Shooters Grill
Oyster Plaza, 6th Floor, 1196 Haile Selassie Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review №1

Great rooftop restaurant with amazing view.It feels a but strange entering almost through the lobby of a bank,but no complaints.The food and the drinks are great and the service very polite and speedy.Given the way they want to present themselves (upscale), they should make some minor adjustments to the location: you sit on plastic lawn chairs and the place needs a new coat of paint.Overall a great experience and a great place for steaks.

Review №2

I ordered a medium Sirloin steak, but the steak was dry. Bit crispy outside, red-ish but not juicy inside. A bit hard to cut. But the seafood platter is very nice. Their apple pie also good. Service is good. Wonderful view when sunset.

Review №3

I rate this place a 10/10✅The cocktails were extraordinarily mind blowing 🤯, made with passion by a riched passion female mixologist❤️. I and my friends wanted to try something new and they caught up our tastes with some new special and innovative mixed drinks.

Review №4

Great view to vibe around. The seafood platter was nice too. But the steak might need some improvement. Overrall its a good place to hang out.

Review №5

The place was recommended by a friend. Its a bit square. But it has potential during weekends, I went there for a view. But there is not that much view to be seen. I ate a burger there, it was great, but not that revolutionary. Fries where a bit soggy. As I came early and I was the only person there. I feels a bit forced. The Margarita I ordered was also not that awesome. But as I say, I could be wrong and maybe its awesome during weekends and later on the evening.

Review №6

Nice rooftop experience. Good food , waiters on point in terms of service. Open from 15hrs to 23hrs every day.

Review №7

I had a great experience at shooters Grill with a lot of hospitality I can’t forget ALLY NIVA very wonderful personality I meet there he actually made me has a great approach and treatment I must appreciate his effortsThank you

Review №8

Food service was slow. First to arrive but had to wait 40 minutes. The sirloin steak was pretty good. The platter was soso. The wings were kinda dry and menu said beorwors but thats not what they served.

Review №9

Good food with a good view!I took a typical Italian meal calamari e gamberi fried: it was very tasty and the fish was fresh. I took also a new interpretation of famous Italian cake tiramisù: grate! And, notice it, Im Italian.Medium prices.Just a flaw: too much time for food.

Review №10

The drinks were great . The steaks were juicy . Cooked as ordered .

Review №11

The ambience is nice, but for adults as theres nothing for small kids unless you bring the entertainment yourself. FOOD is AMAZING, the best calamari Ive had in a long time. Steaks are great too especially the T-BONE. price was its $$$.5$ so its a treat dinner place not someplace you can get an everyday takeout from.There is a large variety of soft, hard and mock drinks available.

Review №12

View of all Dar Es SallamBig portion.Waiter are very nice. Playback atmosphere.You sit on plastic chairs.Prices are on the medium range.

Review №13

The food was absolutely delicious. And the service is excellent. The employers are very friendly and polite.The quantity of the food is really generous.Thank you so much for your service.Cannot wait to visit again.

Review №14

Great spot for sundowners and happy hour on local and imported beers, wines and a selection of spirits. The food is really good too and the staff are very friendly. Highly recommend Miraj, who’s there for us everytime we go. Shooters has a great view of the ocean and the peninsula area. You can catch a great sunset there.Pro-tip: Happy hour is from 5-6. Call ahead if you think you will be a little bit late to order your poison of choice.

Review №15

They have an amazing view and the location is perfect. Sometimes service can be slow. Thier food is always amazing especially salads. The portions are not always consistent. But a place to try

Review №16

Very very bad service. There are many times staffs shout on customers.

Review №17

It was my favorite place last year, however the service was not the same. Sadly my weekly spot will change! Not sure what happened but it was not the same.

Review №18

Really lovely place to eat, it catches the breeze from the ocean, stunning view of Dar es salaam City and the service is like no other in Dar, quick, considerate and lovely faces servers!

