La Taverna Restaurant - Mediterranean Signature Cuisine
TZ, Benjamin Mkapa Rd, 3001, Tanzania
Review №1

They have a new menu and changed the garden a bit. The atmosphere is really nice as is the service, no change there. I was missing soups from the menu and found the size of the lasagne a little small, but maybe I was just extra hungry... Will be returning.

Review №2

I contacted Chef Juanmi Santandreu to set up a seafood pizza 🍕to takeaway , when I arrived he welcomed me he was a very hospitable person, highly recommended for the area for seafood pizza was delicious I’m definitely to come back soon as I can thanks La Taverna team 🙏

Review №3

I wanted to treat myself with some “real” pizza and a glass of red wine, so this was the place to go. 100% recommended, staff is incredibly nice and pizza was 10 times better than the other one I got in Zanzibar, no surprise with their good Italian oven. The dough is really good and what they put on has quality, so I am willing to pay some shillings extra for that. I chose a tuna and onion pizza which was really amazing, with some real pepper and oil (also vinegar) on the table that I loved to make use of. I haven’t seen that anywhere else around Zanzibar, though honestly I haven’t eaten in many (good) restaurants over here. Loved the fresh pepper and oil as an add-on!!Only had pizza, so cannot say anything about the rest of the menu, but the classics of Italian cuisine were all there.It was amazing to also hear some Italian words again.. it seems the family enjoys sitting here too. I would come back anytime, maybe on a Wednesday. I heard there’s a 2 for 1 pizza offer then. Grazie mille!

Review №4

Best pizza in townI heard about this place on tripadvisor. Had a salad and a marguerita.Pizza obviously had a homemade dough and went into a wood fired oven. Very good, as in Italy itself.There have been a bunch of Italian guys sitting outside, so I guess its Italian owners .Recommended- I will come again👍👍👍

Review №5

Overrated and overpriced place! Both pizzas were burned to dark from below (wonder how a chief can oversee that?) and were not replaced after informing. The bolognese was a waste of meat with no highlighting taste, absolute beginner level. The staff was nice, however, and the place has a good ambient - much potential, but without an eye for the details...

Review №6

Amazing staff and very authentic proper Pizza done with love. Amazing chefs!

Review №7

Best Italian Restaurant in town - no, of the whole island. Definitly one of my favourite restaurants in Stonetown. Best Pizza, very good pasta and a touch of Spain with delicious Gazpacho. Friendly service and reasonable prices.

Review №8

Absolutely great pizza, truly Italian style (Capriciosa on this picture). It is thin enough, crispy enough, has generous amount of filling. Juices and other drinks were also good. Attentive and helpful stuff. Definitely recommend!

Review №9

Food is ok, nothing amazing.Pastas, burgers, pizzas and basic dishes.Service is great and prices are reasonable.

Review №10

The food was pretty good, but we got fooled. We order a single person paella for me and one poke powl to my girlfriend but they charge us 2 person paella!! We noticed that when we arrive in our hotel, so we dont want to go back and say that.

Review №11

I really liked the food and the service here, very nice atmosphere and tasty food. It was the second time we came here and we would definitely come back any time. Thank you for having us!

Review №12

Pizza and vegetables are good. Rest of the for mediocre. Exterior mediocre

Review №13

Havent tried another Italian in Stone Town, but am sure this is the best one.What a surprise to find such good pizza in East Africa. Run by Italians and super friendly and welcoming waiters. On top of that, our pizzas came out within 10 minutes, to the satisfaction of our ravenous kids.

Review №14

Its an ok restaurant. But I guess their pizzas are not to my taste. Have eaten better in several places and this wouldnt even be in my top 5. But the service in general is very good. The food is a bit expensive but affordable. I enjoyed drinking their fresh passion fruit juice. The restaurant is popular for their Wednesdays offer of buy one get two, you get 2 pizzas at the price of 1. So on Wednesday evenings is usually very crowded.

Review №15

The best pizza in whole Zanzibar!

