The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar
Pingwe, Michamvi, Tanzania
Review №1

Best most delicious meal. Served in a unique way. It is small and quaint to keep the ambience but definitely book. The sea is beautiful and blue. The experience was on the top of my Zanzibar list.

Review №2

Beautiful location that makes for gorgeous pictures. Food is nothing to write home about. Spent $40 and I felt cheated. The food at the beach that is served like a buffet and feeds 4 people costs $20 and tastes so much better. Ordered a virgin mojito that had particles in it. If you come to this place, just have drinks or dessert. Paying $40 for food isnt a big deal but the food should taste good.

Review №3

What a location. Best views ever. Seafood is amazing. All good locally caught from sustainable sources. Took us over an hour to get there in a taxi. But it was so good we ate there twice during our holiday

Review №4

Awesome views, something totally different. My food was delicious (seafood platter) but my husband did not enjoy the steak on a stick and spoke to 2 others that were very disappointed with the same meal. Delicious cheesecake for dessert .Not exactly a cheap meal but overall worth it as something out of the ordinary

Review №5

Even though we didnt have a reservation, we could come. An original place worth visiting. Great views and friendly service. Delicious coffee and iced tea.

Review №6

What a Joke, 5 (!!!!) Noodles that doesn’t even have a intensive flavour for 20$(!!!!- a normal full meal in sansibar is around 5$) and a „specially made for you Cake“ for almost 30$ (not even a Cake, more like old ice cream!) with the wrong text on it -The waiters and food are way better everywhere else on the beautiful island!definitely not recommended, better just take a picture outside. Very sad, could’ve been a nice valentines day.

Review №7

We loved this place! Took a little boat out to have dinner. What a trip! I found it humorous that the 1 polyethylene water line supplying the restaurant just lays on the surface of the beach and goes under the tide and up to the kitchen.

Review №8

Absolutely awesome. The experience unique and exciting. The boat trip made it an adventure. The location, set on an island amidst beautiful turquoise waves makes it spectacular and worth a visit. The Negroni was one of the best Ive had and the Chocolate flavored gnocchi quite appetizing and different. The seafood platter recommended as the steak and lobster was a let down. I would recommend this restaurant on its location.

Review №9

Great Location with a beautiful views. Food is only OK. Drinks are good. Staff is friendly. Not really worth a long ride to visit.

Review №10

The rock restaurant is a very insta famous restaurant that stands on a rock . We went there just for drinks as all the lunch slots where already fully booked . The cocktails where horrible, we tried about 3 each hoping maybe 1 of them could taste any better but nope . After asking around most people said the Food equally tastes the same too but people like it for the experience of we have been to the rock restaurant . It’s pretty pricey to I think we spent about $40 per cocktail . I didn’t have a look at the food menu . At the end of the day it’s just an exaggerated place nothing nice except the pictures

Review №11

Really one of the most beautiful restaurant in the world.The person who had the idea of building something on this little rock was a genius, and the team running it sure does what it need to keep it up !The food is very good, with local products and very good presentations ; quite generous too, exept the pasta apparently. It is a bit expensive for Zanzibar - but worth it, just for the taste.You get a nice choice of cocktails but the wines menu is poor, thats the only downside (but the two red ones are good and you can have very good french champagne).Waiters are very nice but the greatest point is the location and the view.By the way, you need to book and if you want a table outside - there are only 3, try to get there 10 minutes before otherwise you will end up inside.When the tide is high a little boat will get you there in one minute and when low, the beach is even more wonderfull.Will come back for sure !

Review №12

Beautiful dining experience…. Food was average and service wasn’t bad. It wasn’t as busy as i was expecting it to be since everyone kept advising to book ahead. Overall experience was good.

Review №13

There was a mixup with our reservation and the restaurant quickly made a plan to accommodate us. The food was impressive and the drinks awesome, but our table had a little bit of an issue with flies. All things considered the views are incredible, they take great pride in their establishments look and feel and the service was good. Worth a visit, just make sure your reservation is in place.

