Mikadi Beach Camp
Mikadi, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Review №1

Perfect place if you want to just hang out at the beach for a few days. Very simple accommodations, but good food and unbeatable view!

Review №2

Simply saved this cozy little place in Kiamboni. Chic vibes, nice seating lounge overlooking the beach. Good food. Excellent service. Nice sea water swimming pool. The huts are a tad small. 7 huts share common utilities and 3 huts have en suite bathrooms. Located close to Kigamboni ferry terminal, say about 15 minutes drive. We enjoyed game of billards and the amazing mon stop breeze from the ocean. The guards are amazing and safety is very well looked after. They were active all night checking all sides, as this camp has a wide open beach front.

Review №3

Kind and conciliant people who helped us with taxi and pool lessons.The area is very well located in front of the beach.Definitely a place I recommend to enjoy Dar peacefully

Review №4

Caring staff and good hospitality giving guests a 10/10 privacy thats what you find at MIKADI BEACH CAMP and dont mistake it with mikadi picnic ( neighbouring hosts) been one hell of a ride over there...... and of course salute to the great reciptionist (RAMA) AKA the cocktail master

Review №5

I was so excited to visit there.Hope Ill visit it again next time

Review №6

Good good beach to relax, swimming and enjoying with your friends ,

Review №7

Nice place for picknicA bit noisy with the big speakers ,could be better withoit them

Review №8

Nice place for Weeknd gateway place but no swimming pool ..

Review №9

Lovely place to visit with family

Review №10

Charming place, beautiful place, dancing music actually their service is Good

Review №11

It was very dirty, no there is sea guard or lifesaveguard

Review №12

The ocean seems great and the beach is clean

Review №13

My favourite place to go. The food is nice. The security is nice. And the service is not bas as well

Review №14

Its a cool place for a weekend winding, music with live djs, drinks, snacks and good security...

Review №15

This is not my first time visit here, the place is calm and very comfortable, staff is amazingly helpfulfood is awesome as usual - calamari rings was the best very well done (as per the picture)

Review №16

Amazing friendly place..The staff are so nice and friendly i recommend this place so much

Review №17

Mikadi Beach Camp is a great beach place on a stone throw of the central business district of Dar es Salaam. There is a nice selection of beach houses looking over the white sand beach and hearing the ocean waves that fall ashore with a plop. The restaurant is great and the menu just has been renewed with freshly prepared dishes and a wide selection of drinks.

Review №18

Fantastic friendly staff great out of the way location with very good food ... very family friendly and with its outstanding security it makes it a must visit place.

Review №19

Great beach clean nice place to spend with couples and family

Review №20

Nice beach, good affordable food and drinks prices, very friendly waiters,a pool beside the Indian Ocean, very tranquil, campervan is welcome too

Review №21

Good location and food but not brilliant for children. Also, most of the staff are unwelcoming, regardless of how often you go. Its convenient, but the staff could at least pretend to be happy to get customers, the place is often very quiet. If you live in Tz it works out very expensive to stay and eat there, so visitors will expect a bit more from staff.

Review №22

Its good place to stay and enjoy nice moments with your family,,🤗

Review №23

It was so amazing, very cool place for recreational purposes love it😍

Review №24

The Camp its good, good design beautiful beach around City Center areas, only the problem is the Staffs are not friendly at all especially Staffs works at Reception, I am very disappointed with these Staff, I had worked in many Tourism hotels in different Regions but I never see kind of Staffs like these, its all about not care Hospitality.

Review №25

A great place like this will leave you a great memories

Review №26

A great place to stay in Dar Es Salaam. We camped so didnt use the huts but the bar was great as was the pool and the beach. It was so nice to come home from the city and just walk into the ocean. Affordable and an easy walk (or you can grab a taxi) to the ferry terminal to cross to the main city.

Review №27

Cool location as it’s right on the beach. However if you’re camping it felt incredibly unsafe. The ladies in our group were yelled at and harassed by men who were obviously high. The men would bang on the showers and bathrooms when we were using them. I wouldn’t recommend traveling here alone and you should make sure to watch your stuff closely. Also bring earplugs as there was screaming and partying till all hours of the night.

