The Zanzibar Curio Shop
Hurumzi St, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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True Alibaba’s Cave of Zanzibar! You can find antiques from different regions and times. Forget about souvenirs shops, this place is for people who like old well manufactured stuff!Prices are high and the owner is not open to negotiation.

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I was referred here by a friend. Easy to locate on Hurumzi street, behind the Sultans Palace. A huge shop with every souvenir and gift item, clothing, keyholes, bags from local artists reflecting the artwoks of Zanzibar. The best part of it is they have a POS machine and you can pay with a card. I was grateful for this as I had run out of cash. The fridge magnets were varied and quite different from those on the other street souvenir shops. And the prices were very fair. I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for the best souvenirs, and memoirs of Stone Town

Review №3

THE best place for all your souvenir, gifts, t-shirts, musical instruments, wooden doors and chests, and a lot more requirements.....basically you can go inside the shop and buy almost anything your mind thinks of, amazing variety with many colorful options. the staff and owners are very polite and welcoming in nature. the owners can speak many different languages. wish to visit here soon again!

Review №4

Amazing place. We spent hours in here sifting through antiques from all over Africa, Europe and Asia.Eventually we bought a Zanzibar chest and Asif was exceptional in helping us with all the necessary customs paperwork, the packaging (he arranged it so that we could check it as luggage and avoid having to ship it home) and having it delivered to our hotel in Dar the night before our flight 4 days later. I was initially reluctant to buy this but he saw to it that the purchase went very smoothly.Asif checked in with us throughout the time we still had in Zanzibar up until we got home to ensure it made it back safely. Great vendor and would highly recommend.

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We had a wonderful experience purchasing an antique Zanzibar chest from the store. The owner, Asif, not only helped us search through his inventory to find exactly what we were looking for; he assisted us every step of the way to get it back to the U.S. safely and in perfect condition. He is professional, knowledgeable of both antiquities and logistics, and provides immaculate service. We couldn’t be more grateful for the personalized attention we received.

Review №6

Good variety for souvenirs and small presents.Vintage is SO overpriced, its hard to believe. We went in and got a quote for a thin bronze small vase of $120; no info on age and origin. A Persian container was quoted $350; I got a similar one in Egypt for $30, early 1940s. I know about antiques and I was blown away by the prices they ask people to pay.Definitely not a place to buy antiques.Keep in mind a teacher in Zanzibar is paid $150/month.

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One of the best antique shops in Zanzibar. They have a lot of stuff, everything for everyone. From postcards and souvenirs, sultanate swords and knives, British empire antiques and Zanzibar local craft.Worth a visit!

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I am an antique lover. This shop has a huge variety of items. The items are extremely overpriced though at the I dont want to sell it price. The owner also did not want to negotiate on the prices and none of the items are marked with prices so it is a hassle as the salespeople have to take each item to the owner and he then selectively makes a price on the spot.

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Huge selection of old stuff. But the owner has no manners. I had the feeling that he is treating his employees like slaves. The prices are way to high. You can find the same stuff somewhere else much cheaper.Dont waste your time.

Review №10

Certainly worth a visit! Know what your budget is going in and you’ll be just fine. Nice finds and low pressure shopping.

Review №11

Alibaba’s cave...but the thieves are behind the cash register. Expensive! If you are looking for antiques, you’ll find cheaper in Paris, London or the New York flea markets. Great place though!

Review №12

Heartless and Overpriced.This place is awful. They sell old items very expensive.The items are totally overpriced and owner is absolutely unfriendly. The employees have to show every single item too the owner and he makes an expensive prices. The whole atmosphere is very negative. Stay away from this place.

Review №13

Absolutely loved this shop ! Bought 4 turkish type lights that would cost double the amount I paid for it in SA! Would go back to Zanzibar JUST for this shop !! Staff are very friendly and helpfull!

Review №14

Hidden gem for sure. Walk through the first rooms, go up to the first and second floor... A bit pricey but very unique antiques from the old world and beyond.

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They have alot of cool stuffs, as you are in there you cant begin to know what to take and what not to..! their service is also quality... i just didnt like the fact that we arent allowed to take photos.

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Its a treasure cove. Full of antiques and modern knickknacks. If you love exploring you will enjoy venturing into the shop

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The place has a very big variety of gift items. They also have unique items that I havent seen in any of the shops. They also have some antique items here too

Review №18

This is a crazy place for finding collectables! Great variety. Owners are very friendly and help you out personally to find what you need. A must visit for your Zanzibar trip!

Review №19

Very quiet, well arranged shop, at the heart of stone town zanzibar

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You get everything there except eatables and at great discounts.

Review №21

Super unfriendly and absurdly expensive!I felt very uncomfortable and undesirable.I can not recommend this shop at all.

Review №22

Partially disorganised as staff go to Manager for prices and rebates, overpriced items, Large collection of items.

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Great spot to pick up antiques and bits and bobs. Ask for Asif.

Review №25

Nice shop

Review №26

Big shop with lots of things, and no one bothers you.

Review №27

A curious little shop indeed one can get lost in for hours and hours

Review №28

Amazing store must visit

Review №29

Alibaba cavern.... Great choices..

Review №30

Over prices need to do bargain

Review №31

Fake Chinese copies at high prices

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Amazing antique shop

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A place not to miss

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Huge selection of souvenirs, many used things and antiques. Prices somewhat standard. They didnt want to bargain. In the end I didnt buy anything here, the price was too high for me. Atmosphere calm with helpful staff.

Review №38

Very nice antiques shop, you can find everything from the world here and also very nice staff.

Review №39

Good selection of souvenirs and old things. I will not name it antiques, perhaps, but there are things from the beginning of the last century. Even the bust of Felix Dzerzhinsky saw the postage stamps of the 3rd Reich. I saw how the locals buy souvenirs in it - so the prices are good.

Review №40

A lot of impressions, pleasant prices ... and advice, as in all eastern markets, bargain, bargain, bargain)))

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Everything a tourist can look for is here

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The market is wide and active

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