Review №14

The restaurant is situated on a rock, beautiful turquoise and warm ocean waters.. Menu is lovely.. And what a pleasant experience

Review №15

Simply a must-see! Make sure you make a reservation, they are in very high demand. Its such a novel concept and so well decorated. The food is 🔥 and the views are rich.Getting there before dinner 16:00-18:00 is cool cause you get to see the tide shift. Please dont wear your expensive loafers, and be prepared to roll pant legs up if you hang out a while because you will be walking through water unless you take the gondola waiting conveniently outside.Whole experience was dope I thoroughly enjoyed this place and it was a good capstone on the holiday.

Review №16

Great location. Amazing view even with tidal wave. PricyTook forever to pay and get the change.But do recommend the place to visit.

Review №17

Very nice place, Restaurant on the coral above sea water.. good for relaxation and good sea food

Review №18

Amazing food experience. One of the best in my life. Having dinner with such a beautiful view is quite rare. Food and service was great from start to the end. My favourite was desert: chocolate salami. But main dishes was also top quality.

Review №19

What a unique experience!I had lunch at 14H, low tide. You walk over the beach towards the restaurant. It is bigger than you would expect.The owner gives you a warm welcome as you come in and see this amazing view through the open back doors.Food was amazing as well!A reservation is a good idea, it gets crowded 😊

Review №20

Best food Ive had in Zanzibar. Great service, great location, great views. A must for all visitors.

Review №21

I am very impressed with this placeVery nice service food very tastyMagic place.

Review №22

Amazing views and unforgettable experience.We tried different dishes to make the most of it. Steak in stick was the best one! We arrived at 4pm (prior booking just to be on safe side) had to take a boat to the restaurant cause of the high tide. Dont plan sunset here because you wont see much of it.

Review №23

A pure perfection with anamazing view. A little be more expensive that the others restaurants but it’s was cool

Review №24

I see many reviews about the location, but for us the food and service was more exceptional. Highly recommend this restaurant, it is not simply a location for instagram influencers.

Review №25

Payed 30 USD for the okay tasting food seen on the image. The $20 starter looked and tasted so bad that I didn’t even bother taking a picture.The location is beautiful and the staff is friendly but the food itself is unbearable and insanely overpriced.

Review №26

This place is nice.Its like ocean basket not John Dorys I say ocean basket. But with a 75 dolllllllar price tag for a platter for two.I am not complaining, The service is awesome.The cocktails have a strong bite like all cocktails around the island and you will find they are quite generous with the alcohol in your drinks and maybe thats why cocktails range from 10 dollllllllllar upwards.Its a nice place to take pics outside though.

Review №27

Very nice restaurant, the was very good

Review №28

Nice from outside as stands on the rock and reachable on foot only when tide is low. Otherwise nothing special. Food is rather average, so you pay for white table clothes only.

Review №29

One of the best restaurants I have ever been too. The food is complimented by the fantastic views! Excellent service as well. And if you are Italian you will probably get given an extra lovely spot by the owner (a charming venetian who excitedly greeted us)! Cannot emphasise how great this restaurant is, it is an experience you should not miss!

Review №30

The Rock has different views on every visit due to the tides. The menu offers dishes that are a real treat to the taste buds. Reddy is phenomenal with his service, truly personalised experience. I can imagine it cannot be easily achieved considering how popular the place is, but Reddy manages with ease!

Review №31

See the sky so blue, beach so clean and beautiful. It is glad to see The Rock by myself. It is a good place to snap photos.

