Kite Centre Zanzibar
Michamvi Rd, Paje, Tanzania
Review №1

I rent material and my girlfriend took some lessons. We had an amazing experience during 2 weeks.The material is brand new and up to 17 sqm. The teachers are very professional and skilled. They also speak many languages.The staff is full of good advices, always here to help pumping your kite, launching and landing it.Yes, it is a little more expensive than local kite center, but you don’t ride 15years old kites. Don’t hesitate.

Review №2

This October our family and a friends’ family booked a 2 weeks holidays in Zanzibar. None of us had ever Kited before, but we went with the intention of learning.Baris was the guy that welcomed us and helped us make a program for the time there. In the first day he went out and showed us how to control the kite, etc.After that, his instructors took over and did a great job on the water with us. With a lot of patience and good technic they taught us everything.Baris was always observing us to make sure we were having fun and learning. The instructor Mo did a great job teaching me everyday in the water and Baris complemented it amazingly: with some simple yet really important tips and some explanations he was the one that made me ride the board for the first time. The guy is not only good in what he does, but also a cool guy. His goal seems to be you fall in love with the sport.If you have zero experience in kiting and want to learn having fun, go to Zanzibar, go to the Kite Center and see all to Baris. He’ll help you get there!

Review №3

Baris and the kite instructors from Kite Centre Zanzibar have been amazing! Extremely friendly kite school, which will make sure you’ll have a good experience and education. Very knowledgeable and ready to help wherever the can.When picking a kite school, also consider the atmosphere around the place that the school brings. The combination with Mr Kahawa and the school is great! Kite, chill on the matrasses, eat amazing food and go back kiting.Pricewise, Kite centre was the cheapest option for European-grade kite lessons. You can go for a local school, which will be cheaper. However from what I saw and heard, is that they were using far older material and the level of teaching/english was lower than that of the EU-teachers from Kite Centre.100% recommend! We had a great time and we will see them again!

Review №4

Words can hardly describe what an amazing time we had at kite Centre Zanzibar. Baris, Steijn, Nady and their team did everything they can to make our stay unforgettable.Brand new material, fair prices and most of all a super friendly and kind environment made this trip a once in a lifetime experience for us.We wish you all the best and are happy to be back soonSevgi & Florian

Review №5

Amazing Kite surfing center with great (and patient) teachers speaking almost all languages (useful to get spoken in mother tongue to learn faster). The idyllic spot of Kite Centre Zanzibar makes each moment enjoyable and unique! In addition: Top quality and diverse gears ! Loved it !

Review №6

By far the best place in paje! Very professional and helpful attitude and great instructors! We had great time learning and improved a lot. We are already planning when to come back :)Special thanks to Baris and Efe 🧡

Review №7

Amazing place for sure! I fell in love with kiting thanks to this team. In the beginning i was so scared i didnt even wanted to try. But I get the best instructor (Thank you Baris!!!!!) who never let me alone, who always made me being brave and didnt let me to give up! And trust me... you have to trust your instructor with your life 😂😂😂The team is very good. All the instructors look very professional and I would highly recommend the place!Thank you to all of you for the amazing adventure you made for me!Cant wait to go there again!

Review №8

I had a wonderful time in Paje at the Kite Centre Zanzibar. Great instructors (Olivier), friendly and helpful staff and the best spot to learn how to kite. Would definitely recommend taking your lessons, renting your gear here or having a coffee at Mr. Kahawa next door when youre in Zanzibar!

Review №9

This place is Fire,5 stars! I would highly recommend them for your first lessons, intermediate lessons or just for Rental. The crew is very helpful, experienced, funny and chil. Mo helped me with my technic so i can enjoy the beautiful blue water en white beaches on Paje beach even more. The gear is great and they have a lot of different sizes kites and bars. The beach boys are always there to help you launch and land your kite. Asante sana

Review №10

Best place in Paje, both for kitesurfing and just hanging out in general. The staff is relaxed and always willing to help. Give Stijin a beer from me when you see him. Would recommend 10/10.

