Veraclub Zanzibar Village
Unnamed Road, Kiwengwa, Tanzania
Veraclub Zanzibar Village
Review №1

A very nice and quiet place, a beautiful garden, tasty food, good stuff. The beach is being guarding. Its comfortable both for swimming and sunbathing. Its important.The hotel I want to return to.

Review №2

Its a very nice place. Beautiful rooms and delicious food. The staff very polite.

Review №3

Nice beach white sand🏊‍♂️

Review №4

So amazing hotel

Review №5

The staff are very unfriendly. We had a bad experience and do not recommend this as a holiday location.

Review №6

Its very lovely place i cant explain

Review №7

A beautifully five star hotel with unique environments.

Review №8

Nice beach and sunrise view is very good

Review №9

Its so good and public

Review №10

Thear are no tourist Now

Review №11

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Review №12

S z CX a a 😉x

Review №13

The place was nice

Review №14

Excellent service

Review №15

It was good place

Review №16

Nice hotel

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Review №18


Review №19

Nice place

Review №20

Great place.

Review №21

Nice hotel I recommend it

Review №22

Great hotel, lovely garden, delicious food and very helpful staff. Pleases the system allinklyuziv in PM with booze and so on. A paradise for relaxation and kitesurfing!

Review №23

Great hotel, very good food, friendly service, clean, beautiful garden and beach. I recommend. 4-person rooms upstairs (no. 60) because they have a sea view

Review №24

Great hotel with comfortable clean rooms and green area. The food in the restaurant is delicious, there is always seafood and lots of different fruits. Friendly staff. The hotel left the most positive impressions, I recommend.

Review №25

We are currently in this hotel. Great impressions began as soon as we drove into its territory. After an hours drive from the airport to the hotel, through the local flavor, you find yourself in a small paradise on Earth. A small area is all in green spaces, a huge number of flowers, palm trees, green grass on the lawns, everything is clean and constantly cleaned. We were greeted at the reception desk with white-toothed smiles from ear to ear, treated with a welcome cold passionfruit juice, which was very handy. We were checked into a room within 20 minutes.The room has everything you need, except for a kettle. Cleaning is done every day. However, drinking water and shower supplies are not updated every day. I don’t know what it’s connected with, but I didn’t bother, everything was enough.What about the food. The hotel operates under the All Soft concept. Arriving at a restaurant on the first day for lunch, we were a little surprised - 1 type of soup, pasta, 1 type of meat, 1 type of fish, several side dishes, various appetizers, 1 salad, slicing of various vegetables, 3-4 types of desserts. But to our delight there is a huge selection of fruits - mango, pineapple, passionfruit, papaya, watermelon, bananas, coconuts. But what can I say - you will not stay hungry here, everything is very tasty and nutritious. Every day a new menu, new unusual delicious dishes, the chef and the kitchen work perfectly.The hotel staff are all polite, pleasant, they always smile at you when they meet. Unobtrusive and cute guys.Beach. The hotel is on the first line. For all the time that we are here, there have always been free places on sun loungers under umbrellas made of palm leaves, despite the fact that in recent days a lot of vacationers have stopped by. The white sand on the beach is just a miracle. Azure water, soft waves of the ocean, palm trees on the shore immerse you in the feeling that you are really in paradise.The beach is always cleaned from algae by the hotel staff.I will definitely recommend this hotel to my friends and acquaintances. The hotels motto Open your eyes and dream confirms that dreams are real and come true, thanks to the efforts and cares of the Veraclab hotel staff.

Review №26

Cool hotel! Beautiful area, large and comfortable rooms, excellent service. Definitely recommend!

Review №27

Excellent hotel.We rested in January, everything was enough.All inclusive, alcohol during meals.Honest and cool staff, they forgot the money on the table in the room, nothing was missing.They are not intrusive, but if you take the initiative, then they are interested in talking to you. An excellent advantage is the Russian speaking hotel administrator.

