Makuti Beach Bungalows
Bwejuu, South East Coast of Zanzibar, Bwejuu, Tanzania
Review №1

Lame hotel, poor service, not friendly.We booked the hotel months in advance and 2 weeks before departure they cancelled due to an overbooking they have made.They offered to stay at another hotel (not in front of the beach, less rated overall and with bad reviews, and it was more expensive). They were not comprehensive at all.We ended up having to book last minute the only available hotel in the area, which for the same standards, was much more expensive.I do not recommend to book through them at all.

Review №2

Very nice place right on the beach, good service and fine food. Really enjoyed my stay there.

Review №3

Amazing place, helpful nice and smily staff,very clean placeflexible on check in and check out timings. Beautiful beachfront rooms.Good breakfast , quiet place on the beachReally deserves a 5 star review ..

Review №4

Normally I dont write reviews until after my stay, but I can say that I really like and enjoy my stay at Makuti Beach Bungalows efter 4 out of 7 nights. The staff is nice, sociable and hospitable. The hotel has a relaxed and familiar feel, perhaps slightly bohemic. But then again, bohemic is the feel of almost all places here that Ive visited on Zanzibar. Prices here are fair and the food as good as any. If you try Catch of the Day I promise you wont be sorry. What Ive discovered is that when choosing a hotel on the South Eastern Coast of Zanzibar you also must choose how busy you want the beach to be. I wanted to relax and to be away of crowds and Im happy to say I am not disappointed at all! Highly recommend this place!

Review №5

It is clean, tidy and quite. Amazing ocean view. It is a good place to have some tranquil time out of cities. The staff is kind and sincere.Cons: The swimming pool is not perfectly clean.And there is no showering supply. You have to bring your own shampoo. They give the towel though.

Review №6

Beautiful beachfront location..very clean.. the staff at the reception and kitchen staff are very friendly and accommodating.Highly recommended for our first timers visiting Zanzibar.. the owner/manager was also very sweet and accommodating wasnt sure of her name.. but good job to staff of Makuti villas..👏

Review №7

The hotel is dirty, bathrooms awful not clean , towels are old and dirty, i ended up getting rashes. i booked and stayed in superior room but didnt feel like one,the food bad especially the breackfast ,but staff are friendly

Review №8

Food is perfect! Professional! Calamari is the best in Paje! Unbeatable view! Very happy

Review №9

The place is clean and has full view of the ocean .Food is standard and the place is expensive.most prices are in dollars and on the high side

Review №10

Very nice place , good accommodation nice choice for people travelling with children.

Review №11

Nice place with delicious curry

Review №12

Very good place

Review №13

This liitle paradise is the perfect place to disconnect. Can´t wait to come back!

Review №14

Calm, nice beach and also nice staff members..

Review №15

Nice restaurant. Good food and fast service.

Review №16

V.good hotel bungalows and nice people

Review №17

A nice place to relax

Review №18

Very welcoming atmosphere

Review №19

Super cool place

Review №20

God mat

Review №21

Quite place to stay

Review №22

Thank you to all the staff for their friendliness, responsiveness and warm, homelike hospitality! Special thanks to the manager of Wuxi, who will find an ideal and individual solution to any of your requests / questions! I would like to note that according to all characteristics and international standards, the hotel fully complies with 3 stars, including the assortment of buffet dishes for breakfast, and there was no buffet for dinner, and everyone in the restaurant was invited to choose their own dishes from a not rich menu. The hotel is small according to the number of rooms and the territory, therefore, who loves a calm, homely atmosphere and after swimming in the ocean in the morning, look straight into the restaurant and take coffee for breakfast, then go to the sun loungers, then in Makutti Beach it is possible! Well, and, of course, it is impossible not to make friends with all compatriots who happened to be at the same time in this hotel, which happened, by the way, with us in a pleasant way! And the result can be joint excursions, friendly, funny dinners, as well as communication that will be remembered forever!

Review №23

The hotel is nice, cozy, lovely area, pool and rooms are in good condition, cleaning every day. Sea view from the room.But the beach itself is covered in algae and the bottom is not pleasant. I dont feel like swimming. If you walk 15-20 minutes to the right, there will be a nice, fairly clean beach with a good approach.The main disadvantage is very big problems with the Internet. Do not ask the staff to turn on the router. Disconnect constantly. And if it is on, it works very slowly. Buy a SIM card, otherwise you will ruin all your nerves.The breakfasts are quite tasty and there is a choice, but only if you come by 7.30. If later, then little will get. They are reluctant to deliver food.For dinner, a choice of two courses. One is usually vegetarian - pasta with tomato sauce, or rice with vegetables, the second beef, chicken or fish (dry).In my opinion, there should be more seafood, not pasta and rice.

