Longido Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review №1

Really good food, quick service, affordable buffet.The atmosphere is nice & calm!Good option of drinks.Do not serve alcohol as its a Muslim restaurant.Got a play area for kids. The management is helpful.

Review №2

Is a great place for eating. Has the best kinds of foods, different countries and styles. Like; Indian, African, French, Chinese, Portugal, Thai, and so on. Has a playground to play in. Has a rabbit cage and allowed to feed em. Has a dog kennel and allowed to feed em. In short, great place!

Review №3

The place is nice. If you are in Dar es Salaam and meat is your favorite dish I recommend this place for you.They have amazing juice and mojito 😍...Ill be back soon 🙈

Review №4

I loved the endless food which was worth the price

Review №5

Food is good but as it is an unlimited food corner d food served was limited😬😬

Review №6

By my experience, this restaurant serves the best barbecue chicken.

Review №7

Wonderful restaurant. The environment is superb. Customer service is excellent. I recommend ordering their buffet.

Review №8

Food quality is very good. Service is a bit slow, but understandable for the way they serve straight to your table. Make sure to try their fresh juice, its tight up there with the best! Mango&passion cocktail highly recommended. The owner is very delightful and accommodating. They also have a play area for kids.

Review №9

Delicous Mocktails. Plenty of variety. Scrumptious food. Buffet option is value for money!

Review №10

Eat if you eat 20 shilings .For that reason foods are well .unlimited food. And the drinks are fine.🍷🍹🍸You pay separately for the drinks

Review №11

Oooooh my God , my stomach was about to bust bse of nice food ,,I real enjoyed the moment especially eating Nundu meat 😋😋😋,it is sooooo delicious ,the taste of each food is also great 👏👏👏👏

Review №12

..really dope place to have your all types of barbecue.. also love their pizzas!

Review №13

Good services and also cheap price for great dishes, one problem though on holiday food prices go up high and also u have to do booking

Review №14

As an Indian visiting Dar Es Salaam, I did not know what to expect frankly. But was blown away from the variety of skewers presented to me. Chicken lollipop is their star dish. Other dishes of mutton, chicken and even vegetarian food like roasted bananas, pineapples, paneer(cottage cheese) were top notch. Perfect setting to eat till you cant eat anymore. Light on your pocket and heavy on your stomach(in a good way ofcourse). Must try for Non veg food lovers. Special mention to the courteous staff. Two thumbs up from me.

Review №15

If you are going for the buffet make sure you come hungry. Its a lot of food , so enough choices for everyone. They dont serve alcohol so dont out yourself by trying order alcohol

Review №16

Buffet was excellent! We had the non veg buffet and every dish had different flavors, so tasty

Review №17

Buffet, value for money. Good atmosphere and kids play area. Good place for family leisure time.

Review №18

Its a great place to enjoy in groups and the food served are amaizing. You eat until you cant take in anymore.

Review №19

Hot, cooked to order dishes. Friendly staff with excellent service. I will visit them again very soon.

Review №20

Very nice place and food . All you can eat, always getting food offered. Def come back

Review №21

A very good place for buffet, most especially meat. Tables available. Reservations for parties available. Traditional outlook. Playground area available for children.

Review №22

Amazing services, delicious food and calm environment

Review №23

Blue ocean is the best mocktail ever! The grilled tandoori paneer is to die for.

Review №24

A very prefect place to be when you feel like eating nice food and delicious 1 😊😊, i would be very comfortable recommending to anyone to go and eat to the fullest

Review №25

It was an amazing place and food was delicious and drinks amaizn preparation

Review №26

The buffet was nice..service was very good..

Review №27

Ordered a chicken steak. It was really nice, but i really loved the mishkakhi. Also they have a nice place for kids to play.

Review №28

Love the bbq buffet. Great price, value for money.

Review №29

Skewerz was a nice restaurant with a great ambiance. I ordered a meat buffet, which was 22500 tsh. The servers carry the platters of barbeque items and bring them to customers at their tables. You can choose as many skewers as you like. The meat skewers come more frequently than the veges. I loved the pineapple and paneer skewer and would highly recommend them. The nandu skewer was good among the meat ones. I was not a fan of the kebobs, and beef and mutton chops were a little tough/chewy. The seafood skewers were a bit dry. I did not enjoy the rice or noodles much, but the naan was good. They also have a variety of dessert option, but I had no room to try them. I also did not try the salad bar. The service was friendly and attentive.

Review №30

Nice location, Good food....Great prices.

Review №31

Good place in the first 10 mins everything comes fast but after that its a pleasant way they go very slow literally asking us indirectly to get off the place.

