Epi dor
520 Haile Selasie Dar es Salaam TZ, 8693, Tanzania
Review №1

This French cozy place provides array of options from breakfast to dinner.They offer freshly baked pastry.The staff is friendly and well mannered.The place is clean & the food is nice!

Review №2

I think I visited Epi dor on a bad night.We ordered a zatar pizza to share. That was very nice and crunchy.The mint juice was a bit sour. But that could be to an individual taste.The coriander and lemon chicken was not what I expected. Not a real taste of coriander and very very sour.The mixed grill was also a bit disappointing, most of the meat was tough, the fries tasted nice but were not crispy.The mashed potatoes had a rancid butter taste.Not a good night for the cook and us, in my humble opinion.The prices are midrange and the staff was very friendly.Note: we wondered about the raw big red onion, was it an accident or an extra..

Review №3

Nice restaurant with many recommendations. Service is quite above average. Exquisite desserts and drinks.Like their sirloin steak and beef ribs. Very clean and nice decoration. The indoor section is closed most of the time when I visit for lunch / breakfast.They can also do birthday cake service you can do preorder in advance.There’s also a small kids playground which suits family visit with kids so could enjoy.

Review №4

It’s an amazing place to hangout be it with friends or a romantic setting with your loved one. It is located in the Masaki area of the city of Dar es Salaam in very close proximity with Sea Cliff hotel. It has great cuisine with my favourite being freshly squeezed orange juice with chicken & mushroom pizza.

Review №5

As a first timer at Epi Dor I can safely say, it did not disappoint at all! From customer services to the environment very warm, welcoming and cozy. Not to mention the amount of effort and details spent on interior design 👌. Food came within due time and the quality and portion both were spot on. Highly recommend it to anyone.

Review №6

The hummus and coffee are good. The outdoor seating is good. The service is good. It seems like a well run place and not overpriced like many restaurants in Masaki.

Review №7

Cozy place, good selection of music, delicious food and cakes. I recommend trying Spinach&Prawns ravioli, it’s so good. I would like to see more cakes like Mille Feuille in the assortment of pastries, rather than biscuits. Also recently, the staff often forgets about orders and is not very rushed. I hope it doesnt become a habit.

Review №8

I really wish people start selling alternatives to milk for their daily coffee etc. None here. Was a decent meal, good service. Has patio seating , shaded seating it’s actually spacious! Nice place. There’s a bakery where you have have to wear a mask - so don’t forget to carry your 😷 or else you will miss out on those goodies. Have a lovely time!

Review №9

Flies were EVERYWHERE in the large air conditioned back room near the kitchen because the doors stayed propped open. Why have an air conditioned room, if you are going to keep the doors open?

Review №10

At this place, there is calmness and classy environment. Being there for the first time; luxury, a cool environment is what one could ever ask for. We sat outside and the place was spectacular. The staff are welcoming cheerful and always on point. They were ready to listen and offer insights to what their menu had. I had to order a burger, to test it to see for what it was like and honestly speaking I could give it 8/10. What I really appreciated was how the staff take extra notice of things and make sure that we have the nice evening, cool and calm one. It being located in quiet places, it attracts more people who want quiet and comfortability in services.I highly recommend this place and definitely will come back in a near future!

Review №11

Love the place the toilets are spotless clean i mean clean

Review №12

This has quickly become my favorite restaurant in Dar. Quality food, huge varieties, friendly staff, and great service! Whether its for a full meal, coffee, or dessert, I find myself here at least 3 times a week. The outdoor area provides a relaxing environment to enjoy dinner with friends or to spend the afternoon doing computer work! They also have an amazing bakery where you can pick up breads and desserts to go. Definitely add this to your must eat at restaurant list while visiting!

Review №13

My family, friends and I had brunch. The ambience was amazing, with the crazy heat there was a fan to help. The service was great and the food good quantity and affordable price. I had the new yorker. Next time Im in Dar, Ill definitely go back

Review №14

The ambiance is great! Its one of the first things you notice when visiting a place. The food is great, service as well, the manager is quick to attend to you incase of anything. One thing i wish they improve on is including condiments on tables, its always nice to have extra flavors at your reach without having to ask the waiter to bring them to you in the middle of a meal. Otherwise, great place.

