Emerson Education
Sun Plaza Ground Floor, Fire Station Road, Opposite Regency Medical Centre, Dar es Salaam 21129, Tanzania
Review №1

Mr. Ali is a wonderful Teacher of English. He really motivates me to learn. I enjoy his class very much. I really recommend him for studying English in the whole of Tanzania. I have improved a lot and I think he is the best for IElTS and TOEFL

Review №2

This College has the best teachers 🤩 I certainly gained many useful skills such as Public Speaking and Note Writing. Our teacher of English, Mr. Ali has taught us 3/8 subjects. He tries to make every lesson fun by bringing in new activities! Whats better than learning + having fun at the same time 🤩🔥 Totally recommend everyone to take English courses with this Wonderful Teacher!

Review №3

Emerson education is one of the best colleges in Dar es salaam with a great learning environment which encourages students to learn more, as it has the best teachers and admin staff.One among the teachers is that of English, Mr Ali. He is an extremely motivating teacher and has very good techniques when it comes to teaching! It is a great pleasure to be a student at Emerson.

Review №4

Mr. Ali is an excellent Tutor of English. I have improved a lot and I think he is the best for IELTS and TOEFL. I think all students in Dar have to study under him to improve their skills in English.

Review №5

Mr. Ali is the best English teacher Ive ever had. He is extremely helpful and active during college hours. The best part about him is that he understands when to speak politely and when to speak angrily. He greets all new incoming students with a beautiful smile that makes other students feel at ease. He is a wonderful instructor in my opinion, as are others, but my experience with him was truly exceptional, in terms of how he assisted me with my notes, how he assisted me in making my meetings with other teachers successful, and how he has guided me throughout my journey. So, yes, I agree that Mr. Ali is one of the Institutes greatest teachers.

Review №6

Emerson education is a good Institution with the best teachers available in the country tanzania. We always have a super positive outcome on learning from the teacher Ali mussa( expert in english language)and experience learning In creative ways.

Review №7

I had a very wonderful time with Emerson Education through my Business Management Course.If you want to enhance your career in business or any other available course, Emerson is the right place to study. They have great facility, great teachers and very helpful management.My very special thanks to Mr. John Odhiambo, my Business Management Course teacher for his great support whenever I needed.Also, madam Zehra is great, has been very supportive in all administration issues.Its true that through Emerson Education, your dreams starts here!

Review №8

A wonderful place which provides education with a smile :) It offers many courses which allows students to make choices according to their Interests 🤩 They offer NCC, ABE, ACCA, ICDL, etc. Everyone is so helpful and friendly! Extremely happy to be a student at Emersons 😄

Review №9

Emerson education has enlightened me with the English language. It has taught me how to communicate and express my thoughts. I would like to give this credit to Mr. Ali who has assisted and helped me throughout. It was a very nice experience studying in the campus and I would like to recommend all others out there to study in this campus

Review №10

Emerson education is the best academy in Dar they care about the students. The administration always want you to succeed no matter what course you have selected,they have the best learning environment in dar es salaam and the most challenging teachers that will make sure you get the passing mark I am very pleased with overall progress I have been able to make whilst at emerson education .

Review №11

Mashallah mr Ally Mussa is the best teacher of English and IELTS/TOEFL he teaches very well and I understand everything thank you so much mr ally. You are amazing

Review №12

Mr Ali Mussa Ame is one among the talented , creative ,innovative and friendly English teacher ever. He has best charisma and charming face to make everyone feel comfortable and above all he is guardian angel in English class.I highly recommend for students , public officers and other individualistic who want to get band 7 up to 9 in IELTS and TOEFEL English exams Emerson College Ltd is your best choice to go and achieve your dreams under supervision of Mr Faizan.Mr Ali Mussa Ame and Emerson College Ltd are two pillars that makes English learners to feel everything is possible under this world .No Emerson College No English in Tanzania.🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍

Review №13

Highly recememded institiution especially sir Ali for ielts he is very train for ielts lessen i took only ten hours session and i got my ielts i tried several time however all the time i was not able to achive but with his tip its really work thank you sir Ali and team emerson. Moreover, the emerson team is also very supportive and alway ready to give help i highly recomemd this institution they are really professional and supportive especially Sir Ali and one of the Admin staff Najma thank you emerson

Review №14

Emerson Education College Daresalam is one among the best Colleges in Dar. The college boasts the best teachers in Accounts, Businesa and Technology subjects. The College is also one of the best in teaching ENGLISH and training IELTS and TOEFL Candidate with a success rate of 9/10. Welcome to Emerson!

Review №15

Vary good.Mr.Ali is a great teacher, very friendly, he is very patient with everyone in the class, always encouraging his students to try.I highly recommend

Review №16

I have been preparing for my toefl exam for the past two weeks and it was a great, the English teacher is so amazing and I would recommend to anyone who is looking forward to sit for the TOEFL and IELTS to register at emerson

Review №17

In this academy, Teacher Ali is an amaizing teacher who gives his students the best resources and make the students quite capable of taking the EILTS exams

Review №18

The institution has very coperative teachers and employees. Mr Ali is a good English Teacher and Najma is cooperative head of administration.

Review №19

Its an amazing environment with really kind and supportive teachersOur favorite mr masero who doesn’t miss a single class and stays there until we understand the concept, The staff at this center is so supportive and understanding and its so nice to study here

Review №20

I had an amazing time at the english sessions which were taught by Mr.Ali Mussa and if you join the session, you will never regret

Review №21

I had a great experience with emerson and the teaher , the teacher made sure you understand every detailed of the word it was a really gret experience ❤

Review №22

The Education service the provide is great really enjoy learning from them. Worth your time with Emerson. They do shape you to fit in the career you are going for.

Review №23

Mr ali is the best teacher i ever had in my entire life.

Review №24

Emerson is a great place for learning, It is a place where people get taught many things in very less time.The environment is magnificent, Teachers are professional, friends that are helpful.Emerson should be known as the place that greatness begins from. Thankful for the humble services.

Review №25

Im a student at this age of 38 but the way I was welcum n thought I would say they motivated me allot as the teacher MR BROWN is a really good teacher I would prefer for everyone to study at emerson coz its the best n its international wise standard so every body should never give up. The best I can say EMERSON EDUCATION.

Review №26

Got a good experience and also learned more what I didnt know also its a good collage to go

Review №27

Im studying my pre foundation course in Emerson education and the teachers are eco friendly and professional the environment as well is good

Review №28

Najma was very helpful with answering all our questions and gave us alot of information about the facility

Review №29

Emerson is probably the best education service provider in Dar. Very good facilities, and the tea is excellent!

Review №30

Amazing Lecture rooms and teachers,another year to a great college, I recommend this institution to anyone, who wants a wonderful learning experience .

Review №31

Highly recommend as the institute has friendly study environment, amazing facilities and experienced lecturers.

Review №32

The perfect spot to build your career.

Review №33

Emerson is better place to join for courses,i enjoyed my ICDL course with miss glory.

Review №34

Emerson Education is a great place for learning with excellent tutors 👍🏼

Review №35

Center for Education and professional computer courses

Review №36

The place that provide quality education of ICT

Review №37

Really Really on time

Review №38

Amazing place to learn

Review №39

Good quality education

Review №40

Awesome learning center

Review №41

Nice service

Review №42

Amazing place

Review №43

Safi sana

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