Olive Bar & Restaurant
Kahama Road, Bandari Ln, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review №1

First of all, this place is 2 ENTIRELY DIFFERENT vibes from day to night.During the day, very relaxing and café with a great selection of food.Try the Chicken peanut curry, and Grilled steak. Cinnamon rolls are great.In the evenings, transformed into a pre-gaming/starting point for many people staying out late. Gets packed very quickly on most Thursdays to Saturdays. Mishkaki are very good around this time.Fast service overall. Fair prices.

Review №2

Good food. Very reasonable prices. Im so used to in Canada where they ask you how well do you want your steak. Here the didnt so just be mindful or they will make it it standard which is still to pink for me. I had the food two days in a row thats how good it was. The one in the picture was the coconut curry chicken and rice. The t-bone steak and avocado salsa was amazing as well.

Review №3

Actually It is hard to find a bakery which makes bagels well in Dar. The Olive cafe bakery anf bar, It’s the bakery that I found to try an original bagel. It runs as a bakery cafe at day, and as a bar at night. They makes cakes as well as breads. But, dirinks menus such as Americano are so-so.

Review №4

Although not spacious , you have got to love the kitchen1. Vegetarian friendly with many options2 Very affordable compared to most Bistros nearby3. The Music and light gives a Thursday -Saturday Vibe. Every day4. Try their Sandwiches, you wont regret it.

Review №5

Great place for a Friday evening. But best to get there early. Normally packed after 11pm. Great prices on drinks. Always a good vibe

Review №6

Delicious pork ribs and cool place to chil

Review №7

I like here good price. And good place . Also no prositute there . Go and enjoy all night until morning 👍👍

Review №8

Super chill and a brilliantly enjoyable ambience. The toilets will have you overstaying your call of nature. The unique comical write ups on the wall and the outside doors covered in books are a bit on the extreme side for a reader like me because its butchery 🤣but a thoughtful move still.Was impressed for a first time visit.

Review №9

I am reviewing my second visit to this restaurant. My first visit was late night in the middle of the week. I remember enjoying the natural atmosphere but I barely remembered the experience.Upon my second visit, I arrived at around 4pm on a Friday. There was hardly anyone there so my guy and I went to seat ourselves. We noticed the majority of the table had reserved sign. I asked the hostess who approached us if they were having a party. She laughed and said no. So I asked if reservations were required to have your desired table, she looked me in the eyes and did not respond.The hostess told us the only table available outside was a communal picnic bench style table at the back of the wall. Because there werent many people there it turned out to be a cozy little area. We set on the bench facing the door and we were able to see the people who filled up the reserved tables.After we were seated we asked for a menu. And to my surprise theey only had one menu for the entire restaurant. I appreciate it is a very extensive menu however it takes some time to review. We ordered the gourmet hotdog and fried calamari. Both meals came with fresh chips and a small salad. I really enjoyed the beef hotdog and the calamari was ok. Also the barbecue is delicious.I still would like to know how yo reserve a table before I return. If it wasnt for the menu thing and the table selection, I could easily give this place a 5.

Review №10

Tough to find the place and on top of that, I had a hard time getting my order through. I feel like they can do better

Review №11

Good place for breakfast. Reasonably priced (avocado toast with egg was 10 000 TZS), good coffee and atmosphere.

Review №12

Poor customer service. Owner consistently harassed me and threatened removal from the bar for no reason at all. I was in town with friends who are also from the states like myself and it was over a minor miscommunication between myself and an alleged family member of the owner. The owner was extremely aggressive, and never actually tried to resolve the issue. Instead, he approached me with so much energy, that he was physically separated from me (a woman who was sitting, and no more than 140lbs) by 3 other men, and in this situation I feared my safety in a country that is foreign to me. He was drunk and completely unprofessional, I am so disappointed by my first experience here. 0/10 do not recommend especially for foreigners. Expect to feel out of place, and mistreated. It’s disgusting.

Review №13

Good music resides here. Visit it if you want to have fun.

Review №14

Nice comfy place to sit and have a quiet coffee

Review №15

Its a very chilled place. Will definitely go back. They serve delicious pizza :) plus they have a door that has books on it, how cool is that?

Review №16

The only problem is that the food order comes after 1 hour at the earliest.

Review №17

Good place for a sports and chillingNice musicAnd good food

Review №18

Great place for hangout with friends - popular with men crowd during the night hours.If youre bringing a date, youd want to do it before 7pm.The food is amazing options cycle around meat and its derivatives - famous for their platter options, the prices of drinks can be a bit upscale - manageable though.Reasonable parking space with enough guards at the premise.Minus a star because the space is small and can sometimes feel congested.