Review №15

One of my favorite places in Dar Es Salaam. A perfect mix of comfort, style and tropical,beach feeling. The food is always fresh and good, the service friendly. The menu is a mix of African and middle eastern influences, plus pizzas and burgers. The French pâtisseries are to die for! Its a family owned affair, and the customer feels it right away. There is a playground for children, nicely shaded under a big tree. Toilets are spotless.

Review №16

They have the best service. Their food is amazing. Food arrives on time and once a customer leaves their seat they steam the seats to leave clean for other customers so that covid isnt spread.

Review №17

Coffee and cakes were nice- on Saturday morning- though Service can be faster- maybe because it was busy on the day

Review №18

Lovely ambience. Remarkable hygiene. They sanitized every table as soon as the customer left. All waiters were wearing masks. Very impressive place indeed!

Review №19

Epi dor is a casual cafe type place to chat with friends or to complete work. The service is quick and the staff are nice and very accommodating. There is a kids playground and you can either sit inside or outside. I ordered a mocha (6,000 tsh) and it was not particularly good but they served it with a cookie. The food was also mediocre, the quantity was small and prices high. I paid 20,000 tsh for a chicken shawarma plate, which was too salty and the bread was hard. It was not the pita bread I was expecting. I also got pistachio and hazelnut ice cream, which were delicious but cost 8,000 tsh for 2 tiny scoops.They have free WIFI, but it doesnt work well and I had to use my hotspot. Overall it is a nice place but next time Ill only get coffee/espresso and maybe dessert as the food was expensive and not tasty.

Review №20

Nothing special. Wont come back.

Review №21

Has always been my favourite place in daressalam. The quality of the food has always been great. Never had any problem here with the service either!!

Review №22

Great environment, a little pricy, worth a visit nonetheless. A good place to hang out with friends. Service is fair.

Review №23

Nice outdoor restaurant. Place for kids to play. Food was delicious. Tried the banana pancakes. Never tasted a fluffier pancake. Fresh pineapple juice was very good.

Review №24

As a coffee lover I had an amazing Itengule (Coffee from Mbeya) Cappuccino very perfect and they are many coffee selections.Great outdoor seats but NOT SMOKE FREE area. I saw some of clients with kids had to change the seats because they experienced the situation the other table both (3) they were smoking.I highly suggest this place should have dedicated smoke zone area because it’s not friendly for Non smokers & kids.Wheelchair accessible, great wi-fi & Kids play ground available.

Review №25

Fantastic food, charming place to enjoy nice brunches or dinners. Aptly located in the Masaki area. For those who have sweet tooth, Desserts are to die for.

Review №26

Always an absolute delight 😊 the pastries, the cakes, the food, the kids play, the staff. Perfect!

Review №27

The food continues to be great, but having to use the menu on your phone to choose your food is a hassle. If you know what you want its ok, but the long linear menu really doesnt invite to explore and compare options

Review №28

Very nice Lebanese/Mediterranian food in a comfortable garden setting. Nice selection of ice cream and other deserts too.

Review №29

#CasualDay #CasualMeal @Epidor, my other favorite restaurant in Dar. Every time I visit this place for a good meal, they never disappoint. I normally come for their heavy breakfast (which is full of everything...a five star breakfast) but then again, the lunch today with my family was beautiful...#RisottoPoisson and a #ChickenShawarma, it was classic and healthy 👌🏾, with great selection of fresh juices and coffee. Lovely ambience, smooth music, elegant decor. Its a trendy spot, perfect for kids too (they have an outdoor playing facility)

Review №30

Impeccable Ambience, good food, open and closed door seating.Had capucchino, falafel, fries, Cheese spring rolls, pita bread with hummus and fresh Juice with my friends. Good taste, fast service.Try Cheese Spring roll, its awesome with a different taste.They serve bread basket as starters.Worth a visit and highly recommended.

