Triple 7
764Q+J38, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Triple 7
Review №1

Nice cool place to chill out.Music all over, not too loud.Outside sitting, comfy.Great food, variety available including house wines.Also houses a club in the same compound so you got all your night escapades catered for all in one.They also have hookah available so thats a plus.

Review №2

Visited on a Sunday afternoon.. Good to see establishment is still maintaining high standards.. ordered fresh juice from their juice bar.. passion for me and mango for my wife. Both were delicious and fresh. The goat meat was tender and tasty. Restrooms were clean and modern.. overall ambience is great with plenty of shaded areas and a kids play area. Great afternoon out. Highly recommend!!

Review №3

This restaurant is always packed with tastes really good. Recommended pasta to everyone.

Review №4

Nice local joint with a wide menu selection. Love the ambiance and the music is not too loud. Great place for discussion and good food.

Review №5

Ample space not too crowded, the kitchen serves a variety of cooked foods, barbeque and grill menus. The mini bar has a soft drinks, local/imported beers as well as whiskeys and spirits. Theres also a good Organic juice point(Zanana juice) within the premises. Individual, groups and family friendly.

Review №6

The club is small but comes alive with the DJ and his playlist of local, R&B, and Reggae music. The crowd feeds off of rhythm & vibes and everything feels as one.

Review №7

Wonderful place for getting together with friends, family, coworkers for good food and drinks🍸😋. For those night owls, theres a Lounge and terrific DJ😉. Enjoy🤗

Review №8

Nice food! Fresh air and a nice hot club on weekends

Review №9

This is one of the best place in Dar Es Salaam metropolitan city. Triple 7 is unique you will find Buffet, barbecue , variety of juices 🥤 and other drinks. This club is famous for its Wednesday karaoke 🎤. It’s ideal for family. Best for short business conversation. Toilets are clean and well maintained. Adequate parking spaces.

Review №10

The local swahili foods are so delicious. The waiters are abit slow but the service is good. There is enough parking and the swcuritt is guaranteed. Its not that expensive since most od the drinks and food are affordable. They have a better sitting space and I loved the counter area.

Review №11

Food was very good happen to go on karaoke night and had fun food took a little long but it look like everything was cook to order so I get it very big place it like the put all the love into cooking the food hear in africa

Review №12

Good food but too many bugs. I couldnt enjoy my food because i was continuously swatting them.

Review №13

Good food. Fast service.

Review №14

Great!! Its such a nice and cool place

Review №15

It had its unique hospitalityNimeipenda sana hope my birthday nitafanya pale 💝🎄🎄MERRY CHRISTMAS TRIPLE 7🎄🎄🎄🎉

Review №16

Great food, nice atmosphere

Review №17

Very nice restaurant with good service, delicious food 😋 and nice ambiance.

Review №18

Good food, Small portions for the price paid though. Drinks are fairly priced convinced transport doesnt open till late in some days but it hosts a fun vibe and service when around, parking is available and its secure, football game screening available.

Review №19

The location of Triple 7 is great, so easy to access. Theres ample parking. I really liked the ambience, it gave me a feeling of being outdoors- away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. They offer a variety of local dishes. We settled for buffet, (so there was pilau, beef stew, chicken stew, fried rice mixed with boiled eggs, and plenty of fresh salads). The beef was a little chewy but overall the meal was delicious. Even though there were a lot of customers, there was no feeling of overcrowding. Customer service was good. Simply stated, I liked Triple 7and do recommend it as a great restaurant, a good place to have a meal (business or family lunch). I was told they do serve breakfast & dinner as well; Ill try both someday soon.

Review №20

The food was nicely cookedUnfortunately we went during COVID do it was not full and the music was very lowBut the spot is good and the cocktails are great too

Review №21

Just ok. I mean nothing special.

Review №22

The best place to have a good quality dish of all varieties.. good chill music to live the mood, if its a family outing id recommend this place over anywhere else.

Review №23

A 3* star bar & restaurant with a Night club located along Mwai Kibaki Road just off the main road. It is a nice place to hang out for people from all parts of town. Nice meals, cool place and not too pricey

Review №24

I visited this place with my family and we had a pretty good time. The chicken, rice and greens were great. My wife particularly enjoyed the diced greens and raved about them for days. The wait staff were friendly and spoke English well which is helpful for those with limited Kiswahili knowledge. We plan to go back to try other items.