Review №28

We are in Zanzibar for the first time. After reading the reviews, we chose this hotel. The hotel is great! The territory is not large, very clean and well-groomed, daily cleaning of rooms, change of towels, staff try very hard, many speak English. Absolutely beach holiday. Azure-colored ocean and white sand. There are enough sun beds for everyone, a lot of free ones. The beach area is guarded, you can leave personal belongings on the sun loungers and calmly go swimming. Hotel prices in dollars are not cheap when compared to Asian countries. A glass of fresh juice 200 ml at the bar $ 2, a bottle of water 1.5 liters on the territory of the hotel $ 2, a shot of 30 ml of European alcohol $ 5, massage $ 40. At the bar, free soda is poured, water in 150 ml cups, there is always tea and coffee. The rest is for the money.The food is relatively varied, the children have something to feed.

Review №29

An unexpectedly great experience! I recommend without restrictions. The tide is quite significant, but good coral in ahead for the most interesting experiences that you discover on your own, without a guide! We were with my husband for 26 days. My only wish on departure was to improve the breakfasts.

Review №30

Beautiful and completely African style. Evening entertainment.

Review №31

Everything is very good and at a decent level. Bungalows stand among palm trees and flowering trees

Review №32

Excellent hotel with quality management. The first line with access to the water. Its huge picturesque beach with beautiful sun loungers and canopies - no plastic, everything is like in the wild, handmade by Robinson Crusoe. Volleyball, tennis, massages, etc. ways to brighten up the boredom of the coast. All inclusive cuisine is generally good, food choices are always there, beer / wine is included for fans of the fun with the meal. Compared to the rest of the islands kitchen world, this is 5 points. If in general for hotels, then I think 4 out of 5. Except for breakfast. This is a complete failure. Apart from the egg omelet, there is essentially nothing solid.In the hotel, security and beach guys are not particularly bothering, although from the shore you can buy literally everything from coconut to ... coconut. Recreational activities such as acrobats or a choir of African songs / dances are held regularly.Cool staff - very courteous, polite, but slow, which in general is the problem of the island)) When you watch their work, you can notice how your thinking speed decreases, hakuna matata ...In order not to experience the cultural and aesthetic shock, I do not recommend going out to the village.In general, an excellent solution for a family and relaxing holiday. Will I come back here again? I think not, but only because in Zanzibar there are still beautiful and quality places to which this hotel can be attributed.

Review №33

Not a bad hotel, the cuisine is different every day, everyone will find dishes to their liking. Of course, there are not enough meat dishes, but the specificity of the island determines the cuisine.The area is well maintained, the pool and the beach are clean.Rooms with air conditioning, fans and TVs.As a full board hotel, it fulfills its 4 stars in full.

Review №34

Very pleasant and comfortable accommodation and meals

Review №35

The most beautiful beach and clean accommodation with great food in Zanzibar.

Review №36

Beautifully. This is a place where you can come back several times. Great location. A great arrangement. You can praise it for everything, but its better to experience it in person.

Review №37

Village kept very well, clean, not many of the staff speak Italian. Miniclub from 5 years active from 9.30 to 18 and from 20 to 21.30. Many activities available both sports and entertainment. Wellness center with beauty and massage services. Buffet meals, mediocre food, often tanned with ginger but a wide choice for lunch and dinner always available raw vegetables and delicious fruit. Very little salty breakfast that includes eggs in all forms and beef sausages. Excursions of all kinds. A boutique inside the village with general store products, clothes, cigarettes, souvenirs, and whatever you need. WiFi x one week cost $ 10 total 4 gigs. Paid alcoholic beverages between meals, including (wine, beer) at dinner, paid espresso $ 2. Other drinks included (coca cola, Sprite, juices etc.). The animators change every season because they rotate in other veraclub villages.

