Dolphin Hotel and Restaurant
Jamhuri Street Chuda Area Tanga TZ, 0255, Tanzania
Review №1

It was a typical 1 night stop hotel. We found it online as we had not planned on sleeping in Tanga. The rooms were OK, ac was good, but bathrooms are not well designed. Very uncomfortable. No soap provided in my room though my colleagues room had. Lots of mosquitoes to contend with also. Breakfast was average. Staff were very helpful and friendly. No Covid precautions evident.

Review №2

Very nice place to stay with family. The service is good and people are well friendly and lovely.

Review №3

Our money and passports were stolen from our rooms.The same night a man entered in another room where a girl was about to go to sleep. She started to scream really loud and thats when he ran off. The staff and management of the hotel could not care less and they did nothing to help us solve the situation with the local authorities. It is simply too dangerous to stay at this hotel as they have no cameras and the windows do not close properly and people can get in any room using the fire escape stairs.

Review №4

It is dangerous to leave the window open. There are people coming in the rooms through the very accessible window ledges. They tried to get in three of our rooms and managed to steal some of our belongings. It seems to be a scheme designed together with some of the employees, if not the management itself. Its not safe to lodge here.

Review №5

Nice Hotel in good budget. I am happy

Review №6

Do not recommend the place, the food was teribile at breakfast and the rooms should ne more cleanAlso the manager doesnt care about the people needs.For your safety, choose another hotel.

Review №7

Love the place. Clean and tidy.The attentants are not friendly at all. Not sure if its because of the people they meet there every day or they dont have training.But still the place is really nice.Located at the heart of Tanga, you have access to lots of places from here,Taxi stand is just outside, food places are located literally 200m away.

Review №8

Horrible experience! Someone broke in one of our friends’ room and stole their passports and all their money while they were sleeping. Moreover, they tried to steal the belongings from other 2 rooms, but they were caught in the act. It was most likely an inside job as the thief knew exactly which rooms to target. The personnel was not supportive at all, they were just waiting for us to leave the hotel without finding a suitable solution. We spent 7 hours trying to figure out what to do and they refused to help us. It was definitely the worst experience I’ve ever had so far!

Review №9

Worse experience ever!!! We got stolen from our rooms and the owners could not care less about this. We have lost A significant amount of money and our passport. They don’t have any surveillance or proper security. Beyond this terrible event I would like to highlight the following:1. The rooms are not clean. Everything is old and not sanitised.2. Even if the room was double, we have received only a set of towels. The keys have not worked from the first time and it was a lot of back and forth until we have checked in.3. The breakfast is almost nothing, only tea and some boiled eggs, they don’t even have coffee.4. The personnel is not understanding english and it was quite difficult to communicate.I am not recommending this, it is not safe and they are not taking care of their customers!! I have been in many places but this was the worst experience ever from multiple points of view.

Review №10

Worst experience ever. Our group was robbed by thiefs because the hotel has no security, the windows cand be easily opened and from the builduing next door there was acces up yo the 3rd floor. The management didnt want to help us in any way

Review №11

Unsecure place. 2 of my friends were robbed in the room of money and passports while sleeping. 2 other friends caught a local thief in the room trying to steal while sleeping. There is no hotel security. Unfriendly and unsupportive staff.

Review №12

Nice place, need a little renovation though.

Review №13

Loved it so much. They have best rooms also with wifi.

Review №14

Central, fair priced and good rooms in different categories/price. Nice hidden roof top bar. Both local and non-local food. Friendly staff.

Review №15

Worst hotel and horible experience. The windows are loose and we had thieves in a few rooms and documents and money were stollen.

Review №16

Nice rooms,Good services,Inexpensive

Review №17

For a standard room to stay overnight, it is worth the money. The hospitality is a 5*. However, do not expect too high sleeping too tight because the train might honk right on the side of your ear..

Review №18

It’s a terrible place! Very unsafe and durty. They stole our money and passports, thieves entered through the window and took everything with people sleeping inside. Don’t ever try it!

Review №19

Worst experience ever. This place is the heaven of thieves. Do not choose this hotel.

Review №20

Horrible experience. Some of our friends got robbed while they were sleeping in the room. The hotel staff was not very nice. Dont stay here!

Review №21

Clean and spacious rooms. Excellent room service. Front office very helpful, offering laundry services and even repaired one of my bags. Breakfast hearty and different each day. Location is a bit off from city centre but close to airport, but theres always bikes and taxis idling outside.

Review №22

Ts really nice based on the restaurant at the top floor...the food is not bad either...actually ts good but not the best...

Review №23

Nice room and level 6 bar on top.

Review №24

Its was amaizing trip, nice service,

Review №25

While payment their machine broke down since they had problems with electricity. Even though I could prove with my online banking that the money was paid they were not accepting this. They were putting a lot of pressure that I have to pay again! Finally I did to escape from this uncomfortable situation and the manager told me if I would be right and the money will be taken double he will contact me. Of course I was right, the money was taken twice and he never contacted me! Stay away from this place!

Review №26

Location was not nice. Situvated in an industrial area.

Review №27

Good service.Helpful staff such as Bakari made the stay worthwhile

Review №28

Good service, conducive environment

Review №29

Good and reasonable hotel but food service is not up to the mark..We have stayed recently with family.. while check out time we forget one luggage to collect, when I asked hotel staff to send me back to the luggage they have demanded money but more than that someone taken hood jacket from our luggage.