Review №32

Disappointed. Maybe my expectations were high. After seeing the reviews and photos of the food I naively thought it could be amazing. I didnt expect Gordon Ramsay style but... My starter was excellent but my main course which was grilled fish was overcooked and dry with zero presentation. Service was less than optimal, borderline rude. We were offered to wait in the terrace with our drinks as we arrived which was actually great (minu the service). But then as I was looking over at our designated table the food arrived and no one bothered to tell us. The waitress almost just dumped the cutlery on the table. Again, maybe I am naive but if you are charged nearly London prices in Africa, you might as well deliver. Huge disappointment. The extra star is only for the starter.

Review №33

A place that should be visitedone of the best Zanzibar attractionsmake a reservation before you go / prices are resonable / good food and drink quality

Review №34

Very cool place. Food and drink is expensive but the view is amazing!!!

Review №35

One of the worst restaurants on Zanzibar we had been so far. The food portions are tiny, not tasty a very expensive. The location is the only advantage of this restaurant, since its unusual.

Review №36

I have already visited many restaurants in my life, but this has specifically received a place in my gastronomic heart. My wife has invited me for my birthday and it could not have been better. I get even served as a surprise, an ice cream cake and the entire local, including team has congratulated me. The food is excellent and well prepared, taste and served excellent. I rarely experienced the odors of food and the flavors. The service is very friendly and the welcome you very warm. The place of the restaurant requires no words. It was incredible. I recommend each one of a holiday on Zanzibar to visit this restaurant. THE ROCK Rock my heart.

Review №37

Very Instagram-able location. The location of the Restaurant right in the middle of the ocean is very fascinating. With the backdrop of the ocean bed, tides and clear blue skies, you cant go wrong with this. We went in low tide, although the water caught up with us before we left. There are Masai at the entrance which adds an authentic feel to things. The food was average but the excitement of seeing a location I had always longed for more than made up for it. The service was prompt and polite. However, we lost a phone , which we believed was picked up by one of the guys there while we were not looking.

Review №38

This restaurant is quite amazing with its views and unique settings. The only reason I have it 4 stars is that it is a bit expensive in comparison to Zanzibar. With that being said it was a typical price for a nice meal at a fancy place in USA. The food is really good and the views are even nicer. Even if you don’t eat there stop by for pictures. Remember from about 1-4 is low tide during September so you will have coral pics instead of water

Review №39

Great food, location During high tide you take a boat over. Service was fast and friendly.

Review №40

The location of the restaurant is very beautiful in the middle of the sea, the food is varied and delicious, the prices are good and the service is excellent, highly recommended

Review №41

Food was okay, location is great

Review №42

Super touristy yet fun to visit, definitely instagram-worthy place. Needs to be booked ahead as it gets very busy. Restaurant is not cheap at all but lobster pasta I ordered was on point.

Review №43

Interesting restaurant with seafood thats get waves crashing during high tide and beach path during low tide. Best to visit 2-3h before high tide when its gently surrounded by sea.

Review №44

After reading the reviews, we went with low expectations, only for the view basically. But when we saw/heard that the owner is Italian, we had hope that the pasta would be good. Well it wasnt. He is putting his roots to shame with such tasteless food! Small portions too, for ridiculous prices.Dont bother, the views are just as good from outside.1 star for the view and 1 star for the ease of booking online and communicate through WhatsApp :-)

Review №45

An authentic and unique restaurant for its location in the middle of the ocean and for its fascinating beauty all around. The restaurant must be accessed by boat due to the tides on that coast. The food was pretty average, the service was quick and polite. Expensive, but worth taking advantage of if you are in Zanzibar. Brutal experience!

Review №46

Very touristic but its a very scenic spot where the food is tasty. Spectecular view from the terrace and from outside. It is recommended to make a reservation because its really crowded. I had the lobster (39 USD) and it was really tasty.

