Ohio Bar
JP89+3F7, Nelson Mandela Rd, Arusha, Tanzania
Review №1

Absolute banger ambiance between the great staff and the whole indoor-outdoor schtick. They play great music and I can honestly say Ive never had a bad time here. A true campus staple that I pray never gets gentrified into luxury apartments

Review №2

I came in for a drink and the bouncer saw me take my ID out of my bra and then sniffed it, long and hard; saying something to the effect of “yum” and leaning in as if he was going to put his face on my chest. I tried to tell management privately but no one cared or responded to my additional messages. I will never return.

Review №3

If you’re like the throngs of people that frequent this place despite living through the worst pandemic in 100 years, then you should have an awesome time. Masks? Nice try. COVID? Fake news! Beer and football, please. Never mind the fact that the owners are complicit with spreading the virus by letting in dozens of people who all crowd around one another.If you believe that caring about those around you is NOT an infringement on your rights, then you might want to check out a different venue. Otherwise, have fun!

Review №4

One of my favorite bars since the early 2000. Big fan of mug night (sunday u0026 Monday). $3 gets you a cool keepsake mug full of beer. Choices include Crispin cider! Also big fan of the screwball peanut butter whiskey shots for $4 right now. Always a happening spot with two stories with multiple pool tables, outdoor areas in the front u0026 big back patio, that is covered.

Review №5

Great college bar. This place is perfect if you are a student looking for a place to get your drink on or if you are pregaming an OSU football game! They have great deals such as their mug night or nightly liquor deals. Pool tables, darts, corn hole. Very open space with a nice outside patio and bar.

Review №6

One of the OG OSU bars. Pool, darts, good vibes, cheap beer, Sicilian pizza. Mug night on sundays and mondays. 5 stars except they need to give this nice walnut tree some room to grow on the back deck. (Yes I’m old) Awesome place!

Review №7

This is a great bar around campus. The building itself is cool, and tucked away from the street by a small wall, so you feel like you are somewhat removed from the outside world. I went on a Tuesday night and it wasnt crazy busy, which was nice. The drinks were also good. I got a whiskey ginger and I thought that it was great. They have pool tables downstairs, and some upstairs as well.

Review №8

Best bar on campus and its been going strong for years! Hopefully they dont tear this one down too for a Nordstrom or something.

Review №9

College town Bar. Had a great time for Dads Weekend.

Review №10

DO NOT GO HERE!! I went this past Saturday with my fiancé and his sister. They both ordered a drink and within minutes, they were both passing out, unable to walk or talk. I tried finding a phone number and can’t find one that works anywhere. Again, THIS PLACE IS SHADY AND WE WILL NEVER BE BACK!

Review №11

Not a bad dive bar near campus, drinks are cheap and you can take unopened cans to go if you don’t hit the $10 credit card minimum

Review №12

Great deals, environment, games and people!!! you cant not enjoy your night there. I love the patio the seats outside too. Definitely try it if weather allows!

Review №13

Great place to hang out u0026 have a beer. Especially when the game day crowds are not there, although that can be fun too.

Review №14

My favorite campus bar thats ever existed. They keep out the under ages decently well and is always a great environment. Plenty of games, good people, and sports to keep you entertained all night.

Review №15

Great hole in the wall bar we stumbled upon...it was ok. The picnic tables outside felt like we were sitting at a kids table it was so low and we got carded as we walked in by what we couldnt tell was a bouncer or just some random regular being funny. It was strange honestly. But liked the place had fun. Nice pool table and Cornhole

Review №16

Best bar on campus, hands down. Pool tables, darts, a great patio out front and back and cheap drinks. For women, the bathroom may be pretty gross, but if youre a guy its easy to handle.

Review №17

Does the Out-R-Inn really need a review? I think I still have my first mug I got there in 1998. The back bar area seems like its grown a bit. So it was still easy to get drinks after an OSU late game. Fair warning. Be careful coming down the stairs after youve had a few.

Review №18

Love OutR. Good drink deals every day of the week, and something for everyone. There is a lot of space, both indoor and outdoor, pool tables (bartenders can add the dollar to play to your tab and give you quarters btw), a good mix of people, and the staff has always been really friendly and helpful. Its probably my favorite campus bar!

Review №19

Out-R-Inn is without a doubt my favorite OSU bar. It has a great, really chill atmosphere, and its so old and grimy that you can almost feel the history of the place. The prices are amazing; as everyone else has said, $1.50 double wells on Thursdays and Sunday/Monday mug nights...you cant beat it! There is nothing better than sitting on the patio or the outside area in the back with some friends. Head on over to Sicilias connected to the building for some pizza, and its easy to see why Out-R-Inn has been around forever!

