Kairuki Hospital
322 Chwaku Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Poor services.Especially with the NHIF insurance patients.The time it takes you to see the doctors,be diagnosed ,only to find out you need to do a test and the test needs an approval from the insurer πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ.The insurer takes 4-5 hours or even a while day to just approve a single test 😭.No apologies, you just seat for an unknown number of hours and before you know it boom the doctor is gone and you are told please come tomorrow 😭.Three days of back and forth common,we can do better than this .

Review β„–2

Friendly Doctors and nurses, good services on patients. Beautiful yet small green area (garden).They limit number of patients visitors at a time, and there is no place for the visitors to sit while visiting patients.Otherwise its a good hospital.

Review β„–3

The private hospital very organized in patients Care.Especially care of Covid-19

Review β„–4

I’ve had serious stomach inflammation that wasn’t cured in China,India,Thailand in a span of 8 years but was only totally treated here .If Medicine is a Service,then in Tanzania you get the best of it here.

Review β„–5

I like the hospital they care patient,Very Clean every time they cleanThey agree Healthy Insurance including NHIFThey have many tools for diagnosis of their patient

Review β„–6

Best hospital, they care for the patients, always kind, expert and precise.i got there my covid vaccine, wonderful..HONGERA SANAA

Review β„–7

The environment is well and peaceful despite being within a busy and noisy city, perfect infrastructure! Attentive medics but there is a shortage in specialists hence making a slow queue movement of the patients attended by the specialists. Otherwise the hospital is overrall great and highly recommended.

Review β„–8

A humble environment to recuperate for patients

Review β„–9

This is a big hospital with many departments but services have deteriorated lately. There is no privacy during consultation, doctors ask for money from insured patients and general professionalism by staff is not high.

Review β„–10

Established private hospital covering most of health insurance options in Tanzania. Quality services with a good customer care.Offers general medicine, surgical, pediatric, dental, eyes, gynecology n obstetric clinics.You might find long queues with some specialist clinics.

Review β„–11

We went there on 4th Nov saturday around 9pm as my 3 year old daughter fell off from the bed while playing and she had cut on the forehead and was bleeding a lot. We are visiting Tanzania so we did not know about the gud hospital . our hotel receptionist told us to go to kairuki hospital as the option for the nearest hospital we rushed there we went to emergency I was carrying my daughter and my husband was with me, nurse asked me to come inside the room when we entered Dr came and asked me what happened I told him about the fall the next thing in a very rude way he asked my husband that have you paid at the reception u need to open the file first and when it will come on our system than we will see her ,my husband got a bit angry that u r not telling us about the situation of our daughter instead rudely you r asking have we paid or not ..are we running away but later my husband went when he left dr sarcastically said to his colleague yea they have lots of money .they r showing attitude . I was sitting there for almost 20 to 25 minutes he remained sitted in the other room and looking at other patients. Nurses were entering and going out the room looking at us and passing pole remarks. But that Dr was busy with his computer and other patients and ignoring us. My husband came and asked me have that started anything I told him nothing. He said lets go to another hospital ,appearance and manners and attitude wise he does not seem like even a Dr but I asked him just wait he will come. Dr told nurse to tell my husband to go out of the room as more than 1 attendant is not allowed . my husband told that u have not started anything i m concerned about her she said no Dr is coming my husband told her that we can see him he is sitting calmly and ignoring us.. later My husband went out to admin to register the complaint. I asked the Dr when you are going to see my daughter she is bleeding he said just wait be patient .. is your husband back I need to talk to him first?? I got angry that I m sitting here from last 25 min ask me what ever u need to ask he said No i want to talk to him. I got very angry I carried my baby and left the room I called my husband and took our daughter to Agha Khan Hospital as in Kenya we normally prefer to go there because of their services and professionalism.When we entered there in emergency they took the baby straight to exam room and started examining her without wasting a sec . they did not even asked us to go first pay at the reception and than will see your daughter. They treated her well 3 stitches were given on the forehead and was discharged in an hour.What is the difference between emergency and out patient?What is the difference between professional and in professional doctor?What is the difference between well mannered and ill mannered Dr?Was that Dr racist?Is gender, race, ethnicity of a patient matters for dr?

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It was so lovely, i was working with Dr. clemetina with fertility and so happy that i will soon be a mother, something that i never thought would happen.

Review β„–13

Perfect services! The hospital is clean with very lovely and effective staff.

Review β„–14

Terrific services! The hospital is clean with very lovely and effective staff.

Review β„–15

Place with attractive environment around it also provide good services for patients

Review β„–16

Good service and clean environment

Review β„–17

The hospital have good service and very clean.

Review β„–18

The Best Hospital in Dar, Nafurahia Mno Huduma zao! They’re the best in Everything

Review β„–19

Best hospital services available and good environment with best health care providers

Review β„–20

Quality care and treatment to both inpatient and outpatient

Review β„–21

There is no fairness on who came first so that you can see the doctor as early as you arrived to the hospital

Review β„–22

Quality service provider always deserve much appreciations (5Stars),,,

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Good doctors and others staffs are friendly.

Review β„–25

There services are worse

Review β„–26

One of the leading private hospitals in Tanzania.

Review β„–27

Very comfort and excellently service providers GOD bless

Review β„–28

This place has such a nice economy and is very wonderful there

Review β„–29

Its safe, very clean and services are best

Review β„–30

Now the hospital is known as Kairuki Hospital.Teaching Hospital for HKMU.

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Review β„–32

Well established hospital.

Review β„–33

Its some how expensive hospital

Review β„–34

Rude workers πŸ™„

Review β„–35

Luck of good parking

Review β„–36

Some memories in that hospital.

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Good health services

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Good hospital

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Im worked in

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  • Address:322 Chwaku Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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  • Phone:+255 653 723 707
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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