Soko la Samaki la Mzizima (Mzizima Fish Market), Ferry
Barack Obama Dr, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review №1

What a Fish.I mean the rush, the freshness of sea foods in the Air.A favourite spot for all sea fish lovers

Review №2

One of the biggest fresh fish market in Dar Es Salaam.You will get all kind of fish, prawns, crabs, octopus and many more different types of fishes.I advice to visit in the early hours of the day or in the evening for the fresh fishes.

Review №3

Nice place but customers need to be careful from fall pray of unfaithfulness vendors... it is better you purchase from the auction or from established traders and not the ones moving around with fish and trying to take advantage of customers lack of knowledge of market situations in that particular day.

Review №4

Lots and lots of fish. Hard bargaining, sometimes cheating. You have to park your car at the outside parking area. The market is generally wet and messy. Dont get excited buying anything you see before you bargain. Everyone will come and show you what they have, it can get overwhelming sometimes. Be sure you bargain to a price you think is right. You can also have your fish cleaned and cut as you like at cheap rates. Beware of pickpockets. Wear easy footwear.

Review №5

Traditional fish market, where a big diversity of fishes are chopped and cut on spot. Of course, no hygiene measures are taken, but I guess the locals immune system is already used to the conditions. As for tourists, I would not recommend fish consumption from the market :)

Review №6

I love to visit the place, cause it has a lot of different fishes. Its so amazing and we ate some red sniper fish, it was so yummy. I got my guide there called Mbomiwe, hes so famous and hes kindful guy. I love how local do business there and it always gets busy in the morning and evening time. Its a good place for a sight visit

Review №7

Must visit place in Dar Es Salam. Unique atmosphere. Unbelievable smell. Lots of fish and sea creatures. Very cinematographyc location. We enjoyed a lot. Made a great pictures.

Review №8

Fresh fishes available, but need to b good in negotiations. Not very clean place. Be careful with your belonging.

Review №9

The Local fish market where you can buy directly from the fishermen as they offload their catch. If you want to buy fish, better be smart and learn to bargain and know which fish are fresh and which are from the next day. You eventually get used to the smell of fish

Review №10

After the renovations , I really hoped that the fish market is going to have an attractive set-up . Its sad to see the vast place not utilised in a professional manner.

Review №11

Dar es salaam’s main fish market, here you can get any kind of fish you want. Early morning visit to this place will make you wonder how interesting fishing is.

Review №12

Come and enjoy fresh fish from the sea. Price is affordable and many choice from the sellers.

Review №13

Great place for cheap authentic Dar cuisine, awesome, cool and scenic , Indian ocean breeze right in your face, just next to the transport hub, can get little noisy but the view will distract your attention...

Review №14

Local fish market. Lovely atmosphere of you dont mind the initial smell. Made me wish I live on Dar.

Review №15

Cool place to get fresh fish in Town. Might be smelly and rough but the local way is better experienced here. I liked the charm on people around here

Review №16

Spectacular place but did not feel safe alone here.Fishermen on the beach were a bit aggressive and soon asking for money.

Review №17

Nice place with different kind of fish at reasonable price

Review №18

Great fish market with a real local atmosphere!

Review №19

You can buy fresh fish at Ferry Market and fry them

Review №20

What amazing fish market.Plenty of varieties from shrimps,king fish,tuna,blue fish,red snapper to sole fish

Review №21

Good place if you want fresh fish

Review №22

It was very interesting how the people buy the fish, but some people unnecessary tried to approach for the tip. It was very insistent and felt scared.

Review №23

Amazing seefood market, what ever you want to eat, you will get

Review №24

You can get cheap fishes if you have bargain skills

Review №25

Very nice crowded place...ila kuna utapeli mwingi careful when you buy Prawns...

Review №26

Worth a visit, bustling place. Not difficult to find: follow the smell!

Review №27

Mzizima fish market is the place to go to if you really want to buy nice and quality fish when you are in Dar es salaam. The people here are very welcoming and this makes ones feel like hes at home. I love Mzizima fish market

Review №28

One of the best cbd markets, you can get all type of sea food and products, is the biggest Sea food market in Tanzania, if you will visit Tanzania try not to miss at this place because sea food here is very cheap

Review №29

Nice place to buy fresh fish from the ocean.

Review №30

Nice place to get variety type of fish

Review №31

You can buy seafood on oneside of the market and get it cooked on the otherside of the street.

Review №32

Place to go for authentic experience of a busy fish market. Be prepared to be hit by a strong fishy smell, especially later in the day

Review №33

Sea foods (fish) market ... Opening 4hrs closing 20hrs

Review №34

Reasonable prices for fresh fish and prawns.

Review №35

Mixed Experiences.. you can get taken advantage of and into very poor deals most of the time. If you are discerning and know what you want at what price its a fabulous place to find fresh seafood.

Review №36

Great place to buy fresh Fish

Review №37

This place is good and air are fresh

Review №38

One of the busiest local fish market in Dar. Fresh fish from the Indian ocean you may get fried too. Very crowded during morning hours. Be extra careful to your belongings and get used to fish smell around there. Good thing prices are affordable.

Review №39

Good place for sea food, lots of variety are available people are very good before purchasing dont forget about bargain.If you are good in bargain you can bring lots of things from there.Local people helps in purchasing after that there is separate cleaning area there you can ask for cleaning in nominal charges.