Review №38

Well, that dream has come true. We visited Zanzibar! A lot of positive impressions remained! But lets start in order. At first we took a long time to choose the hotel and the beach. Considered primarily Kendwa and Nungwi, tk. based on advertising, these are the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar. But then, purely by chance, we stumbled upon Veraclub Zanzibar Village and settled on it. And not a bit regretted! We arrived in Zanzibar early in the morning and were at the hotel at 10 am. We thought we would have to wait for check-in as always. Imagine our surprise when we were handed the keys to our room right after the welcome cocktail !!!! The room turned out to be large and cozy with panoramic windows with its own veranda. It had a beautiful view of the garden, and in the morning you could watch the sunrise! All rooms in the hotel are in excellent repair and are located in detached bungalows, which is also very pleased. Each bungalow has a different number of rooms. Some overlook the ocean, some overlook the garden. Each room has a refrigerator, safe, air conditioning and a fan. All new plumbing. Towels are changed on demand (you just have to throw dirty ones on the floor). Once a day, a 1.5 liter bottle of water is placed in the room. The hotel itself is small (about 100 rooms), very cozy and surrounded by greenery. The staff are very helpful and friendly. And if you learn at least a couple of phrases in their language, then they will generally become your friends. At the reception there is always a Russian hotel guide Natalya, who can always be contacted for any question. The hotel is all inclusive, but alcohol (local beer and wine) is only served for lunch and dinner. At other times, alcoholic drinks are not only local, but also imported, can be purchased at the bar next to the pool. I want to warn you right away that the wines, unfortunately, in the restaurant or in the bar do not shine with special quality, but the local beer is excellent. Their local Cognagi gin is also pretty good. It is especially good with a ginger cola called Stony Tangovisi. The bar also makes good cocktails at very affordable prices. The restaurant always has fresh fruits: passion fruit, bananas, mangoes, pineapples, papaya. There was fish almost every day, less often other seafood. The choice of food is certainly not as great as, for example, in Turkey, but it was quite enough and everything was delicious!Now regarding the beach. Hes great. The sand is white and fine as flour! It does not heat up in the sun and it is very comfortable to walk on it. The ocean constantly changes its color depending on the time of day from turquoise to deep blue. Many places have been, but such a palette probably met for the first time. By the evening, the water heats up so that you get the feeling that you are bathing in a bath. I dont want to get out of the water! There is a low tide on this beach, but it is relatively small each time. Water leaves a maximum of 150 meters. But this has its plus. Put on your reef slippers and head out to the barrier reef! On the way, you can meet a lot of interesting things! Some starfish are worth something! They are here in all colors of the rainbow !!!! Just be careful, there are a lot of sea urchins at the bottom (they are not in the bathing zone, they live deeper), but they are perfectly visible at low tide in clear water. A few more HUGE advantages of this hotels beach: 1. There are always free sun loungers under the umbrellas. No need to run in the morning and take up seats. Go out at any time and you will always find consolidated places of your choice in the shade or sun. 2. The place for tourists to rest is fenced with purely symbolic wooden posts, where the local entrance is ordered. The guards are watching this closely. We left our phones and a bag with money on the lounger and went for a walk along the beach. Everything was always safe and sound. If you still forgot something on the beach in the evening, then be sure that you will find a forgotten thing at the guard in a special room. The beach has a volleyball court, bocci track and table tennis.It can take a long time to write about Zanzibar, this hotel and its beach. But its better to see it all. Come and enjoy your holiday!And I want to say a huge thank you to all the hotel staff! You made our holiday a fairy tale !!!!! I hope to visit here someday!

Review №39

A truly fantastic village, small but at the same time welcoming and well cared for! The rooms are cute and spotless, the bed a little uncomfortable but its a small thing ..Top restaurant, exceptional flavors and cutting-edge cuisine!The staff is totally available for every need! Truly exceptional for a dream vacation ..

