Makumbusho Village Museum
66FW+WG8, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Makumbusho Village Museum
Review №1

Good place to be. A lotta history about different tribes in East Africa especially Tanzanian tradition.

Review №2

Awesome place! Not crowded at all, we were the only 2 people there, we discovered how many tribes live in Africa and what types of houses they have, a bit of their culture and agriculture. After that we watched a marvelous traditional African dancing. And even danced with the guys. Just great!

Review №3

Not as interesting as I anticipated. Not much of a museum! And why paying about 12500tzs or more to get in without a guard?.The only thing I loved about the place was that the vendors selling things outside are quite cheap and affordable? Unlike Zanzibar Stone town

Review №4

Were visiting from Canada! Wow what an extraordinary experience my husband and I had at the Village museum! We paid extra for the tour guide which was very beneficial. Our tour guide shared an immense history knowledge on the Tanzanian culture. Its a cute village setup they have, you get to see how the local Tanzanians used to live before the civilization . We paid extra for the local dance by the awesome group, which was pretty cool! They did an epic job with the setup of the village.

Review №5

Had a good time especially dancing with the traditional dancers.

Review №6

It is a cool place, im excited to see alot of traditional houses kept for current and future generation memories..

Review №7

Beautiful examples of traditional houses. As a highlight I would mention a local artisan named Peter who has done wonders with clay and banana leaf. Very refreshing experience on a hot day in Dar.

Review №8

Nice Tanzanian cuisine, in the open.

Review №9

Very nice, cool Musicans...

Review №10

Seeing all the different styled huts along with the tribes habits and lifestyles was really neat. As well as watching the tribal danceBring cash because they may not take CC or Mpesa even though they have a sign saying they do.12000 entry plus 10000 to see the tribal dance, plus they want a tip.Change Id like to see- I would like to be able to give the full 10000 directly to the tribal dance people. Then no tip is needed unless you want to take photos with them etc .

Review №11

Awesome place. Shows history of the different way of living if different tribes around Tanzania and they are also expanding to include other Bantu tribes.PS: kindly carry with you some money to pay as an entry fee & don’t forget to tip the dancers in the village😉

Review №12

Interesting place for young generations and foreigners where they can learn history of Tanzanias cultural and heritage in early hut and house constructions

Review №13

Very interesting place. They showed history from very old times and then they forwarded to the colonial years of both Germany and British occupation. And the independency and the years after that. They also had a special memories for the US embassy bombing in 1998 with real pieces and a lot of history around it. Also, there is a very big beautiful tree in the middle of the yard.

Review №14

Its a nice experience about everything you need to know about about the villages and how they work. I did it without the guide as I was moving through quickly because of the temperature. I would recommend visiting the museum with a guide. But its not needed if you just want an idea. I never got forced in any upselling like mentioned below. I watched the traditional dance, its a must seen. Its a psychedelic rythm from the south part.

Review №15

Definitely worth the visit while in Dar. Can spend as much or little time as you want since its a self-guided tour. In front of each house there are great descriptions/history. Go on a Saturday so you can see the dancers! There is also a small artisan market set up at the entrance where you can purchase souvenirs.

Review №16

It looks simple. But with a guide, and the stories behind every home in the village and the tribes, it gets very interesting. Some stories are thrilling, some sad, and some funny, but all are true and great!

Review №17

The place is very historical and that makes it so adventures. I was able to learn several things about the Tanzanian culture. It was my first time in Tanzania 4yrs ago and I had a wonderful time. The entrance fee is not that much very affordable. Apart from that you have tour guides who are very informative and traditional dancers who are very entertaining. A great place to be.

Review №18

Small place with some old houses, nothing match to see, if you are interesting on the area history, this place may be good for you as there is a detailed written near each house

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Review №20

Great place to bring kids and enjoy the traditional dancing show.

