Village Supermarket Masaki
Chole Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review β„–1

All under one roof! The bakery is well stocked and fresh breads are yummy... The food served there is yummy too.. Had a red velvet cake.. It was so delicious that ate half before I remembered to click a pic.. πŸ˜€

Review β„–2

Well stocked with a variety options. I frequent for home use stuff like cleaning essentials, food stuffs and drinks. Has an in store liquor section ranging from beers, wines (blend in Tanzania, S.Africa, France and Italy) and whiskies. Their bakery too got some nice stuff, I like. Moderate prices and at a convenient place.

Review β„–3

Very poor service. People should be caution and recheck your receipt. As they have a tendency of charging higher price then what has been mentioned on the shelves. Many of the items do not have price on the shelve. Absolutely poor customer service.

Review β„–4

They really have high quality items. The other day we bought some meat and it was much better cleaned and packaged without any fat at all and the Chicken sausages were nice and fresh too.

Review β„–5

Well organized in a good location. Fresh fruits, vegetables and meat section looked well stocked. Staff is friendly and efficient. Cant say about the price as I have no basis of comparison

Review β„–6

Nice place to shop in this part of town. Was disappointed though that could find hair oil or spray... πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ

Review β„–7

I like the place. Its location is easily accessible and also near residential areas. A quick run to the supermarket in no time. But problem is timing. The supermarket opens late and closes early. With its location they should consider closing say at 11:30pm onwards. One can relax and shop after busytime. But now people eun from work and are tired from a long day and you are forced to rush to the supermarket to do your shopping.

Review β„–8

One of the better supermarkets in Dar es Salaam. Has a lot of imported items and reasonable meat

Review β„–9

A VERY expensive import focused store. A box of cereal is 12USD, a jar of jam was 10USD, a small box of milk 8USD. There are some reasonably price local items but they are few and far between.

Review β„–10

Expensive! Pringles that I can get for 5000 or 6000 TZS is 14,000 in Village Supermarket. Even Shoppers and Mlilani City do things cheaper than this shop.I think everything I saw had the price hiked up. Tuna that you can get everywhere else for 8000/9000 is also around 14,000 in this place, although I know a place where they do nice tuna for 3000.I bought two items, at inflated prices, and called it a day. There are better places.I will put this one and only visit down to experience.

Review β„–11

Well stocked,fairly affordable prices and above not crowded!

Review β„–12

Supermarket with an extensive selection of goods both lical and imported, a bakery and also provides cooked food. Abit pricey though compared to others.

Review β„–13

Reasonable price, quality things and the nice bakery

Review β„–14

Shop here once a week. Great variety of things.

Review β„–15

Yeah, its really super market, services are cool, everything is well and good,a lot of gods offering a costumer a wide range of selection and services

Review β„–16

Higher price point....good variety though

Review β„–17

One year ago I gave them 5 stars but no more their service is getting so poor and they dont pick up telephone. They are registered with Piki food service but they are never visible on their website so one cannot order. Very sad looks like poor management has taken place !!!!

Review β„–18

Its amaizing the price is good I recommend others to comeπŸ€—

Review β„–19

They are closing so should be 21:30hrs and not 21:00hrs.

Review β„–20

Quite a good patisserie and delicatessen section. Fresh and good quality, of course at a price that is nominally high but still offers good value in terms of consumer surplus. Few setups can pull off a luxury or premium positioning in the supermarket segment.

