Aga Khan Hospital
Ocean Road Dar es Salaam TZ, 2289, Tanzania
Review №1

Beautifully designed hospital bringing a different perspective of how we imagine hospitals here in Tz. It integrates well with the upgraded roads and offers a beautiful view (depending on the wing) of the Indian ocean and the new Tanzanite bridge.I was lucky to visit the V.I.P rooms and i was impressed with how clean and neat the place was with Plasma TV and sofa coach in the rooms.The ongoing extension on the opposite side of the road will definitely blow my mind upon completion.I just hope that the services here are as great and not business as usual.

Review №2

Aga Khan is the best hospital has a lot of good things for professional services. I recommend it but not for those who uses NHIF insurance because the card is not accepted.

Review №3

I went into reception to ask for a PCR covid test and the reception staff were unbelievably rude to me. I informed them of my situation - my flight back home to London was the next day - and they were incredibly unhelpful. I left immediately.Professional services in Dar es Salaam are really bad - from hotel to healthcare services. Its very upsetting but I genuinely regret coming here and dont think Ill ever return.

Review №4

We come with baby paid a lot of money they keep us over night at private room on pawilon 5th floor. When we arrive doctor was great but next day doctor on the shift at pawilon 5th floor was not even a doctor was random person who have no idea what to do .Not so good experience this more like expensive hotel not a hospital

Review №5

Agakhan hospital need to improve their special ist doctors services.they have a Dr ngonda who goes to many hospitals as a dermatologist .I had a very high opinion of him but recently had taken small child who had skin problems.we paid 70000 consultation fees.the Dr didnt even examine the child properly .he said this problem is hereditary and he will have to apply steriod cream all his life.after paying so much and consulting a senior specialist we came out without any solution .Why do u keep doctors who cant diagnose or give proper advice after charging so much.

Review №6

Good experience. Very clean very nice services. The hospital is clean. The staff are friendly. But the hospital is very expensive.

Review №7

The services are very bad. I pay cash for full blood picture at mbagala branch and its a second time they tell me there is no service for FBP. Bad enough the laboratory technician called Sanju at mbagala is very rude. Answering harsh to the customers as if we get a free service. To be honestly i will never ever return to any of Agakhan hospital in Tanzania. You have a worse seevice even for the cash patient. Your services are expensive and no any news just drama. I will call tomorrow i dont like the service you give me today. If you really care about your patient consider this. Employ some good people who speak polite to customers. I dont like this guy Sanju he is a rude man

Review №8

A hospital with a wonderful ocean view! A great hospitality that has recently been updated. The staff and doctors are generally very helpful and accommodating. They are well equipped to do a lot of different procedures and even have a nice MRI machine. I would recommend.

Review №9

One of the best well equipped instrument and start wise, caring staff, competent service providers working at a timely manner to provide the best service. Its neat and large to accommodate many patients undergoing construction to increase its patients capacity

Review №10

My family and I were rudely treated by Dr WAFAA RAZAK at the emergency section. She spoke to us with absolutely no respect. She refused to even cooperate in discussing our issue. I will add more details to this post soon as now I have other pressing issues. However, its very unfortunate that a big Hospital like Aga Khan, would hire young doctors without even ensuring they have minimum professionalism of looking after patients. Especially for a doctor who works in emergency, you would expect they understand the stress the patients and relatives are going through and behave appropriately. Instead, we met this extremely rude disrespectful young Indian Dr Wafaa Razak who treated us like rubbish. She even chased my sister and mother from a common waiting area where they were sitting for absolutely no reason. Im beyond disappointed with Aga Khan Hospital Dar es Salaam if you can hire such doctors. Later she explained to another doctor that she was grumpy from being awake whole night and that is why she treated us rudely. This is completely unacceptable, being awake is part of her job, she doesnt have to let it out on patients and relatives. I will be grateful if I get contact details of whoever is handling complaints in Aga Khan as I am planning to make sure no one else gets ill treated by Dr Wafaa or any other doctor in Aga Khan the way my family and I were treated.

