Local Restaurant Mama Africa
779R+MQ7, Nungwi, Tanzania
Local Restaurant Mama Africa
Review №1

Chicken pilau was voluminous, especially the chicken and pilau were good. Vegetables and beans have a simple taste, but no problem because the chicken is little solty. It’s better to eat them together. Little more expensive than a local restaurant, but cheaper than a restaurant along the beach. You have to wait for 40minutes for the food to come.

Review №2

Authentic local food for close to local prices. Food is already prepared and its a set menu so you dont really have to wait for long (which is the norm on the island). Taste of the food was okay.

Review №3

Amazingly friendly service, local vibe and good prices. Vegan options.I wish there were more places like this one around the island.

Review №4

They try their best, but it does not work out.If you are very hungry and looking for a cheap place, youve come to the right place.However, if you expect something more from food, look elsewhere.

Review №5

A local place with good food and low prices. Two lunches with coke were 24k TSh which is a very competitive price - at fancier places you get just a pizza for this money. Food was tasty, wait time short. The only nuisance were flies, but since we were outdoors it is hard to blame the restaurant for them.

Review №6

Very decently priced establishment wish great local dishes and very friendly local staff who care for your experience just as much as they care about the quality of the food. I recommend you try their calamari dishes. Very fresh and humble. Lovely.

Review №7

They recently increased the prices so it is not that economic anymore. It took 40mins to get the meal, the beef pilau was 4 tiny pieces of meat and there was no spinach because it was finished that day - the waitress didnt bother to tell me when ordering and likely wouldnt tell me if I didnt notice. The poorest experience in Zanzibar so far. For the money we paid there are much better options in the town.

Review №8

Super nice staff (especially Merry, we luv this gyal!), excellent food, great atmosphere. Local dishes for reasonable prices. Highly recommended by random Muzungu from Czechia (not Chechnya,but they are also cool)

Review №9

Local restaurant very good, clean and cheap. I recommend!

Review №10

A youngster manages the place with his mother. Its literally mamma Africa. Very tasty food for much cheaper price in the area where big beach hotels offer for for expensive prices. Give it a go.

Review №11

Perfect place to eat during sour stay in Nungwi. The restaurant offers various kinds of local food for reasonable prices.Staff was always fast, helpful and friendly.Its the cheapest option around and worth a visit.

Review №12

Very tasty home made local food for reasonable prices. Given that the area is filled with upscale hotels and restaurants this place offers an insight into the local cuisine.

Review №13

Very tasty and good prices. Locales also ear there.

Review №14

Affordable, quick and nice local foods

Review №15

Great local food for a really low price. I can highly recommend this place.

Review №16

It was great meal with Mama Africa, she was a great person 😊😊

Review №17

If you are looking for the authentic experience, this is the place.Know where you are going.The food is good/cheap & local

Review №18

Authentic and delicious. Tender octopus and a nice sample of local side dishes.

Review №19

Nice play to eat something 🤙😏👌😎🏝️🇹🇿🛳️🌍.

Review №20

GO HERE if youre in nungwi. A great spot for traditional tanzanian food in zanzibar. theres a lot of random restaurants in zanzibar—youll find a lot of italian spots and places that try to make tourists happy. so if you cant hang with the vibe at Mama Africa then go elsewhere!!

Review №21

Reasonably priced fresh food restaurant close to the beach ⛱

Review №22

African cousine, good place, low prices, all food is fresh and tasty. Mama, you are the best!

Review №23

Local food for local people. Very cheap. Dont try beef.

Review №24

Yummy and cheap

Review №25

Reggae and sunset !

Review №26


Review №27

Good local food and prices.

Review №28

A nice and very inexpensive little restaurant.

Review №29

Fairly good

Review №30

Bistro. Fast and tasty.

Review №31

The best food in Nungwi

Review №32

Nice location and African vibes

Review №33

Delicious food

Review №34


Review №35

Awful food

Review №36

Very friendly and fast service, tasty food for low price

Review №37

Good place

Review №38

Very original, tasty and good priced food

Review №39

Great food at a great price for tourists, slightly high for Tanzanians. Ngombe pilaw and miskaki recommended. With 7000 shillings you can eat easily. Nice dade who work there! Good solution for those who do not want to frequent too touristy places

Review №40

Local cuisine, it is best to order the dishes that they usually eat, the prawns that I ordered were not very good, few and well done. On the other hand, my husbands plate was super good. They dont have beer. But eating there is one way to help the local economy.