Review №31

Kid friendly joint. Chilled atmosphere. Their bakery is quite delightful. Their menu has a vast selection its easy to be spoilt with choice.

Review №32

One of the perfect place in Dar es salaamHigh quality and modern restaurantFood is great and drinks are superb

Review №33

A nice place... Very cool place.. Suitable for conversation... N a bit expensive

Review №34

Amazing food and service! Extreme covid precautions taken here. Will definitely return soon.

Review №35

Once you visited there you cant enter inside without wearing mask this assure that they take all necessary ways for covid

Review №36

Amazing food! Their eggs Benedict are the best. And the steak sandwich is really good as well!

Review №37

Chicken Yassa from Senegal was the special of the day. Delivered as described on the menu. 👍🏾💯✔️

Review №38

They bake some of the best breads in town without skimping on wholesome ingredients. The complimentary bread served before the meal was absolutely delicious with just butter and garlic sauce! I love their multi grain bread too, great for body builders or athletes.

Review №39

Epid’or is one of the most consistently good restaurants that you can always rely on. Beyond the great cakes and wraps, next time you feel adventurous go for the fish and risotto. The changu was perfectly crispy on the edges, soft and lemony, the risotto was creamy and cooked to the right texture and the vegetables rounded it off! Thanks Epi dor Cafe Bakery and Restaurant !

Review №40

Beautiful location, lots of seating outdoors, some indoors. Great menu - falafel, shwarma, burgers, pizza, really delicious desserts as well.

Review №41

Good customer service and a great place to have a meal too, never been disappointed

Review №42

Its one of the best cafe in dar, with lots of positive vibes... staff is really very generous and bakery items are cream on a cake.

Review №43

Whenever I visit this place am Straight forward! I came here for the bread and butter, so before serving me anything I get My Famous bread and butter, Juice is super refreshing! They are true to their say when it comes to fresh juice, I can feel the citrus in my mouth and smell the ripenpine on the rim of the glass! Service can be somewhat slow, but all in all this place potrays home away from home! A must visit when in Dar 👌🏼

Review №44

Its an amazing place to enjoy some me time, the ambience, meals, and lets not forget the delicious deserts. And today the person who served me was amazing at his customer service.

Review №45

Good people along with good foodPaperless menu card..👍👍🥗🥗🥗

Review №46

The best ice cream can be found here

Review №47

This is actually my favourite location. The service is good and the food is amazing. If youre a fan of different types of bread, Id highly recommend.

Review №48

The Restaurant is in a serene area. A very clean and spacious environment. The waiters are lively, very smartly dressed and knowing their products well. The food was sumptuous and delicious. The Hamburgers and Steaks oh just tasty and yummy yummy! Reserve a place for my Group next week!

Review №49

Good atmosphere, excellent service, nice menu for non vegetarians although limited options for vegetarians but they do have vegetable pizza, veg lasagna . Not that expensive place. Closed on mondays but thy are open on public holidays. And thats the best thing.

Review №50

Good food and spacious.

Review №51

Friendly staff and good food. Lebanese food is surprisingly good. I hear they have Senegalese Lebanese owners which would explain why.

Review №52

Lebanese cuisine, good service, nice place to meet for coffee or work

Review №53

Stunning ambiance and delicious food available

Review №54

Apart from the wifi being non-sense this place is a go to place. The staff team is well organized and the place is very spacious.

Review №55

Good food and ambiance

Review №56

The place is good and etiquette,,, the food is tastefully recommended 😋😋

Review №57

Very nice and calm, good food 👌

Review №58

Wonderful food and a good play area for kids. Sanitising and ordering through QR code they have literally become a trail blazer in Dar Es Salaam. They have revised the menu and moved with the times and a fresh look. Bakery has become fabulous. Keep it up Epidor team.

Review №59

Love at first sight ❤️ Amazing place. Lovely staff. Great service. The desserts especially are to die for!!