Review №11

THE BEST KITESURFING SCHOOL IN ZANZIBAR!I spent the last two weeks in Paje at the Kitecentre and had an incredible time! This is really THE place to kite in Zanzibar! The spot is great and the people at the school are very friendly, always up for a good joke, but at the same time extremely professional and knowledgeable. They always gave me helpful advice on kite size, how to improve my riding, etc.! Plus, there is always someone on the beach to help you set up your kite, launch it, land it, or help you if there are any problems!Since the wind was weak for a few days, I took foiling lessons, which was a really great experience! My instructor, Maba, always made me feel safe and gave me just the right advice so I got the hang of it!Plus, all the equipment at the school is top notch! And what makes this place even better is the atmosphere and the amazing food at Kahawas right next to it, which also makes it the perfect place to hang out all day!

Review №12

Wonderful experiece @ Kite Centre Zanzibar in Paje ☀️Spent 1 week there & enjoyed it so much! The staff, manager as well as every instructor were very professionell, cool and warm hearted. Them combined with this amazing location makes it fun & easy to learn kitesurfing in only a few sessions - great spot especially for beginners. You can easily hang out there all day long, right by the fantastic restaurant spot called Mr. Kahawa.

Review №13

Awesome set-up with years of experience, well managed with time served international instructors, quality service and equipment levels, definitely the go to centre in Paje if your looking for a quality experience and perfectly locate next to one of the best and most popular hangouts in Paje. Mr Kahawa Restaurant and Coffee shop

Review №14

Amazing centre and great equipments! Perfectly located in the middle of Paje beach, and an awesome and profesional team. Will be back for sure and definitely recommend to anyone!

Review №15

I can’t recommend this school enough. I did some lessons with my brother this week! The manager Baris was so helpful and cheerful. It was so easy to find time slots that worked and the staff is always ready to accommodate according to people’s holidays plans!! Thanks so much the kite surfing is a must do in Zanzibar and this school makes it all the better!!!

Review №16

Tried my first ever lessons there! Didn’t succeed but will be back for more tries and will stick with kite centre (:k

Review №17

Hands down the best kite experience Ive ever had. The location is perfect, the instructors are patient and very knowledgeable and the staff are incredibly nice and helpful. The entire atmosphere of the place is so friendly and welcoming, it really made the entire holiday unforgettable. Am very much looking forward to returning here. Cheers guys!

Review №18

We started our first steps in kitesurfing here, and turned to be great choice. The staff are sports enthusiasts, very kind and helpful. Great equipment and patient instruction. The center sets in an epic location. We couldnt ask for more.

Review №19

An amazing experience ! Efe was a really good instructor. It was my first time kitesurfing and definitely not the last time !! Thanks again to all the crew !!

Review №20

Cool place! I had a good time here and my kitesurf instructor was a really kind and pleasant person. I learned a lot from his lessons.

Review №21

Really enjoyed taking my first two kitesurfing lessons at the kite centre in Paje (unfortunately there wasn’t enough wind for the third lesson). Mo taught us all about the basics during these hours and calmed us down when needed. + the spot is amazing. Def recommend!

Review №22

Visited Kite Centre Zanzibar 3 times this season and could not be happier. Very professional and friendly approach from The Beach Boys till the manager. They are all passionate kitesurfers, who will make sure you are having fun and being safe on the water. My friend took few lessons with instructor Eric and she was super stocked with the progress she made on the hydrofoil. Thank you team for making us feel home in your centre, can’t wait to be back 💙

Review №23

The incredible instructors we had were able to describe and transmit their introductions in a precise way that made it easy to understand and follow. The kite center includes well chosen material and a lot more humans like all the people who are part of the team. Every single one of them made us feel welcomed and safe in and on the water. Even if you are already an amazing free rider with or without material, rent it there or join the folks for a coconut or coffee of their amazing next door Kahawa. They all, each of them, embody a small kite paje beach family, filled with knowledge and sunshine, xxx.

Review №24

We have had the best time learning kite surfing with guys from Kite centre. The instructors are absolutely amazing, knowledgeable with years of experience, putting safety first while making kitesurfing super fun! By the end of a day you will be chilling with the kite crew at the most lively spot (seriously the best spot in area), having coctail in your hand enjoying the breathtaking views of ocean, white beach, massais playing football and cutest puppies.