Review №11

The hospital is very clean. The healthcare providers look very professional. The supporting staffs are also very welcoming and supporting; always ready to help. There are so many specialists and high tech equipments.But sometimes the whole process of getting the service can be very slow. I think this in part is attributed to the computer system they are using. Some staffs seems to be a bit lagging behind - in time they will catch up.The hospital has a relatively enough packing space. Size was reduced recently, dont know exact reason but I suspect it has something to do the current expansion of Ocean road.But honestly I think hospital has the highest standards and provides the best health care in Tanzania. I havent been in every hospital but in comparison to those I have been, there is no other place you would want to be when sick that in The Aga Khan Hospital.

Review №12

Despite being super expensive, doctors and the rest of the staff treat patients in a very disrespectful way. On top of that, the service is quite bad.

Review №13

Good experience. Hospital is very clean staff very friendly. But covid test is very expensive 360000 tzh. Our INR 13000,Our country covid test fee is only 30000 tzh. INR 1000 maximum fees.

Review №14

Aga Khan Hosptial is prestigious Referal hospital in Dar es Salaam

Review №15

International Accredited hospital in Dar es salaam.

Review №16

I spent 10 days in ICU .... all I can say is that this is probably one of the best hospitals I have ever been admitted to via the trauma unit. The best nursing staff and best doctors. They saved my life.I am forever grateful to them❤

Review №17

I Got Myself tested for COVID at Aga Khan Hospital on 28th Jan 2021 at Around 09:30am.Staff Told me clearly Report will be out around 3pm on 29 dec 2021 . Now when I Call Back they gave me number to call and when I call that new number, the person who attended states that its Min 48 Hours and I will be able to get the report Tomo i.e 30 Jan 2021. and he says it will be after 4Pm. Now My Flight is at taking off at 3 Pm and My Reporting time to airport is 1 Pm on 30th Jan 2021. Why Such a Blunder in giving proper information to the client and causing unwarranted loss to me. Least expected from such a Big Institution Like Aga Khan. above that you guys Charged TZS 360000 which is at least 130000 TZS more than Government Prescribed Rate. This is the Kind of service we get for paying a premium? Pathetic .

Review №18

Best hospital for all 💗even foreigners.

Review №19

The hospital is good. However the procedures that need to be followed when you need medical services are time consuming and inconvenient. If you are the patient, you cannot visit the hospital alone and would require someone to come along and assist you. From the reception area, waiting for the doctors, registering your application in case you are a new patient, scheduling surgeries to buying medicines from the pharmacy, all these tasks cannot be easily done in one area and requires you to move from one end of the building to another just to get things done. The waiting and queues are a separate story altogether. The plus points would include the service of the staff. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They are constructing a new wing to improve their services which is great. The view is incredible. In terms of cost, it is very expensive. The hospital certainly has scope for improvement and is one of the best hospitals in Dar es Salaam.

Review №20

Recommended by a friend and I must say it exceeded my expectations. A professional and clean enviroment and the staff at the hospital are friendly, welcoming and professional at the same time. I would recommend to everyone especially those from overseas as staff are well informed and also speak English. I am Tanzanian but British Born and cannot recommend this place enough.Thank you Aga Khan!Hi, Naazneen is it possible to email you just wanted to bring something to your attention.

Review №21

Aga Khan hospital couldnt give negative Corona test results in time. Travelers are mad and they miss their tonights flights. Were still waiting for my Canadian friend to receive her result. Its 6:35 pm even though they said pickup would be available from 5 pm. The results didnt arrive from their national lab.

Review №22

I had a family member at ICU unit and they were well taken care of. The staff was hospitable as well as professional. The doctors were empathetic and understanding and made sound decisions even when under pressure. Would not go anywhere else.

