HearWell Audiology Clinic
Mindu St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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I have had the best experience at HearWell Audiology Clinic, the doctors are very nice and welcoming plus they provide the best Ear services in Dar es Salaam.

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I have got my ear cleaning done from other clinics also but this one has been the best so far and I will definitely recommend if someone asks meThank you for the good services.

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Very nice and friendly doctor and caring

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Affordable price come check your 👂 ear

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Doc Ali is simply great ! I was having positional vertigo n he fixed it in less than half n hour . By the time he made me do manuveres the disturbing vertigo was gone ! I can recommend anyone to this young Doctor . Thank you !

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I went to Hearwell clinic and the experience was simply awful. Genuinely, there is no way anyone could give this phony place a good review. There was a ton of misinformation from the receptionist that completely contracted what the doctor and the ultimately the office manager told us. The facility is dirty, the treatment is sub par and the staff is unprofessional. It is unfornuate. We needed medical care, and then we had to deal with unprofessionals such as these. The clinic is gross! Do not trust them with your children or family! If you visit notice all the ancient equipment and resources they use in the front office if you can survive the insects and the smells.

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While the doctors are great, the receptionist is the most unproffessional, rude, unpleasant lady. Not helpful or welcoming on the phone and even worse in person. Has no customer service skills just generally unpleasant to deal with .

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This an honest review from someone who was there and unaffiliated with this sham of a place. AVOID! Absolute worst service ever. When you arrive notice the many people waiting to be seen to complain about their hearing equipment. They are not polite to you. We ask to sit in the room while they conducted ABR test on our son, we were told its against regulations. When I asked why -- the guy responded: Im not doing the test. So we left. DIRTY! MOSQUITOS! AND NOT VERY GENTLE WITH OUR CHILD AFTER MAKING US HELP PUT HIM TO SLEEP! Check credentials here! Horrible clinic. Now looking for other options.RESPONSE TO THE OWNERS RESPONSESee this is the problem. You dont know how to speak or talk to people. You never explained any of this to us when we came the first time or you never discussed this in the emails we had before the appointment. At which point you did nothing, wrote nothing down -- just told us to connect with our insurance and get over the counter meds to sedate the children. You waited for us to arrive after recommending some medicine that completely knocked our child out for the rest of the day. OMG. After which he was screaming all afternoon from side effects. Now you talk down to us. You are not smarter than the customer. How about talking to us with respect and care? Informing us of what to expect. You just wanted to get the money. You guys are really unprofessional. Multiple clients talking and being seen in the procedure room while our child is on the table next to them! Sedated!1. You are not a clinic. You are a fraud!2. The protocol should inform parents of what to expect not someone arriving hours late to state Im only going to do this if one person is in the room without even speaking or saying hello to us I forgot to narrate that part.3. Please grow up and act like an adult in the real world. Abusive language is expressing how ugly you treated my family and me? Thats how you made me feel -- threatened and bullied. Yeah you feel its abusive because I didnt let you speak to us in way you did. I wont let you bully me like you were bullying the other people there during our visits. Any self-respecting human being with courage would have said much worse to you because you dont value people or putting the customer first. You only want to make a quick buck. And now you contact my job and insurance company telling lies because I wrote an honest review on google reviews instead of learning from the situation like any other business! I guess youve got to keep the suckers coming in to crappy clinic. I wish I had never stepped foot in your horrible place.4. Thats right. They will call your insurance company and lie about the service they provide. Frauds!I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS BY A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IN MY LIFE! I SHOULD HAVE BETTER CHECKED YOUR OFFICE CREDENTIALS.

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Hear Well Audiology Clinic in Mindu Street is very modern, clean and relaxed atmosphere.In the reception area Tom & Jerry video is on the screen all the time. Even if you can’t hear you can laugh because it is very funny!!!I had my ears examined by Dr. Jaffer ENT Surgeon and Mr. Ali Audiologist. They were very helpful and explained in detail the problem with my ears. I was recommended to replace my battery hearing aid with new rechargeable hearing aid. I am very happy with the new hearing aid which is synchronized with my mobile phone. I can adjust the volume. The hearing is very clear.Thank you Dr. Jaffer and Ali.MANSOOR DAYA

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Just had the tubes for my behind the ear aids replaced. It done well and quickly. I appreciated the service.

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This clinic has the best specialist for Audiology, the quality of their service is above expectations

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For hearing and speech problem you should pay a visit 😉

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Very nice and Professional clinic, Dr Fayas has a great reputation for a reason.

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Good help good service before and after thanks alot

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Care for patients is on its own level. Fayaz and his people are doing great work

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Good Audiology clinic And speech therapist, well organized by staff !!!

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A very well equipped hearing and speech clinic with professionals very well aware of what they doing

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I just like to sometime there is always it me because have a important about sick ......

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A great ear care clinic

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Good audiology clinic and speech therapist

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Very professional setup and service.

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Local staff, Swiss training. Professional.

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CARING .. I have had a beautiful experience

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For audiological investigation and rehabilitation in Dar es salaam

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Awesome services

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Awesome service

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Well organized

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  • Address:Mindu St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 774 446 699
  • Speech pathologist
  • Hearing aid store
  • Otolaryngologist
  • Audiologist
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–4PM
  • Thursday:8AM–4PM
  • Friday:8AM–4PM
  • Saturday:8AM–1PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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