London Health Centre
Kimweri Ave, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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I am pleased by all the services provided at London Health Center. Everyone acts in a professional manner. Services are a top notch. In particular I am enjoying my physiotherapy sessions, which are very well planned and making a positive impact on my injuriesThank you London Hospital...with you I feel healthy..

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A local landmark. If you’re not visiting the health centre then it also serves as a recognisable and well known feature on Kimweri Avenue, Msasani.Not far from Barbeque Village, Masaki, Oyster Bay, Mikocheni, Namanga and numerous shops.It is at the junction with a little side road called Husaina lane. The health centre is currently using, what was previously a garage on Husaina Lane for parking space. There is ample enough space to park so you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket or blocking the walkway.The London Health Centre, known locally as London Hospital, provides several services to the public. Amongst these services include family medicine, optometrist, physiotherapist, vaccinations, minor surgery and even such services as a nutritionist.All of these services held inside a nicely coloured raspberry and peach building, over three floors.What’s more the health centre is open daily. By the way I don’t work for the centre but I’ve previously used it.For more information pop into the clinic or give them a call.It would be good if they also provided the COVID PCR test.

Review №3

My spouse has had great experiences at this facility, so I decided to go for some hypnotherapy sessions. The staff is professional, helpful and kind, however the hypnotherapist is the complete opposite. I specifically asked what was the price to receive this type of treatment and I was told 150,000 tsh each visit, nothing more.I saw the therapist twice, both times I was rushed with my appointment, the 2nd appt. was unnecessary and could have easily been done through email, it was so rushed, and not once did Dr Maya mention a price difference. Even during the appts. she would cut me off sometimes when I thought she was supposed to be listening and taking in information to solve the problem...It was more like a tell me what you want and that will be your treatment instead of lets examine everything and get to the root cause.When it came time to book the hypnotherapy session, I was told a completely different price of 580,000 tsh. Even the staff member noticed how off guard I sounded once she told me that price, as if I should have already known via Dr Maya.No one ever mentioned that price upfront, and when I asked Dr Maya about it, she proceeded to blame the staff, saying they were unprofessional, always forgetting the details, and getting complaints all the time. She stated that she never tells her clients the actual price of the hypno session until the time of the session, which is flat out misleading. At least inform the client that prices vary for the actual hypno session, and no where it that mentioned or communicated.The price I could afford, however I would have appreciated full honesty and the opportunity to proceed or decline treatment, and I was not granted that. Dr Mayas demeanor was nonchalant and not very concerned about the situation as a whole. She definitely came off like she was about money and she just didnt care. Even when attempting to contact her she came off as if she couldnt spare any time to talk to me on the phone. I had to request an actual phone conversation and she only gave me 5-10 mins of her time, as if she couldnt call me when she was free like I suggested.After blaming the staff for her mistake and me pointing out that its not the staffs responsibility to give me the price breakdown if you create your payment plan (unless otherwise noted), which in her case appeared more and more sketchy the more she explained it. She sounded very unapologetic with her apology and said she forgot to mention the price difference, either I accept the price or decline.As a whole Dr Maya just doesnt seem to like what she does or either picks and chooses how she treats/handle her clients, along with pricing. I would not recommend her services at all and I will that London Health Centre continues to take customer service seriously and look into hypnotherapy department about this matter. Other than that my experiences there have been fine.

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Today, May 5 I have tried to call London Health Center for half an hour ( from 0500 pm until 0530 pm )to set an appointment. The phone is ringing but NOBODY REPLIES, despite the website claims an open hour upto 0800 pm.I now set my appointment with another clinic.Very bad customer service.The no is the one which is displayed on the website.Ending w 542 ..

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Following yesterday bikers mugging of my grocery bag, fell hard behind their bike and had to treat superficial but skin missing legs and feet. From reception to experimented English Doctor Frances, just a short 10 minutes wait. Good nurse helping out, all 5 Stars. Health has its cost, at 128000 TZN (including antibiotics cream for 15 minutes treatment/inspection and cleaning of wounds), I recommend this place.

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My son was unwell & I thought of taking him here due to Easter many of the docs were on vaccay & others were off. Likewise I took my son to Dr.Ayesha and she gave him some tabs and they came out to be wrong & highly dosed. Everytime I gave my son those tabs he would cough more and get worse. As a mother it seemed something was wrong and so I took him to Dr.Hameer & my sons much better. Tbh the hospital is clean but the doctors need to change & as long as it’s expensive a patient has to be treated well.

Review №7

Excellent service as always from my doctor, Doctor Ashby and my dentist Dr Huzefa!

Review №8

Nice and comfortable work experience with high level of professionalism, friendly staff and supportive management. Provide to us enough tools and opportunities to work, learn and develop and always improve the qualities of patient care. Im grateful for the privilege of being part of a team.

Review №9

Dr. Chansa (physiotherapists) she is the best.I was having problem on my feet and i cant walk well، She give me privacy because i wear Hijab and She carried out rehabilitation and supported me psychologically until i solved my feet problem.All thanks to her

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Fast and reliable medical services in Masaki

Review №11

This place has first class customer service and top notch doctors. Plus, the prices are some of the best Ive encountered. I highly recommend it and will definitely return if and when I need to. Thank you for everything.

