New Jerusalem Church
Unnamed Road, , Arusha, Tanzania
New Jerusalem Church

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The reason why I have kept one extra star there is because I was taken to this at first, but where most of my Salvation Journey really began from Bible not the Church itself. The main problem with this Church is that it condones a teaching that comes from a twisting of scripture such as Acts 2:38, and notice that this is a very important verse when coming to receive salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ. Receiving Salvation doesnt need you to accept him through some random prayer such as the so called Prayer of Salvation or Sinners Prayer Which totally came from an unbiblical origin and a twist of the scripture from Revelation 3:20. In other words, what I am trying to clarify here is that you cant receive the true Salvation by praying a random prayer, and accepting Christ as personal savior or such because the Bible is clear that we have to work out our own Salvation with fear and trembling which is found at Philippians 2:12, we have to repent from our sins (Repentance is an action not a direct prayer that you do) and study the word to show ourselves approved which is from 2 Timothy 2:15 Also, in the recent Facebook Post that the pastor from this Church tagged me on says stuff such as Apostolic Anointing YOU have which is in representation of an Apostolic Christ which YOU have, and he also quoted out some words from a False Prophet named Benny Hinn whose origins are totally proven to be coming from the Freemasons. Jesus warned of such from Matthew 24:24 that False Christs (Anointings) and False Prophets shall rise and even deceive the elect. Be careful people, we are in the End Times right now. The fact that this Church is a Protestant Church is the main reason why this deception is being spread there, and this is due to the Protestant Reformation (Taking us back to Biblical History here) which was all made from the section of the Antichrist himself to the formation of the New World Order and the great Apostasy to befallen upon the Church. Dont forget that the Antichrist is the Pope of Rome, so what I am trying to say here is that even though this Church is a Protestant Church, and doesnt have Crucifixes or such things it still proves an origin from the Pope of Rome through the Protestant Reformation. Dont forget that 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 talks about this; I will put pictures here to show proof of the Facebook post, and that I did try to correct him, but no reply except for messages he sent having a method of indoctrination, which I corrected again, but he still continues to send same things and I just dont reply back to such, and the main thing I also corrected him from in the Messenger Texts is mainly condemnation of others religion for not following God as we do. Well, we dont need to condemn others because this is what the Bible talks of when it says Judge not according to Matthew 7:1-3. Meaning, we cannot condemn others for not following God as we do, but we must approach to them and preach the repentance to receive forgiveness and the gift of Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:38 and Acts 3:19 and Matthew 10:5-9, not telling them false about their faith, but after we have reached the Gospel of the Kingdom to them then leave them to decide for their own. In fact, you have already planted the seed, it takes time to sprout they can also accept later in the future, but if we spread it in a way of condemnation it spreads fear upon the unsaved persons life about Christianity, and even worse a high possibility that the person who received wont come to Christ also because the fear spread to them will make them feel bad and unloved, which is totally not considered to be part of the fruits of the Spirit of God. False Christs and False Prophets like these are the main reason to why Christians are leaving the Churches onto their own ways, and also the main reason to why people arent coming to Christ . He who has ears to hear let him hear. Repent : for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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Word, Spirit of GOD, awesome praise and worship. Great community! My house of fellowship away from home!

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This is the place i can speak to GOD.I love this church and people of jerusalem....Come and woship with us

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Holly spirits lives here

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For Christian believers

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  • Address:Unnamed Road, , Arusha, Tanzania
  • Phone:+255 784 364 561
  • Full Gospel church
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