Review №24

Hotel located a little away from other resorts, quiet and relaxing place. The rooms are ok with ceiling fan and air conditioning, bedding is good. The breakfasts are simple but sufficient, the restaurant is excellent! The staff is very nice and very kind. We had a great time, the setting is nice, the pool is functional. You have to walk a little further to swim because the beach of Bwejuu is not very convenient for swimming. I recommend this hotel and again a big thank you to the whole team for their welcome and sympathy.

Review №25

We rested with our son on February 17-27. I recommend the hotel! Nice, homely and cozy. We will definitely come here again!

Review №26

Minimal place but with everything you need. super clean, great service and quality of food. comfortable rooms with air conditioning and ceiling fans. super beach with tides.I highly recommend it.

Review №27

Fantastic quiet location right on the beach, 25min walk to Paje beach, staff extremely friendly, bungalows simply but nicely decorated. Mattress could be renewed and there is no safe. For 60 € (2persons) per night unbeatable.

Review №28

In general, the hotel can say like. Of course there is something to work on, but overall, the impressions of the hotel are good, which cannot be said about the ocean. It was the ocean that spoiled our overall impression. I want to start with the fact that the hotel is very cozy. Indeed, the hotel is not in sight, the traffic of the battles of the battles is not so big and very importantly, very vigilant guards who immediately drive away annoying beggars from the hotel fence. Very friendly and friendly staff who let us do what we want. For reference, in the afternoon, Durian was eaten right in the restaurant and no one said a word to us))) In the evening they brought Jack Fruit to the restaurant and started to eat boldly. A hall worker came up and with his eyes down, it was evident that he really did not want to make a remark to us, asked to remove the fruit, because not allowed in the restaurant to eat their own food. After five minutes, we didn’t eat it, our chef personally cut it. And all you have to poulybatsya, even without money and the staff will make any concessions))) One feels that in this hotel everything is really done for people. Cleaning at the highest level. Every day, new pieces of sheets, petals of all kinds of plants, etc. Very friendly hauskipershi) They came after us trying to teach their language and asked how this or that sounds in Russian, because know only english. By the way, one of the small drawbacks for those who do not know English is the absolute ignorance of the Russian staff. Because I know English for me it was not a problem. The food is pretty monotonous, but as for breakfast, in principle, I received the necessary amount of nutrients. All the same morning is not the time when you need to eat out. For lunch and dinner, we went to eat at the restaurant Helwa, 50 meters from Makuti. Much cheaper than at the hotel, very tasty but cooked for a long time but with you. Sometimes they went to eat at the hotel Ndame near Paje. Prices are almost like in Helwa, but the portions are much larger and cook faster, but you need to walk about 15 minutes on foot along the beach, but its worth it. On excursions turned to Suleiman Abass. You can easily find his contacts on the Internet. This is the best guide that only has on Zanzibar with excellent knowledge of Russian. At one time, he studied in Moscow under the student exchange program, so he understands even slang things. The only chagrin is the ocean. I knew that there would be ebbs and flows, but I did not think that there would be such dirty water. If you walk 15 minutes in the direction of Paje, the water will become crystal clear. I do not understand why, but purely because of this, I would hardly have returned to the hotel. Those. there are no complaints about the hotel, but the bathing place is not entirely successful. That jellyfish swim up, then some algae. You bathe in a heap of rubbish as a matter of fact (((Even from the minuses - the light turns off from time to time (but this is the trouble of the whole island) and constant wai fai cliffs, but in fact these are trifles. If the ocean was clean, you can close your eyes to it, and I recommend to look for a hotel closer to Paje, the water is cleaner there, although it is quite noisy there.

Review №29

Magnificent hotel with a very pleasant manager very professional staff always very attentive. Very clean relaxing place. If we were to return to Zanzibar it is to this hotel that we will return ❤️👍🏽thanks for your welcome and the moments spent in your company

Review №30

The service is excellent, the staff is super friendly. The food is good and the rooms very clean. A big problem is that they do not have a pool, but in booking they say they do and, although the beach is incredible, during the low tide time there is no water at the beach.

Review №31

The place is magical, the service is professional and very but it is very nice. Everyone is smiling are very obliging. I recommend this place and greet the whole team 😘

Review №32

Beautifully located, right by the sea. Fantastic swimming pool, cold 🍺 good food. Everything fits the price

Review №33

Very nice rooms. Lovely pool. Very large difference between ebb and flow in the sea. Friendly staff. Get restaurants nearby.

Review №34

It was a beautiful dream

Review №35

Hotel on the beach front, expensive compared to the quality. Restaurant by waiting time does not compensate ....

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Review №37

Quiet, calm, not intrusive. Who loves motion is not for you

Review №38

Beautiful .. Beautiful, clean rooms and cool people

Review №39

Problems were dealt with in a helpful and understanding manner.

Review №40

Was always only there to eat

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