Review №25

There are kite centers in Paje as there is sand on the beach. If you are unsure where to build YOUR castle, don’t look any further and sign up with Barís and his team. They are full of good advice and most importantly love what they do! The vibe is great and you will be surrounded by smiles. I’ve always felt safe and appreciated every minute of their patience. Not to forget to mention that they make sure to book your hour when conditions are good for YOU even if this means an hour less on their account.I’m hooked and will be back for sure! Say hi to young Mo and be nice to the whole team.

Review №26

We had the most amazing time here! I would recommend the Kite Center to anyone who wants to become a Kiter! It is not only perfectly located, but the people working there made everything prefect! We were a party of four who had never kite before and we came out from there only wanting more kite time!Baris is the soul of the place! He took time to teach us some beginners tricks that made all the difference!! And our instructor Mo, well, he is the reason I can say today I know how to kite!#neverfightthekite #polepole #goagianThank you kitecenter, Baris, for the incredible experience! We will be back!!

Review №27

Baris forced me to write a review, so here I go, haha. Seriously though. I am a diver and never took much interest in kiting. Until we arrived in Zanzibar and took some beginner lessons at KCZ. It rocks. Not just because of the sport, but the people were amazing. Mo and Mo taught us well, even you Baris will be remembered :) Can only recommend it. We were four adults and 3 kids and felt very welcome. Also the coffee next door is amazing. Pole pole.

Review №28

I had to rent there a few times, because of the low wind conditions. Friendly people, always had a kite from the new season. They made me a really good price at the end of my trip. I had a look at the other kite shops.... if you want to rent good stuff go to KITE CENTRE ZANZIBAR... next door there is also a nice coffee place, if you have to wait for some more wind.Love it there felt like famalie.Specially the Rasta dude is really cool =)

Review №29

White sand between your toes, wind and sunshine on your skin, amazing colorful water. Best kite spot on the island. Delicious food and drinks next door at Mr. Kahawa. Thanks to the super super nice and professional team from Kite Centre Zanzibar and Waterfront Hotel. We had a blast kiteboarding and hanging out with you guys :-)

Review №30

Really the best place to learn how to kitesurf! great staff with a flexible attitute. Fanatics when the wind blows and relaxed when it doesnt. Since this is the oldest school you will find the most experiences teachers here. Mine was Mo and thanks again for showing me the way

Review №31

Central location, friendly staff, good choise of kite’sGood luck!

Review №32

Amazing school ! Very good equipment and awesome instructor. It was my first time but I felt so comfortable thanks to Chollo. He is very professional, friendly, his explanations were very clear and structured. Nothing to say, really amazing! Thank you so much, it makes me want to keep practicing!!

Review №33

Very Nice place to enjoy kiting with differents tides, wind and landscape. Friendly and motivated staff Who will enjoy to help you and give you advices. Duotone geers here so perfect !Close to a Nice restaurant, perfect place to chill and enjoy people kiting 😎The only négative is that if you use to kite with big wind then, here its most of the time light wind (between 10 and 15).Have fun ☀️

Review №34

Great team and great athmosphere ! Really loved starting my kite-surfing life with you guys ! Yann

Review №35

This is THE SPOT for kitesurfing in Paje! Very professional staff and good equipment. So many options… rental, lessons or just assistance! Highly recommended!!! Gracias!!!

Review №36

One of the best kite schools in Paje! 100% reccomend! Location is prime, all of the staff are extreamly professional, kind and fun to be around! Will not even consider renting kite gear anywhere else next time I am in town. Felt like family!

Review №37

Me and my husband took a 3-day beginner course at Kitecenter Zanzibar in February 2021. We were so happy with this kite school! Our instructor Baris was a really cool and fun guy but at the same time he was such a professional - he always watched after us, explained everything into detail, kept repeating the steps with us until we got better and was very responsible. This was especially important to me because at first I was quite scared of the kite. Baris made me feel safe and made it fun at the same time :)).My husband took a short private lesson the last day, Baris gave him instructions via a walkie talkie and I could see that my husband made such a huge progress during this short lesson!Im really happy we opted for Kitecenter Zanzibar which is a high quality school. When practicing, we saw some instructors from other cheaper schools which were acting so irresponsibly when teaching tourists. One of them actually crashed its kite into my husbands because they simply dont follow the general safety rules. Please dont try to save money on kitesurfing lessons, it can get dangerous and you also wont learn much.