Review №60

Food sounds appetizing on the menu but presentation lets it down.

Review №61

What a breathtaking sundowner at The Sea cliff Hotel. Its worth a visit.

Review №62

The food was great..great set up too.

Review №63

Had breakfast the waitress bought me a different order, then blamed me saying I ordered it. Nice environmental staff bought drinks after meal was done. We requested our drinks 3 times. Ordered pancakes ask 3 times for syrup by the time I got my syrup my friends had finished there food and my pancakes were cold.😭

Review №64

Amazing.... Great hospitality and superb customer service, hygiene and safety 💯

Review №65

Best pizza ever,a place where the real pizza is found

Review №66

Good atmosphere delicious cakes n coffees

Review №67

Globally good,sometimes take away can disappoint.

Review №68

Nice cafe in Masaki area of Dar. Great food, drinks, desserts and all around good vibes. Love the ambiance inside and outside. Seems to be very popular with expat crowd.I have been here several times in the last few weeks. Im giving it just three stars because of the service. My main complaint is regarding service/attentiveness for inside seating. Waiters seems to disappear for long stretches and forget about their tables. Today, I sat for 20 minutes before flagging a waiter to take my order. I previously asked a food runner to send the waiter but they never came. After finishing, I waited another 10 minutes for the waiter to come back. I finally got my bill after asking 2 different people (neither of whom were my waiter). I hope management addresses this.

Review №69

Chicken Schwarma and mojitos were A...MAZ...ING. Gorgeous venue. And as for the display of desserts. Well I think I put on 2 kgs just from looking. Loved it.

Review №70

The food was splendid. Nice ambience.

Review №71


Review №72

Good place good environment they also have an online ordering system which is a plus

Review №73

Creative dishes, beautiful setup.This is a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, just drinks or even to pop in for ice cream/pastries.App the dishes Ive tried are spot on in terms of flavour and portion size.I recommend the beef in puff pastry (starter) and baked fish.The staff are all well trained and very nice. The decor is beautiful and well maintained.

Review №74

Great cafe and garden seating is truly beautiful. Fresh pastries and excellent coffee. All smiles.

Review №75

Good place and delicious food.

Review №76

Best place to enjoy your breakfast

Review №77

Very nice open and sheltered environment. Great pastries and dips and juices. Animal friendly.

Review №78

They have a playground for kids. You can sit indoors or outdoors. Theres always a lot of people when I go but we never had to wait for a table. The food is great. They have this chicken wing dish with lemony parsley sauce that hits the spot! Really nice atmosphere. Out of all the restaurants in Dar, this ones my favorite~ The only down side is the parking....

Review №79

Delicious foods but waiters are so rude.

Review №80

Its a very cozy place. Food is ok, but the croissants are really good.

Review №81

Excellent ambiance and food, very strict protocol on Covid19 ensuring masks are worn etc. Recommend

Review №82

Loved the service and music. The food was great, it was packed but we still got service on time. There is a variety of healthy juices which we enjoyed. There is outdoor and indoor sitting and a mini childrens area. There is something for everybody. Very comfortable indeed.

Review №83

Great place for fresh Lebanese food and pastry

Review №84

The food is excellent, practically anything you get will be good, although I once ordered subpar pasta since they were out of my preference. Another time I got the Texas steak sandwich which was awesome. Its supposed to be Lebanese or some kind of middle eastern food but Ive never been with anyone that actually got it.No problems with service. Sitting outside can be a bit iffy since there are a lot of flies and the shelter from rain isnt great. Having a bakery next store to pick up desserts is quite convenient. Once I saw some kind of our door market in the yard.