Review №16

Very good and very delicious as well, this place have the best spaghetti !! And the grapefruit mango juice is very good 👌🏻

Review №17

Great food, great music even greater staff and Owners! Gracias

Review №18

Amazing food experience in Stone Town near the market. La Taverna is owned by Italian and therefore the quality of all ingredients used in dishes is high. We ordered pizzas - Diavolo which was with spicy solomino sausages, and my husband - veggy with eggplants, onions, tomatoes, spinach and other tasty things. We both were so happy and surprised as pizzas were so good! Did not expect something like that so far from Italy. Not cheap, but worth every shilling you pay. I recommend to take one pizza for 2, because they’re huge. By the way, it seems that the owner’s portrait is ON the take-away box for pizza! Like this personal touch.

Review №19

Pizza was ok. Gone downhill since myLast visit . Better pizza to be had in stone town elsewhere

Review №20

We just stopped for desert, had an amazing time here. Prices were not very high, staff was friendly and I liked the seating area outside. Its conveniently situated close to the ferry/harbor.

Review №21

I loved the salad was really delicious...the portion was big and satisfyingThe customer service was way over the top and very friendly.....I felt home

Review №22

The pizza was delicious.. However, thought it needed more cheese.We didnt enjoy the seafood pasta though.Wednesdays is a buy one pizza get one free special... That was definitely value for money. However, the waiter didnt mention it to us, we asked him because we read the reviews before going to the place, fortunately for us.

Review №23

I couldn’t go to the restaurant so I ordered online, The pasta was delicious 🤤, they deliver using Foodsasa app (only cash). Next time I visit Zanzibar I will eat from here again

Review №24

I love its food.... but the most delicious food to me is pizza from the LA TAVERNA RESTAURANT

Review №25

I do love italian food and this was a good choice. We had two pizzas and considering we were in Tanzania, it was a brilliant idea to go there. I loved the seafood pizza and a good white wine.Its not the cheapest place but youll pay the same for much worse food in most 4* hotels around.

Review №26

Best pizza we’ve had in 4 months travelling around East Africa.

Review №27

They are like the italian ... tuto bene! Super food and very good wine

Review №28

Great Pizza. Interesting menu with the closest you will find to a genuine Italian Pizza in East Africa. Pleasant outdoor atmosphere close to the market.

Review №29

Its as delicious as the pizza I had in Italy. Please come here after tasting the right pizza!!

Review №30

A hidden gem away from the tourist area. Lovely pasta, pizza, salads, along with traditional Italian meat and seafood fare.The decor is very comfortable with a trattoria feel. There is an outside dining area suuroudef by shrubs that shield diners from the noisy and busy street. It also effectively disguises the entrance so be vigilant when searching for this venue.A good selection of wines and nice local beers are available information with excellent coffee. The desert menus provides many opportunities to indulge.Worthwhile dining destination close to the infamous former slave market.

Review №31

Nice Italian Pizza, Delicious cuisine, Good location to chill

Review №32

Amazing capacious, delicious fish completed by excellent wine in an ambient garden setting.

Review №33

Lovely italian restaurant with good food and nice atmosphere

Review №34

Good service and food. Great spaces, outdoor seating area and naturally lit interior.

Review №35

Amazing food, candle light dinner, great service, coffee off the hook. Just great

Review №36

Classic place i had my Pizza, it was awesome, yummy yummy.

Review №37

Nice Italian restaurant in Stowtown. Good Pizza

Review №38

It has tasty food, value for money and friendly service.

Review №39

It is located between Mkunazini traffic light and Hailesalase Secondary School while in the front Jamhuri Garden.

Review №40

Great place to have italian food. Really good pizza for tje right price, prosciutto funghi for 24.000 shilling.Big garden were You can eat outside. However mosquito spray is a must for dinner.

Review №41

Ortolana pizza was better than they make in Italy! So good! Size is about 35 cm, good for two persons. Large amount of toppings... and I suggest adding fresh tomatoes. Prices around 10€ and so worth it.No AC, all cooled by 4 ceiling fans - so you can really enjoy the smell of the food.Furthest in picture is Diavola - was great as well.

Review №42

The food was absolutely delicious and totally authentic and exactly what you hope for but much better than you would expect 😍😍😍👌🏼

Review №43

Cosy area, friendly stuff and best Italian restaurant in Zanzibar

Review №44

The pizza was fantastic as was the staff. The venue is also lovely but needs a little bit of renovation, all In all I would recommend La taverna to anyone looking for a quality affordable meal in a good location

Review №45

Very good Italian cousin in town. Pizza was really delicious.