Review №23

I arrived at the Covid centre test. Inspite of fees being 360,000/- you have to que in hot sun standing under it involuntarily getting the heat of it standing like a begger with unfortunate arrogant answer by the person incharge..

Review №24

Awful service.Staff is unbelievable rude.

Review №25

Takes long time, If you have enough money you can opt for emergency Dept to save time Deposit payment of about 250K per patient required at Emergency Dept.

Review №26

It is a good health facility, with good equipments such as MRI, CT scan, ultrasound and x-ray.. caring and loving staff members with good services to their patients and patients relatives. Although they are bit slow in xray, waiting time for an xray is a bit longer than in other departments.

Review №27

This is amongst the best hospital in Tanzania providing various health services and it has been a good centre for rescuing many peoples lives, just being in its elegant surrounding makes patients feel a relief its situated across the ocean road full of breeze from the ocean wont regret being at Aga Khan.

Review №28

I was received well af the agakhan mbezi . Was directed to the nursing station for preliminary check before seeing the doctor but the nursing station was empty for over 30 minutes. Came to realise later the nurse was attending a patient. Why arent there 2 nurses??? I thought agakhan was one of the most efficient hospitals. Please improve this.

Review №29

If you need fast effective Emergency services This is the place. The services are expensive compared to the rest but I’d say you are paying for the quality of health care. No other Hospital comes even close to the effectiveness and efficiency of care provided at The Aga khan Hospital.

Review №30

Over priced hospital failed to do my wife delivery after 40and half weeks passed ,refused to give refund twice ,had to move her to another hospital for c section would not recommend them

Review №31

Not very crowded. High quality service, though it takes quite a while

Review №32

Its really amazing hospital with clear and timing services

Review №33

Very pleasant helpful staff. My son was admitted and we had a place where we could sit and wait.

Review №34

Went to Aga Khan , they very much saved my life with the procedure they performed. However, getting released from this place is a nightmare, 7 hours and counting.

Review №35

Quick and convenient health services provider at Mbezi Beach locality . If you live in Tegeta, Boko, Kunduchi, Bahari Beach, Goba , Mbezi Beach and Salasala, and you are looking for a medical solution while avoiding the unnecessary traffic jam.

Review №36

One of the big hospitals in Dsm and Tanzania. The recently renovated ICU and inpatient wing is state of the art and upgrades CT scan and MRI equipment. Across from the main building is the parking facility for patients and guests where the first 60 mins is free parking after which certain rate is charged. The opposite wing also contains the new dental and implants building and other administrative offices. The hospital also runs a 24 hour Pharmacy and the emergency wing is one of the best in Dsm. Regular clinics for Pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine and a fully equipped lab.

Review №37

Good and prompt service. But all services are rather costly.

Review №38

Hospitals are places where hygienic measures should be taken seriously. I hardly see this in Aga Khan. Staff are helpful and friendly; as the hospital - most of the time - is bursting at the seams, friendly staff may not avail you. You have to be patient and wait until you are called out.

Review №39

Great outpatient and surgery services. Everyone is very nice and helpful with questions and concerns.The doctors I have dealt with with very caring and detailed. The facilities are clean, too!I will return.

Review №40

Worst place ... I had been bitten by some wasp or big fly .. had immediate allergic reaction . went to this place which was nearest .. I reached at emergency center at 8:10 pm was directed to the reception for registering and take an appointment. there were 3 people in reception and 2 patients in queue ..2 people from reception chatted and left . I approached twice mentioning emergency the reception guy continued on phone talking to other and idled his time .. after 45 minutes 8:55 he attends me . he takes my name and number and then tells me for emergency and after 8:30 pm we charge higher 46000 tz for consultation and service ...I had lost my cool ... my allergic reaction was bad .. I even had swollen lips by then. my friend who was along with me said .. better dont proceed move to the next option Muhimbili hospital .. they are better .. plus in Aga Khan the person said only general doctor will see me .. and only 1 doctor is available. ..I would personally not recommend anyone here . what if there is an heart attack . what if ther was a snake bite .. 45 minutes at reception ... plus wait for doctor .. I did the best thing is moved to Muhimbili - I was treated in 5 minutes when my friend did all paper work...