Review №40

We returned from 5 days from Zanzibar, we stayed at the village zanzibar, I have to say that I was very skeptical about the villages but I had to change my mind, beautiful village, polite and always very kind staff, and what to say about the manager, Mrs. Maria, a wonderful person, always ready for any problem, always available. Then there are the simply wonderful, entertaining kids who are very kind and entertaining us with their amusing shows .... thanks to all of you ❤😘

Review №41

I rested from 13 to 23 January. The hotel is perfect, calm. Disposing to rest. Magnificent beach. Excellent service. Everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Review №42

Truly an unforgettable beautiful holiday, very nice village, nice and helpful staff. The animation by 10 led by Fabio known in Sardinia where I had the opportunity to appreciate his skill, thanks to him and all the staff of young and all very good boys I spent the evenings in the village in joy ... hello Fabio (look-alike of my brother) 😍

Review №43

Cozy village located on a clean and tidy paradise beach.Poor quality of food, with the all-inclusive package during mealtimes nothing is included except 2 types of fruit juice and popcorn. Coffee and spirits are for a fee only. In the land of hazelnuts and cashews these are nowhere to be found in the village, such as chips and various pretzels !!!!!During the day there is no person who brings you something to drink on the beach !!!!The animation is nice but it could do better as the shows last less than an hour, after eleven the silence falls.As for the avoided trips to make them with them but let them exclusively with the beach boys, because it will save money and will certainly be more fun and their explanations will be certainly more truthful than the village since they are local. At the village they will tell you that there is the island of nakupenda which is private and only they can go there instead it is not true .. good food with beach Boys is assured and excellent !! (Food and fruit at will) ask for Alì Luigi and Consiglio .. with them the excursions are magnificent!

Review №44

A fantastic village! You never get bored! The entertainers are fantastic, Sofia who kept us in shape with her fitness activities, Lorenzo and Mario who involved us in sports tournaments and the animation manager Andrea always among the people to snatch smiles! Also during the day you will be accompanied by the hits of the moment by Mattia (pumba)In short, as regards the truly impeccable animation !!I spent 2 weeks and the food is great and varied, the cleaning of the rooms is perfect! The excursions made with the village are excellent! Beware of the beachboys proposals, you pay less but you also get a lower treatment than that offered by the village! (seen personally)I conclude by saying that the village is extremely relaxing and I spent 2 fantastic weeks! I highly recommend it !!

Review №45

It has been a dream week. The village is well cared for and the entire staff is always smiling and friendly.The food is varied and delicious (always fresh food and the fish is excellent).The excursions are many and all wonderful, organized and accompanied by the talented Sacha and the sympathetic Kassim!During our stay we had the pleasure of knowing the photographer Laura that made us fall in love with his photos.In the village there is the Barbara boutique where you will find many beautiful things, and every time new clothes arrive, they will make a fashion show at the theater.Finally, the animation, a group of guys who work hard to bring a new show every night to the village theater (Andrea, Lorenzo, Mario, Mattia, Sonia, Valentina).Highly recommended, 5stars deserved.

Review №46

A beautiful village ... The only lady Maria. Beautiful rooms ... Great entertainment spectacular food from the first to the last a special hug to Mario ... Sasha .... Sonia ... And to the animator alo Andrea ,, impeccable ... Thanks for the wonderful holiday I will be back in veratour for sure you have a unique staff

Review №47

Excellent hotel. The ocean is two steps away. The staff are friendly, clean and beautiful everywhere. The beach is beautiful, the entry into the ocean is gentle, the tide is small. Come, you wont regret it!

Review №48

As soon as we returned, my husband and our 9-year-old son .... and we already miss everything. A special thanks to the animation guys Andrea, Lorenzo, Mario, Valentina, Sofia and Pumba ...... you are SUPER! Without them it would not be so special. Always eaten very well, clean and spacious rooms. Excursions punctual and well maintained thanks to Kassim and Sascha. I go back tomorrow morning with my eyes closed!

Review №49

Beautiful, quiet resort.