Review №25

Nice place. Didnt try the food but beer is cold and staff is nice.

Review №26

Hangover soup .. you got it just after a late night party to have a soup to end the night..ops begin the morning .. 😂😂😂

Review №27

Great overall meal an d great pleasant service

Review №28

This place is on top of my go-to lists for local Tanzanian cuisine

Review №29

Its good area,enjoyment and food delicious 😋

Review №30

Its nice here

Review №31

Its a calm place, quite expensive in my opinion. But the food is great, and my younger siblings love having their birthday celebrations here. Also, location is very convenient.

Review №32

Me my son went to eat we invited the cab driver to dine with us due to him suggesting the restaurant we were sat down the waiter left and came back 10 min later which was fine. He asked what we wanted to drink. We also told the waiter what we wanted to eat. He wrote the food and drinks down (We are American and was excited about trying local food). There were people coming in getting seated and getting their drinks and food. We observed. They spoke Swahili. They were greeted kindly. We waited 45 min then the driver with us reached out to the manager for assistance. The manager was upset with him asking why he had not served us yet. This specific manager had greeted us when we came in. He knew we had been there for a while. The manager apologized to us for the incident. The waiter rushed to get our drink orders. We gave them again though we had already given them to him. He walked off as we were trying to give him the food order he was not happy. The waitresses kept saying something to him. One proceeded to argue with the waiter while he got our drinks. He sat our drinks on the table. He was about to walk away we stopped him and asked if he would take our foid order. He rolled his eyes and took our order. We got a lot of attitude when the waiter came to us from the other waitresses. lol... They would point to other tables as if our service did not matter. We got our orders some of our orders were wrong. The Manager tried to fix it. We were given very little food and even hard cold food. We watched as others were served better food. I didnt eat. I ended up calling over a waitress that came in to work to request our bill. She was upset with him and he got our receipt with a smile on his face. I ended up leaving the untouched food paying for it anyway. I came in hungry. I left hungry. Sadly. All is well though. I have no plans to go back. Will explore other places to spend my money.

Review №33

Very good joint for a quiet pastime. Not very lit for those living to read stuff, but it is not noisy and quite some class joint there.Be there, you will not regret your time.

Review №34

Nice food and friendly staff

Review №35

Awesome place to chill out. The food is outstanding. one of a kind. Makange, kokoto, etc.Fresh juice is also available. Pineapple, orange, passion you name it. I have had an excellent experience at this place. Will definitely recommend

Review №36

Very Terrible Customer Experience.The Attendants dont pay attention to Customers.The Order placed with a waitress will take a evening to come.They will serve you with half cooked food if they have many customers. Terrible Place.

Review №37

Very simple but delicious food! A must visit if you wanna taste authentic Tanzanian food and drinks 👌🏽

Review №38

The food is amazing ,customer service is ok ,the washrooms were so clean , they just need to brush up the place to have an amazing look and appearance

Review №39

Good service. Nyama choma always excellent

Review №40

The place is very nice but service is poor

Review №41

Amazing bar they have sweet food ugali makange amazing

Review №42

I visited this place one faithful night to have fun with my friends, so we sat on a table of 5 chairs outside, 3 of my friends went to get drinks so one man came to ask me if the chair is vacant, I told him my friends are coming then he took one chair and said once they come he will return the chair, I said (cool) then when they arrived I told him they are here already he acted as if he didnt hear what I said, I waved at him and said my friends are here already, then he replied and said what now? Man you said you will return the chair when they arrive, then he started with what am I going to do and started all series of foul languages and stood up to carry another chair from the table and said what am I going to do, funny enough their are bouncers outside and they didnt even do or say anything because I am a foreigner I dont speak swahili funny a African nation, well... The management didnt actually do anything, I had to book a bolt and leave the place.. Just a simple warning to everyone looking forward to visit Triple7 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, there are better places where you will enjoy your money than Triple7.. Goodluck

Review №43

The place is good but I loved the inside bar more.