Review №41

Excellent restaurant near the beach with the local cuisine. The food is delicious and inexpensive, so there eating local. Prepare a short time, in contrast to many other institutions, but it is possible to order in advance and arrive at the appointed time, so did not have to wait. In Mama Africa, you can try the local cuisine, because the institution is designed for local, not tourist. The location is convenient to go for dinner while on the beach.

Review №42

Milé, rodinné.. skvělé jídlo, výborně dochucené

Review №43

Superb food, great atmosphere with local prices and a great atmosphere. I highly recommend !

Review №44

Inexpensive, fish with rice, spinach, a small portion of salad -8000 shillings, the fish is a little overcooked, but in more expensive cafes it is no better, smoothies 2000. Local people also eat. Can be recommended for those who just want to eat for little money.

Review №45

One of the cheapest restaurants on Zanzibar. Many locals also eat here. You can get a main meal here for the equivalent of € 2.00. We ordered rice with chicken and rice with beef. There are always beans, some kind of spinach and some salad. The café is only about 100-150 meters from the beach. There is a lot of activity and tourists also come here. So this is the place for a quick, uncomplicated and simple meal!

Review №46

We wanted to try this restaurant, in addition to being recommended by some Masai who we became friends, the truth was that the menu looked very good and we decided to try it. We approached lunch and ordered a plate of prawns with rice that was accompanied by a sauce like tomato on a plate and another of beans, as well as a handful of spinach. The prawns served separately also did not enter our eye as well as the smell. So we tried to eat so as not to look bad but it was impossible. As for the other calamari and rice dish served with the same garnish as the previous one, it was infumable, the past calm, hard and refried. The smell also said of its freshness. To all this was added the abundant number of flies that came to such delicacy. So without further hesitation we asked for the bill with some shame and they asked us if the food was not good, the truth is that I could not say if in these places we eat like this, but in the restaurants around it has not happened to us such a thing . We do not understand typical African food. So we paid the bill and left.

Review №47

Great food, quite cozy place

Review №48

The best food on the island and the cheapest, large portions - it is easily eaten from one food 2, the price is about 70 crowns, the best fish I have ever eaten

Review №49

The best African food weve had on the island so far. Super cheap, fresh fish and really delicious!

Review №50

This is the worst food in decades of traveling to different countries! At the same time, the cost of lunch for 2 people was slightly less than in other decent places.Octopus soup is salted dark water with scraps of boiled carrots and onions. The octopus pieces were soft. Fish with vegetables and rice and Octopus with vegetables turned out to be similar, only one dish contained fried salted fish a little larger than a palm, and the other contained pieces of octopus in a different sauce of an incomprehensible color. It was impossible to chew some of the pieces; they had to be sent to the soup broth garbage can. The garnish is a huge mountain of glued grayish rice, a hodgepodge of boiled beans, a slide of semi-stewed onions, peppers, and tomatoes. There was also a mound of stewed greens, an average between spinach and seaweed, but also slightly edible.When calculating, the waitress overestimated the cost of the dish, referring to the fact that it was not on the menu and you had to pay extra for the exclusive. Then she ran for a long time to neighboring shops and changed money, because she had no change.The menu included soda, which she brought from a nearby store, turned out to be Fanta, reminiscent of the Yupi drink from the distant 90s.The mark can only be 2, but we would give 1.

Review №51

Local and fresh food, the place is fine in terms of food: no more.

