1001 Organic Spicery (at Hurumzi)
Tharia St, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Review №1

Not cheap but provides direct support to small-scale local farmers, organic origin and freshly packaged spices. A nice and elaborate present from Zanzibar for people who care, instead of ubiquitous colourful powders from the market of souvenir shops.

Review №2

Its one of my best experience in Stone Town. I regretted that I did not take more spices. The black pepper I took it is AMAZING.So happy to know that, the local people of zanzibar are benefiting from this. Lets us consum African products, made by African, and benefiting the continent.

Review №3

Great support Company for us small scale spice farmers in Zanzibar, really appreciate them big time, keep up the awesome work 😄🖒

Review №4

Nice and well packaged Spices, our tour guide advise was to buy our Spices from the market because it’s cheaper

Review №5

The shop has a very charming interior design and staff is very helpful (they even let us smell some of the spices that are being sold). A very pleasant experience since we were not pressured to buy anything as is the case with most of the spice traders at the market and could roam around freely without being nagged. The organic pepper we bought is wonderful and we have a good feeling to have supported local farmers during our stay in stonetown.

Review №6

Great spice shop! If you are on the hunt for real and fresh Zanzibar spices, this is the place to stop by. The local shop assistants are fantastic and the spices are grown in organic certified smallholder cooperatives.

Review №7

Where I send all my visitors to get spices and where I got most of this years holiday gifts. Unlike the legions of places in Stone Town selling terrible quality spices in unattractive kitschy packaging, 1001 simply offers the best fresh and organic spices with no nonsense.

Review №8

Great place to buy your LOCAL and ORGANIC spices. Beautiful store and very friendly and helpful staff who are fluent in english. Your perfect holiday souvenir to remember Zanzibar island and to support a great cause, no fake spices from abroad.

Review №9

The 1001 Organic Spicery is a concept store selling freshest organic EU-certified and naturally grown spices from the 1001 Organic cooperatives in Pemba and Unguja. This is the place to taste the REAL ZANZIBAR spices.

Review №10

A place not to miss for your freshest and organic spices in Zanzibar, if i could rate more 5 star wouldnt be enough.Simply the best!! Highly recommended.

Review №11

Loved the entire experience of this shop and of course the local organic spices! The shop assistant was very nice and answered all of our questions in details.

Review №12

Just amazing this spicy store. It’s all organic, that’s we need nowadays. Well organised selection. Most of all, the staff are well educated and upmost friendly. Highly recommendable.

Review №13

During my stay on Zanzibar I had the possibility to see the construction work in the future shop. Im excited to see its development and what it looks like when I come back.

Review №14

Excellent spices and fair prices.

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  • Address:Tharia St, Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 24 223 3297
  • Spice store
  • Gift shop
  • Spices exporter
  • Spices wholesalers
  • Food products supplier
  • Food seasoning manufacturer
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–7PM
  • Thursday:9AM–7PM
  • Friday:9AM–7PM
  • Saturday:9AM–7PM
  • Sunday:9AM–7PM
From the business
  • Identifies as women-owned:Yes
Service options
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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