Review №47

Indeed, the location is really interesting, up on that rock, in the middle of the ocean. You expect a culinary experience as good as the scenery (especially given the high prices), but it isnt. The food is average, the portions the same (except for the seafood platter). If you are hungry go for a starter and a main dish. The service is quick. When you book, ask for a table on the terrace. So much nicer than indoors where it is quite stuffy. Definitely go while theres still light outside.You will need to get wet (in a water with a lot of sea weeds) so dont wear anything fancy. Flip flops are perfect.You can pay by card. The prices are in USD and if you pay cash you will get change in USD.I dont regret going here, but if you dont have the budget, theres no need to regret not going.

Review №48

Nice design , very very expensive for tiny foodJust have pictures lovely view

Review №49

Great place, with great food. A must visit restaurant !

Review №50

Fantastic, romantic little nook in the middle of the sea. Of course, the location is iconic and the main reason everyone goes. And it certainly lives up to the hype - it is really beautiful and there’s something very romantic about catching the little boat there.The food itself is wonderful too- probably the best we had in Zanzibar. It isn’t the cheapest, but is still well priced compared to European or US standards.

Review №51

A special place in Zanzibar that you should visit. Prices in USD as in a good European restaurant but I think it is worth paying at least for dessert and coffee. Beautiful view, friendly professional service and great atmosphere.I recommend :)

Review №52

The location is perfect for shooting post card quality pictures, its definitely breath taking. If you are the type of person that likes to have fancy selfies on social media, this is definitely a place to visit. Additional star for that. The food... its not bad, italian cuisine with a swahili twist. If you are a purist of italian dishes, dont come here. If you are not afraid of experimenting something different then here you have something. The restaurant is a little bit overpriced, but I guess you are paying extra for the location.

Review №53

The place is incomparable. Come. here the maximum at 16:00. Go to the restaurant on foot and is already back after two hours and can be reached only by boat. be sure to try a plate of seafood. very tasty.

Review №54

What a let down! As a family we were excited to visit this restaurant as this is marketed as a main attraction in Zanzibar. Although the restaurant had beautiful views and the staff was friendly, there were flies literally everywhere. We could not enjoy our meals as there was at least 30 flies around our table. While I was fighting off the flies, I also had to endure the bad quality food. After the battle with the flies and food there was a HUGE overpriced bill awaiting us. Please do not go there.

Review №55

Nice view, very delicious food.But it is too expensive (on average $30 per person)Also people are smoking at outdoor tables & you can smell that wherever you sit in the restaurant

Review №56

Unique place, a bit pricey but worth going for the different experience. Good food and very delicious desert!

Review №57

Absolutely nothing special except is below average,especially with prices much (2-3 times) higher then rest of Zanzibar.Service is slightly better then in most restorants in Zanzibar but still not quite efficient...Boat ride everybody is talking about is 10 meters long(during tide,other time you just walk).So you come here for location of the place,nothing else here is worth mentioning.There are much better restorants on island surely,even on better location...

Review №58

The both the seafood and salad was below average quality. But the chocolate salami dessert was very very good!!

Review №59

Lovely location, kinda pricey though. I was shocked when I ordered ravioli with crab and there were 5 pieces of ravioli in the bottom of the bowl. It was $20! My meal was less than an entré size. Others got fish fillet and it was a proper sized meal. I couldn’t taste any crab and was unhappy about the meal portion so the manager reduced the cost. I also got the chocolate salami desert which was at least bigger than my main meal but not super tasty I have to say. Out of 5 people, 2 of us had pasta that we were both unhappy with, one had lobster and 2 had fish and they had decent sized meals and were not left starving afterwards. Be careful of what you order….

Review №60

A unique experience.From most parts of the island its a long way, and expensive to get to, so set the day aside.

Review №61

Fun spot to eat at! Food was good but small portions for big prices (compared) over all fun experience.

Review №62

Good place to see, only. Maybe have a drink.But don’t order any food. The food is below any standard: taste, temperature (“the steak” - which was a kebab - was served cold), presentation, …The chef tried a Swahili-European fusion, a complete disaster…Staff is opposite of friendly.And, on top that, it’s a ripoff!