Review №19

Food is ok, location is good

Review №20

Still good food. May be needs upgrade in vibe and looks of the place. But still amazing food.

Review №21

Beautiful place to hang out with friends and the happy hour the best..get two for the price of one...just make sure you do it before 6...But a trendy crowd, good and fresh food and just a perfect place to relax after a long day.

Review №22

Very nice place great for airline crew, oxtail stew is the best. They also have steaks and other great items. Its on a rooftop over looking the city so the view is nice. Go for food or just drinks they have a very nice bar. Vegan you can try the veggi burger.

Review №23

This place is heaven to me, the burgers there will leave you wanting more.The manager is soo friendly have been here for 3 times now, and its at the rooftop you get to enjoy the city and beautiful sky from up there

Review №24

I love the view and the fact that you get hit with that high riser fresh air from any direction. The menu is an absolute delight, with a variety of foods and fine wines to choose from.The waiters are friendly and informative of the menu, when ask to describe a meal on the menu.

Review №25

The service is amazing, has a really nice breeze and a beautiful view of the peninsula and ocean. Food was delicious, has great vegetarian options too.

Review №26

Nice meat, a little bit price but you pay for a nice food and atmosphere! Nice place for hang out in Dar with a nice view!

Review №27

Felt that for the prices of their menu, the furnishings would be better(plastic tables and chairs is what they have) like seriously?! Also the bathrooms were few like only one per gender which I feel isnt sufficient for any eatery. Otherwise the food was very good, the space is lovely since its open and scenic. I enjoyed myself. Once they upgrade the furnishings to match the menu it will be even better. Also I noticed there werent any female attendants, weird and not pro-equity.

Review №28

Good steak...nice vibe. Its a lovely rooftop bar restaurant.

Review №29

Deserve 5 stars... the food and the location is perfect

Review №30

Nice views and ok service and food

Review №31

I used to have dinner every weekend with friends. Visiting after an year. Ordered portugese chicken for lunch today saturday. I asked waiter if this was the correct dish. It also had sauce on it. I couldnt eat even a piece. I called the waiter he just listened and didnt have courtesy to say anything. I wouldnt ever visit here. Sad to see that the food and service is horrible

Review №32

I was really disappointed with the food. I ordered the Catch of the Day, but it didnt feel like it was caught that day at all. The fish was undercooked and mushy, like it had been hurriedly defrosted, the fries were burnt, and the vegetables were cold :(. The whole place had a rather run-down feel to it.The view was lovely and the service was good.

Review №33

Food quality and portion sizes were perfect.

Review №34

Very good , meat or fish , they get you covered

Review №35

This place has amazing view over the city life, the food and the service were excellent!

Review №36

Filled with the aroma of roasted steak. Great ambience...even better cocktails.

Review №37

Great service and location. The food makes me at home @SA. Best I have eaten in Dar es Salaam.

Review №38

Nice place for dinner with family

Review №39

Steak was very expensive and they did not hv steak knife to cut the steak

Review №40

Food portion small in comparison to price. Taste is good. Nothing too fancy. Great sea view

Review №41

Fantastic place with a dedicated staff and a menu which is containing something for everyone.If you get a chance to get there in the sunset you will be able to see most of the recognised landmarks in Dar es Salaam. Well worth a visit!

Review №42

The appetizer platter was really good however the main courses were disappointing. There are better steaks in Dar. Our steak was half nundu (fat) and half meat, so we had to throw half of the steak away.

Review №43

Delicious, yam yam Food.very polite nice waiters

Review №44

Good food and good service. Excellent location

Review №45

Shooters grill my best choice for a hearty Sunday afternoon lunch. Their Sirloin and T-Bone Steak is scrumptious and made to your preference. The ambiance is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon overlooking the most part of Dar Es Salaam with some spectacular views of the city. Great place to spend on a date or catching up with friends, especially if they are new in town.

