The Cask Bar & Grill
Mwanza, Tanzania
The Cask Bar & Grill
Review №1

The drinks here were good, Although u wouldnt get a variety of cocktails but then I feel for Mwanza, it was a good selection. The vibe was just about right, with dotted conversations and some music but then it was a weekday. I think the weekends would get really loud with the samaki samaki feel. What let it down was the food, while the ribs were nice and I can imagine going again to have them, the quarter chicken was more like chic and even that would make fish fingers look big. It was seriously tiny, to add to the insult, it was not fresh either :-( which made it hard because we guess it was reheated. The Mishikaki were small as well for a 2000 per piece but at least those were nice and tender. The service was slow once you order but the waiter was super attentive, apologetic for the bad food and conversationalist. He elevated the experience a little bit more.

Review №2

After the fire the place is still under renovations but they have a place opened on the same property. Best ting the food and atmosphere is the same as before. Best pizza in mwanza

Review №3

Nice place for a lunch stop with yummy food.Clean environment, good service.Kids enjoyed big delicious fresh fruit drinks.Will go again.

Review №4

A nice bar and grill next to Rock city mall. Evening ambiance light in the restaurant was eye catching for me. The wooden set up which is my favorite type of setup was also something different and nice. The waiters were pretty new and not so familiar with the menu, this was a bit of turn but all in all I enjoyed the food and did a short little karaoke with friends on a Thursday and it was fun.

Review №5

Review 3 (2021):David the chef has really elevated the experience at the cask. Excellent chef.Review 2:So glad I have the Cask another shot. They didnt dissapoint in the Marinated Pepper Steak. Wow!!Adjusted up to 4 starsReview 1:The cheeseburgers are very small, and the portions of fries are far from generous. Picturedwas a 17k entree. The pizza recipe needs work, its dry and doesnt taste quite right.Servers are kind

Review №6

Tea was good..but there was no snack at all time, they should keep snacks wheneva u want you can get them

Review №7

An amuse place, with a good music along, the service is good the food are superb. It has a big space for parking...I loved it,👌

Review №8

I must have gone in with high expectations. Went at around 3 pm had to signal to be attended to no one noticed when I arrived. The food was tasteless. Would give it a second try but for now utterly unimpressed

Review №9

Cool place! Best food and drinks! Although it a bit expensive compere to others around but you wont regret it...

Review №10

One of the Top weekend spots in Mwanza, its lively up funk. Budget friendly, closes late on weekends, includes outdoor seating, easy to spot secure with ample parking. Customer service is ok, so is the food (not very impressive) a nice bar to hang out with friends and Grab some cold ones. Located within the premises of rock city mall.

Review №11

Very nice bar you can enjoy live bands from here

Review №12

Its a good place to be nice food and drinks

Review №13

Get drinks and food served in descent manner. Quite place to visit and you can sit and work while drinking. Wide place some privacy for individuals

Review №14

A nce plce in rock cty...hnce a big markt😜..

Review №15

Beautiful place to chill out with friends.

Review №16

The place is always a vibe whenever I visit, thumbs up👍🏽

Review №17

Some good options to accommodate vegans, but also the nyama choma portions were surprising large and good value for the meat-eaters. Pretty good atmosphere.

Review №18

Stay away from that wanna be Restaurant and bar very high priced for pretty low quality. rather go and dine somewhere out in the street. this place is just a showoff... in addition i found it very rude that we were pooed by a bird while sitting outside and no, they did not only not offer us a free round or anything as an excuse, they even charged us for a bottle of water they brought us to clean ourselves....

Review №19

That is one of the nice place and quality place you need to be there, there is a nice place with quality live music

Review №20

A cosy place in Mwanza with good food, drinks and the music is enjoyable. I recommend that you visit Cask while in the Rock City of Mwanza. It is even better in evening hours especially during the weekend. The crowd is mature and descent. I really enjoyed the music!Regards

Review №21

One of the amezing bar in rock city,i really enjoy the service provided here coz the vibez out here wont let yu down@memory will never fed

Review №22

The Cask Bar and Grill is an extremely beautiful and popular joint right beside Rock City Mall. It has breathtaking views of some rock hills with houses on them. I absolutely loved the decor and the outside seating as it made the experience of being in Mwanza beautiful. Why they get 3 stars is because their service delivery is just pathetic. The waiters are extremely slow and dismissive. The food we ordered was not available and instead of informing us beforehand, they opted to keep ignoring us until they went and shopped for some pork then came back and prepared it. We ordered at about 5 pm and our food got ready at about 7:30 pm. We had to take it as take away as we had small kids who were very tired from our journey. Other than that, it was a beautiful place with amazing views and if they improve their service, would definitely recommend a visit.