Review β„–21

No Pizza, not much meat, disgusting sausages

Review β„–22

The place is nice however the Indian manager who was on duty on 13th May was so rude to me, he didnt wanna listen to me for 30 secs just because he was smilingly looking for a barcode on some Cuban tobacco for an old mzungu man who was already smoking another cig inside the store. Yes I understand the customer service etiquettes but he was rude at first glance when I wanted to ask some details for some fridge magnets where he rudely replied that he had a customer to serve and I had to wait for 5 minutes, until I jumped in again asking for 30 secs of his time (after he had a break from the guy). This time I asked if I could place my fliers inside the store in the same place where I found other posters+promotional materials from other advertisers but this guy harshly replied NO, ITS NOT POSSIBLE, I tried to ask why its possible for other guys and not possible for me? I even added if there was a fee so I could also pay. I think I made him angry and only replied KAKA, ITS NOT POSSIBLE with a look not supposed to be worn by a store manager to customers, couldnt even let me finish the 30 secs I initially asked for and left the store disappointed by the customer experience given from the manager.I paid for the few items and left the place but very heartbroken, couldnt even understand if that was racial or I just got into somebodys bad day, but he need to fix his attitude.

Review β„–23

Find things most places do not have including kitchenware, pots, pans, rice cookers, juicers, like everything

Review β„–24

Nice market feels like in Europe

Review β„–25

Beautiful store and good variety of products

Review β„–26

Very big supermarket, but prices very expensive compared to other supermarkets.

Review β„–27

The place is well communicated with Masaki and Oyster Bay districts. The staff is nice and friendly. Theres a parking outside guarded by Masai warriors. Both cash and card payments are accepted.The shop offers wide variety of food like vegetables, fresh meat, bread, sweets, household eauipment and many more.There is also an ATM outside.

Review β„–28

Very conveniently located. Well Stocked

Review β„–29

Unique products can be found here. The prices are slightly higher. But perhaps because of the products available?Love the ice cream corner. I literally drive miles to come and have either the frozen yoghurt or their ice creamsVery tasty and the staff in this corner are particularly always pleasant. Not sure Id say the same about the staff elsewhere including at the bakery corner. Seems like they are always in a rush and would rather you get out of their way as soon as possible !

Review β„–30

Very well stocked. Reliable

Review β„–31

Its a good supermarket, most of household items available πŸ‘Œ

Review β„–32

Great place to do all your grocery shopping. The selection of fresh items, meats, drinks and baked good is top notch. If youre from the UK or have lived there before, youll be able to find recognisable brands.It is a wee bit expensive though, but quality demands a higher price.

Review β„–33

The caffe has been expanded and now you can have a view of the road and the parking lot. Perfect if you are waiting for someone while having a drink as you can see them arrive!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Review β„–34

Having what you need , prices little bit higher

Review β„–35

Nice Air...and adorable place to visit

Review β„–36

4.5 starsHas a nice selection of items and international items. Has a small bakery inside. Breads are good!! Has good assortment of alcohol as well. Its a small market compared to similar in area.

Review β„–37

One particular member of staff was very rude. I was about to pay for 12 boxes of Juice and he came out screaming that you are not allowed to buy that many. Apparently the maximum allowed was 2. Never experienced anything like that anywhere else. Very unprofessional. Horrible customer service.

Review β„–38

One of the best shopping place in Dar es salaam...

Review β„–39

Great place for shopping as is all other village supermarkets in town, got a great selection of premium products from all over the world.

Review β„–40

Almost everything you will need is there

Review β„–41

Overpriced but ok.

Review β„–42

A curated experiance where quality and human potential are the priority......

Review β„–43

Theyve got Nutritional Yeast!!! Expensive, but its an import - Bobs Red Mill 5oz, and the only store I know of that carries it! Youre welcome! ☺️

Review β„–44

For all youre supermarket need

Review β„–45

Am new in Tanzania, I love the supermarket its awesome but only one thing kind of put me off,these lady in the counter she just throws the customers stuff carelessly as if she just dont care,if I did throw my stuff in my trolley carelessly why should she.customer service is really important in business its what bring people backYou should check on that.

Review β„–46

Some product is costly then the local market...

Review β„–47

Very big and clean supermarket. You get nearly all you want. But it is very expensiv, maybe because of import. Prices are close to switzerland.