Review №38

Spot is beautiful, people in the centre are not very cool tho. Seems like they just want to make a lot of money. No surf-spirit at all. didnt like it there.

Review №39

Great (new) equipment and friendly staff. I have rented for 3 days.

Review №40

Good school with friendly people and good equipment, the location is perfect to spend the whole day in the beach bar just next to it

Review №41

Great service on this premium spot at Paje.. can recommend lessons and renting…Good food also available at Mr Kahawa next door

Review №42

Very professional and friendly team! Its also a great spot! I absolutely recommend this place (as well as the restaurant right next to it :))

Review №43

Very nice and helpful personel, but unfortunately quality of the equipment is very low. I had a rent of the board for whole day. It was relatively low wind so I have taken twintip 145. The straps were totally worn off, the foam was out of the material and straps scratch my feet from the top. After first sesion I have asked for another board, but the local guy was trying to explain me that there is no screw driver to adopt the straps. Finally they found the screw driver but it sesulted that the bolts in the other board were damaged. It is low season and there was literally no board available. Everything was old and worn off. I was charged 30€ instead of 25 € - which was the price from the web page. The boards are several y.o. I had my kied, bar and harness. I am quite happy the next day wind was weaker as my both foot were scratched by the straps after the last sesion at the end of the day with a bit stronger wind

Review №44

Great school. Professional, flexible and well organized. Both local and foreign instructors. Beautiful beach and a good and reliable spot to learn the sport. Worth contacting earlier to learn when is the best time to come for the classes, as its tide and wind dependent.

Review №45

Amazing place, spot and people ❤ thanks so much I enjoy a lot and hope I will come back soon !!!!!

Review №46

Stored my kites here for a week. The staff were very friendly and were great to chat to about the wind and also just about island life in general. We had light winds so spent a lot of time chilling on the couches at the centre and it was most enjoyable

Review №47

Overpriced and very commercial, would recommend the other kite schools around that are less commercial such as SunSeaBar

Review №48

Great place, great people, great experience. I have been here 8 or 9 times and I love it. The people at the Kite Centre are very friendly and helpful. I can recommend this place to everyone, from beginner to advanced.

Review №49

Nice service with a lot of kites and boards, all mostly new! Friendly and helpful staff, very uncomplicated for people who only rent gear too! Nice coffehouse in neighbourhood, very nice lagoon with the finest sand i ever see. Have to come back sooooon

Review №50

Good choices but limited low carb ones. Chicken pieces in salad had a lot of fat and skin (vs in most European and American salads one expects chicken breast). Cute decoration.

Review №51

Well stocked and best kitesurfing shop on paje Beach. My coach was awesome, friendly and very passionate.

Review №52

Great place to learn or rent gear or just call home while kiting in Zanzibar. Great staff and gear and right next to a great restaurant & coffee shop.

Review №53

They have a guide that would help you learn to fly the kites. Thats why I liked KC

Review №54

Unfriendly totals, just pass this space, better try lockals service

Review №55

Thanks great school! Special thanks to Mo.

Review №56

Amazing spot, top equipment and really cool stuff

Review №57

Great place!

Review №58

Great experience!

Review №59

Good equipment, great location and great Staff

Review №60

Have fun with surfing kite there

Review №61

Best place for kite surfing

Review №62

Like the beach, but it is expensive place.

Review №63

Nice for kite surfing

Review №64

Best place

Review №65

Cool place

Review №66

Nice place

Review №67

Best location in Paje Beach, fantastic service, newest material and experienced teachers. Baris is a cool guy and runs his kite school in a highly professional way! Recommend 100% for a fun experience! Hope to come back soon...!