Review №20

Very solid bar, good price for a college area bar, and they have frequent consistent specials. The environment is nice, you can sit either outside or inside, and you can get a pizza from Sicilias next door, and eat it there. My only negative about this bar is that it doesnt have a large selection of beers. When you go here you get domestic beer or well drinks. If they could have a craft beer on tap for a special like Chummlees did, this would hands down be my favorite bar. Unfortunately they dont, and if you want a craft beer you may or may not get lucky and a see a special for one

Review №21

Great college bar. Their drink and pool specials are great. Crowded on the weekends but also a good spot to hang out and shoot pool during the week when its less crowded

Review №22

If a zero was a possible score Id give it. Bartender on the north side was rude. Dont expect to tab out because he takes it personal and will tell you to not wave at him. No bartender should ever say that. This is the reason why Ill stick to other bars such as Oldfields. Would never recommend this second rate bar. Dont even expect them to answer any formal complaints. They have ignored ten plus phone calls. Will not be returning to this sub-par bar.

Review №23

One of the last real places left on campus, that doesnt feel like an Easton store. Cool staff, great layout, fun place to be for football games! Its been around since the 60s and I hope it lives on forever!

Review №24

Been going here for years. Out is hands down the best bar on campus. Best deals, staff, drinks, environment, and history. The pizza place combined with it is tier one as well.

Review №25

Out R Inn is a campus staple and one of my favorite bars in Columbus. While there is no AC, you cant beat a good mug night in the summer or fall. I highly recommend this dive bar to anyone.

Review №26

Great college bar. Monday mug nights and buckeye shots are a blast. Have pool and darts. Cornhole in the back on patio. 2nd outdoor bar when busy and nice weather. Right across from PJs for good food when you leave.

Review №27

This is another great campus staple and a must visit if you want to experience Campus life!! Right near the top of my list of watering holes in this area! Great beer prices and plenty of graffitti!

Review №28

Classic college dive bar. Worth going to for anyone on OSUs North campus.

Review №29

They have cornhole and pool tables. Its a cool place to hang out with the younger crowd. But a lot of the crowd is young to the point that theyre boring because they have nothing to talk about, aside from all the superficial things.

Review №30

Large area, expect the inside to be hot in the summer months. Drinks are around $4-5 but you can get pizza by the slice for $3. College vibes and likely to be crowded on weekends.

Review №31

Tried to sit around tables at the patio to watch the OSU game and they made us take them back inside. Not sure what the reason is, we asked about the stools but they obviously don’t want the business of 20 people

Review №32

Free publicity from the CPD and The Lantern on Dec. 3.“An assault was reported to Columbus Police as having occurred at 12:48 a.m. Sunday at Out-R-Inn. According to the online police log, the victim was thrown to the ground and beaten by two suspects. The suspects said they asked the victim to leave, and he refused, prompting them to forcibly remove him from the bar.”“A felony theft was reported to Columbus Police as having occurred between 9 and 11 p.m. Saturday at Out-R-Inn, near campus. According to the online police log, the victim placed a College Football Playoff championship ring valued at $15,000 on the bar table, looked away and the ring went missing.”

Review №33

Great bar with great deals. If you want cheap drinks or just to play some pool or darts this is your place to go. Also gets wild on osu game days

Review №34

Awesome low-key place! Literally 3 generations of my family have been going here. Free pool / $5 pitchers on Tuesday is my favorite day to go

Review №35

Great place if youre into dive bars! Pool, darts, and corn hole are available for entertainment. Otherwise fill up on cheap drinks!

Review №36

Pretty good bar. Food was a bit pricey but the drinks were reasonably priced. Great customer service and Overall a great experience.

Review №37

Beat bar on OSUs campus any day of the week, but if you had to go on only one day, go on thursdays $1.50 double wells. What gets better than that?

Review №38

Go here for mug nights. Get cheap drinks and you just need to buy their mug once. A great deal, for 6 or 7 dollars you can forget who you are!

Review №39

Need to add back beer on tap to earn that 5th star

Review №40

A campus classic. Cheap drinks, pool, darts, a patio, some TVs. Great place to hang out. No draft beers though.

Review №41

Fantastic bartenders, huge patio, attached to a decent pizza place, lots of pool tables. This is a great campus bar.

Review №42

No underagers at a college bar is rare. That plus consistently strong drinks are enough to make any 21-32 year old happy.

Review №43

Great bar with a friendly staff and great prices. Very good for game days and mug night on Sunday and Monday.

Review №44

Great drink specials and a fun atmosphere.

Review №45

Good campus bar. I expected a ton of underaged college kids in here like most campus bars, but nope!

Review №46

Favorite college bar. Prices are good and plenty of space. Gets very crowded on gameday.