Review №50

The holiday of the heart ...A few days after returning to Italy, thinking about the moments spent here still makes your eyes blush.Zanzibar is a magical and genuine place like the local people who make it unique in many ways. The choice of this village was also crucial. There could not have been a better position, in Kiwengwa the phenomenon of the tides makes the landscape unique and constantly changing throughout the same day. The sea recedes and gives way to an expanse of fine white sand on which to stroll and relax, with direct access from the village. Each photo is a postcard. The size of the village is not boundless and this makes it convenient to move to all the common areas from each accommodation as well as another factor, which in my opinion was even more important, that is, it made it possible to facilitate the bonds between all present. To make the atmosphere really pleasant and fun, the entertainment staff: Super. Andrea, Lorenzo, Valentina, Sofia, Mattia, Mario, Sacha and Barbara have helped to make us detach our heads from everyday life for the whole holiday, involving us in all disciplines and without ever being heavy (which is truly appreciable), true professionals of the smile. Another happy note is the restaurant, varied and different food every day, but above all excellent. Not to mention the excursions, which in my opinion are mandatory. Those who come to this land do not try to put their nose outside the village and lose the wonder in its many facets. Submerged islets that emerge from the sea in a few hours, the chance to meet monkeys, turtles, dolphins ... But above all to get in touch with the simplicity of the locals from which to learn an important lesson about life, day by day (Beach Boys and Masai included) ... Among the lesser known, thanks go to all the staff in charge of the rooms, the restaurant, the deckchairs and umbrellas, the security ... they were practically invisible but with their work and their smiles they given a shade of serenity to all of us ... Thanks to all the people who made this holiday unforgettable ... Heartfelt thanks to Zanzibar and to the new Friends we met here .... Hakuna Matata to all .... ..

Review №51

Departure 8/23 October 2019. As soon as we returned, wonderful place, beautiful sea, super clean village with great food. Friendly and sociable staff, extraordinary entertainment, engaging and never intrusive, they were able to make us spend 2 beautiful weeks. X to conclude, I would like to spend a few words for the girl from the Lavinia wellness center ... With an excellent skill and professionalism, not to mention the feeling of well-being that transmits to you just talking to her ... We started with 5 30-minute massages per person but then after the results obtained we added one more of 50 minutes.If I had to recommend it I would do it without a doubt.Thanks for this wonderful adventure

Review №52

Beautiful experience!The village is quaint and well looked after with really friendly staff. The catering is beyond expectations, with a variety of choices to satisfy all palates. The animation is really excellent with nice, friendly and always available guys who, if they want, organize tournaments, gymnastics, games and entertainment throughout the day but without being intrusive.The excursions that allow you to take a look at the lifestyle and culture of the place are very beautiful and well organized.

Review №53

Great cozy hotel on a great beach! Delicious cuisine, cozy rooms, relaxing atmosphere! But the breakfasts need to be fixed, but everything is super!

Review №54

Beautiful Italian village! The animation kids very good! Fantastic mini club! My 6 year old son had a great time! The children are followed and accompanied throughout the day!What can we say about the sea? The kitchen, the bar, the rooms - everything really to our liking!Congratulations all guys and congratulations to Veratour !!!!THANK YOU

Review №55

What to say:Excellent cleaning. Every day they made us find the beds dressed up for a partyCatering service: Top quality food with continuous replacement. World-class fruit.Animation: I think its one of the best Ive ever seen in my life. Engaging but not suffocating! All very goodExcursions: not organized in the best way but equally good.Security: village guarded 24/24Bar service: excellentPhoto shoot: I was amazed by the skill of the photographer!

Review №56

We start from the well-kept and welcoming village. Excellent cleanliness, very good food even though there have been cases of vomiting and dysentery throughout the week. Veraclub staff were immediately told that it was a virus brought from Italy ...Postcard sea .. Unfortunately, however, we were unable to swim ... In the morning the sea receded and therefore it was difficult to enter the water and swim (many sea urchins required the use of sea shoes). But when the tide rose, the sea was so rough that it became dangerous (there was no rescue service) and full of algae.Wonderful excursions (Prison Island, Nakupenda, Blue Lagoon, Memda) which, if done with the beach Boys (we went with Consiglio Shauri) cost half. Of course the Veratour staff went out of their way to discredit excursions without them.Also beautiful is the boat trip to see the reef and the starfish with captain Lino Banfi.A note about the rooms. They have been recently renovated, beautiful and welcoming. For those who happen to be 50 and up, take into account that it is a nice climb and under the sun that is already beating in the morning they are not the best (I hope they dont give them to families with strollers).Minimized animation.Congratulations to the girls from the kids club.Overall positive evaluation.