Review №12

Dear pears who are reading this,London Health Centre is one of the best and most organized hospital in dar. Well I can say maybe in the whole of Tanzania, as it is written on the name of the hospital, you really do feel like you are in London. The staff there are very welcoming, and the treatments there are even better. In London Health Centre you really do feel like you are in safe hands.Regards,Mansoor Huwel.

Review №13

One of the best hospital where I can use the two word to Express We care from head to toe. I had visited few doctors and felt like I wronged myself not going earlier. Never before felt so good visiting the hospital like LHC. Keep the good job.

Review №14

Thank you very much to London Health Clinic and Mrs. Bina Nathwani for organizing a first aid course for our teachers of Little Scholars early education center. Dr Frances Ashby was our trainer and she did a great job of explaining the course work as well as hands on training. Our teachers were given opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts.Once again thanking you,Ms. SandhyaDirector

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I Raptured my Achellis tendons and was operated in November 2019. I started physio therapy end of December 2019 with Ms. Chansa. She has helped me immensely in my rehabilitation and has always been very helpful and supportive. I am happy that by June 2020 I could run and sprint again and feel stronger than before.

Review №16

I have been in this hospital since November 2019 for physio therapy of my back pain right now I am doing very well. Many thanks to Chansa, Emmanuel and Farhiya for their commitment.

Review №17

One of the best health centres in Dar es salaam. Reliable doctors, hygienic environment, helpful nurses, accurate tests and the best physiotherapy in the country.

Review №18

Many thanks to London Health Centre, especially Dr. Adnan for saving my life from Dengue Fever and Pneumonia, I was very sick but he did all he could to give me the best treatment. And to the nurses, many thanks.God bless you all.

Review №19

Super expensive but the hospital itself is GREAT. nothing bad to say ..besides a local Tanzanian (working minimum wage) can’t afford treatment here 💔

Review №20

I had an amazing experience with physiotherapist Chansa. I no longer experience the back pains I felt before. Am forever grateful.

Review №21

I have gone to LHC many times and I have come back feeling much more better, the service there is wonderful and the staff are very friendly as well, all the facilities are modern and it has many doctors specialized in different fields. If anyone asked for a hospital I would recommend LHC all the time

Review №22

Friendly helpful professional staff! Never have to wait for long to be seen or to get test results. Able to do wide range of lab tests in house. Highly recommend!

Review №23

For my side chansa was my best phisio therapy who really helped whilee I knew I was broken but she came and rebuild the new coz I had knee surgery where I couldnt do anything but now alhamdullillah I can do everything even got to return in my football team in Zanzibar in first division that was my best time in seeing my self in returning on the pitch again so much thanks to London health care and mostly to chansa who believed in me that I could return again stronger

Review №24

All-in-oneChiro, optom, dentist, GP, pharmacist, children hospital, ward, specialists.One stop for all medical needs. Best of the best in Tanzania. Everyone speaks English, best place for foreignersDoctors are very sincere and gentle.

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Best place for Physio in DAR. That MOHAMMED had Magic hands.Modern facility by far best in TZ!

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So far had the best experience with LHC. Thanks great Job

Review №27

Huduma nzuri,doctors will take a good time with you,prompt service.

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Dr Mohammad is an amazing physiotherapist!

Review №29

Well experienced health workers & excellent medical services

Review №30

Proud to be part of the Excellent Team @ London Health Centre

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Very good staff. Very neat and clean. Amazing!

Review №32

Friendly nurses and doctors, amazing health centre

Review №33

Im not sure if there is adequate parking in the proximity

Review №34

No time wasting. Attention. Friendly. Polite staff.

Review №35

The Physio therapy clinic 👌👌. Thanks Chansa.

Review №36

They attend with a sense of emergency on each case

Review №37

Good Good...accepts health insurance cards!

Review №38

Clean hospital with good state of specialists.

Review №39

Perfect &awesome and I have seen how useful this is... ..

Review №40

Clean and organized place

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Top class diagnostics

Review №43

Good service 👌🏻

Review №44

My husband and I always used to go to South Africa to have our medical check up done. This year we decided to go to the London Health Clinic and what a wonderful experience it was. No waiting in queues, such friendly and professional staff and everything in one place. No need to go from one building to another as everything is all under one roof. We cant recommend this facility enough!

Review №45

It is a good hospital with good facilities and the services are good too and the doctors are well cared for and listen carefully to the patients.There is also no queue so you dont spend too long waiting for a dangerous entry.Good quality medicinesAnd no hospital is very clean they are trying very hard the environment is very goodWe ask that it be 24hrs.

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  • Address:Kimweri Ave, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 744 542 542
  • X-ray lab
  • Dentist
  • Family practice physician
  • Hospital
  • Medical laboratory
  • Optometrist
  • Pediatrician
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical therapy clinic
  • Medical Center
Working hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–8PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–5PM
  • Sunday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
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