Review №28

The place is good and very safe with full of security every where

Review №29

Was nice place... but has low security at late hrs

Review №30

Cool place and amazing views..... so refreshing

Review №31

This place is so cool and amaizing, with beach

Review №32

Place and view are good. Food menu is very less and quantity also very low.Rooms doesnt have toilet and bathroom facility

Review №33

This place is near to mikadi beach is also a beach you may swim and get drinks and also good for meditation stuffs

Review №34

For camping good considering you are in a 4mil city. Beach is beautiful and goos for swimming and the bar have a beautiful view. Only salt water in the showers and a bit basic... but not too bad. I love it

Review №35

Nice place they have a swimming pool and its near the road

Review №36

Great place to stay on the beach in Dar Es Salaam. We camped so didnt use the accommodation at all but the toilet and shower facilities were good. Its not far to the ferry to get you over the river to the main city and coming home and walking straight into the ocean to swim was divine. Pool was good as were all staff and resident dogs.

Review №37

Had a great experience, a great budget option with a very beautiful ocean view and lovely sunsets. However, its a very busy place especially over the weekends and sometimes can be quite noisy from the loud music that plays next door so if youre looking for a quiet place then this ones not for you. Also has salt water but the staff try their best to fill buckets with fresh water for the showers. Overall good place nice accomodation, nice camping option with an affordable bar.

Review №38

Very nice

Review №39

Is a good place for food,dreanks and music is a cool place

Review №40

Its very cool place whereas people can spend and enjoy, very greatest place and also can swim.

Review №41

The area is good with good service and moderate charges for the service which can be easily affordable by all people also there Is security for the customers and their properties that why I preferred that place place also it is near the load for the transport service and the transport is easy accessed from there also for the wheel chair access there can be assessed and the area is good that you can even bring the children or the elders and food with drinks are present for the lot of time and the area is very good when you go on weekends days it is so amazing for those who like to dance for music to swim and other many activities which area performed in beach enjoy the place is good for real

Review №42

Nice beach, though there are some spots underwater with thorns..

Review №43

Too little people on weekdays,but I turns up on weekends and holidays

Review №44

Very beautiful beach, nice bar ,nice food.

Review №45

Nice place to refresh your mind and swimming

Review №46

Its a nice place to go...... Also mikadi beach is there at affordable cost wc high security

Review №47

Very nice place, and the people are very frendly

Review №48

The room the bed sheets and the mosquito net were very dirty and smelly. But there was a nice relaxing area at the bar in front of the beach.

Review №49

For local people this is very nice place to visit so that you will be able to meet with local people and even foreign people sometimes

Review №50

Actually it is quitier during weekdays and here you can enjoy the water and sports. Crowded during the weekends and holidays.. the place has security check up safe place to deposit your assets (payable) . At least it is fine for the normal outtings.

Review №51

Our hotel was in Dar Es Salaam, and we went to this camping site for the day. The beach is beautiful, specially at morning/noon during the high tide. There is a bar and restaurant with a great atmosphere during day. From Dar, you can take the ferry and then a Moto, it takes less than half an hour. I think it would be worth spending a few nights here, since the small wood houses looked really cosy.

Review №52

Nice place for swimming with reasonable cost

Review №53

The place is just average. Swimming pool is not well maintained and it is just a small pool. Place is getting old and some renovations would bring it up maybe. Otherwise its good for camping and the prices are fairly good

Review №54

Very good option for staying pretty close to the action in Dar-es-Salam while keeping a good foot in the white sand beach in front of an unspoiled stretch of the Indian Ocean... Make sure you understand that pretty near this beach lodge you can grab a direct ferry ride to Dar-es-Salam avoiding the messy road trip! Youre warned! ;)

Review №55

Another trip to Mikadi and as usual, it did not disappoint! Beautiful setting, close to Dar but far away enough to feel remote. Great food, the new chandelier bar is beautiful and excellent staff. Well worth a stay

Review №56

Too old

Review №57

This place is cool especially in Camp site..