Review №57

I was in this village last October.Equipped with swimming pool, massage center, field for archery, private beach and two restaurants. Good food. The staff is very kind, the entertainment is fun and not stressful, a place to relax but the theme song of the trip was hateful .... I hope it changed !!!! Highly recommended !!!

Review №58

Fantastic Veraclub village. Excellent Italian and local management and maintained in an excellent manner. If you want to go to Zanzibar, I recommend it. I went to this village a year and a half ago alone and I had a great time, I met so many people and really nice animation guys. Beautiful rooms in local style. Excellent cuisine

Review №59

I would have also put 10 little stars for the beauty of the rooms, excellent cleaning, small but collected village, animation regarding sports and fitness, restaurant and guided tours but ..... entertainer for children absolutely not suitable for being with children, can do evening shows, anything else but human has nothing! My children and those of the families we met last November (2018) call it BAD.He mistreated and hunted them.If you have children Im sorry but you should give up these villages or they should change the mini club entertainer

Review №60

Unique experience, perfectly located, clean and friendly village. Excellent local staff and entertainment: always present but with discretion and respect, engaging but with tact. Professionals. Special mention to Andrea, Sofia, Mattia, Lorenzo, Mario and Valentina who took care of us, also organizing ad hoc activities (extra working hours, using their rest time) for the group we had created.Another mention for Sasha, Barbara and Laura, very cute and very nice, as well as professional.Indescribable experience, to be repeated!

Review №61

I had already loved this village ... after 8 years I managed to go back, all beautiful with it I had left it, 2 heavenly weeks, food ok animation ok ... before the covid luckily we were saved.

Review №62

I liked the hotel. Cozy with lots of greenery. There is enough food. One drawback is the ebb. It is comfortable to rest.

Review №63

Quiet village, beautiful location, stunning beaches and sea, impeccable cleanliness. But ...... The bar ??? C is, it is there but practically non-existent. Two juices two x all week, in the afternoon 4 biscuits and two popcorn. A desolation

Review №64

They write that it is an all inclusive resort and instead it is not absolutely true the alcoholic drinks are served only at meals and during the day the drinks are only non-alcoholic and of very limited choice, so in reality the village is soft inclusive, the neighboring villages are really all inclusive, in this village instead the alcoholic drinks are all to payment and also dear .... !!!!!! Read the catalog well do not trust the agencies, and the fake all inclusive who write !!!!!!

Review №65

Beautiful village in Zanzibar style. manicured and lush green spaces. Long beach of fine white sand with beautiful sea colors ranging from blue to turquoise to emerald. Fine cooking fresh and varied. Staff and professional entertainment, never intrusive. Vacation to recommend.

Review №66

Fantastic village, very clean and well-kept. The rooms have been recently renovated and are really beautiful. There are no ants in the room as I have read in other reviews. Personally I brought the insect repellent that I used occasionally, because in the evening there were small gnats that pinched like mosquitoes. The food is varied and very good. Every evening there was a themed evening. The beach is immersed, a expanse of impalpable white flour with a sea of ​​a thousand shades of blue and green water. The tides bring to shore what man throws into the water.The locals are not very attentive to the ecology and once the bottle of water or a bag of chips is finished they throw it where it happens, a bit like we Italians who instead of looking for a basket or to keep it in the bag until the first basket we throw it on the ground not caring about who will come after us ... I saw tourists who smoked and threw cigarette butts on the beach ... the beach is still clean despite the occasional see the remains described above ... I thank all the staff and the Director Maria for making me spend a wonderful holiday! We will meet again next year. Paola pampirio Alessandria

Review №67

Wonderful village, excellent food, very helpful local staff, super friendly entertainment and professionalism. Sea of ​​a thousand shades despite the tidal phenomenon (very suggestive) in short, a dream vacation

Review №68

Quiet, comfortable hotel. A lot of greenery around. Friendly staff. Deliciously prepared.