Review №23

Variety of drinks available, ordered whole fish it was too big for me to finish😊, the Hawaiian pizza was okay

Review №24

Best place for Basque but be careful the waitresses always overcharge you

Review №25

Nice place to drink and enjoy good music

Review №26

Warm ambiance, perfect setting, good music. Lacks a great choice of mocktails though ;)

Review №27

THE CASK is a great place to come with friends to hangout and chill. They also offer food apart from liquor and beer. I have been here a couple of times, mostly when I visit Mwanza. The 2nd time I was here I attended a show, which was really nice. I always look forward to coming back.P.S. sometimes the place can be crowded when there is a function and this pandemic, but its a place worthy chilling.

Review №28

Totally loved, loved the place, the food and the great service.

Review №29

Its a very nice night club. The only issue is about servives, if there are new arrivals, it seems very difficult for the servers to recognize. If they can not do that, that is a very huge issue.

Review №30

Great grilled goat meat. They offer a very nice Platter so i recommend that when with a group. Its quite occupied on weekends so come early for the best seats. Very lovely atmospheric music.

Review №31

Very good for drinks, beers, fresh and sumptuous meals. Coffee shop is unique

Review №32

Nice food, fun atmosphere and good customer service

Review №33

Its a nice place with a standard service

Review №34

Its so nice place

Review №35

Its a nice place to visit for drinks and meals

Review №36

A nice place to stop by, a wide and well spaced bar. Waiters are super active,to listen and provide good services. The general menu price ranges from 4000(min)-200,000 (max). A place you can plan for a date in the early hours and a friendly party night at late hours. Its located on the same grounds of rockcity mall. I think they do have rooms upstairs for chilling as well or whatever lols!but i saw mattresses.It was good to be at cask bar and grill a 3.5☆

Review №37

Wonderful place, great for family..

Review №38

Expensive but its worth it

Review №39

Nice food , drinks and the manager is nice. Come here from the evening at sun set

Review №40

This place is fantastic. The owner and staff are all excellent people, the food is delicious and the coffee is unbeatable. It has a relaxed and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with good music. I highly recommend this spot.

Review №41

One of the best restaurants in town. Their pizza is one of the best Ive tasted in mwanza. The loss of 1 star is due to how inconsistent their delivery and service can be.

Review №42

Its a place that is really Mwanza. An ideal place for night movers

Review №43

The best place Ive ever visited in Mwanza

Review №44

Its hello cracking outta there.Very nice

Review №45

A great place to be for music and drinking + cuisine. The place offers a variety of domestic and non-domestic beers, wines, and soda. At The Cask Bar, payments by MasterCard are accepted. The place have wahudumu makini.In addition the place is located nearby NMB ATMs (MasterCard accepted) in less than 20 metres distance for easy cash withdrawal

Review №46

A good place for drinks and nyama choma

Review №47

Beers are expensive for nothing man. They tripping

Review №48

Awesome customer service. Good music, good ambiance, good food and delicious ice cream

Review №49

Great bar and grill with memorable experience

Review №50

The cask is one of amazing place in mwanza I really enjoyed food and cocktail service is quick and on-time dj is on fire no time to sit only vibe: ray Paul served us in hospitality manner.

Review №51

When you in Mwanza, this is the night life spot. Iy gets alive from around 10pm till late with a DJ supported by a live instrumental band, but opened for lunch also. I rated the place as they need to really improve the services especially the waiters and waitress. Several times it took me almost 30 to 40minutes to be served, and I believe it will take longer during peak hours.However, the food is good and fresh.

Review №52

The place is good, but Abit overrated

Review №53

It was actually OK. I went there once and had pork ribs with my children and they were ok.

Review №54

A very attractive hangout place in Mwanza... within RockCity mall ground. But they need faster waiters...

Review №55

Remake of Samaki Samaki.., Good music Good vibe. Live band on sundays.

Review №56

Amazing place good music and food was super yummy. Must visit in evening some good time

Review №57

Nice place for food and drinks

Review №58

Entertaining place with variety of foods and live music available

Review №59

Good Music and for everyone environment at different times.drinks are somehow expensive but worth every penny.

Review №60

Great place for a night out! Great music and a fun vibe for you and your friends. Drinks are cheap and food is reasonably priced. Only reason Im giving it 4 starts and not 5 is because of the location. All in all a very good option for lunch, dinner and late night dancing. :)

Review №61

Exactly what I needed for this Thursday evening!

Review №62

Nice place for dinner and lunch

Review №63

Food is always great. I love the old school music they play on Fridays. The wait time isnt that long but they could improve it. Otherwise such a great place for cool and easy fun.