Review №47

This is a really great bar. They have awesome deals and are generally pretty cheap anyway. Very casual.

Review №48

Didnt have a bad experience here, and the prices were reasonable. Staff was reasonable, and they have a pool inside along with other stuff. Nice place.

Review №49

Lets just have fun, its college. Always great to get back into the hallowed halls of this classic college bar that rekindle the days of yore. My favorite.

Review №50

A great game day bar, however it gets very crowded. They have good drinks and a good atmosphere.

Review №51

This bar always has decent drink prices and I love all of the outside space!

Review №52

Still standing!! Great place for OSU alumni to meet, as it is one if the few establishments to survive the past four decades.

Review №53

2 dollar double well night.... this is the place to get obliterated. Young and old (yes Im looking at you parents of a Greek student) when im here Im usually here in a Thursday night not here many other nights of the week. Just a heads up not the place to go if you are underage.

Review №54

Fun college bar north campus. Cheap drinks. They used to have mug night not sure if they still do

Review №55

Basic college bar, drinks not to expensive good spot for game day.

Review №56

Great environment for upper-classmen, great drink deals on Thursdays with cornhole and pool tables.

Review №57

Chill outdoor seating, you can get pizza next door. Perfect for a casual and fun night

Review №58

Great bar to hangout with friends. Large patio area in the back is great for summer nights

Review №59

One of my favorite bars on campus. Can get way too packed on weekends and is usually understaffed on weekends as well.

Review №60

My favorite bar in the university area. Cheap Drinks and cool dive bar atmosphere.

Review №61

Meet market in some ways, but a chill, seedy bar on campus. Usually very busy on weekends when classes are in session at osu, but very dead otherwise!

Review №62

The best bar in columbus on a game day warmer than 50F.

Review №63

Best dive bar on campus, with pool tables, outdoor areas, cheap drinks, and pizza next door.

Review №64

Great deals on Thursday, great outdoor space. Can get a little crowded later in the evenings.

Review №65

Nice campus bar with in r outdoor seating. Pool tables and patio games like corn hole.

Review №66

Great well drink prices. Get your beer in a mug and save 5 a pint.

Review №67

Typical college bar if that is your thing.. great atmosphere both indoor and outdoor..

Review №68

Was my college drink hangout for 6 years Id say it was a good place :)

Review №69

An Ohio State “blue blood” bar. Started going there back in ‘93

Review №70

I enjoyed this bar until I had roaches come up to my glass of beer! I good from there on.

Review №71

Cheap drinks and a good atmosphere for college students.

Review №72

Nice bar, but very humid my shirt is wet

Review №73

Out r inn is a very good bar

Review №74

Cheap drinks, dank atmosphere, OK pool tables

Review №75

Excellent college dive bar. if your looking for something more, look elsewhere.

Review №76

Cool campus spot. Large patio, great for watching sports outside.

Review №77

Ohio State staple dive bar. Great drink specials

Review №78

Always fun time! Love Thursday drink specials!

Review №79

Love the place. Dislike that they close the upstairs pool/darts area early.

Review №80

Best college bar, everything from cheap drinks to pool

Review №81

Crowded popular college bar! Great for gameday.

Review №82

Good spot for GameDay!!

Review №83

Pretty much like going back in time, just like it was in the late 80s while going to OSU.

Review №84

Classic college bar. Hasnt change in years (thats a good thing)

Review №85

Listen you cant beat the atmosphere or the prices. Would get drunk again.

Review №86

Classic campus bar with a good atmosphere! O-H-I-O!

Review №87

Denied entry even though I am 22 years of age. Had a good friend who is 23 also denied.

Review №88

Cheap drinks and campus history. Great atmosphere

Review №89

This is the place to be on Sunday or Monday for mug night. I also like that not many under age kids get in

Review №90

Cheap drinks on Thursdays Double shots for $1.50

Review №91

Good if you like crowds, weak music and weaker drinks

Review №92

Hole in the wall, good service, cheap drinks, and nice mugs

Review №93

Cheap drinks great atmosphere

Review №94

Perfect little whole in the wall bar for sports and good times

Review №95

Fun collage bar, cold beer

Review №96

Good deals and a great college campus atmosphere!

Review №97

Quintessential Dive bar. Really packed on gamedays.

Review №98

Best bar on campus hands down

Review №99

One of my Favorite Campus Bars

Review №100

Bouncer is 3 chromosomes shy of being a Hillary supporter

2.2 Rating
  • Address:JP89+3F7, Nelson Mandela Rd, Arusha, Tanzania
  • Bar
Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:8AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:8AM–12AM
  • Thursday:8AM–12AM
  • Friday:8AM–12AM
  • Saturday:8AM–12AM
  • Sunday:8AM–12:30AM
Service options
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
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