Review №69

Everything is great: beautiful sea, great beach (it is interesting to observe the difference between high and low tide), Italian cuisine, polite staff

Review №70

Very well maintained village. Large rooms and excellent and varied cuisine. Fantastic and non-intrusive entertainment for adults and children. Excellent proposal for excursions. Very friendly and helpful staff. Lovely beach and sea. Recommended

Review №71

It is a beautiful village, clean in the middle of a beautiful garden. Near the sea at low tide in the morning and high tide in the afternoon, the beautiful spacious rooms with wooden furniture made in the place and with a nice terrace !!

Review №72

Unforgettable holiday location attention to cleaning absolute availability top animation and respectful for those who just want to relax. Fabio always present animator .... the director Maria always attentive ... a pity it doesnt last long 😭💞

Review №73

Wonderful village but very little cared for. Veraclub really poorly organized. Little variety and quality of food. For breakfast only 2 different juices. One day pineapples and bungos were present but being allergic I asked if it was possible to have another juice. Result? He snorted at me and asked another to bring it to me. But what are the ways? Meal times too short. The towels in the bathroom are not very clean and it is outrageous to find the ants on the toothbrushes. I understand the presence of ants in the village but it is not possible to find them in the bathroom and even on the toothbrushes. Not to mention at the table that you find them in the dishes. The beach boys dont give you respite. Only purpose to get you money and if you dont buy it, they will answer you wrong. Really too arrogant and without a sense of welcome.

Review №74

Clean and welcoming structure but the difference that made our holiday unique is unforgettable were the animation guys who gave us strong emotions that we will always carry in our hearts .... Thanks to Fabio, Antonio, Manfredi, Filippo, Francesco , Matteo, Lara, Sara, Lavinia, Asia ... A hug from Ezio, Anna, Lorenzo and Cristian .... That remind you .... I put paro and ciapa pirla 🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰

Review №75

I advise against incorrect with WiFi people you pay 10 € only 4 gigs for drinks I say all inclusive but it is not true they use sub-brand products instead of coca cola they use cola excursions are made without knowing the forecasts very clever director nn have no room service that you pay for a holiday in Zanzibar is better

Review №76

I was in this village from February 24 to March 3 a beautiful place kept well very clean in all environments good food the sea beautiful and very warm a fairy tale for me, the only thing there were many algae I do not know if for the phenomenon of tides that are very suggestive or maybe it was a coincidence. And then the top animation all very good professional nice never intrusive have left me a beautiful memory congratulations to everyone I hope to meet you again soon.

Review №77

Wonderful village, cared for in every detail with staff always available, professional with very polite and sunny people! Not to mention the really good quality restaurant!

Review №78

Fantastic village !!! From animation to organization, from the excursion not to mention the food to say the least exceptional, a paradise, 5 stars more than you deserve.

Review №79

What about the Veraclub Zanzibar Village in Kiwengwa? Cozy village on a human scale and in Zanzibari style! Perfect food, all fresh products! Excellent location where you can admire the phenomenon of the tides (which leaves you unique emotions) and in any case the strong point are also all the animation guys I had the pleasure of meeting during my stay .... in the head of all the boss Lollo .. a mix of sympathy, kindness and professionalism, qualities not easy to find in young guys like him. But I do not forget the sparkling and cheerful Cristina fitness instructor, Federica the wonderful girl from the mini-club, Stefano who organizes the tournaments, Dudu Zanzibarino to the water activities, Forlenzo the great singer and DJ Angelo lighting and music technician of the evening shows! In short, a very strong team that works 20 hours a day for us guests! Thanks Veraclub !!

