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3A PPF Olorien Business Centre Njiro Arusha TZ Arusha TZ, 12116, Tanzania
Review β„–1

We always will remember this experience because I prepared a marriage proposal on the air balloon. Everything was smooth and the pilot seems a very nice person. As well the rest of the crew.Thanks a lot guys, we will always have a video filmed by one of you! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ₯°The experience is expensive, but it deserve a try once in your life, and Tanzania is the best place to do it!

Review β„–2

One of the coolest experiences of my life! My partner was very nervous to die in a fiery balloon death, but we felt very safe the whole time. He loved it so much and it ended up being one of his favorite parts of our trip! Captain Frank was great and the breakfast after was above and beyond. So much fun and I would absolutely do it again and recommend it to everyone!

Review β„–3

Great service. Fun and safe adventure (both balloon safety and covid safety), very professional, brunch was awesome too!

Review β„–4

What an experience!!! We decided to book the Serengeti Ballon experience with some doubts due to the high price. But honestly, it worth it. This is once in a lifetime experience that you will always remember. The crew led by Jason, and all the team made us feel special and ensure that we enjoyed each of the minutes there. Nothing like seeing the sunrise while flying enjoying the silence of serengeti and its incredible landscapes! And yes animals, but this is wildlife you cannot expect anything (just saw some comments disappointed about that...), just relax and enjoy the moment!

Review β„–5

I do not recommend anyone to book with this company. They are money minded and frauds. I booked with my tour agency and I clearly mentioned I want to see the migration and want to do it at ndutu . But these cheaters told there is no balloon at ndutu only available in serengeti. We wer only 4 of us and the balloon was full time on ground because if less wind didnt fly properly. If thep weather was not good they should have canceled the flight and refunded. Instead The pilot told some fake reasons and acted as if nothing happened. We wer quiet . They knew we wer vegetarian we had mentioned before and they served us egg and mushrooms which we do not eat. Then during our stay at ndutu we saw the same staff who picked us from serengeti hotel for our ride. He had come to discuss with the guests who had their ride at ndutu the next day. Then I got to know there wer balloon rides from ndutu . I think it was full so they didnt want to lose the money so they told a lie there are no balloons at ndutu and only there in serengeti. This literally depressed me. I asked them for a compensation or a ride at ndutu. They literally told me discounted price to ride again which was a double price we got the balloon for. Very sick . Least costumer help and satisfaction. Now there are new companies coming up try to book with them instead. Dont get cheated here.

Review β„–6

I wouldnt recommend to book a balloon safari unless you can see the big migration. My partner and myself booked a balloon safari a few days ago and we were a bit disappointed since we were only able to spot a few animals.. probably there is a better time to book with them

Review β„–7

Simply do it! No visit to the Serengeti is complete without a balloon safari... Be brave and go for it! It is simply amazing to see the balloon filling up with hot air! Is is thrilling getting onboard, your heart will go bump! It is so smooth to feel like floating over the acacia trees while you get higher and higher! And you wont ever forget those dumb pumbas and hyenas running for their lives... Eventually some big game is spotted! It is an emotional sight, indeed! And at the end you will be invited to have a legitimate Out of Africa breakfast... Unmissible! Why are you going so far away if you are not doing the best part of it??? Beats me...

Review β„–8

The highlight of our safari

Review β„–9

I love their operations in Serengeti National Park ,I got a lifetime experience with them in Serengeti the flight was superb with Captain Mohamed masudi ... Best bush breakfast, the service was amazing

Review β„–10

Tours company it help you to see serenget national park

Review β„–11

Retails and whole shops womens mens clothes stationery homes needs and etc

Review β„–12

Best experience. Especially in Honeymoon

Review β„–13

Excellent first ever balloon ride in the Serengeti. Mr. Ramses was an amazing pilot. Saw hippos, lion, cheetah, giraffe, wildebeests. Breakfast with Serengeti Sunrise Mimosa was terrific.I understand that visibility to animals is dependent on a lot of factors (wind, weather, time of year). They do what they can to show you everything possible. Thank you very much!!

Review β„–14

Stunning their services

Review β„–15

Bit expensive for what you will get

Review β„–16

Best company that I love to do balloon safari with.

Review β„–17

The have good customer care, good services

Review β„–18

Perfect balloon safari in serengeti

Review β„–19

Nice place and with great service

Review β„–20

Flying at the bush with balloon safaris

Review β„–21

Great service

Review β„–22

Nice office

Review β„–23

I recommend this experience. Too expensive for my taste, but it has been an unforgettable experience.They pick you up at your accommodation around 4:30 and you still arrive at night to see how they ride the balloon. When the sun rises you get on the basket and the adventure begins.I loved that they were going up and down to see the animals like ants or just pass over them.When going down, the experience also lasts longer (which in our case was 1h and 23 minutes).We were able to see the great migration and fly over the river although that totally depends on the wind.I really enjoyed the experience.At the end they serve you Champagne and a rich breakfast in the middle of the park.Unique experience.

Review β„–24

One of the highlights of our safari trip. The evening before there was the briefing for the balloon flight in the Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge. The next morning, before sunrise, after tea and coffee, we went to the balloon launch site. At dusk, thanks to our vigilant driver, we were able to spot some animals while driving, including a hippopotamus and its offspring. While the Serengeti was bathed in beautiful dawn, we arrived at the balloons. Our great pilot Jonathan gave instructions for take-off and landing and all the necessary safety instructions. And then it began. The start alone is a real experience. But not to compare with what follows as soon as the balloon rises. Actually, fear of heights is one of my companions, but it was absolutely no obstacle for this event. Since the balloon moves with the wind, there are no vibrations or the like and there is absolute calm in the basket. A thick sweater or a thin jacket is definitely recommended due to the temperatures. The flame for the balloon gives off some warmth, which was very pleasant. The flight over the Serengeti took a little over 1 hour. An experience that cannot be put into words and that you have to experience yourself. At the landing site there was the balloon driver christening and there was a toast with champagne and juice and something about the history of the balloon flight was told. Then we went to breakfast in the middle of the Serengeti under a huge tree. Typical English breakfast, certainly not something for everyone but a successful conclusion. As a farewell, everyone received a certificate.Smooth organization and a wonderful experience, even if not very cheap.

Review β„–25

TOO MANY HOURS FOR SHORT FLIGHT TIMEWe did the hot air balloon ride in North Serengeti, we had high expectations and we were disappointed.They pick you up at your hotel at 4:45 in the morning, when we arrived at the takeoff place it was still night, we were supposed to start at that time to take advantage and see the sunrise. Well, nothing, between explanations and telling you that they take some photos of you, when we raised the flight it had already dawned.We thought that we could have flown over the Mara River, since we were a few meters away, but they told us that the wind was not adequate, so we headed towards another area, it is true that we could see some herds of wildebeest and the infinite plain, but we are left wanting more.The flight lasted an hour and then you waste a lot of time in toasting with champagne, and then telling you the story of balloon flights, then you move to the area where they serve you an English breakfast, which is not worth much, except drinking it In the middle of the Serengeti, more waiting time until they give you a certificate of having flown in a balloon and finally they take you to the meeting point with our guide.Very expensive price and there are plenty of things that could be used in a longer flight duration.

Review β„–26

Brutal balloon ride

Review β„–27

Hello,On February 11, 2016 our balloon flight was canceled for climatic reasons which I understand perfectly, security requires.What I understand much less is that 11 days after the refund of this flight (8 tickets is 4057 €) is still not done ...I hope its just an administrative delay ....

Review β„–28

Fast response and friendly staff

Review β„–29

If you want to fly over the Serengeti Balloon you are in the right place

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