Review №21

A place where you can see & acknowledge African tribes and culture in terms of house styles. As we all know Tanzania as more than 120 ethnic tribes, if youre in dar es salaam or anywhere else near it fancy visiting the village museum

Review №22

So cultural, educative and back-orient knowledge to current and future generation.Finding all cultural houses of all ethnic and indigenous tribes of Tanzania

Review №23

This is first place we visited.. As photos in beginning you have to pay nothing if you would like to see the items which they sell.. But if you like to go more to see traditional things you have to pay.. I recommend it it was nice day 👍

Review №24

A step back in time to see how people used to live. You can pay to traditional Lizombe dancing. Lovely handmade crafts available.

Review №25

Very cool and quite place where one can learn alot about Tanzanian culture.

Review №26

A nice Museum, but more funds should be invested to make it more of a better Museum, aside from that....its a nice Museum showcasing different traditional Tanzanian houses.

Review №27

Traditional huts from different areas in Tanzania. The payment at the entrance is a 5 minutes process, with lots of required data... The traders inside will try, as usual, to rip you off, so bargain as much as possible.

Review №28

Best place to learn about Tanzania ethnic groups.

Review №29

Was very good, its good place to visit expecial for forgiveness. As for me I was there as a young entrepreneur in a market called Kijijisoko 😘

Review №30

Cool Place, good maintained old houses museum, nice cultural dance.

Review №31

Very interesting place to study an African mode of life in traditional way

Review №32

Not exotic or exciting. Casual walk around in a village ambience just 20 mins from town

Review №33

A beautiful outdoor bar and village museum, an absolutely must visit place while in Dar. Great food and service. Easy access to handwashing running water and stylish systems

Review №34

Its a good place to learn about various Tanzania tribes and their way of living.Cultural dance is available for visitors you can watch and also participate in dancing.

Review №35

Nice location to learn about local tribe traditional dances and historical house

Review №36

Very good place for food, drinks and also if you need to see some of Tanzanian traditions houses and all cultures staff...

Review №37

Very insightful and we did some traditional dancing with the locals :)

Review №38

It is a good historical and recreative place with family znd friends

Review №39

It is a nice place to learn of History and true African culture of tanzanians tribes

Review №40

Nice, cool and a good place for traditional foods, the taste of Tanzania

Review №41

We were very disappointed the place has been neglected for years with no refurbishment taking place. The government has really ignored this place of historical significance. The environment around it, the pub and restaurant are dead. They used to serve good traditional Tanzanian food and would have traditional shows like dancing and drumming at the pub in the evening time. But it was not there anymore, place was in bits. Broken things. No life. So sad. However, the village museum houses are still in good condition and a tour guide is there. We were also entertained under a tree by a local group by a few traditional dances.

Review №42

Preservation of rich national heritage and stunning performance by the cultural dancing group.

Review №43

Really had nice moment here. Everybody should visit this place for African local eateries

Review №44

Nice restaurant and a place to visit and learn about history of various tribes in Tanzania

Review №45

All foods test delicious and their prices are affordable. I love everything about this place

Review №46

Very interesting museum, tour is definitely recommended to get all the information and the restaurant next to the museum is very good for a snack and drink afterwards

Review №47

Good place for experiencing tanzanian culture and cultural heritage tourism as well

Review №48

Great historical site thats shows Tanzanian culture...

Review №49

Real nice, shows Tanzanian houses through time...

Review №50

Lovely place to hang out for old school music on Saturday night, good old memories

Review №51

There are lots of historical and cultural memories concerning the Tanzania tribes and cultures that are kept here.Its a nice place to visit when youre in Dar es salaam.

Review №52

If you are hungry and in need of traditional delicious food, this is your spot

Review №53

A must visit place. See some of the authentic Tanzanian cultures, buy memorabilia and when hungry, Break Point is a great place to eat.

Review №54

If you need Cultural History of Tanzania..its a place to be

Review №55

This is a great place to learn about the more than 120 tribes in Tanzania but it is a bit overwhelming to remember everything. Have a tour guide it is worth it but you can negotiate the price for the tour guide. There are a lot of houses and he tells a lot of stories. I paid 12,000 tsh for entrance fee (cash) which is about $5.18. They have signs in english but it is nothing compared to getting the tour guide. The culture here is to rich and the griots are best to tell it.