Review №46

Amazing view of the Peninsula!The place is popular with a whites or tourists, prices are not nationals-friendly.They have a Happy Hour on select days 5 - 6PM.Dishes offered here are great, but the range is limited.

Review №47

Beautiful place to visit in Oyster-bay Area. The T-Bone Steak here is awesome. Good professional service by the waiters. Food presentation is also remarkable. Expensive but good service...value for money. The only setback is that the building is very secluded, dark, and quite at night time. The entrance of the building not as per standard of the restaurant above. Whenever I have visited the place there was water on the floor of the entrance and near the swivel doors. A little risky as the floor is tiled and with water it becomes slippery.

Review №48

I have been here before but now I feel like the standards have dropped. They should work on decor and overall ambiance. Get rid of those plastic chairs and faded table clothes and better planters and good music. Felt a little neglected. But there food is still quite alright.

Review №49

Delicious pork ribs and seafood platter, terrace location great but mediocre ambiance and decoration ! Expensive for the good food!

Review №50

Wonderful sea views. Staff including the owner all keen to please. Lamb shank tender and delicious every time!

Review №51

So i ordered the carnivore platter that comes with potato wedges standard and i called to say I dont want the wadges but would like some friesGuess what happened.. I got the wadges and the fries at NO extra charge. When i called to verify the Owner David Law said to me this is on us...i was shocked and happy...their services and attention to details is super amazing. Did I mention they have happy hour from 5 to 6 everyday on every drink? ...

Review №52

Delicious food, great vibe, friendly staff and amazing views. Service is excellent everytime I visit.

Review №53

The food was great. But they need to change their tables and chairs, they do not match the ambiance of shooters.

Review №54

AMAZING food great view too. Restaurant could be fancier but still very good restaurant.

Review №55

A good place to be. Nice food and drinks ....

Review №56

It is located in a nice view, a good place, and high up in Masaki and the Indian Ocean.A total of six waiters are standing by, so you can easily orderBut food a long way to go

Review №57

Good and a comfortable place to be.

Review №58

Always good food, attentive, but not in your face, staff. Stunning views, great atmosphere. Always a go to place when the family come over. Recommend.

Review №59

Shooters is a great restaurant to dine in weather its breakfast, lunch or dinner. Shooters serve excellent food, they have a wide variety of food that cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The restaurant is located on the top floor as to offer great views of the city. The restaurant has music playing throughout the day while not being loud or annoying. Shooters has a great ambiance and certainly feels like a quality restaurant to dine in. I would totally recommend anyone to dine in Shooters

Review №60

This place did not deliver what is on the menu!!!!!! You cannot place paprika on a plain burger without stating on your menu furthermore we requested our meat cooked to a certain temperature and came out wrong. The owner did not apologize for his mistakes nor did he compensate for the error. We left hungrier than we arrived.

Review №61

Awesome restaurant on top of a building. Underscore or under the star last eating and drinking. Choose from cocktails to beer. A large variety of foods from salads, starters to mains. Really amazing views and a must to visit if in Dar es Salaam 👍😃

Review №62

If you need separate billing, as you would if you are in a group of businessmen for example, make sure you ask for this when ordering. The manager refuses to correct this after orders are placed and you will be stuck with a combined bill, like it or not. No other complaints about the location or food or service

Review №63

The food is delicious and much friendly staff with a beautifull view on the rooftop

Review №64

When I finished my dinner, I was not in a good mood. Perfect steaks and beverages but very rude waiters. They dont smile and demand things like gratitude. He TEACHes me how much money he want.When the manager comes tell her you want give me tip. 10 or 15 will be fine.Well, foreigners who stays in Tanzania dont want be in trouble. So they just do what those want even its not fair. Those Tanzanians using this situations. Be careful.

Review №65

Excellent Food , grate Service

Review №66

Good food, nice ambiance.