Review №32

The food is good but sometimes you need to check on them because the nundu isn’t as soft. The environment is friendly, the managers are very kind enough to ask around if you need anything, however, sometimes when they’re overwhelmed with eaters, you won’t get other items that are advertised on the menu. Just ask before you confirm your order.

Review №33

Good quality foods! Perfect service. Clean and nice location. Awesome!

Review №34

An amazing place with a cozy environment, great food too.

Review №35

Love the buffet! Awesome nundu and lamb chops

Review №36

Best place to go dine with friends and family, the buffet is amazing and they give value of money

Review №37

All you can eat, and great food

Review №38

I loved this place and will always love this place.... these people are so calm and warm

Review №39

Enjoyed the meal.Of course the place was not verry packed as it was in the middle of the week which made the experience all pleasurable.

Review №40

For Non-vegetarians and meat lovers, skewerz has the mouth licking menu that has varieties of bbq. The serving style and the design of the restaurant is unique and one of a kind. Definitely a place to see out if you want something meaty.

Review №41

Food is nice and the location is good

Review №42

Was beautiful and food is delicious. Am happy

Review №43

This is great place for meat eaters/lovers

Review №44

All you can eat barbecue extremely delicious every day from 6:30pm to 11:00pm

Review №45

Really nice, their buffalo wings were really great. If their BBQ buffet could reduce the price, it would be in best competition. Cheesey fries need lots of work.. Tables need to be slightly bigger. The waiters are cheerful, overall food was tastey

Review №46

I liked their services,the way they treat customers ,they know how to communicateMy expectations was reached i was satisfied enough

Review №47

Very good 👍. I like it

Review №48

They this amazing package, you pay and eat as much as you can, I mean as much as you can. And their menu is super amazing..

Review №49

It is an awesome place with an amazing ambienceAnd a spectacular taste of every type of food.

Review №50

To be honest I had a good time and enjoyed tasty dishes served by beautiful and charming maids. I urge those who have been there, to visit the place(Skewerz).

Review №51

It has amazing services and very delicious meat

Review №52

Service is very bad ... Takes a really long time for food to come until you feel like giving up on eating. Please improve. Food overall was alright but the poor service resulted in a bad overall experience.

Review №53

The experience was good from the staffa and the menu

Review №54

A nice place to eat as a family or group. They have different varieties of deliciousfoods

Review №55

The best restaurant💥 pleasant food & drinks, great services and soothing ambiance.

Review №56

Fantastic barbecue, good customer service and very friendly service providers

Review №57

Service was good, lamb chops were delicious

Review №58

Very calm and nice place

Review №59

Very nice place to enjoy and have dinner and enjoy with family

Review №60

The place is super nice, the service is good, there BBQ buffet is crazy amazingly good. I would advice some one to really good there.

Review №61

Close to our familys home, the food was as expected, which is really good. Prices are good. We did not do the buffet, but ordered the family platter and it was more than enough food. Funny thing is someone different takes food orders and drink orders.

Review №62

Great Buffet dinner!

Review №63

The food is amazing and the customer care is to die for but if you are planning to visit at late hours it is best that you make reservation nice for family dinners

Review №64

Its so cool because they serve everything as skewers and they basically just have food coming out at intervals. They have really nice prawns and chicken. Their bbq is on point 👌🏽 The food is quick and its very vibrant and lively.

Review №65

Loving the meet and tasty and very affordable...

Review №66

The service is good and a very comfortable place for dinner and the like.

Review №67

A great place for a nice barbecue with very friendly staff, recommended if you like to taste of Indian cuisine. You will surely see the manager walking around to make sure you are served well. When you get there you park besides the street with a guard for extra security, be sure to fold your mirrors! He always insists to that then seat back and enjoy your meal

Review №68

Great outdoor eatery. The flow of meat was endless!

Review №69

Lousy service... They take full money then dont serve well.. Better to go to Baraza for BBQ..

Review №70

The food is awesome here! Great place to dine out, good for family and kids also good place to hang out with your buddies! You will never regret

Review №71

Beautiful place to Hangout and eat

Review №72

Its a beautiful place, lovely food, peaceful..the people are kind and lovely.people should get to visit and try the food here..