Review №63

Excellent dining experience from the pick up at the beach to the boat ride and all the way to the last bite, this was an exquisite experience to say the least. The food was absolutely delicious. I ordered the Rock Special which is lobster, squid, king prawns, octopus and a whole bunch of other things. The dish was huge and so much to eat. I ate it all and the best part is I didnt feel heavy at all afterwards which tells a lot about how fresh everything was. I loved the food so much I wanted to go back the next day! Terrific restaurant

Review №64

Third time lunch here during a decade! One of the worlds best places to eat seafood! And the view/surroundings : Nothing can beat this place!

Review №65

A restaurant on seawater and secondly on a coral rock, cant get better than that. Good to get both experiences - Walking to the restaurant across the sea at low tide and returning on a boat at high tide. Food is good, recommend the grilled fish and absolutely go for the rock coconut tiramisu.

Review №66

Definetly a place with unique atmosphere and good food, however overpriced. You can have same food for way better price. Guess what you additionaly pay is the view. So better visit during high tide, even if you will not have to wet your shooes, you will miss the view.Quite touristic for me to be honest. But still a simbol

Review №67

Fantastic. Delicious food, wonderful service, spectacular view. When we got there we walked to the restaurant. When we were done, the tide was high and we had to take a boat back. What an adventure. And getting to meet and jump with the Masai is another highlight.

Review №68

We were very excited for our visit here, as all tourist pamflets recommended we visit.Place was infested with flies, you literally could not eat as they were sitting on and around the food as you eat. You had to eat with one hand and use the other to sway flies away. It was really disgisting and unpleasant.Food was heavily over-priced and not on standard at all. Had to pay $9 FOR ICE!!Lovely location, but unfortonately the rest lacked in every aspect.

Review №69

Extremely overrated!!! Even though you have to make a booking/reservation in advance (sitting valid and limited to 2h), this doesn’t give you the seating at the given time. We came 3 mins before 16:00 (our booking was for 16:00), then we were told our table is almost ready and asked to wait outside (still very hot) for 5 mins. Many people were instructed to do the same and we got seated at 16:25 after many times of us asking how much of a wait it would be. Very small but tasty portion of pasta.The pricing is ridiculous for Zanzibar standard. No value for money.Overrated, overcrowded and overpriced.

Review №70

I’ve had this restaurant on my places to visit list for many years. Since I’ve read an article about it. The food didn’t stand out , we had the gnocchi with prawns, however the coconut tiramisu was very tasty. I guess you pay for the location and the experience.Nevertheless you shouldn’t miss this place as it’s truly unique and beautiful.

Review №71

We had great time with the owner who let us film this wonderfull place with great food ! Must visit

Review №72

Beautiful place but the food is ok-ish for the price.This restaurant misses the true Zanzibar vibe and better food to truly shine. Nevertheless, you shouldnt miss this place since its very beautiful.We didnt find the people at the restaurant (and nearby) to be as welcoming and friendly as on the other areas in the island. Maybe thats the case because its too touristic. Pay special attention for water bottles sealant as ours was a little bit weird and made us think if it wasnt glued (that sounds similar).As in most places in Zanzibar you may want to check if the tide is high or low (check in Google) and play with it for the view that you like the most.

Review №73

They can do better with flies there. There are a lot of flies, you cant even have time to explore the whole place. You just wanna eat and leave.

Review №74

The best thing about the place is the location, other than that, it is so overrated and was really disappointing. The food is not fresh, we asked the waiter to change something on one dish and he replied that it’s already ready! How come! You can even feel it when you taste. The prices are a bit over, but for the view, you can pay that much. The only good thing and which I really appreciated was that I mistakenly read the menu and ordered a different dish than the one I wanted, and the waiter did not waste a second he swiftly asked me if I wanted to change it. And they did, which is great. You need to book before going, and even so, you’ll find yourself packed in a small table. We were six and we were very uncomfortable squeezed next to each other, so that the restaurant can place more tables.

