Game Dar-Es-Salaam
Sam Nujoma Rd Plot 2, Mlimani City Mall, Tanzania
Review №1

Buy your electric goods anywhere but Game Tanzania unless you bring in your own vehicle for delivery... I bought a gas cooker from them for 1.5m and apparently they do not have a delivery service but have assorted external delivery service that quoted me different prices up to 60k for a trip that should be 35k at most. I raised this with customer service and their response was essentially it is what it is, negotiate with the drivers. My expectation is for game to have a delivery service, when trading electrical goods, and with a price point that is clear and charged on km travelled.Then I have certainty that my goods will be handled properly and get to my destination safely. Extremely disappointed with the service

Review №2

Its about the best store in the mall. Its offers a variety of goods and equipments. From food stuff, groceries , electronics, drinks, etc they all available.

Review №3

GAME offers a wide variety of imported and local items. One of the few large supermarkets in Tanzania with lots of imported items. Large shelves and wide varieties available, some at reasonable and some at slightly high prices. The good thing is that you can almost buy everything in one place, all under one roof. Sometimes you may find hard to find items here.

Review №4

A really nice store, spacious, a variety of affordable goods. Seasonal discounts. Very good for someone who shops monthly you will definitely enjoy the discounts that come with buying things in bulk.

Review №5

You will find supermarkets, sports shops, furniture show rooms, leading makeup and beauty shops, ic cream parlours, eateries, local banks, DTB bank, Visa compliant ATMs, Fast food joints, bars and pubs, bureau de change, electronic shops and many more, all under one roof

Review №6

Anything you want to buy is in there

Review №7

Nice place to get anything you want, groceries, home equipments,gym equipments and all

Review №8

Variety of Good especially Household... Good Qaulity as well

Review №9

A good place to shop all things especially home utensils they are much cheaper there.

Review №10

I bought a gas stove a few days ago which developed a fault . I took back to them and they are saying that I should wait for 21 days. No other alternatives were offered despite pleas.

Review №11

Great store packed with all kinds of stuff from food to camping supplies. You do have to pay TSH 500 extra for the plastic shopping bag.

Review №12

Everything you need in a supermarket is there, but you have the worst customer care I have ever seen.No attendants at their station to help you.The cashier section almost always has two or one cashier and a huge customers waiting to be served.Your attendants dont know muchhlabout the products.You are a whole mess.Am sure shoplifting is normal there coz no one cares.

Review №13

The best of all time...almost everything in here!

Review №14

Best shopping supermarket in town i presume. I havent been to all of them. So its all in my own opinion

Review №15

Very convenient as they had a product yhat was not easily located on other parts of the city a universal travel adapter

Review №16

Grand Super Shopping Centre

Review №17

Shopping is good.They have most everything so giving them 5 star is reasonable and well deserved.I highly recommend you shop there

Review №18

Great supermarket.

Review №19

Best place to find out more about the latest special offers and promotions in the city of Dar es salaam

Review №20

Nice supermarket but some essential items arent present

Review №21

Is always a supermarket of choice to most of us... Its a great supermarket with a lot of staffs which are mostly needed, the price is cool as their products are great and super quality. The stuffs are working with clients good and also provides a good advice whenever you ask for

Review №22

Good place to get your favourite things at a reasonable price

Review №23

Very wounderful place there is everything in one area

Review №24

Awesome place for kids to refresh their minds

Review №25

Great place for shopping for home items

Review №26

Great supermarket. Has literally everything. Bit pricey but never overcrowded. Customer service is good and they restock pretty quickly. So thats a plus

Review №27

Great selection off products a convenient all in one stre and drinks prices are the best in town special local wines and spirits

Review №28

Amazing store with great variety and some very competitive products

Review №29

This is the largest market place that Ive found in Dar Es Salaam. It is similar to Walmart in the diversity of items offered. If youve been shopping before visiting this store (and most stores for that matter), your bags will be checked at a holding area so you can shop burden-free (you can pick up your items on the way out using a ticket given to you during the check-inprocess). There always seem to be a large number of employees available if assistance is required. If you dont speak a local language, name your language to the employes so they can find if someone working is able to help you out.