Review №40

Good area for fresh fish and all kind of fish you will get there

Review №41

There is a fish auction here!Whenever fresh or frozen fish is brought ashore especially early in the morning.Something to seeBe careful if you want to participate in the auction sometimes the price is inflated and the bidding goes on when they see a foreigner or a stranger biddingCheck quality of fish before bidding, okay

Review №42

Busy place for buying fish and other seafood for cooking. Interesting place tosee how local people carry on their dailybusiness. Can also taste cooked seafood.

Review №43

Nice place to buy fish

Review №44

Good and fresh fish here

Review №45

Wonderful, you wont get lost at all

Review №46

Welcome to get good fish

Review №47

Best service. lots of raw sea food available

Review №48

Its very speciel market of getting oceon fish

Review №49

I like fresh fish, straight from the sea

Review №50

For fresh fish soup

Review №51

A bit unorganized market and messy, nothing bad though. Great ocean shells.

Review №52

Anything and everything FRESH from the sea DAILY. Can participate in fish auction or just chose what you want and pay. Helps to have a Swahili speaking guide but can be negotiated in English. Inexpensive to have fish cleaned.

Review №53

The home of all fsh from Indian Ocean!

Review №54

An early morning visit is most appropriate. I arrived after the auctions however. I still had a lot to feast my eyes on. The sheer variety of fish and other sea crustaceans was mind boggling especially for people like I who come from land locked countries. This was a real hub of activity. I marveled at the super huge varieties only matched by the Nile perch of yester years of my native land Uganda. Amazing too was the brisk sales of the fish offals. The smell, yes it was over powering especially for one who was not accustomed to it. The whole ground is wet but no impossible to walk through. Quite frankly I rather enjoyed the visit.

Review №55

Its a nice place where you can see different types of fish and you can see the auction.But you also need to be careful when walking so that you wont fall down

Review №56

Get yourself some sea street food here.

Review №57

Pretty cool place if u wanna buy fish. It was safe. But who can cook fish when they r staying in hotel?

Review №58

Most of the sea fish are available at good prices

Review №59

Almost all food staffs available

Review №60

The price is cheap, tho theyre trying to keep it clean, but its not enough more improvement are needed. But its a cool place , I mostly love the sea view when there n the breeze😁

Review №61

It’s a best place to buy fresh,smoked,dried and fried fish of all varieties.but the sellers are too greedy and it is hard to bargain especially if they see you came with a car,holding expensive phone and worse if you are foreigner

Review №62

High price fish due to lots of brokers, you can buy at affordable during the early morning hours.due to morning auction

Review №63

Great experience of different type. Visit if you not mind rubbing yourself with people smelling fish. Enjoyed our time there.

Review №64

If you wanna see all manner of fish be early morning like at 8am or earlier

Review №65

This is everything you didnt know you needed in a trip to the fish market!

Review №66

Largest fish market in Dar. Offers you all the sea food you can get in Dar es Salaam at best price.

Review №67

Intetesting how they bid for the fish

Review №68

Fresh seafood but the problem is the waste management.

Review №69

If you like to eat endian food just come to Kisutu, ata dar es salaam there many Indian restaurants here you will enjoy much meal and ice cream

Review №70

Great variety of sea food

Review №71

Interesting. Typical Swahili Culture

Review №72

Was good market ,so you can see different fishers selling different fishes

Review №73

Good auctions go on 😉

Review №74

This place marked as favourite in Dar es Salaam, but I disagree. There is not much to see there. Only guys chopping big fish.

Review №75

Its a clean and perfect place to get fresh fish with competitive price

Review №76

4 stars only because it is not as extensive as Dar es Salam fish market

Review №77

Its a nice place, very clean where you can get fishies and other services

Review №78

It is a nice place to find various ocean fishies like pweza, chuchunge,vibua and others

Review №79

Variety of fishes and you have to bargain prices

Review №80

Its awesome, all types of fish from the ocean readily available

Review №81

All kind of fish is avilable

Review №82

One of the busiest market for sea food & fish in Dar es salaam having many varieties.

Review №83

Nice place but if you wish to take photos, the guards there ask you 20 000 shillings !!

Review №84

You get sea fish of all variety at a good bargain

Review №85

This is best market, different kinds of fresh fishes available here.

Review №86

You can get all types of sea fish at reasonable prices!

Review №87

The place was very nice there where very many fish I bought some

Review №88

So busy very safe and you get any kind of sea food

Review №89

A good market to buy fish but the there are lot of pick pockets

Review №90

Area is too dirty..

Review №91

Very dirty , in a Pathetic state. Fisherman need to be educated to be hygienically clean with the food.

Review №92

Great place to be for those who want to enjoy fresh fish😊

Review №93

A nice place to get your choice of fresh fish

Review №94

Only go you tou are buying fish or if you really need to now what type is available in this country.

Review №95

Different fish, different taste... The place need just table arrangement.

Review №96

Almost all type of fishes are here with affordable prices

Review №97

You can get fresh fish and taste

Review №98


Review №99

You can get fresh fish here! Very fresh

Review №100

I call it fish town, you want it raw check or freshly fried localy that is the place to be for a fish lover

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