CCBRT Hospital
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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I discover this place by accident , I went for blood analyses , really it was nice , clean , professional, quick and not expensive

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The best hospital of its kind, with alot of facilities and specialist to treat people at very affordable prices from Cataract, LASIK eye operations to prosthetic operations this hospital serves the public best it can, currently under extension to accommodate the demand it contains competent staff enough space for waiting and parking, and hopefully more wards for patients

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Do your yourself and avoid this hospital.I am an expectant mother at 30 weeks and made an appointment at this hospital for a Growth Scan and have been incredibly disappointed since the moment I walked in. The customer service is TERRIBLE - staff dont know head or tail when it comes to directing their patients. Making an appointment is useless because the hospital doesnt follow the timings that they provide anyways.I paid 50,000tsh for my consultation and another 80,000tsh for my Growth Scan but ended up leaving the hospital as I had a flight to catch without the scan being done, money not refunded and completely disappointed. When explaining to the receptionist in the ultrasound ward my situation (that I had a flight to catch and if there was any way to bump up my scan) the response I got from her was “So?, what do you want me to do it?”. From this response it became clear to me the type of service this hospital provides.Thank you CCBRT for an experience I will never forget and for being a hospital I will never recommend.

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Specialises in Eye, Ortho, Rehabilitation, Prosthetics & Orthotics, reconstructive surgery & fistula. Also popular for club foot rehabilitation.

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Good service indeed. Be blessed 🙏

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Your customer services is very poor especially after the surgery procedure. Service at room 16 is extremely poor. Waiting time to get service at room 16 is annoying. The nurse is rude. After that you are asked to go to room 15 without any explanation it is for what. Further more service at room 15 is extremely slow. Actually too slow. It takes ages to register.wh?I am a private patient and I paid 800,000 for the procedure. I would rather pay 1.7m at a private clinic for quick service rather than this kind of treatment.. However I feel sorry for patients who cant afford to go somewhere else.You used to be known for your best service but I am sorry to say that few individuals spoil the reputation of your hospital.

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I went to them with prior appointment very slow took almost 4 hours. The doctors are perfect they completed their job with No delay and good quality.But otherwise all other services they take their own time.Later following up etc almost no response. I wrote email poor no response and calling on land line many times very poor experience.Go to this place if you no other options.But they are very decent in approaching. But the responses as above

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Slow, I went at 6:00 am until 2:00 pm not seen the doctor. Nurses have bad customer care. Reception they are ofle. The ones dealing with filling up forms for insurance are the worst. I really got the worst experience ever.

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The waits can be a bit long but they are better if you come in from the private side. Best place in dar n get your eyes checked and to get the appropriate care for most disabilities. Be aware that Generalits are not always available everyday for some reason. Most of the staff is kind.

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I went I got prescription on glasses for my eyes so its very professional its great

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Nice hospital with slow services and the waiting hours to get those services 😩 the place is crowded (both cash and health insurance clients accepted here), the private clinic tho its a big deal, great and friendly staffs (some are unfriendly tho)

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Quality eye and orthopedic services at a reasonable price. The only thing is the really long queues when you pay the normal public fees. Otherwise you might opt for private fee.

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They do a good job and even work with kids. A well equipped eye hospital with a pharmacy and optical shop on site for when you are done.

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One of good health centre in Tanzania but unfortunately they lack in customer care,poor handling of patients,if you want to go there you have to wake up early in the morning else youll have to come again and again

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What once started as philanthropy has developed into an intertwined networks of community service. Regardless of the shortcomings, CCBRT is home to commitment towards health care!

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Its a good hospital for any kind of dis abilities such eye problems and children are treaded free of charge also women with fistula.

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Superb customer care.

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Well CCBRT has opened a polycyclic recently and they have the best service, good doctors and the place is super clean....

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I really liked the services I got from this hospital. It has the best eye clinic.

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I was really surprise to be well treated and prices really affordables

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One of the best eye hospital in Tanzania they really got a big compound

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Definitely the best eye hospital in Tanzania with great care.

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One of the best Hospital in Tanzania, specialized in Eyes Diseases#Hospital #Clinic

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Best hospital for eyes infections in Tanzania

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Its purely comprehensive community based rehabilitation in Tanzania. .

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A best place for eyes problem and other diseases.

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Good treatment for eyes, disordered mouth to be in good looking

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Good place to get healthcare services

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Best place for disability services

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Slowly services b,coz only one window for payers

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Health services provided are reliable

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Welcome.. For good healthcare

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Excellent quality care

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Amazing and awesome!

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Good services, changing lives

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For Orthopedic ,eye, ear

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A fraud of services!

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Slow in giving services😑

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Nice and big

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Good service

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Good place

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Phone numbers you entered here are not received? It will be very good if you set the numbers that the customer will get the service quickly. we have emergencies that need your urgent actions.

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  • Address:Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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  • Phone:+255 699 990 002
  • Hospital
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–4PM
  • Thursday:7AM–4PM
  • Friday:7AM–4PM
  • Saturday:7AM–1PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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