Review №30

Is a worst place to be, had an experience 2 days ago as workers are not motivated and not welcoming at all.surely I moved from there to nearby hotel called Nginda if not mistaken

Review №31

Very pleasant place, cool and breathtaking 👌 room are quite good

Review №32

We got upgraded to the most luxurios building because they didnt complete the booking early enough. So we actually got a bigger room, which was quite comfortable and had a big bed. The bar and bbq on the roof are fantastic and has a nice atmosphere and really nice employes. The reception was also very helpfull at all times. The breakfast was good but not much variancy.

Review №33

No value for money!! Breakfast is bad, rooms are good but is noise and washroom experiance is bad. No water sometimes and water drainage is not good.

Review №34

Nice ambience. But food wise not very good

Review №35

Very clean hotel, about 3 Kilometres from the fish Market and a walking distance to the city center, Municipal Council, major regional trnasport and many other places. Best deal for the prices in Tanga. The manager and other Staff are very nice.

Review №36

Customer care of some of the working staffs is very poor. You would not like to be there next time

Review №37

Perfect accomodation but the breakfast service is too local plus an addition of an extra cash to breakfast when bought to the room

Review №38

Easy to find self driving. The manager was really helpful and room was clean. There’s a bar right next door and a small grill for snacks. Breakfast was buffet style and really good.

Review №39

Nice accomodation place in Tanga

Review №40

Its a simple Hotel which I had to stop over in order for me to rest and continue with my journey to Kenya 🇰🇪 #Mombasa. They have an affordable price which fits every traveller.I wish they could upgrade the hotel 🏩 to increase its standards.

Review №41

I love the hotel, clean and friendly also is good. highly recommend

Review №42

Nice place with DJ playing music, nice chicks, nice furniture, nice weather. Food is excellent. Nice location.

Review №43

Good rooms. Disappointed with a room with non-functioning TV remote control.Also the telephone was not functioning, you can imagine renting a room at upper floors and you ask a receptionist

Review №44

Well its good. W-fi is good , but improve more on TV channels . Only one channel available.Change electricity Generator its too noiseRoom 222

Review №45

Nice place to stay

Review №46

Secured but interior view, rooms are mostly old fashioned, averagely welcoming faces.Breakfast is awesome though

Review №47

Hospitality is really good, so do the place and its people. I would love to be there the next time.

Review №48

Its a good place

Review №49

Loved it very much...

Review №50

Bad room services no water on the tap need to use bracket water,bad test of breakfast rooms bathrooms take water outside of the bathroom and rooms too

Review №51

Very good

Review №52

Nice place for hotel and restaurants purpose

Review №53

HospitalityFood serviceSelf contained roomsFull air conditioningConference hall

Review №54

A nice place to eat and drink when you are in Tanga. Food is delicious esp mbuzi choma

Review №55

The rooms are clean, well maintained, the staff are professional and extremely attentive, and the neighborhood is quiet.

Review №56

The rooms are neat and clean everything is fine with me

Review №57

It is a nice place.Secured parking space,hot shower and nice room service.except that it is near the road so it tends to be noisy.Also there is no swimming pool.

Review №58

Lovely and cool place with confenent security

Review №59

Fair rate..clean

Review №60

Nice rooms, good internet, nice location, friendly staff

Review №61

Affordable food and accommodation

Review №62

Decent Clean enough

Review №63

Nice hotel with great services. Prolly among the nicest in Tanga region. But the only thing thats missing is a nice view.

Review №64

Nice place!! Their rooms have enough space

Review №65

Very poor break fast

Review №66

The place is cool , clean together with honest and hospitality of staff made Dol. Hetel good if not best place to visit.

Review №67

Good service and quality food

Review №68

Not good hotel theres no good service room not clean there rudely infact not good place at all

Review №69

People in were robbed there

Review №70

Good hospitality, nice food and friendly staffs. The proprietor very welcoming.

Review №71

Nice place to stay

Review №72

Comfortable beds, helpful and friendly employees, food was delicious. And an awesome bar on the roof.

Review №73

Nice facility for a short stay on a business trip

Review №74

Offers a variety of swahili cuisine at an affordable price. Worth trying for lunch or Dinner.

Review №75

Close to highway round about when you enter Tanga City

Review №76

For all travelers and people who want to relax on low and affordable price with no disturbance this is ur place

Review №77

Nice place to stay, clean rooms, good customer care

Review №78

A nice place, comfortable rooms with delicious breakfast and food

Review №79

Everything was fine I really like the place thanks alot

Review №80

Its a good hotel after arriving Tanga.

Review №81

Very good service. Nice and spacious rooms.

Review №82

Confortable and affordable accommodation

Review №83

CUstomer care good but you should have ample parking zones

Review №84

One of the Nice Hotels in Tanga City with Pleasant Accomodation

Review №85

Very nice hotel 👍🇹🇿

Review №86

Its very nice place

Review №87

A nice and very affordable place to spend a night in Tanga, Tanzania 🇹🇿

Review №88

This place was amazing really loved it

Review №89

Dolphin are good hosts who are committed to providing good service to their guests.

Review №90

Good rooms and not bad room service

Review №91


Review №92

Good!They have a very nice customer care

Review №93

Lovely customer experience with flexible timings of checking out

Review №94


Review №95

Nice staff. Breakfast is ok (not amazing).

Review №96

It accommodates all price ranges !From 20k tshs to 100k tshsA place for all

Review №97

Best place

Review №98

At least is a good place to stay for dinner

Review №99


Review №100

Well centred into Tanga City with available just above average services

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3.6 Rating
  • Address:Jamhuri Street Chuda Area Tanga TZ, 0255, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 784 400 407
  • Restaurant
  • Bar & grill
  • Hotel
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