Review №46

Long wait, as all the restaurants in the area. The staff isnt so good at taking an order so if you ask for something special, dont expect it to happen... We ordered 3 drinks but got only 2. Pizza without mushroom... And guess what, it came with mushrooms... Just go simple and the food is actually not too bad. But only 2 stars because of the service quality.

Review №47

Amazing place for dinner, tasty food and nice coffee.

Review №48

Very nice vibe, good food & the bestest pizzas

Review №49

Italian owner, original Italian pizzas, homemade pastas, Italian spirits, nice staff, absolutely affordable. We will visit again

Review №50

Lovely Restaurant with great food and a funky atmosphere in Stone Town.Definitely the best Pizzas in town - maybe even the whole island.Definitely will be back!!!

Review №51

Wednesday’s are two for one pizzas! The only real pizza oven on the island of Zanzibar. A wonderful atmosphere if you are looking for a quick holiday to Europe.

Review №52

Wow! Im amazed after all of the reviews of how great this place is and supposedly vegan friendly. First of all I ask for a marinara with a few toppings and somehow 15,000 shillings is added on to the price making it more expensive than a meat pizza. I raise it with the chef and he says toppings are 500 each so I figure when I get the pizza their initial calculation is wrong and the bill would be right. I was very wrong.So, not only do I get ripped off but when the pizza arrives it is inedible. It looks great and has everything I asked for. Except that when I asked for a bit of chilli they have covered the whole thing in the most spicy sauce I have ever had. I love spicy food but this is ridiculous.I honestly feel like the super hot chilli was added as a revenge ingredient for me being awkward and requesting vegan pizza and then questioning the pricing.Vegans and people with food differences, steer clear of this place.

Review №53

Surprisingly good pizza just outside Stone Town. Great service and reasonable prices. I would not recommend the buffalina, the cheese was not much better than the regular mozzarella, or the focaccia which was just a plain pizza crust with rosemary. But the salsiccia + spinaci and the veggie pizza were quite good

Review №54

After a few days without pasta/ pizza we found this place. Service was some of the best we were experienced. Waiter was friendly and warm. Pizza was delicious and the pasta (lasagna) was good too.

Review №55

Racist and unprofessional, worst restaurant in Zanzibar.Just look at who their five stars are coming from and where their bad reviews are coming from.They are only nice to white people. Spent over 10 minutes waiting to be listened to while watching White people come and be seated and served. Then the owners ganged up on us and yelled and insulted us for spending too much time there without ordering even after spending over 50,000 shillings there.The owners were also too rude to their waiters.If you look at their Trip advisor responses to customers you get a sense that this people are nuts and unprofessional. They insult their customers.

Review №56

Excellent food and service, my husband and I are visiting from America 🇺🇸 we travel a lot and this is the best Italian restaurant so far.

Review №57

The worst service experience i ever had in a restaurant!!! where should I begin? while we were ordering the waiter asked us to hurry up because he was in a rush. Then when we placed our order he mentioned that we cant be seated if we dont order drinks along with our meal. when we were done with our meal we had some left over and wanted it take away. They held our meal until we paid. and thats not even the worst part. The waiter actually counted the money in front of us just to make sure we had paid the right amount. words cannot explain what I was feeling. The worst restaurant experience. They need to learn some etiquette . I do not recommend the restaurant and will never visit this place again

Review №58

We had a lovely evening. The setting looks great and cozy and the food was really good. We also went to the other italian more in centre, the spices one. Taverne definitely wins when it comes to atmosphere but pizza wise the other makes a better chance.

Review №59

Best pizza in town..

Review №60

Was nice, I enjoy my night

Review №61

New renovated, looks nice.😍

Review №62

The Restaurant has different options pizza menus in traditional italian ingredients prepared by Italian and local chefs from the island. Apart from that you can enjoy anything from pasta to coffe or soft drinks.

Review №63

Incredibly happy after this food experience. Loved the pizza, great atmosphere and good service even when it was busy. Thanks guys you will see us soon.

Review №64

Had dinner there 3 days in a row. Pasta carbonara was real good, red wine by the glass bad, tiramisu so so.Tuna and spinach real good, mousse au chocolat ok.Fettuccine a la marinara a disaster, white wine by the glass real bad.Nice place with decent service. Bit pricey specially when quality is not up to expectations.