Review №85

The Lavazza Cappuccino, the homemade passion icecream and the croissant is a 10/10 and most of other items are indeed 8/10

Review №86

Variety of choices from a big menu. Clean place with friendly personnel and tasteful dishes

Review №87

This place is incredible. Their pasties are so very good! My favorite is the pan chocolate. The coffee is some of the best in Dar, with the most variety of any coffee place in Dar. Their meals are reasonably priced with a large variety of food. Whatever you order, I dont think you will be disappointed. Great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.There is also a play area for children.The only area where they lack, is bringing your condiments on time after your food has arrived. Also expect a wait on your coffee, if you go on Sunday or Saturday morning. Since their coffee is so good, a lot of people order coffee. I can assure you that they are making your coffee and have not forgotten, but there can be a lot of drink orders in at the same time, so bear with the barista. He is a great and hardworking guy.

Review №88

The atmosphere is brilliant, inside, outside, lounge seating, table seating, whatever you fancy. Tons of offerings from patisserie to wholesome dishes to salad bar. Other than the patisserie and ice cream, which is brilliant, the rest of the food is a bit pedestrian. Nothing amazing, but definitely nothing to complain about either. One of the best spots on the peninsula to chill out with friends, business meetings, or just working away on your laptop in peace. Try it out.

Review №89

Good sandwiches. Thats what they are really good at. Love the fresh bred they make them with. The salads arent the best. I was put off with the endless smoking. No designated areas exist so everywhere is pretty much a smoking area. Not sure I will go back because of that.

Review №90

I went there with a friend, and it was awesome, I love their masala tea ;))

Review №91

Enjoyed their Steaks and Shawarma... The minty Lemonade was a little to much strong. and the menu price quite reasonable.

Review №92

We enjoyed the Sunday afternoon. The food was delicious. The service was prompt and efficient. A good experience.The second time I visited was in the night. The smell of the flowers was strong and pleasing. The salad was delicious, the dishes were cooked to perfection and the service was good. I am looking forward to repeating it all over again.

Review №93

Aside from the obvious clan that hangs there I enjoyed the food and loved the playground for the children and the service was great 😍

Review №94

Good FoodService can be better

Review №95

One of the best pain au chocolat I have had. The setting is nice and I like the chance to be either inside or out. Good for a cappuccino, croissant or a meal. Good place to bring kids, too.

Review №96

The food here is pretty good. Its a great place to grab lunch. The wraps are delicious, small and cheap which I think is great, but if youre hungry you may want order something else. The prices are low for the quality. The juices are excellent. The atmosphere is the closest Ive found in Dar to a western style cafe (it reminds me of something I would find in Houston), with some nice outdoor shaded seating. Service isnt great, but on par for Dar es Salaam.

Review №97

Unbeatable Crossonts...baked fresh everyday..

Review №98

You never get dissapointed with the food and drinks on point just a little expensive but worth i can forget the juice i took. Good place for family for there is kids play ground.The staff very friendly and Welcoming to make sure you have a good time.Dinner times is the most time i enjoyed cool fresh air,lighting superb.Have a good time.Kisses and Loves.

Review №99

A very nice, quiet place

Review №100

Excellent, one of the best dine-outs in a long time. If they were making extra effort because it was Valentines Day, then it was a big success...I got lucky with traffic, so arrived quite early for our reservation (5pax) but they seated me anyway, brought menus, served a cocktail. The group arrived and got starters and drinks quickly. My goat cheese honey tartine was perfect with a glass of the sauvignon blanc.Everyone enjoyed their meals. Mine was easily the biggest, meatiest roasted lamb shank Ive ever had. Our only confusion was with dessert; menus were brought and orders taken, but then they apologised for not having something and instead served a special VDay cake and champagnes all around. Those were very nice, but the plot (if it was one) was not necessary.Weve been to Epi dOr numerous times for lunch. If I had known how good dinner was, wed have done it years ago. Quite nice to add a new spot to our evening favourites. Cheers!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:520 Haile Selasie Dar es Salaam TZ, 8693, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 786 669 889
  • Restaurant
  • Bakery
  • Dessert shop
  • Patisserie
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–10:30PM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–10:30PM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–10:30PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–10:30PM
  • Saturday:7:30AM–10:30PM
  • Sunday:7:30AM–10:30PM
  • Credit cards:Yes
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