Review №44

We ordered Chicken Makange. Taste was mediocre at best plus delivery was very expensive. Do not recommend especially for foreigners (because they rip you off)!

Review №45

Awesome place very delish food with good service

Review №46

A great place to hang out and has got secure and ample parking space. Food is quite expensive and so are drinks. They have an indoor air conditioned bar but due to a small foot print it gets really messy and sweaty when its packed ie Saturday nights.

Review №47

A+ customer care. Ideal for family eat outs. Good area. Amazing dishes that will leave a mark in your memory. Limited parking but open for 24 hours? I will want to see that.

Review №48

It always good been there

Review №49

One of best club I ever visited! After responsibly drunk you have a chance to drink hot soup (goat, chicken or beef soup).. go and enjoy .security are there to make sure your day is safely spent

Review №50

Good for lunch and dinner

Review №51

Good location close to the beach of Mikocheni. Pleasant and lively atmosphere. Staff speaks a little English (great if you want to improve your Swahili :)Good food and very affordable prices.Warmly recommend it.

Review №52

Its nice and really kind employees 🙂

Review №53

Very good music and place

Review №54

Fairly nice and convenient bar which for me started out as a reference point for taxi drivers because everyone knows where it is! I went to watch Kenya v Tanzania football here and the atmosphere was cool. However, they stopped serving food halfway through the game, which was annoying. Drinks are good though.

Review №55

Great spot for a late dinner

Review №56

Nice place in a great location. Service and people are good but at times the girls or ladies serving have bad attitudes while on duty. Its a minor thing that management can fix. I recommend it though

Review №57

Best place to have drinks, nice food. I cant forget times i took rice with chicken curry, was soo delicious.

Review №58

I love it there. Modern place, socialized people, literate crowd, amazing food. Great place for conversation, watching football matches with friends. If you want to enjoy your evening with friends there is no other place better than this

Review №59

Great weekend spent. Beautiful and curvy womens joint. Great chicken and goat soup served just to help you through with alcohol and music. Dance the night away here...

Review №60

Its a chill outdoor restaurant with delicious food (the mbuzi changamoto is really good). Has lots of drinks, wifi and an indoor club that you can bring your date. Youd have to pay 20k (which gives you four coupons) to get inside the club. The coupons are for buying drinks (if you dont know how to use them you can easily ask for instructions from the waiters or the bartender). The down side of the club is that its small (not that I have problem with it but I suppose some might)...hence it has a much smaller dance floor for those who like dancing. My last experience there was spent with good friends so I had great time... also also theres a smoking area that is tucked in a corner ouside on the right side of the club.

Review №61

Nice place with an outdoor bar environment and an indoor club environment for those who like that kinda thing. Also has good food (try the the barbeque goat meat).

Review №62

Poor good high prices

Review №63

The staff are very friendly and attentive, food is excellent. The manager always has a personal welcome, I can HIGHLY recommend.

Review №64

A very perfect place to rewind

Review №65

If youre looking for an affordable place to enjoy local Tanzanian dishes over a cold beer this is the place. Popular with families in the weekends. Best fish makange I have ever eaten.

Review №66

For your nightlife .It has a big bar with different food choices available till late night, from soft drink to hard liquor and a night club, good Djz and good music all night long, it is also among the places that you can go and watch soccer if you are a fan and it is just located by the road it is not easy to get lost, good security as well, all in all it is a good place anyone can be.

Review №67

Very nice place here.Music is goodFood is goodMeat balls are perfectThursday kariokee. LovelyOwner is very friendlyEasy to accessBest place to hangout.

Review №68

Best food, amazing service

Review №69

Great atmosphere....although not a fan of the gazillion bats flying around. Love the food. Had some really GOOD makange there. The waitress was rude and tried to double charge us but all in all it was ok.

Review №70

Its a nice place to hang out with friends, karaoke on Wednesday is best in Dar, Friday and Saturday good place for a night club, good crowd too.

Review №71

Food was okay but the place had so many mosquitos even the repellant wasnt working. Fumigate the place please. The food was good.