Review №73

I have arranged a family event there. Although it was confirmed on the very morning of the night of the event on a weekend, the arrangement was fabulous. Food was superior and pricing also was reasonable.The food I went for was barbeque buffet. It comprised of salads of not less than six types as far as I remember. This was in addition to hot appetizers and side dishes such as chips, masala chips, noodles, fried rice.Then came the main courses. Started with barbeque liver, chicken kebabs, mutton mishkaki, chicken sekela (barbeque chicken), chicken lollipop, nundu (barbeque fat), drinks.Staff was friendly. We stayed beyond closing hours but no single word from management of staff at all.I would really recommend this place for a nice dinner

Review №74

A very friendly environment and services, tasty food with an option of a buffet with various options. If you love good food, Skewers is a place to visit.Also has facilities for childrens games, very safe and eco friendly as well.

Review №75

Great concept, very affordable. Great for families and big groups.

Review №76

One of my favourite place in dar... the food is yummy esp nundu. Good variety of salads... and the service is very good.

Review №77

Nice place, food is good

Review №78

So nice

Review №79

Fully busy place especially on weekends.Great foods

Review №80

Perfect place, very unique, the environment is soo good , the food is delicious, got to know and taste different kind of foods .

Review №81

Good buffet options

Review №82

Awesome Barbecue Non stop Food service very Excellent food service

Review №83

Worthy your money and time😊

Review №84

Went for dinner in Skewers. It is a local food place but the price of their food is at least 50% higher than normal. So I thought I would get better. However !When ordering, the waitress tried 4 times to convince me to take the buffet. I ordered a beer but the waitress told me beer is not available. Arabics owning this place? Fine for them they dont want to drink in public, but I am Christian and I can decide for myself what I want and what I like. I ordered steak, after a while, the owner she came to me and told me there is no steak anymore. So I took prawns with garlic sauce and chips. My girlfriend had chicken.The chicken was not grilled enough. Still very moist, I see this as a risk of getting dangerously sick. Chicken surely has to be grilled in a better way. My garlic sauce tasted like it came out of a package from supermarket. This cannot convince me. The chips were soft as all Tanzanian places. Need improvement.The lady of the house came to have a talk and was very kind. But other staff people were walking around asking all the tables if all was fine ... Except our table. It seemed, they only want Arabics and Indians, as I was the only white person in the whole place. Paid double price for bad service and doubtful food. When leaving, the guard asked me money. No thanks.If you are not Arabic or Indian, I dont recommend this place.Other local places around are cheaper and much better.

Review №85

Excellent food, service and environment.Hope to be there soon againBest,

Review №86

This spot is great. You gotta visit. The menu is amazing and the buffee system too

Review №87

It was good. Great mishkaki.

Review №88

The buffet was delicious, initially it was served to your table on time but later towards the end the service slowed down. Probably due to a week day.

Review №89

Fantastic BBQ buffet experience.. incredible line up of grilled items to choose from. Remarkable taste and an overall great time all round while getting some proper meat to eat

Review №90

About this wonderful restaurant , its simple and food is amazing !Here during ramadhan food was amazing and buffet was nice .Even in normal days you can get so many things to eat in their buffet .Its located at upanga behind dtb bank .Pay a visit and you wont regret .Prices are reasonable .

Review №91

They offer all u can eat BBQ buffet for 20,000 tsh. Initially they have prompt service. Then they stop serving u and start ignoring u. The hint is to pay bill and leave. Even complain tithe owner about service being slow is brushed off. Avoid taking all u can eat buffet. Fish is lousy. Avoid going there

Review №92

Delicious Meals for family 😋

Review №93

Food is excellent serving all you can eat buffet table service

Review №94

With a convenient option of indoor as well as outdoor sitting, this place attracts many for both the right reasons. The ambience and the food. Amazing finger licking paneer and mishkaki among other delicacies!

Review №95

The Bbq was on point😋, good customer service, eat to your fill and the price is very reasonable and affordable.

Review №96

Came here with work colleagues. We absolutely enjoyed the food. Keep up the good work + service. Ta :-)

Review №97

Loved it!!! Its such ana amazing all you can eat barbecue!!! And the service is phenomenal! Theres minimal wait time! The music is subtly good.

Review №98

Good food..amazing service

Review №99

I and my family that is on a visit to Tanzania highly appreciated Skewerz atmosphere and service quality. It is really great and fantastic. As a foreigner just settled in Tanzania 4 months ago,this will be one of my favourite places in Dar es Salaam.

Review №100

Fantastic Food, Good Ambience, Nice Kids Play Area. Service On Busy Nights Like Fridays & Saturdays Could Be Faster. Overall A Great Place.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:Longido Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 784 979 966
  • Barbecue restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:6–11PM
  • Tuesday:6–11PM
  • Wednesday:6–11PM
  • Thursday:6–11PM
  • Friday:6–11PM
  • Saturday:6–11PM
  • Sunday:6–11PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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