Review №65

Really tasty food, you can taste piece of Italy over there. Food is good price. I have seen many restaurant and places in Zanzibar and i can see there was weitress named Jumaa, perfect service and so sharp.

Review №66

Great pizza in stone town

Review №67

Superb Italian place in Zanzibar.We sat outside the food was good!

Review №68

The best pizza in Zanzibar!

Review №69

Best pizza and pasta I’ve ever had!! 🖤

Review №70

The pizza is very nice

Review №71

Good place, really tasty pizza. Service very fast.

Review №72

Recommendation is good place 👌😊and good 🍕pizza

Review №73

Fantastic and authentic Italian food. Great service too!

Review №74

Great option if you’re tired of the regular rice & vegs. Run by Italians. Came expecting much worst but pizza was actually great! Leaving with a happy stomach

Review №75

Great food and nice atmosphere. Its good to be able to have excellent mzungu food when you really need it... Great coffee!

Review №76

Real italian restaurant with Italian owners, and the food its just superb!

Review №77

Good food, pleasant staff and a very nicely decorated restaurant. You can get a big meal here, or something smaller, like paninis. Quite a long wait though, so I recommend this place, but only if youre not starving.

Review №78

Great ambience decent food. Cheerful staff prompt service. I was surprised Italian restaurant and no chili flakes. Value for money

Review №79

I literally waited 50min to get my pizza. Our waiter always forgot our orders and we had to call other waiters to check up on our order. She never even came once to check if our food was OK or take our 2nd drink order. Im so vexed!

Review №80

Best Italian pizza in zanzibar. Go on 1 get 1 free promotion

Review №81

Best pizza in Africa.

Review №82

The food is delicious. Best Authentic Italian restaurant in Italy. Period theres a reason it gets packed.Atmosphere is good.

Review №83

Delicious N authentic Italian Pizza

Review №84

Good service, good quality and nice prices. it was a friend recommendation. I will come back. I want to try soeck

Review №85

Typical Italian food in a Pergola style e vironment. Very friendly owner, good food and wine selection...

Review №86

Very lovely italian restaurant, great service and food! we could modify the dish according to our taste. highly recommended

Review №87

Good food friendly staff, and best pizza in Zanzibar!

Review №88

The place itself doesnt look like it does in the picture, spaghetti was mediocre, lasagne was not good. Drinks were okay. WiFi was good

Review №89

The food is super-delicious and we got it really really quick. Asanteee! Grazie!

Review №90

There is no many kinds of drinks 🍷

Review №91

Best restaurant in zanzibar , the pizzas are a musttuna pizza nr.1

Review №92

The best pizzas in Znz 💯Great service, amazing people and most importantly delicious food 😋

Review №93

Wonderful Pizzas and great burgers! The restaurant is located just off one of the busiest streets in Stone Town but still it has a very quiet setting.

Review №94

Veramente una cucina italiana.... the pizza was the most delicious pizza i ever ate outside of italy...the atmosphere was also great like you eat in your garden with your family

Review №95

Pizza is good, but the pasta dishes and service can vary in quality. They have a nice outside dining area as well.

Review №96

Very nice place and the team are good. The menu is very Rich and various. The food is good. You can feel italien taste in Zanzibar

Review №97

Great Service and the food absolutely amazing. Management very hand on and very kind and helpful. Definitely my new lunch spot

Review №98

Was there for quick beer did not try food. More of Italian thing. 6000 shillings each for beer and gin tonic.

Review №99

Pizza is very good and prices are fair. Nice place, very cozy and clean, pity that one main road is next to the garden

Review №100

La taverna is one of the best Italian restaurant in the island and, from pizza to pasta this is is the placed to be! Kudos

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  • Address:TZ, Benjamin Mkapa Rd, 3001, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 776 650 301
  • Restaurant
  • Asian fusion restaurant
  • Fusion restaurant
  • Mediterranean restaurant
  • Pizza delivery
  • Vegan restaurant
  • Vegetarian cafe and deli
Working hours
  • Monday:12–10PM
  • Tuesday:12–10PM
  • Wednesday:12–10PM
  • Thursday:12–10PM
  • Friday:12–10PM
  • Saturday:12–10PM
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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