TIPS Lounge
Regent Estate, Vikawe Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review №1

Love the food and service though Kidimbwi Beach joint offers a fantastic location. I thoroughly enjoyed late lunch.

Review №2

Always a great time..nice lounge/sports bar.. professionally run.. friendly staff with great food and drink selection.. two thumbs up.. if you r in Dar u got to check it out..

Review №3

The music was just great. The food was exquisite. I loved it.

Review №4

A popular hangout place, with a cozy vibe. Its normally packed with a lot of party goers especially on Fridays and Saturdays but with enough waitresses to take care of almost everyone. Which is one thing I appreciate their management for recognising and understanding.They also generally bring in a set of Deejays that has an upscale understanding of keeping the crowds excited.Its definitely a place worth checking out!

Review №5

Great bar which occasionally hosts events like Paint and Sip which are uncommon in Dar. Great vibes. Getting a waiter can be a challenge at times. Usually pretty packed with a youthful crowd on weekends.

Review №6

Unlike its within people’s residence but the music is always good.Beef Skewer is just really nice.. never tried other food but only that.HEADS UP-The place is small and sometimes its very crowded.-Services might take longer than usual but most of the time they are trying their best.-When it’s crowded parking areas become tight. But there are some security guard outside to make sure nothing happen to their customer.-If it’s crowded and you want some quick drink better go to the counter and order by yourself.

Review №7

Tips lounge is one of the awesome places to kill the night. Its an open space with music, drinks, food, bar etc you can dance and meet up with friends to enjoy and have fun. Its usually lit all the time.. Also another good thing its free entrance 😊

Review №8

Super place I recommend it to are very fun

Review №9

Good place to chill, good music, nice food and drinks though the price is a bit high.

Review №10

Enjoyable experience. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a good night and party energy

Review №11

A very crowded place , they could do better with the hosting arrangement but overall the place has got a great vibe ,music and crowd

Review №12

The Best to experience Pop up Open Market once a month throughout the year 😁

Review №13

Its a great place to party every day.. the place hypes. Its a great place to have fun with friends good place for family parties, hanging with friends. They save local and international beverages. But its kinda expensive you better equip yourself with a big pocket because if you dont you wont enjoy it. Great sound system play local and international songs.. its safe place with high security guards. Its good place to be anyday.. place to have fun and enjoy the world..

Review №14

Nice place to be during the weekend its very crowded

Review №15

The place is awesome, good food and also good vibes its lit

Review №16

Great place to rave for groups, not a place for a date unless its before dusk.Music is good though - just not after 3AM.Most drinks are over-priced.Given the size of the place, it tends to fill up pretty quickly.The venue is not so good during rainy seasons since its mostly an outdoor open space setup.Parking is also an issue as you mostly have to park by the roadside - incidents of collision or getting your car scratched by other drivers is not uncommon.

Review №17

The pork at this place is super delicious😋😋. A must have when in Dar Es Salaam! The sumptuous delicacy locally referred to as Kiti moto coined its name from the people whose religious beliefs prohibit eating pork yet they found it quite irresistible.

Review №18

Good food, music, and vibes at this spot.

Review №19

Super service. Good food and on weekends its the place to be. Try the Friday night trust me. The pics below are on a Sunday.

Review №20

Best mbuzi makange i’ve ever eaten so far!!!!

Review №21

Grab your friends and your on great vibes at Tipsy. EXCELLENT DJ

Review №22

A nice chill place but packed sometimes

Review №23

Its great, not highly demse populated

Review №24

Good service and Dj was brilliant, great hanging spot

Review №25

Dope service, awesome music, great ambience

Review №26

Nice place but they need to add seats..... Mist clients stand due to lack of seats... Otherwise I like it.. The crowd is awesome

Review №27

Great chill out place, amazing food, good music, perfect vibe.Huge design improvement of the place

Review №28

It was a great open space.. music was good.. fries fantastic. Good serviceThe only thing I didnt like is you could only buy bottles.. I just wanted 1 drink.. not so eat if you dont drink beer. 😒

Review №29

Lit af. Went with some friends I met at another bar and ended getting to my hostel at 6 am. Real fun time

Review №30

Good vibes, Good Music Great service

Review №31

Had a very good time there, lots of refreshments,good music,chance to meet other people and making new friends as well.

Review №32

Tips was amazing, is amazing. it definitely serves as a go-to night life spot.Its an open bar with a central service counter serving those drinks you like, an additional counter to the side, a DJ set center stage in the dance floor and a variety of seating options. Low benches to kick back and enjoy ur meal, standing tables for those who want to jump into the dance at any moment.Been there once and would definitely go back again. The only downside i can think of, is that when it rains, people flock to whatever shade they can find. But the good news is, the party wont stop.