Review №80

Very beautiful structure, both from the architectural point of view - in respect of the Zanzibar tradition - both from a logistical point of view to achieve the various point of interest. The service staff always polite and efficient in complying with the various and frequent requests. The exceptional entertainment group: has been able to get involved in fun initiative always with friendly and engaging ways, showing intelligence in knowing more and interface with discretion. He always understood how to involve each of us differently: spurring those who wanted to be spurred; only proposing to the most reticent. In short, always guessing if and when it was appropriate, and never showing intrusiveness. I would say applause. The animation leader a great!

Review №81

We came back less than a week .... well what to say ... all wonderful ... quiet village ... clean and well stocked! Amazing sea ... take the excursions are unforgettable..nakupenda a paradise in the middle of ocean! animators always at the top ... prepared but never intrusive, with their games and their shows they made us have fun every day ... special people!

Review №82

Fantastic place, wonderful village, everything perfect from breakfast to lunch and dinner, always different buffett and with great food and entertainment k say spectacular always active and joking the boys of the captain da lollo team 😉 was a wonderful experience

Review №83

Beautiful well-groomed area, beautiful beach, good rooms, delicious varied food, friendly staff, there is a Russian-speaking representative.

Review №84

A vacation in Zanzibar is in itself fabulous. Here at the Veraclub hospitality combined with professionalism turns a holiday into an endless dream. Thanks to the ever present and very nice animation, all the guys involve you with their enthusiasm to participate in the games even if you dont feel like it ... they are simply fantastic !! Great food prepared with care and love .. what more could you want from a dream ?? Thanks to all of you who pamper us daily.

Review №85

All very nice .. lovely people, delicious food and quality ... the only flaw with Wifi apart from price and poor reception ... formidabile..torneremo animation definitely

Review №86

Very nice experience. At first the impact is not pleasant but after that you cant leave. Zanzibar Typical Structure. Fantastic animation. Small and well controlled.

Review №87

Beautiful and well cared for food very good animation nice and unobtrusive friendly staff and very prepared. 5 stars are few 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

Review №88

The very professional and friendly manager excellent for a holiday of pure relaxation renovated rooms clean and very beautiful in their simplicity eating excellent what to say more good relaxation

Review №89

Great hotel, good location, but food problem ... Especially for breakfasts. Scrambled eggs and bread ...

Review №90

Beautiful structure manager humble and fantastic person puts you immediately at ease the manager Sciascia a real cafe everything else fantastic holiday

Review №91

Beautiful holiday in this Italian village with about 60 rooms..Wonderful place, always excellent food, with the animation guys never intrusive !!!

Review №92

Very well organized village, clean rooms, daily change, excellent and varied food, unobtrusive animation, well-kept gardens

Review №93

Beautiful super very functional staff great to eat excellent beach services with excellent services you can also find beach boys with falling Blackbeard and his squire Del Piero will make you visit the island as no one recommended very serious serious the village very attentive very clean excellent all very beautiful

Review №94

Beautiful village! Tailored to the surrounding environment, surrounded by palm trees! Great food !!

Review №95

Beautiful structure built with taste, overlooking the Indian Ocean where it is possible to enjoy the low tide in the morning ... nice evening dinner and entertainment and above all a huge starry sky never seen. Hakuna matata

Review №96

Great I came back March 9th, 2018 I am happy to have been in your cozy, clean, friendly staff, great staff, great sea 🔝🔝🔝😘Im looking forward to getting back to good kids

Review №97

Very fun, relax even with children, all well organized, excellent cuisine, and then the island is beautiful

Review №98

Excellent, attentive staff, excellent and unobtrusive entertainment, wonderful cuisine. Rooms a little dated but clean.

Review №99


Review №100

Fantastic weeks I would no longer leave this resort.I advise you to go and see you will be fine

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  • Address:Unnamed Road, Kiwengwa, Tanzania
  • Resort hotel
  • Extended stay hotel
  • Holiday park
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