Review β„–48

Is more like combined supermarket and Dept store with kitchen & household goods. The meat & poultry section offers good quality, good choice of local frozen seafood. The vegetables & fruits dept is small and needs to be better organized. It offers imported and some local vegetables/fruits. There is slso a spirit dept for wine, alcohol, local & imported beer Prices are reasonable and is patronized by mostly foreign & some local community. Good friendly staff and management, has its own bakery for bread cakes sweets. and small bistro for quick coffee, tea and sweets.

Review β„–49

Very tasty biryani and veg soup. All staff and chef thumb πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘

Review β„–50

Simply the best supermarket in Tanzania. By miles!

Review β„–51

Really good customer service!

Review β„–52

Theyve great lunch

Review β„–53

There you can get all type of veggies

Review β„–54

This is a VERY nice grocery store with nice options in the bakery and elsewhere. They have started a chop while you shop. If you pick out your fruit at the beginning of your shopping, they will cut and prepare it for you. I havent tried this yet, but plan to! They have some wonderful breads available, nice produce, and it is a very friendly store. The Masai guards are very nice and helpful when you are ready to back out from parking also. I would say it is one of the most upscale grocery stores I have found in Dar.

Review β„–55

Its good market.

Review β„–56

Among the Top Customers, Mostly on the sale products. This Supermarket Has unique products from international and local brands, hence a wide range of choice when it comes to selection. Equipped with its own coffee shop. Among the best in the City.

Review β„–57

Very convenient supermarket with almost everything one needs, except fresh greens.

Review β„–58

Not as impressed as I thought I would be particularly in regards to produce and ambiance. But if you are an expat you will find many things there that you want, not without some disappointments I think. Their choices in meat was a bit impressive though :)

Review β„–59

Good selection of goods.

Review β„–60

The cafe is nice,They have a one of a kind Biryani.

Review β„–61

Many things can buy . Clearly.

Review β„–62

This is a very neat, medium sized, upmarket supermarket with a wide range of products. You will find a small section with good fruit and veggies, dairy products (ice cream included;-), meats, cooking and baking supplies, household cleaning products, personal hygiene products etc. I think you get the picture.

Review β„–63

One place must say is cheater when they know you white thats it they take advantage of you. At the billing counter they simply add up their own stuff and bill it. Like for example I bought 7 items but was billed for 8.thrn I realized it was the employee who bought a energy bar in my money. Thats really so disrespectful if they asked I wouldnt say no since I feed many needy ppl. Imagine your not need man you work here and the lady at the counter put her boyfriends bill on me? I couldnt spent 6.000tsh and go fight for it I just had to let go. Just be careful dont leave your trolley and go away dont even answer your phone when at the counter be smart. Check the bill count the products before you leave.

Review β„–64

Excellent but expensive most of the products, I just love their German seeds brown bread is nutritious! I love their chicken samosa and fresh orange juice which is pressed directly from the machine.

Review β„–65

Nice place, adequate parking area, good security, variety of groceries, vegs and foods with reasonable prices...

Review β„–66

Nice but many pricey items

Review β„–67

They have so many things.. You can find anything here.... Also their fresh bread is amazing...

Review β„–68

Easy all in one supermarketHave a good selection of kitchenware, with baking utensils.Daily grocery vegetables and fruitsCooked and semi cooked foodsBakery with pizza, samosas, mandazisIcecreams and cakesStationery, hallmark cards, newspapers, baby food, chocolates, candies, cereal, etc..

Review β„–69

I have never been here before, this is my first time, with its name and all that I thought I would have been biggest in the city but rather not, size is not the issue as they have good services here and what I liked most is the bakery very nice place smells like heaven πŸ˜€, really nice supermarket

Review β„–70

An awesome place to grab your groceries and do a little shopping for home. Staff are very friendly and welcoming. When you park you will be greeted by tall Maasai. Theres a restaurant besides it as well!

Review β„–71

A lot is packed into this store. They have items that are freshly made, groceries and many other things as well. Parking is limited.

Review β„–72

Most one of the very expensive shops ever. Very very rude unfriendly staff. I will avoid this shop in future. If i really need something from Village Supermarkt - i will go what is by Sea Cliff Hotel. Much more friendly, nice staff!