Review №33

Nice chill out pub feels homish, good food good music and right croud

Review №34

Nice and Calm place for food and drinks!

Review №35

The place was very Nice I Really Enjoy It

Review №36

The music attracts hundreds of people and the drinks that are ever fill are a wonder for real

Review №37

Best and safe place to get a Drink, party enjoy all

Review №38

Very lively lounge. Great for match day! Be sure to wear you jersey or probably hide it if you expect defeat. Lots of drinks and music to have fun. Its a great place for a couple of beers with some buddies as well. They also host flash sales on week, drink and shop!

Review №39

Well designed. Open to air, great food, nice drinks quick service, sexy girls, cool music with DJ PQ.

Review №40

It can get crowded sometimes but wheres the fun in being alone. A cozy outdoor lounge with great music and good food, at tips is where one would find so many people some who youve lost with time, you would be shocked with how many people you could reunite with. Prices are fairly affordable i recommend a visit

Review №41

Nice and cool place to have your drinks..Its open air and classy.Awesome services from the attendants and good music.If you are looking to enjoy your night out,TIPS Lounge is the place to be in Dar.

Review №42

Good vibe. Music, cold drinks and good food.It gets packed during the weekends though

Review №43

Honestly was boring, went after work Friday (or with the after work crew) and just was not impressed. Drinks were mediocre, the food scared me (they were kinda grilling too close to the rest rooms for my liking), the whole set up was too bazzare for me. The music hit home, current and stuff u can dance n unwind to, but something about the overall place just wasnt right with me and hence curtailed my enjoyment.

Review №44

Perfect place with friendly youthful owners I enjoyed. Good dj mixies

Review №45

It is a good place, good food, BBQ, variety of drinks. Great for group joint. The main problem of this place is:One - PARKING!!! I am not sure what criteria is used but i tried to go park in the inside Car Park but i was told no, so had to park right at the side the road.Two - People are complaining of their cars being hit by other drivers due to having cars park on both sides of the road and so close to each other.

Review №46

The music is always good. I have yet to try the food but Ive heard good things. The crowd is largely youthful over the weekend.

Review №47

Great place for nightgoner.. and tastey mishikaki and ofcoz out of this world chicken

Review №48

The place nowday has no vibes any way.

Review №49

Highly Recommend place, one of the best in Tanzania

Review №50

It was way too crowded than expected so it was difficult to dance 💃🏾 well! But good ambiance 😊

Review №51

Nice food, a lot to drink and dance the night away with music from talented DJs

Review №52

Well thought design. Great food, Great music, ample parking space. Security is solid. You do not want to be anywhere else in Dar. Amazing Vibes.

Review №53

Was a bit expensive and no seats

Review №54

Nothing so special, but it is a cool place to hangout with friends, family on weekend even weekdays with good music from Dj Baffy and amazing food from their chefs.

Review №55

Nice classic place but sometimes there can be too much people especially on weekends and parking can be difficult too

Review №56

The environment is beautiful, but also good service and there is a strong vibe

Review №57

Love the setting but its a bit too small and is usually extremely packed during the weekends. Loved their mishkakis but need to find a way to keep that music going all night long!

Review №58

Nice place to have some fun! During the week end!

Review №59

Fridays and Saturday are extremely high energy. Be prepared or go home if you dont have that energy!!

Review №60

Not my favorite place to go but many young people like it ( they have Good Music and food though)

Review №61

Cool place to drink, eat and dance or listen good music from the Dj

Review №62

Good music! Lovely ambience, the food is affordable, the chicken and mishkaki are to die for! very tasty and tender! Good Customer service too. Lovely place :-)

Review №63

One of the famous chillspots in Dar. Crowded on Friday and Saturday, Sundays are the best days to enjoy the place if you are not into crowds. Wide portfolio of drinks and order the chicken and fries. Its amazing.

Review №64

Good music, only needs parking improvements

Review №65

Its a chilled place with a good Dj and lots of vibesss🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Review №66

So hidden but not bad

Review №67

Awesome place to drink! Great vibe on fridays!

Review №68

The place is nice, spacious sitting areas, affordable drinks and they have the tastiest chicken😋😋without forgetting good music. Perfect chill spot after a busy day at work and a perfect turn up place for the weekends.

Review №69

Good place for casual hangoutTasty barbeque sauce on there grills

Review №70

Cool place, the only thing was not okay is we couldnt sit down

Review №71

The demand of customer care is high and not well attended when there is high number of customers.It might take more than 30 minutes to get a drink from a bar tender.