Review №64

A good watering hole, good food good crowd,

Review №65

The food is fantastic and at affordable prices 👌

Review №66

Nice music, food and drinks. Ample parking.

Review №67

Adjacent to the biggest mall in town where you can experience eating different local and foreign dishes in the city of Mwanza along with drinks.

Review №68

Nice place you could think to chill, relax enjoying with friends.

Review №69

If you are in Mwanza and you didnt even go in this place you are lost

Review №70

U get to listen to live covers of your favorite music. I love that place.

Review №71

I occasionally come here to relax. It caters to almost all audiences. They usually have a DJ on the weekends so the music is good, very urban.The menu could be updated honestly and made diverse that is include more food options.There is no happy hour.In the evenings do carry a mosquito repellent

Review №72

Relaxation area, I met very professional Manager George, together with all Waiters. Very experienced staff.Nice place to enjoy in Mwanza.

Review №73

Great place to have fun and meals

Review №74

I love this situation according to their nice environment

Review №75

For the nightlife lovers, this is the place with vibes😊

Review №76

Nice place to relax; very nice ambiance. Evening time will be busy. Amazing foods, not expensive, fusion of African foods, wide variety of drinks, friendly and professional staffs,, overall i had a very nice experience at The Cask. Definitely will visit again. Must try!!

Review №77

Great place and services

Review №78

Its good

Review №79

Bands was very good

Review №80

Cool happy place with nice music and fabulous dj

Review №81

The whole atmosphere of the place is amazing. There is good music, fantastic food and drinks, diverse crowd. The only issue is, it is packed in the weekends hence the service becomes a little slow. But in General I think its one of the best places to go in Mwanza if you are looking to have a good night out.

Review №82

Good place relax and have a good view of Mwanza mountains surrounding the city

Review №83

Never seen such ambiance in Mwanza. You just gotta visit to see.

Review №84

Good vibes

Review №85

The cask is the open bar, restaurant and a cool place for evening outings. People get there after hard working days to refresh and relax. Is located at Rock city mall grounds. High security and enough parking.

Review №86

Set just next to Rock City Mall, the place offers nice chilled out ambiance for revelers. The Cask comes out alive at night and brings out the rustic feeling with the decor. Though drinks are a little bit pricey the wait staff are fast and the place offers a number of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Ample car park and sitting area.

Review №87

Nice food

Review №88

Location is superService is goodThe place is elegantBut the price is unrealistic higher than Serena hotel, new africa, kempisk, holiday inn and any other you know. Value for money is not met big time on drinks, if you are a casual drinker of one beer two beers its ok for you. But party people this is not your place you will dig deep for no reason!!! Choose wisely when you are in Mwanza.

Review №89

Must stop at the cask if youre going through Mwanza. The beef sizzler here was one of my favourite meals in Africa. The mixed pizza and masala french fries are also amazing.

Review №90

I visited the place to find a peace of mind coz i was troubled that day, in terms of food and beverage it was ok but very noisy in music perspective. This is what i experienced but i encourage you all to visit and get an appreciated services from beutiful ladies & gentle men.

Review №91

Its a quiet and decent place where ur offered a luxurious service and customer care.Its also a place where ur served the best food in a international standard.

Review №92

The Cask is the place to be once youre in Mwanza. Nice meals. Wide range of drinks. Good music and wonderful people! The parking is never full! All seasons.

Review №93

Its place for chilling.

Review №94

The place is very exquisite and i have been visiting the place fluently in fact i have been enjoying every moment when am in there , but most of all i appreciate all the services provided by all workers from there Much respect to Mr Joe and his managers for such a recommended job 🙏

Review №95

They have this amazing coffee shop which is located on the left side of the premises as you approach it, and the best part of it is that it stands on its own as a separate section of The place to chill, for you, your family and friends.

Review №96

Nice place for drinks and Food... easy access, near to big supermarket. You got all service at one place! Enough parking space over hundred cars at once!

Review №97

Its easy to impress me. I dont need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. Im happy. Im satisfied

Review №98

Very nice food

Review №99

Lovely place in the City

Review №100

Weve been to many restaurants in Mwanza and so far this is the best. Hence the 5 star rating when compared to others. One down side the taste of food varies depending on who is cooking.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:Mwanza, Tanzania
  • Phone:+255 28 256 0826
  • Bar & grill
Working hours
  • Monday:10AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:10AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:10AM–12AM
  • Thursday:10AM–12AM
  • Friday:10AM–12AM
  • Saturday:9:30AM–12AM
  • Sunday:9:30AM–12AM
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great bar food:Yes
  • Sport:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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