Review №67

A superb view of the Penninsular. Pleasant food make it a cool place to hang out through out the week. The staff make it home. Happy hours are worth it.

Review №68

Lovely views, good music and handy staff. The food though......was worth every penny!! Well prepared and presented. Very delicious food!

Review №69

If you craving for meat, this is the place to be. Several options of steaks and meats, as well as other local dishes. I would say their specialty remains different cuts of steak and the house oxtail dish. For some one who is not meat fanatic like myself but could indulge upon cravings once in a while, this is a great stop.

Review №70

Good happy hour which is 5pm till 7pm (two for one). Great food but a little pricey.

Review №71

The food and the service was excellent. On top of that an amazing view on the ocean was just wow

Review №72

The food there was nice I had a good time there and the price was worth it

Review №73

Friendly stuff, decent prices. The environment could be much better considering that is on the tarassa.

Review №74

Great food, and views. Awesome service.

Review №75

Great service and decent grill food. Good smoothies and juices. Nice sunset shoreline and city skyline views. Good for casual drinks and quick eats

Review №76

Sure its a lovely view but I leave thinking that my Pulled Beef sandwich could of been on the kids menu. For 17k shillings I expect my fill please. Oh and running water or at least an alternative plan is expected.

Review №77

Excellent service. Good staff. Nice food

Review №78

Nice friendly venue but the food was just ok. Not brilliant. Steak was stringy but tasty. Mixed grill was cold, even though we had to wait a long time for it.

Review №79

Great food great service awesome views.

Review №80

Pleasant place for an evening chill out. good food and very excellent customer care in town with good top view of the city.

Review №81

Great place to eat! Great view and service! Warmly reccomend it! We enjoyed the salads and fresh juices

Review №82

Atmosphere is good. some food is tantastic. everything is wonderful except for the waiters face if you consumed less than waiters expection.

Review №83

Great food, views, and service. The prices are good as well.

Review №84

The ambience is good, open sky, waiters are friendly. Food was alright. Less veg option.

Review №85

Fantastic views from roof top bar good staff highly recommended.

Review №86

On top of Masaki, very nice view!Food is ok too...

Review №87

Thoroughly enjoyed many evenings at Shooters in the year a spent in Dar es Salaam. Dave was a wonderful host and the food and drink was consumed merrily.

Review №88

Excellent view, great ambience... its a place to relax and enjoy your drinks and food.Had a lovely experience!!!!

Review №89

For that good Steak, Loved it... And the signages have a twisted sense of humour!For a date, a group date or just a night out to sip a drink and watch a game.

Review №90

Nice place with a fantastic view, though the food is surprisingly nothing special

Review №91

I have only visited this restaurant in the evenings and the view of the coast is still amazing, would be even better during the day. Food and service was great!

Review №92

The view of the Peninsula is really great! The food was yummie...will definitely go there often

Review №93

Great views. Ice cold Peroni on tap. Pricey food options, but a must for those looking for a little perspective on the peninsula.

Review №94

Great place for good food. Has good views during the day. A cool breeze from the Ocean.

Review №95

Lovely place, tasty food at a very good price.

Review №96

The place is clean, nice, atmosphere is good, i tasted Honey Mustard Chicken Breast and i fall in love with it, great food.

Review №97

Nice roof top view of the city and the ocean. Food is good tooBut the airy roof top is the best part

Review №98

Good view from roof. Average and pricey food.

Review №99

Good ambience, good food.

Review №100

Shooter Grill is a cool place, they play nice music and the service is really good. It is a nice place to eat and drink. ✌🏽

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:Oyster Plaza, 6th Floor, 1196 Haile Selassie Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 754 880 160
  • Wine bar
  • Steak house
Working hours
  • Monday:3–11PM
  • Tuesday:3–11PM
  • Wednesday:3–11PM
  • Thursday:3–11PM
  • Friday:3–11PM
  • Saturday:3–11PM
  • Sunday:3–11PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sport:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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