Review №19

Nice bar I have ever seen in dar es salaam

Review №20

The place is very nice, but the fish was not fresh and it took ages to deliver the food.

Review №21

Chill vibes from Sunday to Thursday if you aint a crowd person, if youre from Moshi it feels like #Bikerz

Review №22

Too slow. We waited 1 hours for just 2 toasts. We were only 2 persons un the full restaurant. He also mistaken the juices because the waiter did not write down the order. It is a pity because is a nice place and nice menu but the service is very bad.

Review №23

A lovely and warm spot with incredible pies and muffins. It has also become a nice spot for creatives to link up and have creative events from time to time

Review №24

Bad! Too long waits to then have the prices changed, obviously more expensive! Avoid!

Review №25

Good portion size and value for money. Minimal stock. A little gem hidden away. Owner would do well to advertise more . Have yet to visit and battle to find a seat. Menu selection good & kitchen happy to mix n match. Staff very friendly despite working long hours. Will definitely return and bring friends. This time at night??

Review №26

Cool place to socialize and hang out on the weekends

Review №27

Nice place for meeting friends day out

Review №28

Was here in the night and liked the vibe, but then went by in the afternoon and liked it even more. Super chill, affordable. Bring mosquito repellent.

Review №29

A kitchen and bar with open minded souls. Their level of thinking and interaction is not of this land. Youll love Karaoke night on Thursday and the staff are loving and they are always ready to help... its an open space so on rainy days it may not be as conducive.

Review №30

Anytime ... Any day. Great vibes

Review №31

Updated menu

Review №32

Beautiful place. Cosy and just lovely. The owner is such an amazing young man, very polite and professional yet very chilled. The food, drinks and baked goods are just amazing. Best place to be when in Dar Es Salaam. Must visit again, couldnt recommend enough

Review №33

I like the decoration, the prices reasonable

Review №34

A wonderful place to chill with your friends or loved ones. Enjoyed every bit of it .

Review №35

Great music, food and vibes!

Review №36

My absolute favorite place to go when Im in masaki, I love the lively nature and the amazing staff, their brownies are really good and so are the signature cocktails

Review №37

To small two toilets very crowded

Review №38

Its good with chamying people and also impressive service.

Review №39

The waiters and staff here is extremely kind, helpful, attentive every time I go, they make you feel very welcome. And the food is consistently delicious! Reasonably priced, inexpensive even, which is very rare to find among the expat-style restaurants in dar!

Review №40

First time coming to this place and spent my new year ,the DJ was on point ,loved the ambiance and met awesome people last night . Will be back..

Review №41

A local bar set up in the upscale area. Just an area that attracts mainly a young crowd that generally enjoys soft music and interacting.

Review №42

Love the interior design of the place. I found it quite comfortable to just seat there have a cup of coffee which by the way happens to be so exquisite, work on my projects peaceful. Plus there is free WiFi so a bonus for that😁

Review №43

Nice place with nice natural interior which is half open. Nice music, mostly African, and good selection of food and drinks.

Review №44

A popular nightlife spot in Dar. It was fully packed last time I was there

Review №45

Cool bar, nice services

Review №46

Nice hangout spot. A bit small but vibrant.Nice for a small group party as well.

Review №47

Beutiful Place to chill👌

Review №48

If you want great bbq in DAR, than this is the right place for you! Grilled to perfection by there grill master!

Review №49

Have more toilets and i will come back.

Review №50

Lively crowd. If you are looking for night life in dar city! This is your spot!

Review №51

Perfect Garden with an amazing experience

Review №52

Nice.........but cramp could be more spacious. Cool ceowd as you d expect for this part of town.