Review №56

Quite small place in city

Review №57

Good bar break point live music

Review №58

Good meeting place and very affordable prices

Review №59

Authentic huts and information about the different tribes living in Tanzania

Review №60

This village reminds me of when I was in primary school we use to commodate like 3 or 5K to come and learn about the culture

Review №61

Its good for partial history of Tanzania and zanzibar but mivh concerns abou mwalimu nyerere

Review №62

Breakpoint restaurant is makes this place better. Recommended

Review №63

Cultures of Tanzania ethnic groups under one roof

Review №64

Best place to remind our cultural houses and cultural way of life. Don’t hesitate please visit to learn more about Tanzania culture.

Review №65

Unclear admission rates. There is a Kiswahili language test to determine your rate for admission. Waste of time. We did not enter.

Review №66

Nice Choma choma and friendly. Atmosphere

Review №67

Nice place to know about traditional houses all over Tanzania and some of them used also in other countries and some show of african singing and dance need one hour or 90 minutes maximumDont forget credit card to pay for foringerrs

Review №68

The only Museum in town,You will also get to learn different Tribe culture which found in the Country.Live Traditional Group Dance made me happy the most.

Review №69

Beautiful outdoor restaurant with great music

Review №70

The best place to know the history of Tanzania

Review №71

This place is amazing i totally recommend it

Review №72

Its a fun place to walk around although it gets a bit repetitive and hard to remember things as there are a ton of houses. The artefacts for grinding flower and locking doors are fascinating. Having a guide was nice but optional. I was low on cash but they were nice and let me negotiate. The dance at the beginning is exciting.

Review №73

See how local tribes used to live.Good indigenous foodNow is the new location for the boardroom club

Review №74

Good place to learn old days culture

Review №75

Good bar, good live band, good food.

Review №76

Good place and relax

Review №77

Good Place

Review №78

Great way to get to know Tanzania tribal way of life, types of traditional houses and and get a flavor of traditional dance. You can guide yourself throughout the museum, but we decided to get a guide and it definitely was a better way to explore the museum. He shared with us much more information than you would read on signs. Me. Felix is a great guide.

Review №79

Its an interesting village - museum with traditional houses.

Review №80

Very interesting area for learning Tanzania cultural history and enjoying

Review №81

Absolutely agree with others. Get a dance! Throw in some tips and it will be a blast performance with an extremely high energy level!Tribe houses are nice too. Every house and item in it is accompanied with a short description to give you a general understanding what’s all about.

Review №82

Very good place, especially food and drinks.

Review №83

Fascinating history and way of life

Review №84

Good, modern facility. Variety of food choices for those with a cultural taste

Review №85

Great place with rich traditional architectural local houses and huts for the local tribes of Tanzania.differed style and sizes.

Review №86

I real enjoyed to see different traditional houses and some traditional clothes oooh Tanzania is so beautiful

Review №87

Good food, good music, excellent customer service, environmental friendly... its best if you go with the family

Review №88

Good to have a guide here

Review №89

Absolutely calming

Review №90

Good place for historical life style for different tribes in Tanzania.

Review №91

Historical memories of Tanzanian culture, foods and shelter...just great.

Review №92

Makumbusho in Dar es salaam, is amazing place nowadays. It is a cool place to refresh and enjoy.

Review №93

Interesting! Cultural aspects are being highlighted. Excellent restaurant on the premises Breakpoint

Review №94

Good place for traditional things

Review №95

A great place to chill and watch Tanzanian cultural moments

Review №96

Its where management of African culture are found

Review №97

Nice place for traditional quisineAmple spacious area with well trained staff

Review №98

Great dancing. Fun to see

Review №99

Good place for historical sites

Review №100

This review is only for the outdoor meeting venue (ideal for vikao vya harusi, etc).Theres no food option, which is annoying. Drinks are available, but service is rather slow.However, theres ample space for dozens of meetings

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