Review №75

Loved it! We didnt expect much but were thoroughly impressed. We ordered a ravioli dish - which was great - and the seafood platter, which was excellent; genuinely surprised by the size and quality of the whole dish. Didnt find it particularly expensive either. Staff were very friendly and attentive.

Review №76

Just been there for photos. Tourists fun, but expensive to eat and not very impressive. Still nice to take 7 minutes to see it.

Review №77

Magic place and great food. You get to enjoy the best of the island with a breathtaking view of the ocean from the terrace.It’s a must if you’re in Zanzibar!The tide is fascinating. We arrived around 2pm and we could walk to the restaurant whereas when we left, we had to use a little boat to go back to the shore.Great cocktail, great food and very nice staff.

Review №78

So called instagram hype famous The rock hotel.I suggest you can go there for clicking pictures but only in high tides. In low tide it looks just horrible due to the lot of seaweed and dirt around it. Mind your feet if youre visiting it in the evening as you might see lot many crabs on the pathway.The price of everything is skyrocketed here. Youve to book a slot to eat.

Review №79

Do not miss!Phenomenal.Tasty.Friendly.A must stop when in Zanzibar!The unique place gives this restaurant its own universe.Food made perfectly and served the same.Octopus cooked in a way it melted on your tongue.Other shellfish grilled in perfect fashion and every bite is heaven.Weve completed our course with two deserts, and again, percent combination of flavors and consistency.Thank you guys for the great experience.

Review №80

Very touristic place. We had the vanilla gnocci, seafood pasta and a lobster.The vanilla gnocci with shrimp was nice but the seafood pasta was disapointing even tho it was recomended by the staff. The lobster was very similar to all the other lobster we tried in Zanzibar.Quite expensive compared to other restaurants while the food didnt stand out however the location and experience is what you pay for I guess.

Review №81

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Dining in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The manager is made sure that we are fine. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and ambiance. The food was great too. We visited during the high tide so the boat ride to the restaurant was an experience on its own. Do NOT leave Zanzibar without visiting this place.

Review №82

Was really impressed with the service and the Italian management 🙌🏽Its an exceptional place and that when its high tide you need a small boat ride to access it heheWishing all the best to #TheRock restaurant and hope to be back in a near future 😉

Review №83

Once in a lifetime experience for sure. We sat outside and the table for 6 was much more suited for 4 people. Had the crummed squid and was very nicely prepared.

Review №84

Such a beautiful place, white sands and clear water surrounding the rock. The food is excellent, staff is super friendly. Loved it

Review №85

It’s not something special. The food is medium with overcooked the seafood and the view is very good.

Review №86

An iconic restaurant in Zanzibar , people go there for the experience more than the food. The scenary and the photos you can take there makes the experience unique.As for the food or the drinks , nothing special at all and i would say basic food for expensive price.We have tried almost all the starter dishes which non of them were tasty to consider.Also if the tide is high, you would need to step in the water in ur way in or out so put that into ur considerations.

Review №87

The food there very good and environment amazing

Review №88

Today we found a beautiful little spot and got lost for a while in its beauty. What a gem heaven to my soul. Located in front of Michamvi Pingwe beach on the south-east coast of the island, reminds me of a little floating restaurant. I honestly dont think there is another spot around that has such a beautiful feeling and special location, awesome service, delicious food and a beautiful view. Welcoming party was a lovely Italian gentleman (manager ) which definitely added charm to the place... Gracie!The menu is perfect for the magic of the location. We where told all Ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible,sea-food is harvested from the reefs around the restaurant, game fish is caught daily by local fishermen, spices from the spice farms of Zanzibar, vegetables locally grown.This place is a must, end of my story.

Review №89

+ service is great+ Location- prices- food taste (average Italian food, not worth the price, even considering the location)- location (police is waiting on the exact spots to charge you for smthing)- Russian influencers- overall restaurant quality is like 3* hotel. We expected more, from how the stuff was dressed to how the food was served.