Review №53

My first visit was okay. Its small, but most seating is inside or under shade. Music playing was something lo-fi and chill, rather than loud and clubby, which was nice. I tried the unsweetened espresso tonic; it was surprisingly pleasant with a lime wedge.Typical of most restaurants Ive tried in TZ (at every tier, from basic to fancy), its hard to get exactly what you order. They brought a full-page barbecue menu, but informed me that nearly all of it was unavailable (today, only chicken). My first choice was their cubano (a famously unique pressed sandwich of roasted mojo pork, ham, swiss / emmenthal cheese, yellow mustard, and pickle), but learned with a couple questions that what they promote as a cubano is just a common sandwich ham and mozzarella cheese, but with a pickle. So never mind. Anyway...I asked for iced tea but got a very disappointing lemon iced tea frappe, ordered the bacon cheeseburger but got no bacon (fortunately they also left bacon off my bill, so maybe they just didnt have bacon but were afraid to tell me so, or the server just got it wrong).I enjoyed the carrot ginger soup, though it was quite too much ginger for my taste. My chips were fresh, well cooked. The mango salsa is definitely worth a try (I mixed it with some plain avocado from the extras menu for a simple salad, and put some on my burger).Staff was very pleasant, and service was faster than many places Ive tried. I came to the peninsula from Mbezi, several kilometres to the north; I would likely not do so again just to eat at Olive but, if I happen to be in the area... yeah, I might try them a second time. Cheers!

Review №54

I enjoyed a nice clean-tasting vegan dish here and felt satisfied. Quality and quantity were good. A bit pricey, but I suppose it does reflect the neighbourhood range.

Review №55

Toilets are not enough to accommodate all customers. It reaches a point where men and women was sharing the same toilet🙏

Review №56

Olive has great food and music. Its also quite cosy and can get crowded on the weekends

Review №57

If youre looking for a place to hang put that doesnt close down till dawn, then this is it.

Review №58

Poor customer service..the palce is cool but the Management should review how they handle customers

Review №59

Nice and cozy.Lovely music.Good waiters

Review №60

Food took long to arrive. Dj was on point though😎

Review №61

Nice food. Small space it gets too crowded on weekends

Review №62

Expensive and not tasty.

Review №63

Good burgers, good steak wrap, and great drinks at some of the most reasonable prices on the peninsula! Our whole family really loved it!

Review №64

The best pre-partyinh experience!!A restaurant, bar, delcious food and bites, mouth watering desserts, etc

Review №65

I literally had to wait 30 minutes just to get a cup of coffee....I didnt know coffee took that long to be prepared.

Review №66

Good food

Review №67

Nice vibes, good food and atmosphere

Review №68

Pub in the hood. Good spot to find fellow Kenyans. Karaoke nights are good.

Review №69

A bit too crowded on the weekends for me. But should be fine on weekdays. Plus, the setting looks nice.

Review №70

Vibrant and low key with affordable drinks and nice outdoor area.

Review №71

Food is no bad but slow service during day time, packed on weekend nights.

Review №72

Its fun🤩

Review №73

This is place has some good food. Id recommend this place as a great spot for a group hangout.

Review №74

Loved it!

Review №75

The time it took just to get my coffee,the time it took just to get my order was even forgotten

Review №76

Best place to hangout

Review №77

Always a vibe at Olive bar, good food, decent price drinks

Review №78

Fun, excellent food, good music, best customer service and good location

Review №79

Food was good and great music, perfect for young adults

Review №80

Good food, intresting crowd, well travelled clients, good security for cars.

Review №81

Great food and good communication. I luv it!!!

Review №82

Ordered a chicken pesto sandwich, came without chicken, got billed for it and when questioned the reply was next time.

Review №83

Loved it there. Good food. Thursday Karaoke are great.

Review №84

One of the vibrant and cozy local pubs in town!

Review №85

Lovely ambience, delicious fried pork chops !

Review №86

Quant little café, food is tasty and reasonably priced, with some vegetarian options, breakfast is served all day, and debit and credit cards are accepted

Review №87

Is a good quite place with natural appearance ,food and all drinks with affordable price

Review №88

Food was amazing fresh, staff very friendly, nice ambiance for being outdoor

Review №89

Super for drinks and food even BBQ

Review №90

Stupendous customer care and overall good contemporary music

Review №91

Best place in Dar

Review №92

Very calm joint...good service. I enjoyed their fresh lemon and orange juice

Review №93

Wonderful little hidden jewel. Great vibe and fantastic food👍🏽

Review №94

They got great grilled pork...but service time Id grade it a D

Review №95

Nice evening and night place. Lots of young Adults

Review №96

Best place to be, love the food, the service is great and the ambiance is 👌😊

Review №97

Fun. Love the bthroom doors but they could be cleaner

Review №98

Lovely little oasis! Great coffee, free WiFi. And the best breakfast burritos :)

Review №99

Nice but small

Review №100

Its a good place to refresh your mind

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  • Address:Kahama Road, Bandari Ln, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 655 122 256
  • Bar & grill
  • Bakery
Working hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–11:30PM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–11:30PM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–11:30PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–11:30PM
  • Saturday:7:30AM–11PM
  • Sunday:8AM–11:30PM
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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