Review №30

I bought 2 mechanical devices from this store , a grass cutter and a grinding machine,the customer service reps told me i can return them anytime if they have a problem since they are covered by a one year guarantee,i recently used the grass cutter for the first time and it melted down in the first 20 minutes of usei returned it today and the first thing they did was to find any reason not to exchange it claiming it was a misusehow is it a misuse when it was the first time i used and i followed all the instructions from manual bookseemed like the mechanical buildup wasnt right which is not my faultthe customer service was so poor too ,i strongly recommend anyone not to buy anything mechanical or electrical from this store.they hide under a big brand but yet they dont value a customer after he/she has bought something , my heart is in pain, almost 300,000 of my money gone

Review №31

Good store but no goods

Review №32

Shopping area with variety of good Goods,Service. Try to visit.

Review №33

The customer service is great, as always, I cherish customer service above all else.Their product range is not as grand as the stores reputation for having a bit of everything.Some of their employees do not know where their products are, though one can chalk it down to trainee vs permanent staff.They do not have promotions like most Game Stores in South Africa, so one will be highly disappointed if they were hoping for similar product range or deals.They do not have the same catalogues online as they do in their stores, but their WhatsApp number is very active and quite quick to respond, which I appreciate and will always recommend.Shopping via mobile (I have yet to see an app) is a problem if you dont have M-Pesa or a large sum of cash for deliveries.You could be needing to run errands, the delivery cost for Game (Mlimani City) is slightly ridiculous for the average shoppers.What I do admire from Game Stores is that they carry a vast variety of local brands to support local businesses, thus some items from international companies are not available at all.XxIva Donna

Review №34

Game is probably the best supermarket in Dar. Location is great- easy to reach, enough parking for all, great customer services, items well distributed in easy to navigate corridors/shelves, well stocked (very rare to miss stock), good quality products supplied, and prices are somewhat fair.

Review №35

Great shopping place for camping equipment and other outdoors facilities

Review №36

I got what i wanted at reasonable price...really Game is our problem solver,for all kinda people. I encourage yall to visit game ...

Review №37

A very large shop inside Mlimani mall. I have heard it may be closing??

Review №38

Hardcore waste of time! i just wanted a pack of cigaretts an matche or a lighter! so fire not available at all, and noone was capable to manage the cashier! so i left, got my smokes on the street - their it works!😂 game daressalaam dosnt even deserve 1star, but else i cannot post this review!

Review №39

Good experience here with luxurious services all around

Review №40

The store has every thing i need, the service is good.

Review №41

Cool place to shop. Prices are reasonable

Review №42

We Tanzanians are afraid of shopping in the glass window shop, we think those places are for rich people. But the game is for everyone. Cheaper than any other supermarket which sells original and quality products. Dont hesitate take your time and go for window shopping.

Review №43

Cheap ,genuine and quality goods. I will always shop here

Review №44

A large and aweresome supermarket at Mlimani city mall

Review №45

As I since be aware of the shop during its opening around 2006 which were fairly affordable prices and attracted much enthusiast shoppers but recently the commodity prices are highly high whether due to what you might purchase around.

Review №46

Are you looking for home use products, travel products, electronics, gardening products, exercise materials, drinks both hard and soft, sewing machines and many more...? Just go to the Game and enjoy your shopping.

Review №47

Wonderful place and alot of items

Review №48

Nice place for shopping from foods to home appliances

Review №49

Its my daily working place and also many things available here including home products and meet with different people worldwide exchanging views e.t

Review №50

Without praise and without infamy, basically the same as any Game store in Africa.Useful for those who want to find everything (or almost) immediately.Better prices in the various shops in the market area if you want to save money

Review №51

I real enjoyed shopping at Game supermarket, things are at reasonable fair price

Review №52

Great choice of things to buy and places to eat too..

Review №53

You can get different stuff compared to normally available in the market, its more like a south african taste , good camping items but very highly marked.

Review №54

Great shopping experience... Amazing prces

Review №55

Almost everything under one roof. Electronics, household goods etc. Weekends can get a bit crowded, but overall great shopping experience.

Review №56

Im thankful for Game Mall; their variety of goods makes it s one-stop shop. however, its security is a bit of concern. in my opinion, the security guards are not consistent with how they check the items. furthermore, i find their procedures to be invasive. for example, i had purchased a brand new seal in box hot water URN and the security guard demanded to open the box. furthermore, when i asked to see the manager, the guard simply pointed at a random employee claiming that person was the manager.given how at times, the number of cashier is insufficient for the number of customers...the waiting in line time and length are unreasonable...and the security guards checking our shopping experience is fine up until i have to check out and leave.