Review №72

Well located, has quite a good expanse of land. Good Food. But the club is far far far too small. You virtually bump or get bumped at least 20 times on the average in one night. If your someone who like some space and little body contact , its not the place for you on a club night. The music is a mix of local , Nigerian and young hip hop music. Absolutely nobokd school, to cater for the middle age crowd. Can get very boring and monotonous. A lot to improve upon.

Review №73

Wonderful place with good BBQ. Affordable drinks and meals too. They have a wonderful juice bar and the service was always excellent. It is worth trying out.

Review №74

Great place. We arrived early so was not much people in yet.

Review №75

I did not feel welcome at all

Review №76

The restaurant its nice food good but waitress didnt have good customer service she overcharged our bill and acting wired until the manager come to sort it out ,please when u ask for ur bill ask breakdown of what u used before tra receipt. Very sad for that girl fatuma she is so rude .

Review №77

Outside bar and restaurant next to a busy road. Has a weekends night club. Classy, chic and smart. Manicured lawns and well designed landscape. Secure parking.

Review №78

Lovely outside seating, nice tree shade. Beautiful waitresses with big boooooties. Food authentically Tanzanian. Amazing

Review №79

Nice place and I like the fact that it not a noisy bar , there was music but you could very well communicate without shouting. They also serve fresh fruit juices.The local food was tasty yummy😋

Review №80

Typical Local Bar for Tanzania with a little extra class that made it more fine. They serve essentially the same Nyama Choma food. It does get really crowded on weekend especially Saturdays and since there is a club there too it gets even more so. Parking is mad! Fun place to go as a group

Review №81

Best to go on a weekend. Great outdoor seating. Nice club but may get too crowded. Absolutely amazing goat soup!

Review №82

Triple is a nice popular establishment especially for those who live around it. My experience is that the food (primarily grilled meats/nyama choma) arent good. Often too hard and dry. Personally, I avoid this place.

Review №83

I love karaoke Wednesdays! They are epic, and the overall vibe is awesome. Great customer service too

Review №84

Nice place to sit and relax. Nyama choma was good.

Review №85

Great atmosphere for catching football games and having drinks while listening to good music.The lounge area has a good dj.

Review №86

The meal was lovely. It was prepared with famous local ingredients and it tasted so well. The service was a bit lacking as we had to wait for too long to get our meals served.

Review №87

Nice place ,but not so good as a couple of years ago. Small portions of food long waiting Time. Sometimes employes ignore the customerToday 24 october 2018 we went again to tripple 7 today IT seems Like the waiter was bored , and looked Like an eagel in our table,.He grabed my 15.000 tzs Cocktail and took IT away before i could react .And as i complaint this ,no reactionHe did Not Speck a Wort English.To Bad für foreign customers..I think this was the Last Time at tripple 7 for ne .Oh and they Take the Same price for non alcohol Cocktails as one with alcohol ,☹️how can that ??

Review №88

Beautiful place for different drinks plus food of different kinds. It has big place and also parking space.

Review №89

Nice place to chill with friends

Review №90

Food is awesome especially their chicken garlic. Service is slow though. Good place for dancing to local music.

Review №91

Wonderful area

Review №92

Nice crowd and lovely music....different Djs with different vibes...entrance fee in xchange for 4 drinks good value for the amount. Descent place. Above 30s

Review №93

Do you want a night out with friends and family 18+ then triple seven would be the answer a hype indoor club with outside sitting and bar, great selection of beverages, food and the music was is insanely madness, karaoke also available great hospitality and staff is well trained 5 stars from me.

Review №94

Its good place to visit, hanging out

Review №95

Nice place, easily accessible with alot of refreshments

Review №96

The place has good local and international bar..excellent juice. Got a good clun and lounge area too.Great place to enjoy with the family during the day.

Review №97

Best located along Mwai kibaki road Dar es salaam close to JKT headquarters. cool quiet place exclusively for meals and drinks. Adequate space for lunch business talks. No accommodation

Review №98

Cool and cozy low music good food

Review №99

Nice quiet and relaxed place to have a drink. Good waiting staff!

Review №100

If you love African bbq goat, then this place is absolutely perfect!

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4.2 Rating
  • Address:764Q+J38, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Phone:+255 772 180 777
  • Bar & grill
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great bar food:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sport:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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