Review №41

My experience with this hospital has been very positive. The doctors are nice and the facility is clean. The only downside is the long wait to get your patient file.

Review №42

Has good and healthly services

Review №43

Great service and friendly staff

Review №44

I may not there but i know very good professional hospital every where Aga khan university hospital. May Allah give me more power i will may selection Aga khan Dar es salaam hospital....i m very interested to joining here....very best ....************************************************************************************************ ( *--* )***************************************

Review №45

+Fast service, +reachable location, + Trustable test result (Especially for malaria)- Closed at night

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Review №47

Very beautiful hospital with new buildings.the service also is also improved,especially martenity.And it is very clean.I hope they will keep the standard.

Review №48

Ive worked with them as orthopaedic technician they got all facilities to provide excellent job thumbs up

Review №49

The Service is good and have specialist doctors though the medical prices are high. They do provide quality service.

Review №50

They are very good on attention to details. Good hospitality and best health services.

Review №51

Cost is very high,poor service and they prescribe unnecessary tests,all to cover up the cost of maintenance and acquire high profits.

Review №52

Very professional care.

Review №53

Is the best hospital in Daresalaam,Tanzanian... It has all main treatment including heart teatment, and it meden equipment and specialist

Review №54

Very nice hospital

Review №55

Every time I need to wait for long time. At least 3hours. If you got emergency, you will die here before the doctor come

Review №56

Because ur specialist are not on time that are helpful I came for skin specialist but am not served let me say its beter to have them available

Review №57

When it comes to the best health care services in Tanzania, Aga Khan hospital is the place to be.

Review №58

Has great care and treatment. Its just a bit costy

Review №59

Its good place with lovely and holistic care

Review №60

It is a such an awesome Hospital

Review №61

When it comes to health system we must appreciate the work of some people who are doing right and agakhan is doing it right

Review №62

Ts good Hospital with luvly nurse & doctors..i like their services and caring also.

Review №63

Completely unprofessional.

Review №64

Very poor and unprofessional customer care.

Review №65

JCIA accredited Hospital with standard quality health services

Review №66

It provides quality services to all patients.

Review №67

Best place I could ever be in if I was able I could give it a 5 star rating but I cant so boohoo!!

Review №68

Excellent service

Review №69

One of the major private hospitals

Review №70

The health problems issue become addressed with solutions from proffessional instruments & doctor

Review №71

Great hospital in Tanzania

Review №72

World class facility but cant say the same about services.

Review №73

Well its one of the best hospitals in dar es sallam

Review №74

Expensive. not within the reach of a standard Tanzanian

Review №75

Good health services provided

Review №76

I advice people around town to go there, i hope there are foreigners around masaki and Ostabey

Review №77

Pavilion rooms n service is good

Review №78

Good, patient and very experienced specialist, thank you

Review №79

Kalia koo

Review №80

Aga Khan Hospital they provide good service to the people

Review №81

Tanzania very big hospital...

Review №82

Very slowly procedure and personal is not smiling I will dont came again

Review №83


Review №84

Good services but it can be very crowded.

Review №85

I dont call this hospital its butchery

Review №86

Best services

Review №87

Good hospital for all types of health problems

Review №88

Good quality service. The prices are also fair.

Review №89

Excellent hospital, cooperative staff!

Review №90

Good services offered, high care

Review №91

It is considered best in town second from Muhimbili

Review №92

Among best hospital in Dar es salaam

Review №93

The only Real Hospital in Tanzania.

Review №94

Good Hospitality, Great Service

Review №95

Was nice

Review №96


Review №97

Good hospital with friendly staff.

Review №98

This place delivers alot......

Review №99

Too slow and overpriced

Review №100


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