Review №58

Super place for relax

Review №59

So nice

Review №60

This place is not complicated is just simple place and affordable charge

Review №61

It nice place to refresh and enjoying.

Review №62

Good place for refresh

Review №63

It cool

Review №64

Didn’t know they had a military base close by! The board is kept Lamont where u can’t c! Went for a walk and got beaten by the army force! And the mangers did nothing about it. Very bad experience and very bad place to visit

Review №65

The place nice, cool and welcome to everyone. I love mikadi beach.

Review №66

Its good place for chilling,reading and swimming, affordable entry price. Food and drinks are available. Easy accessibility.#mikadi beach#enjoyment#relaxation#kigamboni

Review №67

Very cool place to rest with local African design. Also you must test to food from best chef in Tanzania

Review №68

Nice place with a good view and food but the other side has alot of people hence for those who want peace and quiet would not enjoy over the weekends

Review №69

A very Good place to enjoy

Review №70

So nice beach

Review №71

The place is good but unsecured. I can not guarantee your safety or properties safety in this beach

Review №72

The place is good bare foot paradise full security 24/7

Review №73

The breeze!!! Clean beach view sometimes. If you want o experience the wildness, go in the evening....hahaha

Review №74

Was good because there is high security

Review №75

We spend our weekend its good.

Review №76

Its a nyc place to relax...Good air condition..

Review №77

Perfect place for a private enjoyment talk...i liked it

Review №78

I like to breeze from the ocean make me feel more pleased

Review №79

Too much people on weekends

Review №80

Nice little bandas on the beach.Newly renovated under new managment, which really has improved the place.New menu in the Chandelier restaurant, really good food at a decent price.There is also a new pool which is nice to use when the tide is low.

Review №81

Mikadi beach is so nice, we welcome you to go and enjoy your weekend vibe

Review №82

Great camping area on the beach for $10. Showers and toilets were ok.. No water pressure. Often no toilet paper. Fresh bucket water in the showers is a bonus. Food and drinks a tad expensive but methinks theres many overlanders coming and going here so seems like they are catering for a specific market. IMHO. .. bar was very understocked with only beer and local spirit available.Albeit being pricey the food was really good.The swimming pool is a nice addition.Felt very safe. Staff were friendly and accomodating.All in all a nice place and I would return.

Review №83

Great location right by the beach and its close to Kivukoni crossing to Dar town center. Lovely little details like the outdoor swing beds and swings by the bar and the food was pretty delicious. However its very very basic and could use some maintenance throughout. Furniture could be cleaner and bar area was quite dusty. The staff were ok. It has a lot of potential but the owners have not maintained it well which is disappointing.

Review №84

Very clean sand along the ocean with nice view. Doubtful of the security along the shore

Review №85

Its evem good for meditation...with perfwct customer care

Review №86

The most famous and loved beach by youth

Review №87

Nice and Cool place for swimming

Review №88

Good with in the Budget

Review №89

Just ok

Review №90

Wasnt happy at all

Review №91

Good beach, moderate populated

Review №92

Liked it

Review №93

So nice place with more vibes

Review №94

The place is local and there is great security

Review №95

I love this place the food is great, the beach is super clean and peaceful, stuff are so friendly! Also affordable to stay there

Review №96

Ts nice tho in weekends always over crowded..

Review №97

Peaceful and quiet place, except for the night when you can hear music coming from some other party area. Not super clean.

Review №98

A Beautiful, place on the ocean. There has never been a hot, because there is always a light breeze was blowing. Wonderful dogs, may God give him health, living here since the creation, and those who want to return from Africa without fleas, can stay in the Kempinski Hotel

Review №99

My favorite beach 🏖

Review №100

Its one of those places that you dont want to say goodbye to

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  • Address:Mikadi, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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  • Phone:+255 717 800 359
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