Kerbal Space Center
Jeb kerman drive, Kerbin, Tanzania
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Great experience, I just bought an orbital trip around the planet, very funny indeed. Some of the crew make something called EVA during our time in the sky and got out of the ship to observe some kind of goo inside a canister, very interesting. Only complain was the return to the planet, we landed in the south pole in I did not have some parka to keep myself warm up. But totally recommended.

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I met the Kerbals there. Theyre really nice! They even tried to land on me one time! Instead, they landed on Laythe.

Review №3

Went there to see the moon instead they sent me to some ice cream looking planet, had a taste when I got there and it didnt taste like ice cream, now I cant go back because weve ran out of fuel and I guess Im left off to eat crystals and olivine formations. Expectatives dont meet realities would not recommend

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Booked a flight to low Kerbin orbit and back. The wait was long, they told me that the Mission Controls game was loading. Was put in a capsule with two frog-cucumber people, one of which was apparently the pilot. The flight wasnt very comfortable, especially when the rocket almost flipped. The views from space werent that good either, because the graphics settings were lowered to avoid lag. However, they had some delicious snacks on the ship. We landed in a desert, the pilot went outside the capsule and wrote something down on a piece of paper, then put it in a drawer inside the capsule. We were quickly returned back to the Space Center, where we underwent a strange procedure of being in some kind of a gray bookshelf thing and were assigned one weird star each.Fine, could be better.

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Cant wait until they open up a new location in the same spot in late 2022!Have you ever wondered if there was a SpaceX, but for little green men that blur the line between plant, animal, and fungus? Wonder no more, for this is the Kerbal Space Center!

Review №6

Went on a flight there, but apparently someone forgot to check the staging and the parachute deployed just as we took off. The owner was quite surprised they couldnt revert back to launch.

Review №7

I went over there to watch a launch of this very odd-looking rocket...these little green things were in charge and the whole experience shook me up. Id still recommend it though, those little guys are about 2 feet tall so they couldnt hurt ya.

Review №8

They promised me a beach vacation on Laythe. Instead I ended up orbiting Jool. I gave 3 starts because I got to see a kraken at least. Ive been waiting for someone to pick me up for 6 years now. Im never going home am I?

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Got to ride Kerbal X with Jeb. Hes a total madman. Also met Val and Bob. Bill had me try a mystery goo smoothie which kinda made me sick. Still all in all, a lovely experience.

Review №10

Doing a grand tour with bill Kerman we’re currently at laythe but I’m still managing to administer the space program from here so don’t worry

Review №11

Lovely holiday on Laythe. Great experience. Saw a Kraken too. 10/10 would go again.

Review №12

Got to meet Jebediah Kerman so that was pretty cool, shame were now stuck in deep space forever due to a kraken attack.

Review №13

Please help me i am stranded alone in a mk1 capsule in eloo for 54 years and i have no food or fuel to go home and so far they have not sent a rescue mission

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Was crammed into a tiny capsule and put into deep space for 15 years, they kept promising to remember to send a rescue mission for me but I think they forgot.

Review №15

Was going to take a flight, they sat me next to some frog people (they shared their snacks) but then we were abandoned in deep space. Help.

Review №16

I crashed on venus and they said ,they will be sending a rescue mission coming in 134 years help im gonna starve to death

Review №17

They made me wear a space suit just to fly in a single engine plane to the north pole.11/10 would do again.

Review №18

I didnt go to space today but had amazing fireworks. Would definitely recommend!

Review №19

Fantastic. the rocket exploded because the staging was incorrect and i am now writing this as a ghost but otherwise very enjoyable.

Review №20

I got obliterated by a kraken and then I traveled back in time 30 times only just to crash and die every time

Review №21

Only available flights were to Dres. Id give 0 stars if I could

Review №22

Kept relaunching for 15 times because of the rocket exploding every time

Review №23

I havent payed my taxes in 16 years

Review №24

Got to meet Jebediah Kerman.

Review №25

Help Im trapped on Eeloo, send help!

Review №26

Snacks were great!

Review №27

Killing space frogs since 2011.

Review №28

Help, Im stranded on Eeloo

Review №29

Help Im stranded on Eve

Review №30

Why is it exploding please help

Review №31

Jebs favorite

Review №32

If you dont know, now you know

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