Review №72

Great place for a night out with friends but gets easliy over packed and there isnt enough tables and chairs around to accomodate everyone. The food is great, especially the mishkaki’s but the service is extremely slow on a busy day. You’d have to follow up with the waiters persistently to actually get your order otherwise 8/10 times they would come back to you 30 an hour later and have forgotten your order or tell you that they ran out of what you asked for.Pro tip, if you’re a group of friends, one or two of you could go a bit earlier to reserve a spot before it gets jampacked.

Review №73

A very nice place for a quick drink with friends after work, as its very close to the city, and has great menu options.Only the counter areas are covered, so please note that during rain season.

Review №74

Nice place & da food was so yum yum........

Review №75

Good food and great music . can be super packed during week ends

Review №76

Nice places to hangout with friends usually packed in weekends

Review №77

Best food, Best Music DJs and one thing I love about this place is It got vibes especially from Friday to Sunday

Review №78

A well entertaining place and meeting location with variety of people across the city especially evening hours. Its critic is with small parking space for large crowd number of people the place attracts.

Review №79

Lively place always bustling with energy but maybe a bit too lively esp on weekend nights which leaves the place overcrowded. Be ready to go hiking as getting parking here can be a tricky situation😅

Review №80

This is where the night begins before hitting other joints.. The drinks are affordable.. The music is good though not well distributed.All in all its a good place to visit with friends

Review №81

Its a nice cozy place, I love it. Their food was great, it was during Easter Mon when I visited this place, I loved the roasted pork I ordered, but there are few things the owner has to deal with the attitudes of their waiters as they are very moody, and there was music but no dj when I am in dar es salaam I will be visiting this place.

Review №82

The security detail is full of drama.. I was there with a friend and they didnt want to let us in since we were both girls so they told us unless we got company inside they cant let us in.. Is this a fun sport or some secret society?. Bad experience very embarrassing

Review №83

Nice outdoor bar and restaurant. Good service, music, cool crowd. The gravel roads leading to the place are marred with potholes. Drive with caution. Roadside parking spots.

Review №84

Nice place for having a drink with loud music, but you cant dance to it

Review №85

Great place to hang with your group of friends and enjoy good food and music

Review №86

Fun, good music and a great atmosphere...and not far from the city.

Review №87

Lovely music, good place to have fun with friends, open space with enough air flow... come and enjoy. You will thanks me after visiting. ..

Review №88

Cool bar, tasty bites, fresh food. Proper ambience. Awesome crowd. DJ needed though. And theme days. Ample parking, safe environment.

Review №89

Very nice joint, caring waiters,good music too, take your friends there a very cool place to catch up and ease up a week

Review №90

No Parking Space... Where I supposed to park my car? ON THE TREE?!! Rudest staff (including masai at the gate & ugliest waiters) ever Ive seen in my life. Not recommend to visit this place if you do not want no stress.

Review №91

If you want a spot where you and your friends can call home away from home, enjoy a drink together, good music, occasionally make it early enough to catch the sunset & have THE BEST MISHKAKIs in the world.. you found it.

Review №92

Has very good mishkaki and chicken choma, plus they have this tasty sauce i would go back for.

Review №93

A popular hangout for a reasonably youthful crown of socialites in Dar es Salaam. With good music, you get to enjoy an outdoor hangout in Dar. Gets quite packed on a regular Friday or Saturday night.

Review №94

Is the good place.... If you want to enjoy, you have to go there.... Meet new people, Vibes, good Music, Affordable Drinks

Review №95

Has a very friendly crowd.Not the kind of place you go if you like a quiet and reserved environment. Mostly college guys and recent graduates hang out here.

Review №96

Great infrastructure. The bar is well designed. A place you can chill with friends and have a drink also theres good music

Review №97

Great joint for evening outing with a very classical crowd!Very delicious food, drinks at affordable price with a very nice outdoor music! Enjoyment is guaranteed!

Review №98

Good place for hanging out and eating, the food was perfect, loved it.

Review №99

Delicious food and reasonable price, dont leave without tasting their mishikaki....overcrowded u will not get seats at 7 pm. Poor customer service only two bartenders are impressive😠

Review №100

The vibe is lit but it gets over crowded in the late hours. They is need for more space.

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:Regent Estate, Vikawe Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 688 797 755
  • Lounge
  • Bar & grill
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–12AM
  • Thursday:11AM–12AM
  • Friday:11AM–2AM
  • Saturday:11AM–4:30AM
  • Sunday:11AM–12AM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sport:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • All you can eat:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Cash only:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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