Aga Khan University Hospital - Arusha Medical Centre
Seth Benjamin Rd, Arusha, Tanzania
Review №1

I have had THE WORST experience ever in a hospital. From the reception and the manager, they are rude and need to work on their people skills. They gave me problems with my insurance considering that I confirmed that they have credit facilities with them. Props to the doctor though. He stands out. Lab TAT was too long considering the patient flow was low. I hope no one gets to experience this ever. Arusha clinic it’s a shame to be associated with the the AKUH name. In short I would never recommend this clinic.

Review №2

Besides the lab technician who was very kind to make sure I had my results emailed when they arrive and acted very professional, I cant say the say the same for the rest of the staff. The receptionist was rude and discriminatory after I told her I have been waiting 2 hrs to see the doctor as new patients were allowed to see the doctor despite the fact I was there first.This is the third time I have encountered problems with this hospital chain.

Review №3

Its a bit confusing but we got the tests we needed, even though the doctor had left for the day he saw us wizungus walking around aimlessly and knew what we were there for. Great friendly folks

Review №4

Excellent facilities and doctors. High standards of cleanliness and service. Definitely the best place in Arusha to get treated and/or visited.Moreover, affordable prices and in terms of lab tests very quick results.Confirm with your insurance for the payment. No Wi-Fi. Pharmacy is also available inside the building.

Review №5

Excellent care, everything is super clean, the environment is amazing and relaxing. They are never overcrowded so the air is always fresh in here. Great job my doctors and AKUHN in general 👍🏽

Review №6

The hospital is not good at all.They are not open to their services. I think they might have commissions in one of the ambulance, because they call for you an ambulance without even saying to you the price of it. They are horrible.

Review №7

Never again. Two times I tried, because I thought that Aga Khan Medical Center is an organisation with a good reputation. This reputation is not justified. 3 years ago they wanted to send me to Kenya and made appointment for five days later. In this moment I had hernia and I could not even drink anymore. Thank god some other hospital in Arusha saw the emergency and gave me surgery the same day. Yesterday I had an inflammation on my tooth. I called in the morning, they wanted to call me back. After 6 hours I called again, as I had tooth pain, and they wanted to call me back immediately, The person on the phone told me that the dentist doesnt like people to come without appointment. As now is the next day and I still wait for the call, I changed the dentist, got my treatment and I am free of pain now. Result: 2 times I tried Aga Khan in Arusha, 2 times they failed to provide even a normal treatment.

Review №8

Good environment but never available on the phone lately 2021, for emergency inquiries.

Review №9

Docs are efficient and health care good . however ..its mainly a diagnostic and outpatient centre so anything major they will send u to a bigger hospital or recommend u go to Nairobi

Review №10

I fixed my teeth here. The very very good doctor and nurse. Great hospital

Review №11

Clean, comfortable and well organized.

Review №12

Very professional! No wait. Clean. Great parking.

Review №13

X-ray staff are always late so be prepared to wait for hours as we did

Review №14

Very equiped with modern state of the art medical facilities in Arusha

Review №15

Quality health service. Great customer service too.

Review №16

Very pretty on the outside, service is slow and the lab is worse.

Review №17

Best hospital in Arusha as of 2020

Review №18

Nice hospital, very expensive

Review №19

So cool

Review №20

Very nice hospital

Review №21

It only opens at 830 am

Review №22

Well organized!!!

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:Seth Benjamin Rd, Arusha, Tanzania
  • Site:
  • Phone:+255 757 231 230
  • Medical Center
Working hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–6:30PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–6:30PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–6:30PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–6:30PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–6:30PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–6:30PM
  • Sunday:10AM–4PM
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