №36

Great place to spend some nights...

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Review №38

Good place to run from town.

Review №39

Nice place

Review №40


Review №41

Is so good at all

Review №42

Good hidden beauty

Review №43


Review №44

Near by my work

Review №45

Amazing view

Review №46

Fine place

Review №47

Amazing place

Review №48

I really liked the place, I lived in Campsite about a week. But one night shocked me a little, because I did not worry about the integrity of my things. The place looks very protected, and allegedly all the time someone protects something. But on one night I woke up from the rustle of packages, and thought that these animals eat something, because the day before that I saved the fruit from some kind of krakzyab (she had to do the bananas and she had a little climbed). To my surprise, it turned out to be a man who, having done a separate entrance for his hands with something sharp, like a blade, in our tent modestly something slowly took out of her. When I understood it, and I swung a little, he quickly disappeared along the path, where only Kemp employees usually go.He was dressed in the same way. Surprisingly, the bags with things were on the street and simply lay under the table. It saved them from the blade. But our neighbors are not so lucky: they cut the bags and tents and pulled out money. We are separated by the Gopro camera, on which there were photos and videos. It is difficult to equate for money, the camera can be bought, but not memory. It also disappeared from the phone to the self-stick, and the tent was spoiled. Surenon night and stress. I had to spend a couple of days until the police polled. According to the result, the owners of Kempas arose and took from us in full. I can not be any compensation to be - the owners answer. It shocked me the most. The place is beautiful, but I do not advise anyone, because it may spoil the overall impression of the path.

Review №49

Simply spectacular. This camp has seemed like a real wonder. It has an esplanade of soft grass and some rooms with incredible views. Exquisite food and the pool has the best views of lake maniara you can have. Definitely to stay here indefinitely. A marvel.

Review №50

Incredibly good campsite with hot water, electricity, modern kitchen and bathrooms and above all the pool with the fascinating view of Lake Manyara. The tents are big and have very comfortable beds. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Breakfast is delicious and the rest of the kitchen tastes great too. We were able to reach the national parks in the area very easily:Lake Manyara - 20minTarangire - 1:15 pmNgorongoro - 1:30 a.m.In addition, you can then continue to the Serengeti and possibly camp on site.Mto wa Mbu has a lot to offer, we did a mountain bike tour for one day, where you can see a lot of the place and drive onto the banana plantations.Recommended only.

Review №51

It is improbable to find a green lawn with a campsite that offers a good service in this perched place.Its good for one night only, provide flip-flops for the shower, lack of privacy for the toilets.

Review №52

Top place for its location, view of the lake at altitude. Smiling staff.

Review №53

Beautiful campsite, equipped with a picnic table, nice hot showers and clean toilets. Swimming pool with beautiful views, chairs and sunbeds. In the evening campfire at the bar.Very helpful and friendly staff.There is now a great offer for residents!The 4th night for free! Or 3rd night half price!Prices in Dollars, but you can pay in Tsh. You cannot pay with a credit card!Drinks and food are very expensive. The food sucked. In the village there are more than enough good local restaurants and shops / supermarkets.We will be back soon!

Review №54

The price is insane at the bar! 40 dollars 3 gin and tonic, and when I paid and asked for my receipt because it was a business expense THEY REFUSED to give me even a receipt for the price per gin and tonic in the letter 6 $ per unit! The three waitresses, some without shame, I doubt that the bosses know it, they charged the tonic and the gin separately to make the product more expensive and the price of six not three! Very nice but an armed robbery!

Review №55

Breathtaking place! Toilet and shower are luxurious and clean. Sunrise / sunset are really beautiful because of the beautiful view. Definitely a highlight of my stay in Tanzania, I would recommend it to anyone.

Review №56

Beautiful location !!!Large tents, clean and large bathrooms.comfortable environment and with a few people.Dinner simple and good.Lovely view.Price / great price!

Review №57

If you book a 2 day 1 night safari to Tarangire-Ngo Longo, you may sleep here. The safari chef prepared dinner is also here. There are also tourists who deliberately pay for it, and the view of Lake Manara from high above is amazing. Next to the large baobab tree is a neat bar and a pool close to infinity. The bathrooms and showers are one of the best in Tanzania, so its great for safari fatigue. The pouring stars are a bonus. It was managed by the Maasai, but when I went out to take a star picture at night, I kept on patrolling with the flash on.It was disgusting that a large snake appeared at night, or the sinks and showers were full of flying insects all night, but I thought it couldnt be helped to come into nature.

Review №58

Super lodge! Very comfortable and spacious tent. Very warm welcome. Shower and toilet at the far end of the camp.

Review №59

Great place, very well maintained, nice view

Review №60

Amazing view, everything is well maintained & with attention to detail! I can only recommend

Review №61

Tasty juices, nice bed, good food and a beautiful infinity pool.

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Review №63

Small Word of Travellers nos sorprendió reservándonos una noche del espectacular viaje que nos prepararon en este estupendo alojamiento. Es un lugar diferente, con amplias tiendas y los baños y los servicios comunes aparte, atravesando una pradera de césped. Éstos están limpios y son espaciosos. Al despertar descubrimos las vistas tan increíbles que puedes divisar, y disfrutar de un maravilloso amanecer y un tranquilo ir y venir de los clientes preparándose para afrontar otro espectacular día.

Review №64

This camp is spectacular. It has an esplanade of grass where the booths and tents are. It has a swimming pool with the best views, on one side the camp with an impressive baobab tree and on the other the gigantic lake. The tents have very comfortable beds with views of the entire camp. The food is very good whatever you order and the staff is very attentive and helpful.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:JRPQ+M74, Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 684 711 600
  • Campground
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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