Review β„–73

Great spot for items usually not available locally and imported from the UK

Review β„–74

Nice one

Review β„–75

Top end supermarket experience with a broad selection of local and foreign goods and groceries. The fresh foods section has a good variety of fresh and organic goods, and the in house bakery has a good selection of breads. A touch pricey compared to Nakumatt and Shoppers supermarket chains but then again this supermarket targets the expat and middle class niche in Dar.

Review β„–76

Superb supermarket specially if you are looking for imported items from the.UK. cereals, chocolate, biscuits, cosmetics, etc, etc,etc,etc, , etc, etc,etc,etc,, etc, etc,etc,etc,Prices are a bit higher than other super markets but you find here things that are no where else.For example in the whole dar es salaam I never saw Barbary figs. But here were surprised to have them on the shelf. I bought all of them.

Review β„–77

They good things

Review β„–78

Clean. Nice supermarket. Doesnt have everything but has the necessities. A bit on the pricey side for locals. But expats love it. They have a great deli/bakery.

Review β„–79

Wide range of products , impressive arrangements.Slightly expensive compared to other malls but quality is better ..

Review β„–80

Be aware of getting cheated, Prices on the shelf are deceiving. You end up paying more than then what you should be paying. Also the Managers are rude and undisciplined. Instead of admitting the mistakes they say to their assistants to fix the problem and get rid of them as soon as possible. this is the kind of customer treatment there. I believe they are doing this purposely robbing people.

Review β„–81

Well arranged but they misses a number of items

Review β„–82

It’s more than a decent supermarket. You can find bakeries, ice cream section, and takeaways in addition to groceries. Great market to stop by if you’re hungry but also have to do some shopping for the house

Review β„–83

Cool place. You meet great bonds here.

Review β„–84

My shopping experience was nothing to write home about. They have a wide variety of products though....

Review β„–85

I love the small cafe addition at the supermarket. Simple cosy and they have really lovely gelato.

Review β„–86

Way to expensive, when leaving the building turn around the corner to your right and walk along the road for about 600m. You will see a sign on the left side of ther road pointing toward your right to go to a Target.

Review β„–87

Its a good supermarket with variety of goods. Eg (food, beverage, house hold utensils, and so on)

Review β„–88

A good grocery supermaket. Where you can get all the groceries, name them, fresh food, bakery, electrical equipment e.t.c. enough parking, good staff. Friendly staff and a number of paying options.

Review β„–89

Excellent collection and good quality. Have always been an admirer and customer.

Review β„–90

Good customer service and care @village supermarket Masaki is best supermarket πŸ˜‹

Review β„–91

Good place for shopping.They have a lot of international food and drinks.Also a bakery, small cafΓ© and the opportunity to create an own pizza is there.

Review β„–92

Came across a lot of my favourite food items in Village! The bakery does a lot of fresh goodies and the gelato is out of the world. A place I would come back to shop regularly :)

Review β„–93

Its very classic supermarket

Review β„–94

Amazing shopping experience!!! They have good customer service and many product choices. Ample parking space is a bonus.

Review β„–95

Well stocked, clean, everything is fresh. Expensive though. Very expensive. Chocolate is often marked up 500% over their MSRP. Ouch!

Review β„–96

Good place for shopping

Review β„–97

Best place to shop for groceries, so much choices.

Review β„–98

I could have given a five star but sometimes basic things like mealie meal and local vegetables and Coca-Cola or Mtindi I usually find them out of stock. I want everything under one roof

Review β„–99

The supermarket almost has your daily use items. It would be great if they stocked more of hair products. Its a little pricey too.

Review β„–100

Some things are more expensive then other supermarkets but you can find unique items which other supermarkets dont have

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:Chole Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 22 260 0827
  • Grocery store
Working hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–9PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–9PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–9PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–9PM
  • Sunday:8:30AM–9PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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