Review №90

Do not miss it! A beautiful restaurant perched on a rock on the beach, amid lapping crystal green and blue waves. Enchanting when the tide is high, eerie when its low. In any case, it doesnt disappoint. I truly think the photos dont compare to the real thing.We couldnt book a table due to the high demand, but when we arrived at the restaurant for the promised cake and drinks on the terrace, they managed to squeeze us in between the customers.I had a grilled lobster (fabulous) followed by yummy coconut tiramisu, my friends cocoa gnocchi and blue lagoon spirulina ravioli respectively.A truly authentic experience with a touch of Italian style.

Review №91

Nice location for a restaurant but Very far from Stone town.Visit during high tide. High tide info is available from google .Expensive food. Transportation from stone town up and down will be approx 80 USD per vehicle. Service was fast maybe due to few customers only.Free wifi , Lots of sitting space (indoor & outdoor) .

Review №92

Amazing view, great drinks and especially a very creative and tasty food menu (I.e., cocoa gnocchi with prawns in vanilla sauce - delicious!!!)

Review №93

The unique concept here is obviously the restaurant on a rock, accessible -at least at high tide only by a small boat. It is worth arranging to visit at high tide to get the most of the experience. The food is not cheap, but considering the overheads, it does represent good value. The selection of wines comes from Spier in Stellenbosch (South Africa) and worth the ride in the boat just to enjoy wine of this quality so far from home. Do book in advance if you fancy a meal, but go at a quiet time if you are looking for a special experience.

Review №94

A nice place with good view. The staff was running around and the owner - an Italian guy - giving orders to his employees to do the service faster. I understand that its important to have as much customers as possible, but when you are on holidays, you are supposed to relax. The second reason I give only two stars is the quantity of food. For 20 USD I had this pan with this gnocchi inside. No filter - this is a real picture. It was called shrimps with gnoccis. Not sure I will recommend this place for lunch, but for the view its worth to go there.

Review №95

Unique and beautiful place. Only 2 hrs to stay, good food but little too pricey to my standard.

Review №96

Very beautiful view, but the food was disappointing and overpriced! I had the lobster for 39 USD and it was burned, served with a watery lemongrass butter sauce, a very basic side salad and roasted potatoes. Really nothing special!

Review №97

The most famous restaurant of Zanzibar is not as good as i thought.. the location is very nice and particular, you’ll never find a restaurant on a rock in another place.The food is not so good specially i thought the lobster was better..Said that, is a place in Zanzibar that you must see, maybe is better to go there for a drink.Booked the place at least the day before.

Review №98

The Rock offers much more than a gastronomic experience. We visited the restaurant and we were enchanted with the amazing landscape around, with the atmosphere of the place and of course, with the menu that is super varied and with great options. Our starter was a fish carpaccio that was very fresh and well made and the main course we shared the famous dish The Rock that is a seafood feast and its possible for 2 or 3 persons depending on hunger. The drinks menu are also very varied and our was very good. Take photos is very cool considering that the restaurant is on the top of a rock in the middle of Indic ocean. When we arrived the tide was low but we left out in a boat to complete the sensational experience we had at the rock.

Review №99

We hadnt made reservations and realized we could only take photos. The guys were kind enough to take us over in their boat and that in itself was an amazing gesture.

Review №100

Very beautiful location and breathtaking views. A bit pricey in comparison to most affordable restaurants in this region, so I just had a cup of cappuccino for 4USD. Super welcoming staff!

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:Pingwe, Michamvi, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 776 591 360
  • Seafood restaurant
  • East African restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:12–8PM
  • Tuesday:12–8PM
  • Wednesday:12–8PM
  • Thursday:12–8PM
  • Friday:12–8PM
  • Saturday:12–8PM
  • Sunday:12–8PM
  • Credit cards:Yes
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