Review №68

Nice bunch of guys and very professional. I made a steady progress with them and their instructors are fun and speak many languages. They are a bit more expensive than the local schools, but after trying out a few schools, these guys definitely proved their worth.

Review №69

*I highly recommend this kiteschool!*We ended up at the kite centre zanzibar after having talked to several other (including cheaper) kiteschools, and Im happy we did!During the introductory talk Barış was very honest about the conditions and type of lessons that we would need (since we were not completely beginners). This was in contrast to some other places weve talked to, where it sometimes felt like a rip off..My instructor Yunus was great! Good in communication, clearly very knowledgeable about kiting but also as a teacher (knows when to push you or stop you) and passionate to make me an indipendent rider.Planning of lessons was flexible, gear was good. As said, there are schools where you pay less per hour, but in the end we were probably off cheaper due to the high quality of the lessons (and therefore less hours needed) :)So, if you want proper lessons & gear from knowleable & fun staff, this is the place to be in Paje!

Review №70

A real money factory where the courses are two to three times more expensive than in the other schools on the beach. The manager is very unpleasant, he sends you for a walk at the slightest question. In short, it is not at all the kite spirit that we are looking for.

Review №71

Very nice kitesurfing school in Paje with good instructors!I got my lessons from Mo and after 3 lessons I could really sail pieces. Mo explains the technique well and teaches you the practice of kiting with a lot of patience and safety. A perfect place to learn to kite.

Review №72

Great club people who are all passionate about kitesurfing! All professionals from whom you can learn a huge amount. I had the honor of being taught by Boras and how educational it was. And also just very cool and cozy. This is really one of the best schools in Zanzibar. And you will notice that in everything: good material, professional instructors and transparent processing of the lessons learned so that no subsequent confusion about costs can arise. All in all I want to thank everyone there for the nice experience and nice atmosphere. Ill definitely return!

Review №73

Wonderful place. Very nice and helpful staff. Wind is best when the tide is coming in.

Review №74

Beginners in kiteboarding, my wife and I took 9 hours of lessons (3 x 3 hours) with the Kite Center school. Its a great center with great teachers and great gear. Special mention for our instructor Mo, who speaks excellent English and is a great teacher. Safety has always been put forward, so its best to progress calmly. At the end of the course we managed to draw some edges.

Review №75

Wonderful place to do some sport. Surfing, kite surfing or diving and snorkeling excursions, everything is offered here. Very nice staff who are always ready to help. Definitely drop by and have a lot of fun. Prices are cheaper than the big providers and you support the local boys and their families.

Review №76

...... I received this silence when I first walked onto the beach .... What a mega kitesurf spot! And a super welcome at Kite Center Zanzibar and then a delicious cup of coffee at Mr Kahawa ... Very nice guests there and here you get a real holiday feeling! People an absolute must !!!

Review №77

Kitesurfing in Zanzibar, I had to think about it for a while because of my budget, but it has been completely worth it. I was unlucky with the weather (rain and little wind), but the kite school and especially my instructor (Felix) took all the time and didnt want to rush. The 2nd lesson we tried with too little wind, the next day I still got a whole lesson. Super cool sport and a good certified school, thanks!

Review №78

Rather nice team, but count twice the hours to be a little bit autonomous.

Review №79

Tremendous and dishonest. They tried to get me to do the lesson (I already with kite and board) without a breath of wind that there was arguing. All the schools around have however admitted that there was not and there would be no wind for the next days.

Review №80

During the lesson one of their pupils came after me twice and the instructor didnt even come to help or apologize.

Review №81

Very good place. Im working with the helpers. If needed, they should be given immediately, glued, screwdrivers ... etc. next to the hammer there is a small outlet where you can get almost everything. Trapeze, polo, nape, neoprene shoe, etc. They have zanzibar os lycra kitecentre the original polojuk what kotelezo to buy here jasz;)))

Review №82

Very nice spot the people from the center are all very helpful and friendly. Thanks again to Rafa who always has everything in mind. We would love to come back. Great team.

Review №83

Beautiful beach but the wind is so strong it only suits kite surfers. Missing which deck chair.

Review №84

I recommend to everyone a mega place

Review №85

Great team. Good material.

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