Review №52

Cheap cafe for locals. It certainly looks scary) Do not read stupid reviews. First, read about the cuisine of Zanzibar, then you will understand what to expect from food. A good chance to sample some simple local cuisine. You can eat there, or you can take it with you. We mostly took with us and ate in the room in the cool. There are no fans. The prices are the lowest in Nungwi. For people who eat street fast food in different countries. Dont get poisoned for sure. Everything is heat treated. And they buy everything quickly, there is no old food. If there are problems with digestion, then it is only a matter of time. It is the local imported water to blame, everyone is prepared and washed on it. And in 5 star hotels too. On days 2-4, acclimatization will start anyway! We ate 3 times, there were no problems. Iron dishes or chipped ceramics, authentic)))The menu is divided into 3 parts. Side dishes: French fries, rice or pasta. The main ones are chicken, fish, octopus, beef. Pilaf or saw. And combinations of these dishes. Two kinds of soup. Local soups are not familiar to us; in fact, it is a broth and a few pieces of what was cooked from. Just a good rich broth. In restaurants, it is still thickened with flour with coconut milk, but the essence does not change. The rice is good with spices and is delicious in itself. The portions are large. A plate of spaghetti with huge chunks of chicken is unrealistic to master. The cocktails are good. Fried fish, this is a whole local deep-fried fish similar to mackerel, no bones, a bit dry for me. The octopus is good, but no sauce. The pilaf is delicious. There is not everything on the menu, there are always a lot of people, they sort it out. Garnish with spinach and boiled beans (similar to a lobby without a tomato). They cook mega fast. 5-10 minutes. While we wait, we drink fresh juices. I like the mix. The juices are thick. You can see everything in the cafe. Not only Russians eat, but also foreigners with children. No alcohol. They know English well. If they work on the design and furnishings and expands at the same prices, it will be 5 stars by local standards. On the other hand ... they need it if the people are full?)

Review №53

Very good and good value for money!

Review №54

Basic restaurant that prepares authentic African dishes, you can find Zanzibaris and tourists, the wait and very minimal near-instant food based on rice meat beans and vegetables cooked divinely only flaw the menu with little choice and the local that vaguely resembles a cellar. the staff is very nice and what about the price ... you can dine from 2 or 3 € (5000/7500 shillings) per person, and its no joke try it. Highly recommended

Review №55

You cant ask for more for less. For € 4 they offered us rice with veal and fish and half a liter of beer. The food was good. This place is frequented by the people there; good sign.

Review №56

The cheapest place to eat in Nungwi. Wali / ugali / pilau na Samaki / Nyama. Rice / polenta / pilau rice with meat or fish, sometimes fish soup. Simple and genuine, cooked at the moment in poor hygiene conditions. Some fly. Authentic place populated by local people. Try it at least once.

Review №57

Cheap, not poisoned.The portions are colorful and large. There are always a lot of people. In general, it is quite tasty. But at one time

Review №58

Nice establishment. Authentic Zanzibar food. Loved the soup and spice tea. Initially, I was frightened off by the external condition, which does not affect the taste of food.

Review №59

Local restaurant, very pleasant atmosphere.Typical dishes and more than reasonable prices.

Review №60

The food is fresh, delicious and has lot of value for money. The food is very cheap. (Cheap) and good.Its close to the beach. The beach is on the corner of Nungwi.

Review №61

There are also cheaper places. But here it is cheaper than on the beach, tastier and more. Octopus

Review №62

Okay, a four will do. The portions are large, tasty

Review №63

I liked it here, a little long, but the food is delicious, the prices are like everywhere else

Review №64

The largest portions at the lowest price and very tasty!

Review №65

The food is good but the service and interior is uuuhhh.

Review №66

We felt the effect directly, not possible to get out of WC: ((

Review №67

Quickly. Cheap. Delicious.

Review №68

Local eatery. Very cheap in principle edible.

Review №69

Authentic and tasty African food for little money.

Review №70

One of the local places that with little money you can eat local cuisine

Review №71

Great cheap food

Review №72

Not bad

Review №73

Super and cheap

Review №74

For an amateur!

Review №75

Very good food, rice and beef pilau, cooked vegetables, quickly served with heart, also something for vege people, thank you :)

Review №76

The fish soup was delicious, the mango fresh juice was excellent. And thats it. The atmosphere is not for tourists, more for locals.

Review №77

Naprosto úžasné místo se spousty dobrého jidla a milou obsluhou 🙂

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  • Address:779R+MQ7, Nungwi, Tanzania
  • African restaurant
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