Review №57

Found in Dar-es-Salaam at Mlimani City Mall , a great shooping palace for household properties,electronics devices, Exercises tools,Foods,Drinks,Babies products,school products etc

Review №58

I like the place very much bcoz you can find almost anything you want there food,bevarages,home accessories,ice creams e.t.c you wont regret going there

Review №59

Splendid shopping experience n affordable

Review №60

Check out service is very slow even when compared to local supermarkets. This may be contributed by not all counters being manned. Improvement is needed to give customers a good customer experience.

Review №61

Its a great place for shopping.

Review №62

Better Mall to buy your need

Review №63

Wide shopping varieties. I love it

Review №64

Not well stocked with variety of products. Disappointed somehow!

Review №65

Oh its good in there

Review №66

A very nice mall with a combination of normal groceries and toiletries and home equipments. It is a south african brand with almost everything you need exept cooked food

Review №67

Game is a really convenient store to go to get grocery and stuff

Review №68

Its equipments are rare,, Uneasy to find at other locations in the city, But the staff are lazy they had me walking round in circles for something they couldve fetched quick, and the security issue way over rated for quick shopping. They should fix it. Prices are high as well. Cashiers are too slow the wait in line is longer by the days. With open places with no attendants

Review №69

Its a South African supermarket chain famous for its unique items with reasonable price ... GAME was one of supermarket FDI that set the bar and standard for other to exploit Tanzania marketAt GAME Store expect to get everything from perishable goods like fruits and vegetables to furniture, sports equipment as well as electronic

Review №70

Vast choice of goods, although check out clerks can be a problem sometimes

Review №71

International shopping mall with reasonable price

Review №72

Nice safe and modern shopping place

Review №73

Awesome place for shopping

Review №74

Nice choices and great customer care.

Review №75

I love these places. everything from tools to food

Review №76

Great supermarket in Mlimani city mall. Affordable prices too!!

Review №77

Everything under one roof. Very good shopping experience with promotional offers every week.

Review №78

Nice staff,but never enough on the tills. So waiting to pay can take a while

Review №79

Best place for shopping

Review №80

Its ok for bulk buying. But it does not have a variety if things as expected, especially personal care products. The staff, when you manage to nail one down are a helpful.

Review №81

Safe place good stuff available

Review №82

Good place for shopping

Review №83

Nice place good prices

Review №84

One stop shopping centre for consumers goods in all categories

Review №85

Tis an amazing place loved it

Review №86

Here we go my favorite place and other one is nakumat which is closed down long ago unfortunately may be they shifted to another place lol. Well game is really a centre piece now of the mall. We get everything we want here. Even though staffs are not friendly some times. Most of time they helpful rest other times they just dont respond to you.

Review №87

Has a variety of household materials at a very affordable price, they also follow all the health precautions during this COVID-19 period

Review №88

You can almost every thing you want, Best place

Review №89

A good place, you will find many electronics but abit expensive

Review №90

Good varieties... Especially tools and equipment... Also interesting weekly offers!

Review №91

Good place for shopping

Review №92

Great place to shop for groceries, electrical items and a range of other stuff. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Good prices, You cant beat !

Review №93

Nice place to shop

Review №94

Has a very wide range of shopping options. From electronics to hardware to outdoor equipments to in house decorations. Highly recommended.

Review №95

Good for droppers and shoppers i like the place

Review №96

Nice place and the price is affordable

Review №97

The place where u can find all Children game equipment and other fun things

Review №98

Good places to shop

Review №99

Its selection is OK there are some discounts on items. However, I hate the slowness of the staff, and it offends me that they check your groceries again at the exit as if they dont trust you bought it all. The Game needs to get its act together when it comes to handling shoplifting. Checking everyones groceries at the exit after queueing for at times an hour at a till is a reason to not go back.

Review №100

Found in mlimani city mall they sell comodities at affordable prices

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  • Address:Sam Nujoma Rd Plot 2, Mlimani City Mall, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 22 219 7800
  • Department store
  • Appliance store
  • Baby store
  • Electronics store
  • General store
  • Luggage store
  • Sporting goods store
  • Stationery store
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Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–8PM
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